2007-04-17: What The Hell Just Happened


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Summary: After a shocking baseball game, people start jumping off the stadium. Someone's shot, and chaos ensues.

Date It Happened: April 17th, 2007

What the HELL just happened?!

Inside/outside the Yankee Stadium

Yankee stadium. The Red Sox just got done putting away the home team after a tight game that struggled through twelve innings. The score? 3 to 2. Manny slapped a dinger over the fence, much to the crowd's loud horror, and the ball park was flooded with wadded up paper concessions, and bags of have ate peanuts, and popcorn. The large crowd begins to file out of the stadium in the drones, pushing and shoving, arguing, and throwing insults to the great city of Boston. It's late in the afternoon, with the sun still in the sky, but by now having started to make it's descent across the heavens, to tuck itself away so that the moon can share the spotlight for a few dark hours.

"Fucking Boston. Fucking Red Sox. Fuck that steroid eating Manny. Fuck him to hell in back. You know what?! YOU KNOW WHAT?! I'm just gonna fucking jump off this bleacher and kill myself. I'm sick of this, man! I'm /sick of this!/"

From above the nose bleed bleachers, where the crowd has thinned, but still contains a great deal of fans, one Yankee fan, who's wearing the hat, the jersey, and a huge foam finger that says: NY#1 is raging, and seething in anger. He just watched his hometown team get sweeped by their greatest rival, and it seems that it's too much for him. With another throw down of his beer, he lobs the can outwards onto the bleachers, then begins to climb to the top, and over the concrete railing. As he feels the wind rush against him, he closes his eyes, throws his arms out, and begins to scream,

He takes that step, that fatal leap, and over he goes, tumbling, head first, nearly ten stories down into the concrete with a sickening, and wet slap. Screams erupt from the departing crowds of the game as they stand and gawk at what just transpired. Blood begins to warm the sidewalk for only a moment, until another loud cry can be heard from above,
"Fuck you Boston! FUCK YOU BOSTON!"

With that, another body, this time of a younger fan, possibly sixteen, hits the pavement right next to the older man. People are pounding their cell phones, dialing 911, and jamming up the lines. It is practically a blind panic.
"FUuuuuck Yoooooooou, Booooooooosss—-.."

Splat! A third. This time, a woman in her fourties, wearing a A-Rod jersey, and a pair of torn at the knee blue jeans. Just.. what is going on here?

Bekah is making her way out of the stadium. She's dressed in jeans and a Red Sox shirt. You can take her out of Boston, but that doesn't get rid of the fandom. The cries of the people around the dropping bodies are heard and she moves towards them, instead of away like any smart person. At seeing the first body she sighs. "Why does this happen on my day off?" After digging gloves from her bag she moves in to check out the first crazy person.

GAME: Hailien has rolled DEXTERITY + ATHLETICS and got a result of GOOD.

Whistling idly, wandering through the streets of Manhatten, Brooklyn, and Central Park, Halien Hunter shows no need want or case to even look up in the sky. This is until the "FUCK YOU BOSTON!" happens and a mans body goes splat on the ground, Halien stops, a horiffied half-scream coming from her mouth as blood gets splattered on her outfit, and it is only instinct that she looks up and dives for an area nearby to get out of the other two's way. Poor, poor terrified girl is now alternatly crying, freaking out, and living in her own half world as she stays on the sidewalk, gaze on the three bodies.

Victor is walking through the Bronx after paying for his food and Coke, and is thinking about what he hoped he got done today - he was basically only needed to go out and have fun today, which is always the most fun of hisselves. That is, until Victor, wading through the crowd filing out of the game - thinking /Dammit, why did I come this way/ - hears "FUCK YOU, BOSTON!" and then there's a sickening /splat/ - and something warm hits his left side.
"…Oh, /fuck!/"

Evelyn was never a baseball fan; if someone had asked her what game was on today, they would've gotten a baffled answer. Not as baffled as the look she turns on the stadium, however, when the first shout comes clearly across the street. And then there's… two, three… The girl doesn't curse, but she does stop short and stare. The smart action would probably be to walk away, but disbelief causes Evelyn to drift closer, not even realizing she's doing so.

She'd come out to attend a game in uniform, having heard it would get her in free, and having wanted to go there just so she could say she'd been to such a classic New York landmark. With the game over, her mission accomplished despite the loss, Captain Snow exits among the thousands doing the same thing. The biggest difference between her and them is she's not grumbling. Being from the Carolinas she's got a thing for Hank Aaron's team. As she makes it out among the slow moving crowd, her ears are touched by the cries of persons distressed enough to commit suicide over losing to Boston and… "What the…?" She stops, and stands for several long moments before pulling out her phone and dialing a number.

