2007-08-23: DF: Whatever It Takes


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Summary: Cyprus warns Kate to take her husband and flee the country.

Dark Future Date: August 23, 2007

Whatever It Takes

Upstate New York, Hospital

From this one room, information comes and goes. It's probably just the way Cyprus wants it, turning wherever he travels to into a little nerve center of the country, passing its orders around to all the far corners of the nation. There is much work to be done, apparently. And Cyprus is doing all he can to see it finished. It's like he's a man with a mission. Some even are saying they haven't seen him work this hard in months. At least he's sleeping, when the doctors come in with his pills to help heal the cracked ribs. For the moment, it's lunchtime. And Cyprus is out on a balcony by the room (because this is a government hospital, and he's damn well getting the best damn room), enjoying some hospital food. And jello.

"Cherry's better than the lime," Kate muses as she steps out onto the balcony. Cheeky girl doesn't bother knocking. "I hear you were pretty brave, Mister Donovan." She smirks faintly, head tilted to one side. Her hair, a chestnut colour that hasn't been seen on her in a couple of years, spills over her shoulder. "How are you holding up?" There's no law that says she can only visit Nathan and be concerned about his well-being, after all.

He slowly turns his head, and evenly regards Kate for a long moment. "Then you heard wrong," he states simply. "I simply was involved in a car accident, Mrs. Petrelli. These things happen." He sets his jello down, and pushes his chair out with a faint wince as he stands. "As for how I'm holding up… I have bruised lungs, Mrs. Petrelli, and two cracked ribs. I'm hardly in a mood for games." With that, he picks up the only roll on the tray, and walks over to the edge of the balcony, to overlook the scenic surroundings.

"Mmm. So the rumours about the child you pulled out of twisted wreckage are false? That's too bad." They both know she's teasing him. Someone's in a dark mood. "Fun times. I remember the days when I was sporting those kinds of injuries all the time. And I assure you, Mister Donovan, I'm not here to play games."

"Please, I'm hardly the heroic type, Mrs. Petrelli," Cyprus comments, taking a bite from his roll. He makes a bit of a face, and pulls a piece off of it instead. He tosses it over the side, down towards the ground several floors down. After a moment, birds begin to pick at it. He throws another little piece. Kate, it would seem, is not the only one in the dark mood. Cyprus', though, seems to be less playful. "Then why are darkening my doorstep?"

"Darkening?" Kate presses one hand to her chest in mock surprise. "Why, I'm here to be a ray of sunshine!" She shrugs away the act and leans against the balcony, staring out at the skyline. "Maybe I wanted to see if you hurt as badly as I did the other night during my vision." She rubs her hand gingerly, as though the memory of the pain is a physical one. "Can't say, really. Just… felt like seeing if you were in one piece, I guess."

There is a bitter laugh, and Cyprus shakes his head. "Of course I'm in one piece," he says quietly. "I have too much work to do to die yet." Well, that's looking at it in a positive light. He tears off another piece and drops it. Now, the birds fight a bit. And Cyprus laughs, once, with a visible wince. "It's nature for all species to fight for survival. To scrap tooth and nail, for every little scrap. As far as we've come… we're just bigger, meaner animals." Ironic, apparently. He turns to face Kate, and shakes his head. "A piece of free advice, Mrs. Petrelli. Go to your husband. Be with him. And get him out of the country. No matter what's going to happen… It's imperative that he does not stop it."

"Are you threatening something, Donovan?" Kate turns her head. To any outside observer, they appear to be having a casual conversation. But anyone who can hear her tone knows she's suddenly on guard. Cold. Dangerous.

"No," says Cyprus quietly. There's a faint smile there, with just enough victory in it to be scary. "What has begun, cannot be stopped. Nature will take its course. And it is best if your husband let it happens. It's what… It's what Nathan wants."

"Don't you talk to me about what Nathan wants." They both know he just used that name - put emphasis on it - deliberately. For a reason. "You don't know the first thing about Nathan." She sounds so sure.

There is a lifted brow, and Cyprus chuckles just enough to cause a flash of pain across his features. "I know he's back," he says simply. "And it's high time. Please, Mrs. Petrelli. Take your husband, and keep him out of what is going to happen. It's what must happen, if we're going to save this nation."

"How long have you known?" Kate frowns. She ignores his order for now. "How long have you known about him?" Her brows furrow and her eyes narrows just a touch. Someone is not amused.

"I always suspected that he just went mad when Monty died," Cyprus says simply. "But, by then, it was too late. And it was better to stand at his right hand, than to let the world burn for one man's madness. That there were two of them…" He shrugs, and turns back to drop another bit of bread. "I didn't truly know until… I had my car accident."

"I've known for over a year now. It's why I always stayed close." It seems to her that she and Cyprus Donovan both stuck close to the president, for similar reasons. "What will you do with your knowledge?" Kate's expression softens slightly, though she turns her attention to the birds snatching up the bits of food on the ground.

"Same thing I have done every day since Nathan Petrelli took the office of the President," says Cyprus quietly. "Whatever it takes to save this nation." No matter who is maimed, killed, or gets heartbroken over it. "One last time, Mrs. Petrelli… Take your husband, and leave the country. He mustn't interfere. Not if we are to have any chance at success."

"Why are you so adamant about this? Peter isn't about to interfere with anything that will help heal this country." Rather than sound annoyed, Kate actually sounds… concerned. What does he have up his sleeve? "What are you planning?"

"Sorry, Mrs. Petrelli, but I'm not that much of a fool." And Cyprus tears up the last bits of his bread, and lets them fall to the ground. He glances up at her, and his face is deadly serious. "A man who ignores the will of fate is like a dog tied to a cart, incapable of freeing himself from being dragged towards the unknown. Evolution is exactly the same. It is not slow. It is not gradual. It comes when the world changes radically enough that everything that is not the fittest dies by necessity. This nation must be saved." And with that, Cyprus is turning away to head towards his room.

Kate is very unhappy now. He's up to no good and she doesn't know just how bad things are going to be. That never sits well with her. "Have it your way, Donovan." She turns to follow him inside so that she can let herself out into the main of the building at least. "Get plenty of rest. I'm sure you'll need your strength for the days ahead."

"We all will," replies the Presidential aide rather ominously. He moves across the room, and sits down in a chair. He picks up his glasses from the case, and begins going back over those ubiquitous folders.

Kate spares Cyprus one last look before she heads for the door and lets herself out. Oh yeah. That's ominous, all right.

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