2009-10-06: When There's Trouble You Call DW

Starring: Alexandra, Sydney, and Jaden


Guest Starring: Three Thugs and a Police Officer (played by Gene)

Date: October 5, 2009


Two women take strolls through Central Park

"When There's Trouble You Call DW"

Central Park

It had been a rough day, to say the least. Though she had only been in NYC for a few weeks on assignment, each day has been a little harder than the last. As part of her work in Atlantic Ocean oil field exploration, retrieval, and distribution, Alex had been assigned to working with a few European engineers, she being the closest thing for a fluent French speaker that they had on payroll. She's an engineer though, not a diplomat, and these foreigners were becoming increasingly hard to deal with, even if their engineering is solid. So after a stressful 10 hour day in meetings and conferences with the full international panel, it's no surprise to find Alex wandering Central Park at dusk, no matter the perceived dangers post-sunset.

The park really is a lovely place, a verdant retreat in the middle of a barren urban jungle. For the moment, Alex sits on a bench overlooking one of the park's wide open green fields, framed by trees, watching the last few frisbee players of the season. Her pump heels sit next to her purse on the bench next to her, her feet firmly in the lush grass, just enjoying the feel, more in tune with the warmth and comfort of the Earth than anyone could ever guess.

"You sure about this?"

"Man, what you are going on about. This is robbery. We just go in, take their money and go on."

"But there are freaks out there hunting people that bad things! I don't want my face melted off or shot in the ass!"

"Those stories are just told by chumps looking for excuses or people that took too many trips. Let's just look for our targets and see what happens."

In the bushes, tree men dressed in black sweat clothes and ski masks wait. As Alexandra comes into view, one of the group appears ready to lunge.

"Wait," the 'smartest' of the three states. "Let's see if this honey pot gets any sweeter. Pretty girl alone… Bound to be some company if we just show a little patience."

It's been a hard day for Sydney too. She's been trying to do her practice hours and has been listening to other people's problems all day. She's exhausted. And depressed. Despite the time of day, she too finds herself in the park, strolling alone in her blue jeans and peacoat. Her hair is pulled back into a tight bun, she always does that when she sees clients.

And in her stroll, she wanders past Alex, and then her eyes turn to the shoes. Shoes. Beautiful brilliant pumps. She presses her lips together and then looks up at Alex. "Those. Are. Stunning." Each word is annunciated. And then narrowing her eyes she sputters a quick, "Sorry." And then she adds to explain, "It's been a long day."

There's not really anyone who walks close by Alex that she doesn't know about; it's sort of an annoying part of her ability that she's had to get used to over the 8 or 9 years since she first discovered her powers…or maybe it had always been there, and she just never noticed? Either way, footfalls in a vicinity around her don't go unnoticed, and so she simply feels Sydney approaching before she gets there. The footfalls are exceedingly light, soft, flat and full-soled, as compared to the sharp, puncturing hits of a spike heel or the flat smushed thumps of a running or tennis shoe. She doesn't let on though, and only turns to Sydney when she speaks up.

She spins a little on the bench, throwing her arm over the back, and looking up at Sydney. "Ohmigosh, I know, right? I love them a lot!" Of course, she follows the girl code, which means TALK ABOUT SHOES WHENEVER YOU CAN! Talk about a long day elicits a broad smile from her, and she nods. "And tell me about it…I've been dealing with crazy European engineers all. Day. Long!"

Alexandra's smile brightens Sydney's mood beyond the shoes and she returns the smile. "Seriously!" whether the 'seriously' is about the shoes or the kind of day it's been is unclear. "I've spent the last six hours listening to other people's problems." She sighs as she goes to sit down on the bench next to Alex's shoes.

An unseen smirk appears on one of the faces of the three. "Two women? Well, Ricky, looks like you'll be the only one not to get fun tonight. They seem nice… Maybe have some fun with them before we're done." With a safety taken off the hand gun, the three gentlemen move toward the two ladies, two of the men armed with guns, the third with a bat. "Alright ladies, we gunna make this a robbery or a pair of murders? Shoes, jewelry, and purses to the ground," the one in the center offers calmly. The one of the left, with the gun as well seems a bit confident while the one on the right seems a little… jumpy. Likely why they only gave him a bad.