GAME: Erica has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of GOOD.

After the third body has thrown herself to the ground, the crowd has started to stare upwards in horror as what appears to be a line of people have gathered at the top of Yankee Stadium, staring lifelessly outwards into the great expanse of the city. This time, an elderly man, who's been a season ticket holder for the last thirty years, steps off the edge, rasping out in defiance to the Red Sox, before hitting the ground with a crushing force, his body twisted, and knotted in all directions from impact.

Down below, security has started to try and push the crowd back from the bodies, and outwards to the loaded parking lot so they can begin their departure. Shouts, and pleadings of going in a 'calm, and rational' manner is practically thrown out the window as half the crowd refuses to leave, the other, is stampeding for their vehicles. The city erupts in a loud blast of noisy, angry honking as cars jam pack each other, bumper to bumper in their attempt to escape, mixed with the rush of traffic that speeds on by.

Crack, splat! A fifth body now takes a stumble, this time, a beautiful swan dive that turned into an incredible belly flop as the over weight body of a /real/ fan, who happened to be shirtless, with Giambi's number spray painted along his back, goes tumbling into the parking lot, missing Bekah by a few feet, but the impact, and the rush of wind could definitely be felt. By now, the stench of blood, and gore has become rich and saturated in the air, practically becoming a choking gag.

PHONE: Into her phone, Erica pauses before speaking into her phone, as if she were shaking off something that suddenly came over her, with fists suddenly clenching tightly. Once it passes she commences. "Officer Dayan, it's Captain Snow. I don't know if you're on duty tonight, but it might be a busy one for you. People are jumping to their deaths from Yankee Stadium after cursing the Red Sox."

Bekah shakes her head at one of he security guards who tries to get her to move. "I'm an ER doc at Mount Sinai! I can help!" Even if she is wearing a Red Sox shirt. "Oh, shit." She says, moving a bit to the side as the next body splatters her with blood. She shakes her leg and then moves back to checking the bodies for pulses.


Victor refuses to move for the security guards, though he's unable to give a reason, and logically, he knows that he can't exactly help. But he can't help but wonder - what the hell caused this?
He speaks to the security guard trying to move him - nudging his blood-splattered left arm - in a surprisingly calm manner. "What the hell is causing all of this?" He has almost no emotion in his voice, save wonder.

Jumpers and 911 calls are taken very seriously in the city of New York. Flashing lights and sirens announce the arrival of the NYPD. Viola, riding shotgun of one of the marked cars is out the door even before it even rolls to a stop. "Cooke, get those guards to the top and keep anyone else from jumping. Thomas, get these people off the sidewalks. I don't want someone to get landed on. Come on people, move it!" She doesn't even need to look to make sure her orders are followed, she knows they will be. Already pulling out her badge, she's still walking for the nearest security guard that looks like they're in charge. "Give me the quick story."

Even as he speaks, the sound of sirens is evident, and hot on the heels of the NYPD comes the ESU bus. Namir bounds out along with several of his comrades; four of them break for the stands to rush up with the guards already on the way whilst the others move toward the crowd to aid in control in that sector. The ESU boys are in good shape and dressed in full garb, complete with helmets, masks, and armor, fully armed, however it will still take them some time to climb to the top of the stands.

PHONE: Into his phone, Namir pauses on the other end of the phone. This … what? "And people say soccer is violent," he grunts wryly, the sounds on his end of the line indicating that he is at least on the move in traffic somewhere. "I am on duty tonight and am on my way." The phone call ends just as abruptly as it began.

It's when the security people start encouraging the crowd to move along and get out of the way that Evelyn really comes back to the present. Her stunned shock is broken, and she stumbles back a bit, one hand covering her mouth and nose. She works her way through the crowd, not towards the fallen bodies, but into an eddy most of those fleeing have avoided. The unmoving air is nauseatingly filled with blood, but she has space. That should be enough to let her wait until the crowd disperses.

