2010-08-12: When The Clan Reunites



Date: August 12, 2010


Long lost siblings reunite in a fluke meeting in Central Park. Who knew it was such a hub of activity?

"When the Clan Reunites"

Fountain, Central Park and then a fancy Japanese restaurant.

It's a glorious day out here in Central Park. It's not horribly sunny, in fact slightly cloudy out, and the weather is cooler than most summer days, but it's still quite lovely out here. People are out and about, walking around and enjoying the comfortable weather, feeding the ducks, going on dates, the general array of what folks do in the urban park.

Wilhelmina is currently making her way around a large fountain, a smile upon her face. She's only been in New York for a little over a week, with frequent trips made over the past few months as she's procured herself a place to stay. She's waited on employment until after she arrived here. After all, her aunt did leave her with quite the fortune. The young lady is wearing a business suit, her hair tied up in a bun, with a leather briefcase at her side. Seems she's just come from a few job interviews. Then again, she could be some random businesswoman strolling through the park, quite enjoying herself.

Ah, Central Park on a nice New York day. It's a lovely day to be out. Or that's what Fred thought. He was working in the morning at the community centre, but he's taking the rest of the day off. There's other psychologists there to help whoever shows up. Talking a walk through the Park, he approaches a certain water fountain. He sighs and smile happily. This is a wonderful part of the Park, really. He's always enjoyed it here, and he often came here to study when he was in school. Good days those were. Simpler…at least for him. While he's wearing a suit and tie, he doesn't have a briefcase with him. Straightening his tie, he starts to walk around the fountain.

She almost doesn't notice the familiar face, at first. Her eyes roam over the fountain, the young lady finding the trickle of water to be quite relaxing. Comforting, even. It kind-of reminds her of the fountain her auntie had in the back yard at home that she would sit at, her feet dangling in the water as she completed her studies before going out to party for the evening. Sure, that fountain wasn't this big, but it still makes her feel a little bit at home. Her eyes continue to roam…

And then, there is a clatter as the briefcase lands upon the ground after slipping from her hand. Wilhelmina's jaw drops for but a brief moment as she stares at the man wearing the suit and tie. No way. No, she must be dreaming. He probably just has the right amount of facial features to resemble Fred. She quickly bends down, picking up her suitcase…but her gaze is still upon Fred as she does so. It's impossible. He stayed in California. She went to Nevada. No way would she meet up with him in New York. She must be fooling herself.

Even so…she's tempted to test her theory.
Well, Fred certainly can't say that this fountain brings memories of a back yard. BUT! He had quite the different life when they got separated. He even went goth for a while. But that's a whole other story best left for another day. Needless to say, however, the clattering of the briefcase does catch his attention momentarily. He tilts his head in the direction the sound came from. Wait a minute…is that…? No, it can't be.

Fred shakes his head and continues his slow round of the water fountain, glancing every so often in the direction of the woman who looks so much like the person he was inseparable with from birth…until that unfortunate event, and the eventual separation. But still. She was sent to a whole other state. And…well, this is just too hard to believe. But she looks so much like her! But it's only a coincidence. It has to be. That…or he's imagining things. Yeah. With all the stress he's been through, his mind is fabricating an estimation of what she'd be like at their age. That's what it is. That's what it has to be. It's all an illusion. But as he glances over at her once more, covertly, he doubts that theory. He questions it and he wonders…could it actually be?

For a long moment, Wilhelmina busies herself with gathering her briefcase, occasionally stealing glances at the man. Oh god, he's looking at her! She debates with herself inwardly, even as she stands up. She's had a stressful few months. She probably is just imagining things, or maybe she's just projecting her brother's looks onto some poor, unfortunate passer-by.

But then, what would the harm be in just trying to talk to him like she used to talk with her brother? At worst, he won't understand a word she says, turn out to be her imagination playing tricks on her, and they'll go their separate ways. No harm done either way. It is with perfectly pronounced French that she speaks, with the ease of a native speaker of the language. "<Excuse me…do I know you? You have a very familiar face…like someone I used to know a very long time ago.>" Her voice hasn't changed much over the years, save for getting just a hair deeper than it was when they were children.