The sound comes from somewhere and everywhere at the same time. In fact, it isn't until the small cloud of purple smoke gathers on a thick branch from one of the trees above does it become clear where it's coming from.

"I am the terror that flaps in the night!"

The voice almost seems to echo in a very vigilante way. It's quite insane, but coming from the direction of that quickly clearing smoke!

"I am the toilet paper stuck to the bottom of crime's left shoe!"

And as the smoke is finally waved out of the way, perched on the branch and holding out his large purple cape, is a young man that cannot be recognized, due to the purple mask wrapped around his face! A large purple fedora is tilted down on his head. And the rest of his outfit could look familiar to any Disney Afternoon watchers in the house, in the varying shades of purple that litter this outfit!

"I! Am DARKWING DUCK!" Which may also sound like Darkwing Dork. But who really can tell when someone is making such an entrance.

Without fail, the sudden hero leaps from the branch to glide down towards the ground, where there are ladies and muggers all in the same vicinity. "And you three nefarious neanderthals are about to meet your maker!" Pause. "Well, not /really/. Because I have a rule where I don't kill. But JAIL! Jail I can do. Jail is very much possible. In fact, maybe one of you ladies should call ahea—" Pause. Gawk. Jawdrop. "Well helloooooo ladies."
Oh. Brother.

Oh brother is right. "Who…are you?" For the moment, the muggers are sort of…left alone. It's safe to say that all 5 (girls+muggers) are looking at this-maybe spectacle is the right word?-with a little bit of shock, maybe stifling a bit of a laugh. Whoever it is, he sure is a strange, tall drink of water. That's not to say that the sudden appearance isn't welcomed…two girls alone in Central Park are quite a target for three armed muggers. "Are you saying you're here to help us…dressed like that? I think I saw someone wear something like that to a Halloween party once…" she says, a brow raised, not exactly sure what to make of him.

Terror. Fear. Shock. These are all words that could describe Sydney's emotional state. Unfortunately for the men present, Sydney is an emotion manipulator so she frequently emits her mood to others, but only in truly traumatic situations, particularly because she doesn't know she does it. She doesn't even mean to. The woman's eyes widen, her lips press into a thin line, and she starts to abandon her shoes. But then something else happens. 'Darkwing Duck' swoops onto the scene and Sydney's mood changes once again dramatically. Her mood changes to what can be described as excitement and anxiety mixed with… mild amusement at the hero present. She stifles a chuckle. Why should she be afraid, she's a top-notch negotiator, right? Eyeing the muggers she arches an eyebrow, bravery, it seems, has taken over for the moment, "Um. I think you fellas need to think about this a little more." She pauses and then continues, "The way I see it is you can either spar with…" she stifles a chuckle "… Darkwing" she bites her bottom lip to stifle another chuckle "…OR you can calmly give yourselves up." Excitement isn't an emotion that's great to be receiving right now… Sydney's grandparents always taught her to just give into baddies, after all.

"Run away!"

"You wuss. Get the hell over here!" the leader exclaims as the one with the bat heads for the hill. The two guns are leveled, one toward the direction of the Darkwing man and the other toward the two women. They don't fire, clearly not sure what to do.

The other man seems a little nervous. "Dammit, this isn't what I signed up for!"

"One lady for each of us, one notch in the belt when you shoot him," the 'leader' offers, keeping his gun on the ladies, turning his attention to Sydney. "If I wanted you to talk back…" The hammer is cocked back on the gun, though the hand holding it is a little on the shaky side, even though he was so collected coming into this orginally. "I'd ask you, you blond whore!" Why is the muggers are never polite?

