2007-09-27: When A Company Man Is A Family Man



Special Guest Stars:

Rainer, Sasha

Summary: Precautions are put in place. Rainer speaks to H.R.G. about a certain girl, a certain family, and a certain sore spot.

Date It Happened: September 27th, 2007

When a Company Man is a Family Man

Upstate New York

A few hours before it's Approaching Midnight

A mix of modern and classic design, a house that boasts a good deal of handsome dark wood on the outside as well as the inside sits, secluded, in what almost passes as countryside, a the end of an inclined driveway. It could be in Architectural Digest, but its owner is far too private a man. For good reason.

Inside, Rainer Madson stands in his study, a wooden cabinet open. He watches security monitors that show him feeds from the property and every room of the house. One row is outfitted with heat sensors. The security is to the max. Again, for good reason.

After awhile, he heads downstairs, through the too large house, walking briskly past the kitchen, full of dark marble, to the front door. He has a guest.

Company employees visiting one another homes is nothing new. Sandra seen Company agents many times in her life and even had a few in her home. That means when Rainer wants to speak to Mr. Bennet, he sees no reason why to be worried. Caution is a given, but he has no problem in calling his wife, letting her know that he'll be working a bit late tonight. She hate hearing that now that she understand the work Noah does, but she's a strong woman, she can take it.

Making his way toward the front door, Noah rings the door bell wrapping his hand around his fist, both arms lowered in front of him. He's dressed as he was for work, a nice black suit with a rather simple blue dress shirt. The tie is black as well, Noah always one for darker colors. As he waits for Mr. Madson, he glances about. He's been studying the place since he came in, but it's just in admiration of the place. Maybe.

Rainer is there to open the door almost immediately. However, his demeanour is as terse and calm as ever, giving no reason to indicate this is a situation of any urgency. Then again, he's like that under duress as well. They have that in common. He's dressed in a dark brown pair of slacks and a jacket of the same colour with a slightly tweedy design over a white shirt. "Bennet. Usually don't call in folks to my home, but it seemed fitting, given the nature of the topic. Come on in." He opens the door and steps aside, nodding. "You're off-duty after this? You want a drink? I've got a mean Scotch."

Glancing away from the welcome mat as the door opens, the fellow Company Man nods with a smile that shows a hint of Noah's pearly whites, releasing his hands as he does. "Thank you, Rainer."

Stepping in as soon as Mr. Madson steps aside, Noah enters with a calm gaze, speaking as he goes in a couple more steps. "I suppose I could take two fingers' worth. While I'm off-duty after this, it doesn't mean that my night's over." After all, Lyle wanted help with his homework. Pivoting on one foot slightly and bending around a little, Noah offers back to Rainer. "This is really a beautiful house," he states as if repeating the obvious. He really doesn't bring up the business, figuring that since he was called in by Rainer, the host will get to it when he feels like it.

"Mhhmm, of course." After closing, locking, and locking, and locking, and locking the door behind Noah — his home has an excellent security system, let's say it again — Rainer strides into the kitchen off the foyer. It's all quite open concept, but still classic. "It's new to me - the house - the previous owner was an architect. Or married to an architect. Any rate…" Rainer, not one to talk house design, moves into the sitting room, now, to procure objects from a liquor cabinet. "I surmise you're updated on our most recent Russians," he starts, slowly, to get to the point as glasses and bottles clink. "And of course, their daughter." He knows Noah is updated.

Considering the adventures that have been had at the Bennet home, Noah is not surprised at the many locks and finds no offense in Rainer's focus on security. As Rainer moves to the booze, Noah merely takes a seat and eases himself in. "I've had a chance to briefly interact with both of the parents. Frankly, I'm surprised that we took them in. Suppose someone decided that they were more an assist than a liability." He stretches up faintly to see how the scotch is coming, leaning forward if scotch is on the way. Hopefully, there won't be rocks placed in to cut the taste. "As for the child, I've only read reports… Interesting girl."

Rainer pours Noah a few fingers worth of Scotch — naturally, the best, and no, not on the rocks — and sets it on the counter between the sitting room and kitchen. The marble top is almost black, wrought with grey veins. Pouring the same for himself, he takes a thoughtful drink before answering. "They seem to be working out that way. Assets, that is. Ivanov has useful contacts in the FBI. Good background." He places his glass down, next to a pill bottle. There is no drug name or pharmacy on the label, but the words 'Dmitryeva, Aleksandra Felixnova' and the dosage '4x/day' are printed on the label. "The teleporter will do anything for her daughter. Which is why…" He lowers into a stool lining the counter opposite HRG. "I wanted to have a word."

The Company Man gets up to get to his glass. There is a brief glance given to the pill bottle, but he moves back to his seat without a second thought. Sipping the stuff to see how it is, Noah nods faintly to show his approval though he remains standing for the time being, perhaps debating where to seat or caught off guard by the last comment. If he is surprised, it doesn't show in his face or his tone. "I see. Well, you have my interest."

"Our facilities aren't the best environment for a child like Aleksandra," Rainer says, his tone flat, borne of fact, not of concern, so it would sound. "We're still trying to devise the best dosages for her medication, one misjudgment and we could have a serious issue on our hands. Due time she could be useful, but more she grows, the trickier it is, they tell me, until it steadies out and she learns control."

The door to the sun porch opens, a round-faced, pleasant middle-aged woman entering, smiling. You'd never know she's been seasoned in Company security protocols for over a decade.

"So she's been moved. A mighty familiar situation." Rainer doesn't even glance back at the woman, keeping his focus on Noah, dark eyes knowing. "A sort of foster care."

