2007-02-28: When I Get Home


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After Sylar leaves the loft, Noah, Molly and Mohinder return to regroup and plan a course of action

Date It Happened: February 28th, 2007

When I Get Home

Isaac's Loft

Noah kicks the door open, gun held in both hands and sweeping it across the room. He gestures back at Molly for her to stay there, having already told her they were going to meet with Mohinder. Satisfied the place is empty he runs over to check for a pulse on the younger Mr. Nakamura.

Molly stays where she's told, scrubbing at her eyes with the back of her hand. After she waits out in the hallway for a couple of moments, she doesn't hear anything and peeks around the door-frame to see if Mohinder's in there. "Mohinder?" she calls out softly, hopefully, but terrified of what she may find there. Sylar killed her parents, it's not a large stretch to imagining him killing Mohinder. Then, she sees Hiro still on the ground and she hurries over to him, kneeling down next to Noah. She doesn't even know the fallen hero's name, but she knows she wants him to be okay. "Sir?" she whispers. "Please be okay. You have to make him go away again."

It's not long before Mohinder returns to the lab. The momentary danger has passed, and there's the issue of Hiro to deal with. He stops in the doorway long enough to take note of Noah and Molly's presence. Relief washes over the scientist as he hurries his steps towards Molly, Noah and the fallen Hiro. A hand drops to Molly's shoulder as he kneels down behind her. "I'm here," he says to the girl as he looks across at Noah.

Noah looks up from Hiro's inert form when Mohinder enters. A simple, solemn shake of his head should tell the good doctor what the prognosis is. "There's still time," Noah says, standing up quickly. "We can save him." Theoretically. "But we need Claire." Noah isn't truly thinking of Hiro first, but there is a chance.

It's obvious that Hiro is actually /not/ okay and Molly starts to quietly cry again. However, there's a hand on her shoulder and Mohinder is there. Alive. And unhurt. "Mohinder!" The relief in her voice is evident and her crying starts in earnest now, burying her face into his shirt. "I was so scared! I thought he got you too!" Noah's statement makes Molly turn her head slightly in his direction, so she's looking over her shoulder at him. "We can save him?" The tears start to slow.

Mohinder puts his arms around Molly in a fierce hug, rocking her slightly. He doesn't look down at her however, he's still staring directly at Noah. "We'll need to work fast then." He loosens his hold on Molly, and cups a hand to her chin, gently telling her, "We're going to need your help in finding Claire so we can."

"Molly," Noah says, crouching down near her and looking very intent. "It's possible that my daughter can save Hiro, but there's not a lot of time and I don't know where she is. Can you help me?"

Molly faces Mohinder when he speaks, then looks back to face Noah. She stays silent for a moment after they both speak, trying to find her words. Letting go of Mohinder, she turns around to face Noah completely. Though the streaks of tears are still there, she's no longer crying. "I'll help you." She sounds almost grown up when she agrees. "I need an atlas."

Mohinder smiles fondly at Molly, wiping a tear streak on her cheek with his thumb before letting go of her. "I'll go get you one." Rising to his feet, he strides quickly to where he keeps one in his main work area in the lab.

"Sorry if I scared you," Noah says to Molly, staying crouched down at eye level. "I didn't want you to get hurt." That is true, on at least one level. "…how was the pizza?"

Molly gives Mohinder the brave smile she's been practicing when he goes off to get her what she needs. That just leaves her and Noah in the same room together. She watches him cautiously, but he did save her life just earlier. If he had other motives, she doesn't think them over. "It was good. Matt normally gets it with peppers, onions and mushrooms, though." After a moment, she tacks on, "Can I still have the teddy bear?"

Mohinder returns promptly with the atlas, which he hands to Molly. A quizzical expression is made towards Noah, as this is the first he's heard of a pizza visit. "I think I missed something while I was away." Which.. doesn't seem very important right this moment. Brows raise and furrow in curiousity for Molly's comment.

"I'll bring it over soon," Noah promises with a genuine smile for Molly. He remembers what it's like to have a girl that age. "Just tell your babysitter she's lucky," is all the explanation Noah offers Mohinder. "I don't suppose Parkman is around. He'd be useful."

Molly takes the atlas from Mohinder carefully. It's not the one she's used to, the old leather bound one back at the Suresh apartment, but it's a map and it will work for what she needs. She gives Noah a genuine smile and opens the book of maps up. "Do you have a picture of Claire? I just need something I can focus on."

Mohinder shakes his head in the negative at Noah. "No. I'm not sure if he's still at work. I was away on lecture, and wasn't even home five minutes before Sylar showed up. He's been spying on us, and was waiting."

Of course he has a picture. Noah pulls out his wallet and flips through several photos of his wife and kids. There are no photos of Mr. Muggles. "That's her. That was right after she made cheerleader," Noah says with fond pride. "What was that you were about to give him?" Noah asks, looking around for the syringes.

Molly takes the picture from Noah and then a few steps back from the two adults to settle herself on the ground. This way she can flip through the pages without worry of dropping the book. She stares at the smiling, happy cheerleader Claire very intently before putting it down and closing her eyes.

Gathering herself, Molly thinks very hard about the image of Claire, searching out across the state, the country, the world to pinpoint this one teenage girl. A deep crease furrows her brow as she continues. Her hand flips through pages haphazardly, not settling on anyone place. Obviously, this is more difficult for Molly than other searches. After minutes, though, the girl starts to narrow, to pinpoint a place. The pages flip quickly showing New York State, then New York City, then very close up views of the streets. Finally, she stops on a singular location. A very specific one. The Petrelli Mansion. She opens her eyes.

"Curare." Mohinder says simply. "It worked before. I was going to tell him it was a placebo to test his reactions." As Molly sets to work, he watches the girl, fascinated as he tends to stay at displays of abilities. When the girl stops, he leans over, peering at the location pointed out.

Noah stares at the place she is pointing at on the map for a good two seconds. You have got to be joking. He looks at Molly, the Mohinder. "Are you sure? Is she sure?" There is an urgent note to his tone.

Molly looks at the map and then up at Noah. "I'm sure," she reassures the man, unsure of why he's doubting her. If there's one thing that Molly is ever sure of, it's that she has pinpoint accuracy on finding people.

Mohinder glances across at Noah and nods firmly. "I trust Molly implicitly. Now go get her, before Sylar finds her. He's unable to use his powers right now, but he's still dangerous." His gaze flickers down to Hiro's body, "Hurry, and I'll do what I can with.."

"We were just there!" Noah says, then heads for the door. He stops there only for a moment. "Grab him, and get him over there, I don't know how much time we have. I'll met you there." Noah is out the door and off to steal a car.

Molly isn't sure what her part is in all of this. She scrambles to her feet and clutches the atlas to her chest. "What…what are you doing with Hiro?" She knows his name now, at least.

Mohinder wastes no time in tossing Molly his keys. Think fast! "Open the doors and I'll get him out to the car." Which won't be easy, judging from the scientist's slight frame and Hiro's.. err.. plump one. "We have a plan, trust us Molly."

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