"That, you vile villain of villainy, is no way to speak to a lady! I'll have to show you some manners! Darkwing Style!" Whatever D.W. means by that is shown as soon as he possibly can help it, as he swirls on his heels and extends a leg to kick the shaky handed gun away from being pointed at Sydney. There is also a moment where Darkwing actually looks at his own foot, as if in somewhat surprise that he managed to kick at something without falling flat on his face. "For the record, I happen to be a mauve belt in over fourteen different martial arts. Including Quack Fu!" Even while he's trying to be protective of these females, he doesn't seem to be too worried about the muggers, as he's still running off at the mouth. "I was thinking maybe of dropping the whole duck motif and just going by Darkwing. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?"

Meanwhile, the one that got away, will find himself being swooped down upon by Darkwing II. The element of surprise should assist with getting this evil thug tied up!

The gun goes off, but the bullet only gets within a couple of feet of Sydney's head. She likely felt a faint breeze of it going by though. The man that has the gun kicked from his hand looks toward the 'first' DW, just trying to grip him tightly by the throat. "Shut. Up," the man commands in an all too serious tone. The situation is getting out of control, but clearly this man is trying to take it back, despite the fear. The second man merely takes his gun and turns toward Alexandra, clearly intending to shoot. After all, in a situation like this, sometimes it pays to kill first, and ask questions later. Better a killer than killed.

Meanwhile, the third mugger is swooped down upon with a loud scream, taken down without much of a struggle. The magic of the pansy thug.

Through the whole incident, Alex has been patient as she always is. Sure, her jaw is set, and she watches silently as the first Darkwing confronts one mugger, and then again when the second leaps from the tree to attack the third mugger. But it's the second one she's worried about, given that he has a gun, that the gun is pointed at her and Sydney, and that with two of his pals being incapacitated/disarmed, he's likely to do something stupid. She isn't exactly scared though, knowing full well what she can do (and what she can't do); she's almost the picture of coolheadedness, collected calmness, and level-headed preparation. As soon as the gun is leveled in her direction, Alex does what comes naturally (in more ways that one); with a little grunt, she throws her arms in the air…and a rumbling of earth happens as a massive slab of solidish rock erupts through the surface of the manicured lawn. It's wide enough to shield her body and Sydney's, about 3 feet thick at the base and tapering to a sharp, crumbly point about 7 feet in the air. It's a mini mountain, complete with little stones running down the sides. All she can do is pray that about a foot and a half of rock and earth (the thickness at about her chest/head) is enough to stop a bullet.

Eyes widen a bit at the sound of the bullet. And Sydney should feel fear, but she's still receiving 'DW's' emotions of excitement and anxiety. She blinks as the bullet comes whizzing past her head. And then Alex exercises her power. Given Sydney's recent reading material (Activating Evolution), a smile plays on the young woman's lips—she's now picking up on Alex's coolheadedness. She gapes, "That. Was. Awesome."

"Urk!" DW's caught around the throat. This isn't a good thing. He's in the middle of trying to run off at the mouth some more, but this isn't the best time. Especially when the woman that he was trying to save just kind of, well, pulls a Captain Planet. His eyes bug out of his head (not literally. this ain't no cartoon, y'know) before he just kind of disappears. Literally. The poor mugger will find himself no longer holding onto Darkwing's throat because Darkwing is no longer there. Darkwing II, however, has trotted up towards the action and just kind of pulls out his trusty Gas Gun designed sidearm. "Suck Gas!" And before he pulls the trigger, though, he finds himself running off at the mouth. "Well, it's not actually gas. Because that would be harmful to the people that I'm trying to protect. In actuality, it's something far worse!" And flying out from the barrel of the weapon that looks more like a prop from an expensive movie studio (whistle) comes a canister that impacts the ground and releases a stench ever so similar to… the stinkbomb. "Excuse me." is equipped by Darkwing II Who Has Become Darkwing since Darkwing disappeared.