The woman moves into the sitting room, taking a dark-haired child by the hand. "Did you have a good time in the garden, Sasha?" the woman is asking sweetly. She nods to the men and, in a more grown-up voice, tells them, "We'll be in the next room," before guiding the girl along.

The only sign of moment from Noah comes not from him, but the glass which twitches slightly. A small ripple moves across the scotch, coming from his thumb. Noah's face frowns faintly. "You are aware of the problems that come with this sort of arrangement." He merely nods to the woman, though he does manage to give a shadow of a smile to the child as they leave. For most, it is barely considered a measure of expression. For those like Rainer and himself, it's a tasteful nonverbal message.

Turning back to Rainer once the two men are alone, he adds, "New York is becoming increasingly unstable. You've seen the reports."

Rainer's expression is devoid of even the shadow of a smile, though he does glance the way of woman and child, watching them leave. "Yes," he answers once they're out of sight. 'Yes' to which statement? He doesn't clarify, but it's both. Most certainly both. "Her biological mother can go anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye," he rumbles, gesturing with his glass of Scotch in a slow arc. "Conceivably live in two places at once. Off the record, Bennet. If the woman continues to be trustworthy. I'm almost tempted to give that kid a life."

Rainer's seemingly kind nature gets an arched brow from Bennet. Could he have more in common with Mr. Madson than he originally thought? It's possible, but for now, changes little. "As long as we have the Walker system, I don't see why we wouldn't be able to let the two be together. Off the record, the world doesn't need another Elle," the Man with the Horn Rimmed Glasses admits with a sad smile. It would seem that the two have agreement. At least for now.

Taking another drink of his scotch, Noah glances around once before looking right at Rainer. The smile dissolves rather quickly. "Though we still haven't gotten to why you needed to talk with me here."

Rainer's mouth flattens into a straight line. "Nn." Subject matter? Bishop's daughter. His small eyes narrow, glinting darkly as he finishes his Scotch and sets it aside. "On that note… frankly," he begins, "Trust isn't what it used to be. I don't want many a person knowing where Aleksandra's gotten to these days. Need-to-know information. What with her biological parents being legally bound soon, it's not just Dmitryeva we have to worry about, far's guardianship goes. It's Ivanov. I want you to watch those two closely, Bennet. Until he's earned his keep 'round the Company, the girl's under my watch."

Noah gives a tired sigh. Nothing beats being put in charge of a person with questionable loyalty. At least he was FBI that promises he'll be somewhat stable. Noah finishes the rest of his booze with the request. "Considering the things I'm already dealing with, you can imagine my enthusiasm with becoming a babysitter. Not that I'm not turning into one already." The Company has been forced to change and even grow with the increase of Evolved and to say it's been a painless transition would be a flat out lie.

Setting the glass down, Noah only now looks for a place to sit. Placing himself in the first comfortable place he finds, he speaks as he leans forward, his gaze remaining on Rainer. "But I'll make sure that Ivanov and I keep up and if he gets out of line, he won't get far." Is Noah referring to guiding Felix back to the fold gently or cutting him down to size if he tries to betray the Company interests? If one is going on his past performance, mostly of Column A and a hint of Column B.

"It's not that, Bennet. Christ. Ivanov doesn't need a goddamn babysitter. He's a seasoned spook, but to us, he's green. Like anyone new to this job, especially this day and age, you wonder how much a man can see before…" Rainer gives his head a slow and steady shake. His expression is soured, but transitions into his standard neutral a moment later. "I'm askin' you to pay special attention because I'd put my faith in your … discernment. Simple enough."

"Close enough," HRG points out with a hint of annoyance. It's clearly he's not thrilled at the idea. He continues his next point swiftly, clearly not wanting to muddle over semantics and thoughts on greenhorns. "..I'll do it though. Hopefully, his transition from the FBI will be easier than you make it out to be. Either way, I'll make sure he learns what he needs to succeed in the business."

"Most of his work will stay in the FBI, but you know how these things are. Overlap." Rainer glances off in the direction Sasha and her guardian left in. "You don't want another Elle Bishop on your hands, well, I don't think that's gonna happen. But the truth of it is…" The Company Man avoids looking at the other Company Man, leaning against the counter with a hand around the empty glass. "I don't want another Claire. We all saw what your attachment to Claire made you do, Bennet." Now he looks the man evenly in the eye with a flinty, unerring gaze. "I've lost my family. Lost Kellie. Here I am, in this house that's too big. I don't wanna get attached to the kid. Wouldn't be good for anyone's best interests."

There we go, the meat and potatoes of the evening. The poker face is lost for a brief moment, Noah not expecting Rainer to take such a direct route to the conversation nor reference Claire so flippantly. Then again, Noah himself has been rather forward when it came to the sensitive topic of his family. Only Bennet's incredible willpower and Madson's change of topic prevents him from tell the fellow Company Man off entirely. Though Noah leans back somewhat in his chair, his eyes are burning with anger from the perceived low blow. He would offer yet another apology to the man as the deceased family members are brought up, but the statements that started it have temporarily removed the word 'pity' from Noah's vocabulary. "If that's what you feel is best," Noah offers as he swiftly begins to cool back to a more diplomatic mindset once more.

While he doesn't say any more, the Family Man does give a brief glance toward his watch to make sure he doesn't need to call his wife to 'update' her on his ETA.

That is, in fact, what he feels is best. Rainer continues to eye Noah, a hint of a challenge flaring up. A few fingers tap dully on the marble counter near the glass. A thin pool of Scotch puddles in the bottom. Tap… tap. "Go home to your family, Bennet," he orders after a few beats. "I'm taking a last minute trip back out to Hartsdale for the day. Just remembered some unfinished business."

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