Hailien is frozen against a wall, eyes up on the sky, Hailien just continues to stand there. Her form oddly shimmers as if she's getting ready to phase, and the blue contrasts oddly with the feeling of red blood on her body. She's whispering something, tho- "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, is it Sylar- is it Sylar - oh my god, oh my god…

GAME: Viola has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

When the person she called says he's headed that way and abruptly hangs up, with police starting to pour in and seize control of the situation, Erica looks for some out of the way place to occupy. Traffic is jamming up, people are going nuts, and so staying put until things have calmed seems wiser. There's also a curiosity given rise by the feeling that passed over her just as she was dialing. Something is Not Right. For now the response is careful observation.

GAME: Erica has rolled PERCEPTION+SEARCH+SHARP SENSE and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

"Sir, just move your ass, and get home." The security guard tells Victor in a firm manner, but by his tone, one can tell that he is visibly shaken up by this. As the fifth person had hit the ground, he winces visibly, then gives Victor a bit of a nudge off. "Go, go! C'mon, everyone, get moving! NOW!" He says, relief flooding his features once he sees that the /real/ police have arrived, followed by the ESU.

"Sir, ma'am.. Um.." The guard stammers to Viola as she starts barking out orders. "We do not know what is going on. All we know is that in the last ten minutes, five…" Splat. "Six bodies has thrown themselves off the top of the stadium." He jerks his finger upwards, where the line of fans await, one after the other, shambling, closer. "I..I.. " He just stares in horror as a seventh person leaps off the edge of the roof.


By now, this has become repetitive, and no two victims are alike. All ages, shapes, and sizes, are throwing themselves to their doom, by now, giving Bekah a lot of bodies to play with. The guard who was pestering her finally takes a step back, quickly, just in time to miss another body.
As the officers, and the ESU begin their race through Yankee stadium, they can see what appears to be at least a hundred or so people up in the nose bleed section of the bleachers, filing one after the other, climbing up to the top of the stadium. They seem angry, and violent as they yell, and curse out the Red Sox's name. Others, on the lower levels, are still trying to find an exit, and they are running for the doors, screaming in terror at the sight of all the people who are flinging themselves to their doom.

"Oh God.. oh my god.. it's like.. it's like they're Lemmings!" A woman shrieks out as she runs into Namir, then barrels past him for the gates.

GAME: Bekah has rolled PARTIAL HEALING and got a result of AVERAGE.

Bekah continues checking bodies. From the way she's moving past them, she's not finding much hope in any of them. Until suddenly she pauses. Not giving up obviously found her a live one! "Is there an ambulance on the way?" She calls to a guard. "Or a bunch of them?" And then she's down near the man checking him over. "Shit." She echoes again as she leans in to check his breathing, resting a hand on his chest. When she straigthens up, she sways for a moment. The man is breathing a bit easier though.

Victor ignores the security guard tugging at his arm, despite the still-dropping bodies - he doesn't want to leave for some reason - and walks forward while the guard is momentarily distracted, walking towards Bekah, and reaching out a hand to steady her when she sways after standing up too quickly.

Once the ESU bus pulls up, Viola tilts her head in that direction and gives a nod of approval. Good, more uniforms. "Hey, Thomas, I think the boys here have got crowd control, do me a favor and play traffic cop for a bit. You wave your gun around if they give you trouble." Pulling out her walkie talkie, she clicks the button for Cooke. "Hey, Cooke, get those people up there /now/ and make a perimeter. Nunez, evacuate the civilians out the other exits. Keep them away from here and for God's sake, try and keep them calm Anyone so much as whispers fire and I'll handcuff them to a bench." She's listening to the guard, but he's not really telling her anything that she couldn't figure out just be looking at the body strewn ground. "Great. You've been a help," her tone is a little sarcastic, but then, not everyone's used to this. "Here, go round up those lost ducklings."

When he's run into, Namir hesitates in step only a moment, pointing to the exit. "Ma'am, please make your way calmly to the nearest exit." But then she's gone — and while it's not exactly /calmly/, it /is/ toward the nearest exit. That's something. He's soon dashing forward to rejoin his unit, just as one of his comrades reaches the head of the line and moves to nab the person next in the gruesome parade. "Ma'am, please," the man intones, "step away from the barrier. Don't do this. The Boston Red Sox are not worth killing yourself over." Namir is further down the line, near the middle, and he slowly approaches a small, wiry man there. "Sir? Please, step out of the line and go for the nearest exit."

GAME: Namir has rolled PERCEPTION+PROFESSIONAL and got a result of GOOD.