Isn't that something? Is it his imagination, or is she looking over at him, too? Fred blinks. No. Can't be. But it is! Oh my. Maybe he isn't imagining things. After all. It did seem like one or two other people glanced at her too, when the briefcase dropped. He gives her a little smile as he gets closer, though it comes as a bit of a shock when she speaks to him in French. That's something all too familiar. Speaking the language with just as much ease as the woman who spoke to him, he says, "<You know…I was thinking the exact same thing! You look so…familiar. I didn't want to say anything but you do seem like someone I knew.>" He approaches until they are standing next to each other.

Her suitcase held in her hand, Mina can't help but look fairly surprised as he speaks to her with just as much ease, even going so far as to perform a double take. That was unexpected. For a long moment, she just stares at the man in almost awkward silence as he approaches. No way. This has to be a dream or something. She's probably still asleep in her new apartment, and just dreaming that she's found her brother after losing contact with him for thirteen years.

"<Your name wouldn't happen to be Fred Flint Stone, would it? Because if it was…well, I might have to pinch myself to be sure I'm not dreaming.>" The short brunette pinches herself as she says this, just for good measure. Nope, she's not waking up in her apartment yet. Maybe it's a really stubborn dream. Usually, by now she's waking up disappointed.

Fred nearly blanches. "<Yes…yes, that is my name. I think I might have to pinch myself for good measure too!>" And there he goes with the pinching, following suit. Something they often did growing up (especially as toddlers), if one did something…the other was sure to follow. "<Wilma? Is it really you?>" Yes, he did indeed call her Wilma. Though, of course, he's only ever been the only one who could pass calling her that. He lets out a little laugh. "<It's really you, isn't it? I didn't think I'd ever see you again!>"

He may not expect what comes next. Her nice leather briefcase clatters to the ground once more, scuffing in irreparable ways as a result. And then, with a combination of a laugh and a sob, Wilhelmina suddenly jumps up, wrapping her arms around her brother's shoulders in a tight hug. She kinda hangs there. "<Oh god, Fred! It's not a dream!>" Tears moisten his shirt collar as she stays latched onto her long lost brother.

"<I didn't think I'd ever see you again, either, after I went to stay with Aunt Claudette! I certainly didn't expect to find you here of all places…>" It takes a moment before she pulls back just enough to stare up at him, almost awe-struck. One hand reaches up, pinching at his cheek. "<You got tall!>" Okay, not really tall, but he certainly has a good four inches on her. "<And it looks like you grew out of that geeky look you had going on. This isn't a dream, is it?>"

Whether or not he expected it, Fred holds Mina in the hug, not caring if she gets his shirt wet. He almost doesn't want to let go. It's been so long! "<No…it's not a dream! Not an illusion!>" He murmurs, letting out a soft, joyful laugh. "<I never thought I'd see you again either! I just…it's been so long! I didn't think…>" As they separate from the hug and his cheek is pinched, he chuckles, and there's evidence of one or two tears on his own cheeks. "<You barely grown!>" He says, grinning. "<I did go from a geek to a freak for a while there, you know. But I went straight back from a freak to a geek.>" He says softly. With a shake of his head, he says, "<No. This isn't a dream! It's real! Though I'm having a hard time believing it too!>"

Mina laughs softly, lifting her hand to wipe at her tears while not smudging her makeup. She is…surprisingly good at doing so, though her eyes continue to glisten. She keeps one arm around his shoulder, laughing softly. "<I turned into one of those obnoxious preppy girls who probably made your life miserable. Except I tried not to make anyone's life miserable, my friends were the ones who were obnoxious.>" She laughs softly, ignoring the stares they're recieving from passers by, wondering why the two people who didn't know each other moments ago are suddenly talking to each other in French like they've known each other for years.

"<Oh god, there's so much to tell you! So much to catch up on! What have you been doing for the past thirteen years, Fred?>" She laughs softly again, wiping at those tears once more.

Fred chuckles softly, smiling widely, reaching a hand over and scratching Mina's hand softly. "<You? A preppy girl? No! Never!>" He laughs and winks playfully. "<I was in the International Baccalaureate program. Everyone was preppy, regardless of whether they were considered a 'freak' or a 'geek'.>" He says softly. "<I couldn't imagine you making anyone's life miserable.>" He says softly. "<Not then, not now.>" Fred doesn't seem to notice the passersby, nor any look they may give toward them. He's too caught in wonderment at the situation at hand to care.

