Archibald Anderson Wheeler
Portrayed By Zachary Levi
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 5, 1985
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Yoshi
Aliases Archie, Planeteer, Nintendork
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Delivery Slave for the Food Court, Tri-Force Member
Known Relatives Marleen Wheeler (mother), Harlan Wheeler (father)
Significant Other Claire
Known Abilities Gamer Geek
First Appearance Everything Goes To Hell

Archie Wheeler is your normal, average, every day community college drop out working at the Food Court. Prepare to get Served.


Harlan and Marleen Wheeler were one of the most classic and happy couples to ever really grace the city of New York. They both worked very hard and thus the pregnancy that brought Archie into their lives was very much planned and very much prepared for. They happened to be normal like that. There was no need for anything to be accidental when it came to the Wheeler family. They wanted the best for their son and they made sure to try and give it to him.

Archie attended the finest of the average schools during his scholastic career. He was never too smart or too dumb. He was, actually, about as average as you could get. With proper application and focus he could've probably done better, but he had other interests that kept him quite busy, such as video games and watching television almost every free moment he could get to himself. He was, more or less, just the kind of student that breezed his way through school, all years and stumbled his way into community college afterwards.

While his parents had higher ambitions for Archie, they loved him anyway. If he was happy with his mediocre life, then they would be happy for him also. They never were the overbearing type and Archie could actually talk to them about anything, without worry of them flipping out or disowning him or something. He had a very, very good relationship with his parents, as well as the small handful of friends that he went to school with for his entire life. He lived in a very simple world and there wasn't much that could disturb it. Not even the craziness going on outside of his little world, what with the government and terrorism and what not really bothered to enter into his life.

Archie felt that he wasn't getting anywhere with his life in Community College. It was just a bit of a waste of time. He had a dream and that was to become a professional gamer. He wasn't cut out for the actual workforce, but that wouldn't stop him from needing to find a job in order to live. That's where the Food Court came in. One of the newest fast food joints to pop up in the Big Apple, the Food Court worked with a tennis theme and that became Archie's primary mode of making money, while he spent the rest of his time "training" for different gaming championships.

For the past year or so, Archie's been doing the same routine: Work, Gaming, Sleep (Maybe). It hasn't really changed and he wasn't really looking for it to change. However, there are some things that even the most normal of individuals can't control and that happens to be something known as Evolution. It was during an Online Halo session that Archie started to realize that something was different. His mind was all over the place… literally. He knew things. Things that he never knew that he knew. Or they were new to his knowing that he didn't know he knew them. Confused? That's exactly how Archie felt.

Archie's trying to come to terms with his newfound ability that he doesn't even fully understand, while keeping his horrible dead-end job and preparing for the next gaming tournament. Yeah, ish just got real.

Wheeler's Blog

Target: Archibald "Archie" Wheeler


Survival of the Geekiest


Captain N: This happens to be what fills Archie with the most joy, as well as helps to provide him with a necessary basis in which to draw from when incorporating himself into the Real World. To be perfectly honest, Archie believes himself to be stuck in the most boring RPG known to man. And it is his job, as the game of life's protagonist, to find a way to survive this madness.

Chuck: Average Mediocrity is the name of the game when it comes to how Archie feels, acts and just generally exists. He's not nobody, but he's not somebody either. He just fits in everywhere, as he's completely average in every aspect of his life, minus video gaming. That happens to be one of his very few talents. While he may be destined for great things, by the power of the eclipse, poor Archie just wants to lead his normal life.

Greatest American Hero: Contrary to what even Archie believes, he was born with the heart of a hero. Even during his school days, he would always fall prey to doing the right thing. He's just built that way. It could be saving puppies or it could be dive-tackling a woman out from in front of a train. Heroics is in his blood.

Friends: There's just something about Archie that always has him in the Friends Zone. Sure he likes girls, but he doesn't particularly have any game. He comes across as that cute and playful dork. He's safe, which is not the thing to be when trying to actually get with a girl. He's a hopeless romantic, with an emphasis on the hopeless.



Class: Rogue Evolved

Level: 26

HP: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

MP: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

EXP: |||||||||||||||||||||

STR 7 CON 13 DEX 15 INT 13 CHA 14 WIS 5 WIL 8 PER 20 LUCK 6


  • Ramble - The ability to talk about way too many subjects in a very short and specific amount of time. Subjects are usually unrelated and will either cause foes to get angry or stare blankly.
  • Human Target - The ability to make such a spectacle of oneself that all hostiles turn their violent actions upon you. Excellent, but dangerous, distraction tactic.
  • Smooth Operator - The ability to completely and utterly bomb at any attempts to pick up females. It happens.
  • Everyday Normal Guy - The ability to go unnoticed in medium to large crowds. Blend.
  • One Jump Ahead - With Archie being an actual diamond in the rough, it goes without saying that he can find himself in a bit of a pickle a lot of the time. Somehow, though, he's capable of getting out of these scrapes, mostly unscathed. It has a lot to do with improvisational and improbably escape attempts. Flying Carpet? Kind of.