At this point, having failed to spot anything that might've contributed to all this, let alone caused that sensation she got near the start of it all, Erica resolves to do the only thing she can, seemingly. Hoping it doesn't get her court-martialed, she violates the law restricing military people from performing police functions and begins trying to inspire people being somewhere other than here. Her voice takes on the authoritative tone used for giving orders and she begins walking toward people nearby. "Let's go folks, head home, let the police and rescue personnel do their jobs!"

GAME: Namir has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of AVERAGE.

As Namir, and his team begins to work on the jumpers, they find that most of them are not struggling as they are tugged away from the edge. It seems that they snap to their senses quickly enough without much difficulty. Confused, and scared, those that are being coaxed down are wide eyed, and bewildered. As they are escorted away, three more jumpers leap to their doom, one at a time, bringing the body count up to eleven. One body, a young girl in her college years, is heard screaming, and speeding towards the ground at a neck break speed, aiming to land above Hailien. At least the phaser will be able to hear her coming. She definitely dislikes the Red Sox it seems.

With officers, and security guards alike trying to usher /anyone/, and /everyone/ away from the stadium, it seems that they are having a terrible time with crowd control. One officer grabs Evelyn by the arm, looking to pull her out. "C'mon lady, this ain't safe!"

As Namir's team continues to pull down the crowd, one of his team mates, Scott, suddenly goes rigid, then pulls out his hand gun. Turning to face one of the fans, he starts to shout out. "FUCK YOU BOSTON! FUCK YOU MANNY!"


The gentleman tumbles over the edge of the roof with a gunshot wound to the skull, screaming, until he is silenced by the concrete below.

GAME: Namir has rolled FIREARMS+GUNSLINGER and got a result of SUPERB.

By now, ambulances have arrived, and medics are making their way to the bodies, and to give Bekah an assist. One of them begins to mutter under her breath as she checks the pulse of the young man that the nurse has found 'alive.'
"Oh my God.. how did he even survive that fall?" She asks, looking him over, and waving one of the stretchers over. "Thank you for all your help."

GAME: Hailien has rolled PULLING A D.L. + DEXTERITY and got a result of SUPERB.

GAME: Erica has rolled CHARISMA+INFLUENCE and got a result of GREAT.

GAME: Evelyn has rolled STRENGTH and got a result of AVERAGE.

GAME: Viola has rolled ATHLETICS+ACROBATICS and got a result of GREAT.

Doing her part as best she can see a part to provide in all of this, Captain Snow continues to advance on groups of people and encourage them being somewhere else in an orderly fashion, and they begin to do what she suggests. Those she speaks with begin to head homeward, giving room to the police and rescue teams arriving to do their work.

Hailien looks up as someone cames straight for her. There's a scarily long pause, then Hailien just.. disappears as the body comes slamming down right where she was before. Reappearing seconds later, Halien lets out a scream as she trips over the body and goes sailing through a puddle of blood.

Bekah shakes her head to the medic. "I have no idea. But I think there's a spinal injury and probably internal bleeding." Though he's much more stable than he was before she did her little healing touch. "I'm Dr. Morgan from the Mount Sinai ER, by the way." She notes, as if to show why she's there. She leaves that one to the medics and moves on to check the others.

As he's ushering one of the crowd back toward the gates, Namir happens to catch sight of an older gentleman calmly sitting not too far away dressed in a Yankees cap and pulling at a string of paper dolls. Pluck, pluck — one by one they're pulled off. It is, perhaps, a hunch that brings the Middle-Eastern man over to the older man's seat. Call him crazy, but there's something /really odd/ about a man sitting there like this picking at paper dolls in the middle of such chaos. As he approaches, Namir brings up his assault rifle and levels it at the man's head. "Sir— " Scott suddenly goes berserk, firing one shot into the crowd. The Muslim reflexively half-ducks and whips around, but one of his other teammates is already dashing in to tackle the insane comrade, hoping to disarm him. Namir returns his attention to the older man, gritting his teeth. "Sir," he snaps authoritatively, "/drop the paper/. Stand up and keep your hands where I can see them. Now!"

The moment there's a shot, Viola's hand flies to where her own gun is at her hip. As it's a crowded mess of people, she does not pull it out, though. The last thing they need is a fire fight with a bunch of civilians getting caught in the crossfire. Grabbing her walkie talkies, she starts running for the stands. "Cooke! What the /hell/ is going on up there?!" Bounding over the turnstiles and taking the steps two at a time, she finally does pull out her gun and points it right at Scott. "Drop the weapon!" she barks at him. Without looking at Namir, she gestures with her head for him to do whatever it is he's doing with the older man. "You take him, we'll get him disarmed."