Fred nods firmly. "<So very much to catch up on! What's it been now? Thirteen years?! Wow…>" He chuckles, shaking his head again. "<We have got a lot to catch up on! What both of us are up to! But…why don't we go grab a bite to eat and talk over food. Unless…unless you're busy, of course. In which case we can make place to meet another time.>" Though his tone suggests he's hoping she's free now.

Wilhelmina laughs softly. "<Yes, I was a preppy girl. Granted, I went to The Meadows out in Las Vegas, where we wore uniforms and it was pretty much the same, everyone was preppy. I was just part of the 'popular' clique. Mostly because I dated the football players.>" Because they were dumb and didn't require much conversation. She laughs softly, bending down to pick up her briefcase. "<But usually I was the one who stopped them from going too far.>"

As he asks if she's free, a large smile forms on his sister's face. "<You're in luck. I just finished the last of today's interviews. I've only been in New York for a week, so I was just checking out Central Park.>" She rubs her chin. "<I don't really know any of the good restaurants around here, so I'll let you choose.>"

Chuckling softly, he shakes his head. "<Well now, The Meadows. I've heard of that school. It's supposed to be really high class!>" Fred shrugs. "<But hey, that's great! Good school, good education. Can't ask for more!>" He laughs and smirks. "<Football players, eh? Well, I wouldn't doubt that you'd be able to give them a firm hand to push them away!>" He says, grinning. "<I wasn't much of a sports person myself. And I wasn't exactly in the popular clique, but hey. Sometimes I think I was in a category all of my own. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is left to be seen.>" He laughs.

"<Interviews, you say? Well, you'll have to tell me all about it! But first, what kind of food are you in the mood for? French? Italian? American? Japanese? Chinese? Korean? Any assortment of African?>" Fred asks curiously. "<None of the above? Some other category?>"

Mina grins widely, watching her brother. She seems almost entranced, watching him. She's still having trouble believing that this is true. But it's so wonderful. She feels like she has her other half back. "<Oh, The Meadows was great.>" She chuckles. "<Some of the craziest years of my life, there. In any case, I was fourth in my class, and that combined with the fact that it was The Meadows that schooled me got me into Harvard. Just got my MD back in May.>"

At his question of where she wants to eat, Mina's eyes roll up toward the sky, and she gets that contemplative look she always got through childhood when she was making a 'tough' decision, her tongue poking out to one side. "<How about we go for some sushi? I've heard New York has some pretty great sushi restaurants, but I haven't gotten the chance to check them out yet.>"

Fred raises an eyebrow. "<Harvard? That's great! Amazing school. I thought about applying there.>" If he had, they might have ran into each other a whole bunch sooner. "<I went to Columbia instead. Still Ivy League though. The International Baccalaureate really helped me with that, and it gave me…you know, a lot of the learning I needed for when I reached the pressures of the Ivy League.>" With a smile, he nods. "<Well, sushi it is then! I know this great sushi place, nearby too. High class, amazing.>" He says thoughtfully.

Mina smiles warmly, nodding. "<Harvard was wonderful. I still have plenty of friends from there. I'm proud to say that I was one of the tops in class. I may have been an evil little shit through most of my high school and college years, but I always made sure to pay attention to school. I'm a promising candidate, I just have to wait and see which hospital around here wants me the most.>" She grins. "<Glad to hear we both have Ivy League schooling backing us up.>" As he mentions an amazing sushi restaurant, she smiles warmly. "<Sounds delicious. Lead the way!>"

"<Huh. My sister. The doctor. Did you specialize in anything, or are you a general practitioner?>" Fred asks curiously. "<Okay. Off to the restaurant then!>" He says happily, leading the way. It doesn't take them too long before they arrive there. It certainly does look high class, as Fred mentioned. Asking for a table for two, he turns back to Mina and smile softly.

As they walk, Wilhelmina talks. "<I'm a general practitioner. I thought the life looked a bit more glamorous than hospital work. I like getting to know patients, and as a GP, I can do that. Hospitals make it difficult to really develop a bond with a patient.>" She offers a warm smile as they arrive at the restaurant, her lips poofing out in a silent 'oooh'. "<So what did you study at Columbia?>" She smiles to him as they wait for the table.