Defeated In… With The… Loot
Mr. One Food Court Smoothie Cell Phone Jammer
April Food Court Lips Props
KiKi Food Court Lips Props and Feels Copped
Claire Noah's Arcade Air Hockey Game Ice Cream
Claire Minute Maid Lips Girlfriend
Claire Wheeler's Apartment "Joystick" "Innocence"

Sphere Select

Hailing from his love of Final Fantasy, Wheeler likes to think of his different outfits as Dress Spheres. They (make him think so, anyway) grant him special abilities and help him to solidify his Master of Disguise fantasies. This could also just be an excuse to Cosplay. Nerd.

Delivery Guy: Composed mostly of his Food Court uniform, this Sphere grants him the ability to get inside just about anywhere. Food Court is a popular restaurant that many places order from and thus adding a greasy bag and picking a floor should make it fairly simple for him to enter many establishments.

Gamemaster: Following in the footsteps of his idol, Captain N, Wheeler has designed himself his own signature letterman jacket, Power Pad belt and Zapper combination. This boosts his gaming ability, as he feels the Captain N within whenever he's wearing this particular sphere. If he adds on the Power Glove, it's game over. It's so bad.

Planeteer: Taking a page out of the book at his cartoonish counterpart, Wheeler will sport a replica Planeteer outfit, complete with worldy t-shirt and awkward early 90's vest. To bring the whole sphere together, he definitely rocks his Fire based Planeteer ring. He refuses to dye his hair though.



Choose Your Side


  • "Welcome to the Food Court. How may I serve you?"
  • "Okay, Wheeler. This is not good. This is really not good. Maybe you should've paid attention in those What To Do If You're Ever Robbed videos that they made us watch in orientation. Granted, the Princess Leia dream you had instead was totally worth it." — to Wheeler, Everything Goes To Hell
  • "What I'm going to need for you to do is fill this whole thing out, smile and tell me you don't have a boyfriend and I'll make sure Big Mitch, that's my boss, calls you first thing tomorrow for an actual interview." — to Claire, Archibald Wheeler and the Goblet of Hire
  • "No, Kiki. I do not taste like burgers. In fact, I had veal last night for a late dinner. So there are probably still remnants of it lingering around on my personage." — to Kiki, A License to Thrill
  • "What the hell! Why-when-how-what are you doing here?! Dude, I used to sleep naked! That would've been totally awkward. And gross. You're watching me sleep?! Who watches someone slee— wait a minute! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY APARTMENT?!" — to Porter, WiP
  • "Away put your weapon! I mean you no harm!" — to Porter in Yoda voice, WiP
  • "If you're taking me to Jurassic Park, I'm gonna' be so pissed. It'll be totally cool, but I'll be soooooo pissed!" — to Porter, WiP


RP Hooks

Family: While Wheeler is an only child, there's no reason that his parents can't have both come from big families. Which means there could be all kinds of Aunts and Uncles and Cousins floating around out there. Hell, even both of his parents are up for Player Adoption or NPCing. His family is completely bonkers, but in a good way, with a side of epic middle class. Bring it.

Food Court: The Food Court is Wheeler's place of employment. It is an epic restaurant that feeds the masses with just about any food imaginable. Except, well, that it's not actually a food court in a mall. The restaurant plays on the wordplay theme and comes with a tennis sport gimmick intact. Waitresses with tennis skirts? Automatic Win. NPCs and PCs are quite available for this. (Yes, this is our version of the Buy More. It's awesome.)

Babes: So this is an interesting request. Part of what makes Wheeler interesting is that he's competely normal with a side of cute dorkiness that makes him an unintentional ladies man. It's part of the fun that there's always hot babes around him and he's so not the sex symbol type. He's such a damn goofball! I've taken the liberty of compiling a list of these babes for people to use for consideration in creating delicious NPCs and PCs to swarm poor Wheeler's life.

Gaming Community: Here's something that could be cool to add to the HeroesVerse: a gaming community! Whether it be video games, tabletop or ahwatever else we could come up with, I think it would be sweet for there to be some kinda' gaming community! I mean, everyone jumps onto the comic books bandwagon (because Heroes is comic styled or whatever) so let's get our game on! Nerd Power!


  • Archie Wheeler is designed to pay homage to Chuck Bartowski from the epic series, Chuck. If you notice major similarities, they are supposed to be there. It's the closest we can get to an actual Crossover.
  • Archie doesn't Flash. He Jolts. It may or may not have anything to do with his ability.
  • Archie's favorite sport is Blitzball. Go figure.
  • Archie's online name, from AIM to WoW and then some is: PurePwnage
  • Archie actually spent the better part of a year and a half learning how to read and speak Japanese. Blame his love for Anime.
  • Archie has actually mastered every single NES title known to man. Except Bayou Billy. He cannot beat that to save his life.


Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?

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