GAME: Namir has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of POOR.

GAME: Namir has rolled FIREARMS+GUNSLINGER and got a result of SUPERB.

Victor follows Bekah around, not quite comprehending what is happening - despite the insistent tugs of the security guards. He recognizes her, and in his shocked mind, that means safety - never mind the fact that she's in one of the most dangerous areas right now, and they only met for a few minutes. Those are just small details, anyway.

Evelyn makes some attempt to pull her arm out of the guard's grip, but doesn't manage it. So she sets her feet and tries words instead. "They're falling over there," she says, pointing at the stadium. Let's start with the obvious. "I'm not /over there/. And I have no intention of being crushed or trampled," Evelyn concludes, swinging her finger over to point at the crowd stampeding out of the stadium. No, she likes her spot. Especially when the gunshot rings out. The girl drops to crouch on the concrete, the crowd between her and the stadium it came from.

GAME: Viola has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Viola has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Viola has rolled STAMINA and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Viola has rolled MEDICINE and got a result of POOR.

Glancing slowly upwards, in a calm, and cool manner, the paper-doll cutting man lets out a soft yawn. "No.. no sir.. I will not do that." He says to Namir, before giving another pluck of his paper doll, lifting it up to wiggle it in his direction. He gives a crooked smile, followed by a chuckle. "Fuck Boston."

From that point, Namir's vision goes blurry, and he finds himself whipping around, and lifting his rifle. He doesn't think twice as he squeezes the trigger, firing off a round into Viola's leg, which sends her tumbling down two rows of bleachers, blood jutting out of the wound, and splattering the upperdeck seats.

Scott turns calmly once more to the crowd, and fires off another round, sending a young child to his death as he spirals to the ground, becoming another statistic to the growing pile of bodies gathered below.

High in the sky, choppers sail over Yankee stadium. Some of them news, some of them police as the scene is recorded, trying to get a better view on what is going on down below. Another lady gives the flying mechanical beasts the finger, before flinging herself off, screaming loudly about how much she hates the Red Sox. The count has grown to fourteen now as she slams into the ground, her body folded in half from impact.

With the guard letting go of Evelyn once he's sure that she is out of harm's way, he gets on his radio and begins to shout orders over the confused channels. By now, the police has escorted a majority of the parking lot out, and the rest are being herded as best they can away from the stadium.

GAME: Viola has rolled FIREARMS and got a result of GOOD.

GAME: Namir has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of AVERAGE.

Bekah hears the shots and leaves the bodies to the EMTs. She does think to steal a pair of clean gloves as she goes by the medics. She's not really paying much attention to Victor. Her focus in on the wounded, and on getting to Viola when she gets close enough to see her. She's staying fairly low to the ground, but while SWAT is wearing body armor, Bekah is still in her Red Sox t-shirt.

Meanwhile, another one of Victor's replicas is walking around nearby, a backpack slung full of library books on his back - and when he heard the gunshots, he went running, to see what the Hubbub was all about.
Then he saw himself. Sort of.
Smacking his forehead, he fouth his way to the edge of the crowd in a position closer to the Victor that was standing in the middle of the carnage, alone, not moving.
/At least I decided to change my clothes today…/ he thinks, staring at his other self with worry.

When after the first warning, Scott doesn't drop his weapon Viola doesn't give second chances. He's got a gun and has already used deadly force. However, dead suspects don't do anyone any favors. And she aims low, right for the kneecaps and shoots. She's ready to fire again, but that's when Namir turns on her. She has just enough time to turn before she's shot in the leg. The force of the round, plus the inability to keep upright sends her tumbling down the bleachers. There's no scream or yelp of pain, but her face is contorted with repressing it. Already, she's got her gun raised to defend herself should Namir try for another shot, however her arm is wavering.

GAME: Bekah has rolled PARTIAL HEALING and got a result of GOOD.

Hearing the shots, Hailien stands and makes her way Zombie-like towards the small group. Literally. ZOMBIE-LIKE. Hailien is covered head to toe ins blood. Her face is bloody and scratched up from where she tripped over the one dead person, and she's walking strangely. Almost… horrified. Shocked. Scared. Does she realize she's walking into a firefight? …. Nope.

GAME: Namir has rolled PIN DROP and got a result of GREAT.

