2007-05-12: What's She Staring At


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William and Octavia bump into Phillip on his patrol of Central Park. Octavia makes special new friends.

12 May 2007

What's She Staring At

Central Park

William is running along the path. It's a nice spring day, so really, it's a good day for a run. It's getting towards evening, but the park still has a good share of people in it. William is mouthing the words to some song playing on his iPod between fast breaths, the little white earbuds firmly in his ears. He's dress in a Naval Academy t-shirt and a pair of workout pants.

There are plenty of joggers out on this, a beautiful spring's late afternoon. It's practically what Central Park was made for, after all, the enjoyment and well-being of the people. This somehow translates to jogging in New York-ese. Honest. Octavia wouldn't lie to you. She's a doctor.
Speaking of Octavia, she is currently dressed in a unitard sort of thing with absurdly baggy sweatpants on over the lower half of the unitard. The pants are held up by a web belt that doubles as the place she rests her water bottle and an ancient Walkman device, the kind that plays cassette tapes. She is jogging along at a brisk pace through the park. Even scientists need to keep in shape.

Snorting, Phillip's mount shakes out its forelock to swat away a fly. The gelding moves at a leisurely pace as it is led gradually towards one of the paved pathways from the dirty trail the two are on. Officer Katsambis is in uniform and on-duty, his face masked by large reflective aviater-shades and a black dome-helmet. From his higher vantage point, he slowly surveys the surrounding area though with only mild concern.

William eyes Octavia's antique music player with as he gets closer. He's coming up behind her, at a bit faster of a pace. Really, he's out for a run, not a jog. His path is going to take him right near the officer on the horse as well, though with the helmet and aviator shades, he hasn't reconized Phillip yet.

Octavia is blissfully unaware of William's stare focusing on the antique musical device. She is much more enthralled with her jogging… Until there is a mounted cop in more or less in front of her. The scientist comes to a short stop, jogging in place for a few seconds as she studies the gelding Phillip is riding.

The horse's expression remains stoic, despite its apparent nervous side-long prance away from the woman. Its pale tail swats at its flank. "Sorry miss," Phillip offers, reaching up to pinch at the narrow rim of his helmet. He offers a crooked little smile as he nods to Octavia. His other hand doesn't move at the reigns but the horse side-steps out of the woman's path, likely following some subtle direction given via skillful footwork. "Didn't mean to get in your way." He doesn't seem to care if the woman can't hear him, concealed eyes trailing back behind her towards William. Phillip arches his eyebrow.

William slows down from his run as he gets closer to tape woman and the horse. He looks up to the cop then and recognition dawns. "Phillip? Is this your beat?" He asks as he slows farther to a walk giving the horse a better look as he comes close. He rests his hands on top his head to start to catch his breath, only to pause and reach over to turn off the music on the iPod he's wearing on an armband.

Octavia doesn't seem to hear Phillip. She, instead, seems entirely enthralled by the horse. She shifts to the side when Phillip subtly guides it to step out of the way of the path. It's tough to figure out what she's thinking, her expression is one of intense curiosity, but otherwise inscrutable.

"You know, most people don't recognize me right away," Phillip chuckles, "I was about to have some fun with you. Damn," leaning back in his saddle as he peels away his sunglasses and runs the side of his hand against his forehead. He loosens the reigns, the horse lowers his head to tear out a chunk of grass. Smiling still, he turns to look back towards Octavia. Seeing her more entranced with the horse, he just turns his attention back towards William.

William gives Phillip a smile as he rests his hands back up on his head. He's definately winded. Must have been running hard for awhile. "I'm not most people. I've got different training." And more experience recognizing people in helmets and sunglasses than most. Octavia's curiousity gets a look and a shake of his head.

Octavia glances up, noting Phillip and William engaged in conversation. She faintly smiles and moves closer to the grazing equine, having slowed to a complete stop from jogging in place. The scientist keeps studying the horse as she draws nearer, reaching out to try to run an inquisitive hand over the horse's muzzle.

Phillip narrowing his eyes, Phillip prompts the horse to back up. The abrupt command does seem to spook it just a little, but not enough to take control from Phillip. He arches an eyebrow of warning to the woman, clearing his throat, clearly defensive of the horse - and with good reason, even if she looks relatively harmless. She didn't ask permission. "Miss, I'm going to have to ask you not to do that." He lowers his already deep voice for emphasis. Again, he doesn't care if she can't hear him.