Fred nods understandingly. "<Of course. I can understand that completely!>" He says with a small nod. "<I went into psychology. I got a PhD. So…we're both doctors. Only, you're a medical doctor, I'm not.>" He says chuckling. "<I wanted to work with people one on one as well.>" He says with a nod. The maitre d' arrives back soon, leading them to their table, holding out the chair for Mina. Once she starts to sit, he pushes it in for her.
Taking the seat across from her, Fred smiles and starts to look at his menu. "<You know,>" he starts, looking over his menu, "<I still can't believe you're here. I'm expecting to wake up any moment and find that it's all been a dream!>"

"<Huh. My brother, the shrink. That's great, though…looks like not much has changed, really.>" With a laugh, Mina reaches out to gently pinch at his arm as they're lead back toward the table. She amazes herself with how quickly she falls back into her old habits with him, almost like she just saw him yesterday. Plus, it's nice to make sure he's really there, and that it's really him. Apparently satisfied, she slides into her seat, reaching back to take the bun from her hair and rearrange it into a much more comfortable pony tail, once the maitre d' has pushed her in; she offers him a smile and a thank you. She seems impressed, to say the least.

"<Neither can I, really. I keep thinking that I'm going to open my eyes any time, and be dissapointed that it's a dream. I mean…who would have thought that we would be in the same place at the exact same time.>" She has to take a breath to keep herself from getting teary-eyed. "<It's been way too long, Fred.>"

Fred laughs and grins. "<And my sister, the doctor.>" He smiles, patting her on the back. "<I wouldn't have believed it myself either.>" He states simply. "<I wish that it hadn't been this long.>" He says quietly. "<It shouldn't have been this long, really. To bad. But, we're here now! We've found each other, even if it was by accident!>" With a tilt of his head, he says, "<So, what else have you been up to, Wilma?>" He asks lightly.

Wilhelmina leans against the table, smiling warmly as Fred talks. It's just so nice to see him again, to talk to him like they used to. "<It really shouldn't have been this long. But at least we both did good for ourselves, right? Not a day went by that I didn't think about you. I missed you, brother.>" She then tilts her head shortly after he does, her brows raising. "<Well…there IS something. It might seem a little far-fetched…but it wouldn't be right to keep secrets from you. But this is hush-hush. I've seriously never told anyone.>" She glances around once, as if someone would understand what she says, despite the fact that a majority of the people in the restaurant only speak English. "<I need an oath of secrecy for this next part.>"

Fred shakes his head. "<I thought about you too. What you were doing, where you ended up. Everything. And I wondered how you were doing.>" He says softly. "<I missed you.>" And yet the resources he could have had at his finger tips, both working for The Company and the Alpha Protocol, it's a wonder he didn't find her! But, maybe he just didn't want to abuse his power in those situations. His interest is piqued by her next statement. However, before he gets a chance to speak, the waiter arrives and asks if they're ready to order. Fred glances at Mina inquisitively, as if to ask if she's chosen what she wants.

Blinking up at the waiter, Mina smiles. Switching back to English, she responds that she'll have the sashimi dinner, along with a green tea and a glass of plum wine. Certainly, she could have at least tried to find him. She always had the money to do such things. She just…never really did. Laziness, perhaps. Hopelessness, perhaps. Teenage years were difficult for the girl, even with a wonderful guardian like she had. She hands over the menu to the server, before smiling to Fred, waiting for him to order.

Fred tilts his head slightly to the waiter, switching, in fact, to Japanese as he speaks to the Japanese waiter, he orders the unagi, yam tampura, and, following his sister in part, the plum wine to drink. As the waiter then takes Fred's menu as well, leaving them alone, Fred turns his full attention back to Mina. He chuckles a little. "<I…well, I started taking Japanese when at Columbia. Doesn't come in too handy very often, except when at Japanese restaurants really, but I've kept in practice.>" He explains, switching easily back into French. "<Now, where were we?>" He asks, a thoughtful look upon his face. "<Right. Something super secret. So secret, in fact, that you wished me to take an oat to keep it secret. Well, I do solemnly swear, to keep it a secret. Consider it…brother-sister confidentiality!>" He says with a bright smile.