From her place where she's actively encouraging people to be elsewhere and having decent success, the woman in her Air Force captain's uniform spots the teenager going entirely the wrong direction and attempts to intercede. "Miss," she calls out sharply, taking a few steps in that direction and speaking in her command voice, "you don't want to go that way. Do you need medical attention, Miss?" Hailien is studied for signs of injury amid the blood upon her clothing.

Slowly, the haze starts to lift from Namir's mind, and he finds himself staring down the barrel of his assault rifle at an injured Viola. He can still feel the telltale aftereffects of the recoil from the gun, but he … he doesn't really remember pulling the trigger. Did he do that? As horror starts to set in, the Muslim turns to stare at the older gentleman in bewilderment — but this soon turns into anger. It's not often that Namir finds himself so enraged, but this? This is something he /does not/ tolerate. The man wants to play that way? Namir can play that way. Closing his eyes, he imagines, hopes, /wills/ the sound waves surrounding the Paper Dolls Man's ears to increase. The effect will be devastating: all the surrounding chaos, screams, hollering — all of these things are about to get so loud for the man that it may very well cause some minor hearing damage. While not pushing Namir's limits enough to cause /him/ much harm, he can feel the quiet throbbing of a headache beginning behind his eyes.

As Hailien is shambling along, one of the police officers sweeps in and scoops her up quickly, starting to carry her towards one of the ambulances. "Sweet Jesus, Joseph and Mary! This one needs medical attention, NOW!" He bellows out to a pair of nurses who quickly make their way over to try and help. All that blood, she's bound to be hurt somewhere, right?

As another body goes jumping off the ledge of the stadium, it is Victor who finds himself unlucky as the woman, who weighs twice as much as he does, comes crushing down in a swift, painful drop. The last thing he heard before the lights went out, was a mumbling of 'Boston sucks!', before he is embedded into the concrete, his body a twisted, contorted mess beneath the girth of the Lemming.

"Holy shit!" One of the medic's yelp out as she spies what is left of Victor, clasping a hand over her mouth. This is obviously too much for anyone it seems, and she starts to flee back for the emergency vehicles. It's time to start cashing in some of that vacation pay. As Captain Snow makes her way over to help out with Hail, a police officer approaches, motioning her back behind what is now yellow taped off. "Ma'am, ma'am, you have to get out of here. It is far too dangerous for you here." His voice is worried as he slowly tilts his head upwards, to where gun shots are rippling through the stadium, and people are still jumping to their death. "New York is crazy, but I've never seen this." He murmurs under his breath.

As the older man begins to stand up from his seat, he unfolds his paper doll collection, and looks as if he was going to tear the entire wad up, that is, until Namir begins to use his gift on him, his eyes widen, then drops the dolls as he clutches at his ears, jerking himself backwards in an arc, screaming in pain as he can practically feel each noise hammer away into his school.

The Lemming crowd also stops leaping for their death, confusion riddling their features as they start to climb down from the wall, and beginning to help each other out. There is murmurs of subtle panic rippling, but otherwise, the officers finally regain control over the situation, and start to lead them away. Scott, also comes to his senses, and when he does, he looks around in dumbly as a pair of officers tackle him to the ground, and begin to slap cuffs on him, and reading him his rights.

"You, sir! Step away from the man, now!" Another officer yells over at Namir, having seen him turn a gun on Viola, his own rifle leveled. "NOW Mother fucker! Get on your fucking belly!"

Bekah makes her way up to Viola finally. By the time she gets there's she's out of breath and dropping to her knees by where Viola tumbled down. "I'm Dr. Morgan from the Mount Sinai ER. Let me help." It's almost like a recording now. At least some of the blood is starting to obscure the Red Sox logo as she leans in for a look at Viola's leg. She's so focused on the injury, she hasn't noticed Namir being arrested yet. Maybe it's the body armor.

Captain Snow is blinked at, then Hailien is swept up and away. The girl whimpers as she's carried, and she wipes at the blood on her face. "Let me go!" She nearly shrieks. "I gotta - gotta - … " Poor Hailien. What she has to do isn't noticed as she tries to phase away and up towards the gunshots area again.

Victor watches in horror as a fat lady - with a hearty "FUUUUCK YOOOUUUU, BOOOSTOOOON" - falls on top of his other self. He can almost feel it as he's killed beneath the enormous load, and at that, he pushes his way through the few remaining people, to sprint across the clearing towards the carnage.
Kneeling down, he shoves his head through his other self's head, which was - thank God - uncrushed by the heavy lady. Two hours' worth of memories shoot into Victor's head in a matter of seconds, before he's pulled away by the stunned security guards, ready to leave and go home to inload memories. And then consult with himself as to what the hell to do when they find his body.