William stays where he is, watching closely as Phillip does that. He's just content to work on getting his breath back, doing a quick stretch of his legs as he looks over to Octavia. "Can she even hear you over that museum piece?" He asks, sounding more serious than sarcastic.

"Yes. She can," is Octavia's reply. Her tone is faintly bitter, as if just a stage below ready to whip around and slug William. She doesn't though. It's probably for the best.
"I wasn't aware I wasn't allowed to pet the horse. I suppose I'm too much of a city girl. I've never really seen one up close and personal before," remarks Octavia, her tone suddenly gentle and contemplative.

"Miss, 'the horse' is a specially trained officer of the law," Phillip glares a little, nostrils flaring, "And a lot of them bite. You really should ask first." He looses what intimidation he was summoning up for a more casual tone.

William just raises his eyebrow over to Octavia for that comment. "Horse's have big mouths. Don't want bit by one." He says with dry amusement in his tone. He's not a city boy, after all. "He's a handsome horse, though, Phillip." William states as he stretches out his other leg and gives the creature a look over.

"I was not aware of that."
At William's admonishment, she casts a silent, dirty glare in his direction. She then looks back to Phillip, all brightness and smiles. Octavia slips her hands into the pockets of her sweatpants and continues giving the horse the once over.
"What's his name?"

"Err…" Phillip frowns, a light blush crawling up his neck and cheeks, "Phillip." His voice is a barely audible mutter as the horse back-steps a pace or two before moving forward in a nervous fashion as if sensing its rider's unease. He smirks, "I didn't name it." He more proclaims this to William than the woman, who isn't particularly on his good side.

"A horse named Phillip? That's unique," remarks Octavia. She continues to watch the equine, studying it intently for the time being. For whatever reason, Phillip's Phillip-mount is particularly if not peculiarly enthralling to the scientist. Maybe she wants to clone it.

William breaks out laughing at that. "Your horse has your name?" He says with amusement coloring his tone. "Did someone have a really bad sense of humor assigning him to you?" He asks before he gives Octavia another curious look.

Phillip chuckles, rolling his eyes before replacing his shades. His blush seems to brighten slightly. "Never let anyone tell you that cops aren't dickheads, man," the officer laughs, shaking his head. "/I/ didn't name him, that's for sure." Phillip grows a bit wary of the woman's interest in his mount. He's met plenty of crazies in his day. Plenty.

Crazy doesn't begin to describe Octavia, but that is an entirely unknown aspect of the doctor. For now.
She just seems entirely fascinated by the equine. Genuinely fascinated. Octavia suddenly becomes aware of Phillip's attention directed toward her and looks up, looking between the two men.
"What? Did I fart loudly or something?"

William shakes her head. "I've just never seen anyone that interested in a horse they weren't thinking of buying." The former farm boy states before he nods to Phillip. "I'm sure that's true. There have to be some in any group. Life would be too easy otherwise."

"I'm going to have to ask you to move along," Phillip directs in a stern tone, his adam's apple visible bobbing up and down on his throat. He tenses his jaw, studying the woman from behind his shades, "You'd be surprised." He doesn't bother looking towards William, though his words are certainly directed to the fellow.

Octavia's eyes narrow at Phillip's directions to her and she snorts. The woman flicks something on her ancient Walkman and promptly sets about jogging away. As she jogs off, she can be briefly overhead muttering.
"The nerve of some police officers. I didn't even do anything. I was just admiring his horse. Well, I'll…"

William rolls his eyes at the woman's muttering before he looks up to Phillip. "I'm sure you get to see all kinds of fun things every day working here." He states before he asks. "Free for a run tomorrow?"

Phillip shakes his head, clearly disgruntled. He lets it roll off of his back, though. Even if she was completely innocent, he has to follow his instincts. "Mostly hookers," Phillip mumbles, pressing his lips into a thin line and shrugging a shoulder. Boring. "Yeah, sure, man. Ah — I should get moving. Heh. On duty." He winks, though it likely goes unseen, "Later." With a click of his tongue, he prompts the gelding onward past William, hooves clopping loudly against the pavement.

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