The girl's brows raise as he switches to Japanese, and she promptly smiles. "<I took a bit of spanish in high school. Mandatory stuff. I have the same relationship.>" She chuckles softly. Then, as he returns to the secret, she grows serious, though the smile is still visible in her eyes. "<I think I can trust you with my really big super secret..>" She breathes a bit. She never thought she'd even be telling anyone about this, let alone her long lost brother.

It takes a moment for her to gather her thoughts, before she offers a small smile. "<I'm special, Fred. Not saying that to boast in the slightest.>" She pauses, tilting her head toward her brother. "<I can move. Fast. Faster than cars, faster than trains, faster than airplanes, even faster than jets.>" Another pause, while she waits for his reaction. "<I've broken the sound barrier. On regular occasions.>" God, she feels so silly, blurting all of this out.

Listening intently, Fred watches his sister intently, smiling softly, nodding along encouragingly, prompting her to continue and keep going with what she's telling him. After a moment of silence, Fred finally speaks up. "<You may find this hard to believe, Wilma, but I believe you. Completely and full heartedly.>" He scratches the back of his head. "<Hey, I think that's pretty cool, actually! You're a speedster! Speedy speedy!>" He chuckles happily. "<Beats being boring and regular like me!>" He says jokingly.

A relieved look appears on Mina's face. Well, that was much easier than she thought. "<That's…a weight of my shoulders. You have no idea…I've never told anyone that. The only other person who knows was my boyfriend at the time. He thought he was hallucinating, broke up with me, and turned into a Fundamentalist Christian.>" She offers a small laugh. "<I can carry someone with me. I mean, I haven't tried with actual people, yet, but I carried a dog once. It got kinda sick afterwards and I'm pretty sure it was scared of me, but it wasn't hurt or anything.>" She offers a small grin.

Fred grins and shakes his head. "<Take it from me. Some people are just plain crazy. And that's my professional opinion.>" He says in jest. "<To become a Fundamentalist Christian, especially just like that? I dunno. I mean, some people…it's their choice. I don't care how they live their lives or what religions they follow. But still…>" He leaves it at that, though. Inconclusive. "<Well, maybe we can try it out some time! And I promise. I won't get sick and I won't be scared of you. Okay, maybe I can't promise I won't be scared of you. But I definitely won't be sick.>" He laughs.

The woman laughs in return, leaning back in her seat. "<Well…to be honest, I don't blame him. We were kind of smoking pot in a graveyard. Sixteen, stupid, etcetera. Couple of cops came and told us to come out from where we were. I made a sonic boom that knocked everyone over as far as I understand, and then I was home with a lit joint in my hand. He thought he was hallucinating, broke up with me, and dove head first into church.>" She laughs softly. "<We'll see how your iron stomach stands up to Mach 5 one of these days, then!>"

Fred chortles. "<Well, isn't that a fairy tale story?>" He laughs some more. "<So I guess you really have a way with the guys, hmm?>" He grins slyly. "<But hey, I'm not gonna say it was stupid for you to be doing that. We all do silly things when we're young…ger.>" He says with a shrug. "<I will admit I did a bit of that back in high school.>" He nods firmly. "But anyway, I can certainly see that you'd bee speedy. Of the two of us, you were the one who took the first step, quite literally, in the walking department. At least that is what we were always told. I spoke first, you walked first, and we were both quick to follow suit one way or the other. It only makes sense that you became a speedster. Now if only I had a special ability that was related to talking…beside being longwinded!>" He laughs again. "<Regardless, I look forward to going speedy with you!>" At that moment, the waiter returns with their wine, placing it in front of each of them. Speaking a word of thanks to the waiter in Japanese, Fred lifts up his glass. "<To long overdue reunions!>"

Mina laughs. "<Oh yeah, as fairy tale princess as you can get!>" She grins over to her brother, leaning against the table. "<It was a pretty crazy revelation. I try not to use it too often, but at the same time, it's kind of freeing, being able to run.>" She leans back, raising her wine glass with a bright, cheerful smile. "<And I look forward to showing you.>" She reaches forward, clinking her glass against his. "<To long overdue reunions and to a family regrouped. And to never being separated like that, ever again!>" With a bright smile, she tips her glass back, taking a sip.

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