With the girl she sought to keep away from the stadium swept up by medics and police, not seeing her phase or try to do so, Erica begins to wander away from the area. She's starting to feel the need for a serious fix, and so it's homeward for Captain Snow, to cover herself in black and take flight from the apartment building roof.

GAME: Namir has rolled PIN DROP and got a result of SUPERB.

Once it's clear that Namir isn't going to try and shoot her again, Viola slowly and shakily lowers her gun. There's backup here now to handle things, but she doesn't want to just let go of her weapon. The pain is really starting to take over, though, and she clenches her teeth as to not cry out when Bekah starts to look her over. "Well, I don't think you could hurt," she says tightly, but not unkindly. She's just in pain.

It's not hard for Namir to pick up the sound of the officer currently training a gun on him — but he's quite sure that the older gentleman is hearing it a /lot/ better than he is. The Muslim does not let up on his audio assault and even increases the effect a bit just to really, /really/ ensure that the culprit is good and disabled. It takes a great deal of willpower and drawing on his training not to shoot the man with the paper dolls in the head, but Namir manages to withhold his vengeance — mainly because he's now got a gun trained on /him/. Namir raises his hands placatingly. "That screaming man," he states calmly as he lowers himself to his knees, "needs to be heavily sedated and arrested." The headache starts to get worse, but Namir is able to push aside the pain as he starts to go down on his belly.

The people who were following Tea Party Lady continue to break ranks, shuffling away in confusion. Randall is near the back of the herd, among the last few who joined in, who are verbally hashing out their whereabouts while they wait for the others to get out of the way. "Some kind of airborne drug?" "No way, it's hypnosis, man! They're hiding backwards messages in the cable TV!" "Can't be, man, my set's been busted ever since Jim got into my stash…"

[{>:::::::::::::::::::::::{New York City - The Bronx}::::::::::::::::::::::::<}]
The stereotype that the Bronx is a poor, urban area of the city is… mostly true. Oh, and it's the location of the Yankee Stadium.
[{>::::::::::::::::::::::::::::{Available Exits}:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::<}]
JFK High School <JFK> John F. Kennedy HS - First Floor
Bronx Zoo <BZ> Bronx Zoo
Hartsdale <H> Town
South <S> Times Square

Namir can feel his arms being jerked behind him, and forced to the ground as handcuffs are clasped on his wrists, forced down to his stomach. "What you need to do, is shut the hell up. You have the right to remain silent." As the miranda rights are read, another officer trains a weapon on the screaming, older man who's clutching his head, feeling every noise shatter, and echo inside his skull. By now, his nose, and ears are spitting blood, and he is swaying back, and forth. With his eyes sinking back into his head, he falls off to one side, hitting the ground in a slump.

"Right, he looks real dangerous to me. Someone get a medic over here!" The officer bellows out to the team, motioning for the other to lug Namir off to be processed, and questioned. Nothing makes sense right now, so at the moment, the police force is going to just single everyone out, and start taking statements.

As Hail phases through the arms of the officer, the man stumbles back a bit, his eyes opened wide. Looking around quickly, trying to see if anyone else saw what he did, he swallows tightly, then shakes his head. "I need a drink, man.. I.. fuck, I'm not saying a word. They'll boot me out of the force for good."

Bekah does a quick assessment of Viola, checking her pulse before she moves down to look at the injured leg. "Get a medic kit up here, please." She calls over to an officer nearby. "I'll get you a painkiller as soon as I can." Bekah promises as she takes a look at the mess that the automatic weapon made. It's only then that she looks around and spots Namir having his rights read. "Namir? What the hell?" But there's a bloody wound requiring her attention. There's no reason that her touching it should lessen the pain, but it does, just a bit. It definately lessens the bleeding, taking away any danger of Viola bleeding out.

Scrambling up the stairs, bloodied, Hail continues to move quickly, probably running right pastBekah and Viola as she goes for Namir and area. Maybe she just wants to smack him- however, whatever she's doing, she's doing it deftly, running in and around the area with slight phasings here and there.

With the crowd outside the stadium beginning to thin, Evelyn considers the street. The gunshots having all been inside the stadium, and seemingly over with now… she hopes… the teen stands back up. She settles her backpack more comfortably on her shoulders, taking a deep breath before threading her way back into the crowd. Her goal being to cut across it, so much as possible.

Randall runs a hand through his hair as he finally makes it to a relatively open area, visibly shell-shocked at being in the middle of it all. It's understandable that he doesn't spot Evelyn until it's too late to avoid bumping into her. "Sorrysorry!" he calls out, backing off a step and then blinking: this one he recognizes.

"Take your time," Viola says through clenched teeth. And she's not actually being sarcastic. Now that everyone who needs to be arrested is arrested and being taken off, the lieutenant lets her gun drop to the ground. "Don't touch it. It'll be needed for evidence," she warns Bekah. Not that the woman /would/ take the gun, but she feels the need to go into procedure when she's in this much pain. Perhaps it's delirium or something of the like, but Bekah's touch does lessen the pain enough for her to take a gasp, clenching her fists.

Bekah is brought an actual medic not just a kit. So it's time to introduce herself again. Whee. "I'm Dr. Morgan from the Mount Sinai ER. Let's get her stabalized and ready to move." And she carries through on her promise, reaching into the kit to ready a syringe of painkiller and swab a spot clean on Viola's arm to give her a shot of it, even as the medic is setting up an I.V., willing to let the doctor lessen her work. "Can we have an officer take the gun? So we don't have to take it to the hospital with you?"

GAME: Namir has rolled PERCEPTION+PROFESSIONAL and got a result of SUPERB.

Allowing the doctor to do her work, Viola just concentrates on her breathing. In. Out. In. Out. This is nothing. This isn't as bad as dinner with Ethan's folks. "That's. Fine. Just. Get an Evidence. Bag. Or something." Deep breath. "/Cooke/." She's still got the authoritative tone. And last thing she remembered was ordering Cooke to be somewhere in this vicinity. "Make sure that. Gets to IA. Or whoever." Back to Bekah. "Hospital. Now." Another breath. "Doctor."

Being jostled, in this throng of people, isn't exactly uncommon; even though she's not in the thick of the crowd, Evelyn's automatic response to the apology is still a muttered "S'okay". Only after it's already out of her mouth does she actually catch sight of whom she collided with. "Oh!" She remembers him. Evelyn smiles crookedly. "Sorry. Hi."

There's a cold feeling of dread and resignation when Namir feels the cold clasp of the iron bracelets, but he doesn't resist when he's Mirandized and hauled to his feet again. He doesn't protest, either, when his statement about the man he currently assaults — unbeknownst to his comrades — is ignored. It sounds crazy and will not help his case if he starts talking without a legal representative present. He shoots one last glare at the bleeding man before relinquishing his attack, the man's unconsciousness making it ineffective anyway. The Muslim's gaze goes to Hailien as she dashes up nearby and, for a brief moment, he thinks he sees her running /through/ — not over, /through/ — some stadium seats. This is the last baffling sight Namir gets to see before he's led away.

Bekah makes sure the other officer bags the gun then helps the medic get Viola onto a gurney. "Hospital." She agrees eyeing the medic. "Mount Sinai would be best. We can take good care of her." It is a good hospital after all. She presses gauze to Viola's wound, apparently planning to go along for the ride.

Randall nods to Evelyn, returning the smile, though he's still visibly shaken up by the experience. Searching for weird things is one thing; being caught up in them against your will is another. "Yeah, hi. So… what /was/ this, anyway? Did you get much of a look from outside?"
Evelyn shakes her head. "No. …I really didn't want to," the teen admits. "They were just…" Her voice trails off as she looks over at the stadium. The blood-spattered sidewalk. The bodies that haven't yet been bagged. "…I really have no idea," she finally concludes, violet eyes returning to Randall. "They all just… jumped."

Randall follows Evelyn's gaze— and promptly looks away, eyes watering in a fashion normally reserved for encountering the stench of roadkill. Which is basically what this is, in spades. "Oh my God," he murmurs, closing his eyes. "All those— and all those other—" /and I would have been one of them/, he has the good taste not to add out loud.

Drawing in a deep breath - even if most of the dead-still air around them tastes like blood - Evelyn lets it out heavily, her shoulders slumping. "Yeah," she says, pretty much agreeing. She closes her eyes and rubs at them, then turns away from the stadium. "I'm going home now," the girl states quietly.

Randall shakes his head. "Yeah, me too. See you later, I guess." With a half-hearted wave, he heads off in another direction, rounding a corner and merging back into the larger crowd.

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