Stone would stop bullets. But sometimes it is not the power of something, but the speed… And this time, Alexandra is not as fast as a speeding bullet. While the last of the volley hit the stone, the other two shots go through. One goes wide, more between Sydney and Alexandra than any of the two. The second and perhaps the most dangerous of the three, goes right for Alexandra's arm, perhaps grazing it or maybe even hitting it. Regardless of the result, the mugger finds himself struggling to breath due to the horrid smell. Coughing and wheezing, he moves to the side. "Vance, screw this, I'm cutting out!" And with that, the man fires a couple of shots toward 'Darkwing' though the stinkbomb has ruined his aim… And the man seems more focused on keeping the freak busy as he runs rather than actually killing him.

The leader is currently grappling thin air, trying to figure out exactly how a man just disappears right in front of him. "They were right, this whole damn city is filled with freakshows," he whispers before he turns and prepares to run the opposite direction.

The bullet stings as it grazes her right arm, the hot metal tearing through the bare skin on her right upper arm. It leaves a nasty-looking but shallow scrape, more than anything, but the bullet has a lot of momentum; she's a frail thing, and she hisses in pain as she falls to the ground. The wall of earth, now exposed in front of her shields her from sight of all but Sydney, but she falls into a little heap, holding her arm. "Ow! Shit!" she hisses, through clenched teeth. She's in pain, but she's not helpless; her coolheadedness isn't completely gone, but the sting of the bullet is making it harder to concentrate. Maybe that's why the ground begins to tremble in a circle about 15-20 feet in diameter, with her as the focal point; it's a small tremor, but enough that running may become difficult. Additionally, she grits her teeth and motions toward the rock wall. Inexplicably, the top of the mini mountain begins to crumble downward, but not down the face of the rock. It looks like a wave of dirt almost, as she curls her hand forward like throwing a basketball, attempting to collapse the wall onto at least one of the muggers and hold them in place under the weight of the earth.

Another bullet passes within several feet of Sydney (she will likely freak out about this later), further widening the woman's eyes. And then Alex is grazed by the bullet. Fortunately, Sydney's still moderately cool-headed, courtesy of Alex, and cool-headedness lends itself to clear thought. Acting quickly, Sydney performs the bit of first aid she knows. Dizzy from the earthquake, she takes rather drunk-looking steps, and removes her peacoat (exposing her white long sleeved blouse and black scarf) to drape over Alex to hault any oncoming shock. "Put pressure on it," Sydney unwraps the scarf from her neck to place around the wound.

D.W. is no longer there. Especially when those bullets are being sent in his direction. He too disappears, much like he wasn't even there in the first place. All that's left behind is another one of those clouds of smoke, because the purple clad vigilante has taken it upon himself to make with the scarcity. After all, this is New York. The NYPD doesn't care for people in masks. Not to mention if he doesn't make it out of here quick, he's going to be in some serious traffic on his way home. If, y'know, he weren't a costumed superhero that was going off to save some more lives. Really.

The earth catches one mugger, trapping him within mounts of earth. His hand struggles as it is the only thing to escape the mount. It struggles for a short time, trying to pull himself out of the earth before it goes completely limp.

However, the second thug gets away, stumbling as he does. This is definitely getting a call to the government. They wanted freaky happenings, they got some. Thankfully for the women, the description of the females will be basic at best.

Of course, a random policeman on horseback hears the gunfire and makes his way toward the scene of the crime. He stops as he finds the first mugger… Tied up and left at his feet. "What the?" he begins, taking his flashlight and shining toward Sydney and Alexandra's direction.

The girls aren't in any danger, but the officer's light does manage to land on Alex, sitting in the grass, with Syd's peacoat around her shoulders, holding her upper arm. Despite the mugger in the pile of earth, and the giant cleft and shredded, uprooted grass where the wall erupted, they both look to be alright, though a bit shaken. At first she just looks at the officer, a doe-in-the-headlights look, before she stands up, wincing a little. It's like a papercut…hurts a lot more than it should, given how inconsequential it really is. She confirms that her purse and expensive pumps are still on the bench, making sure to take them. "H-hello Officer" she manages.

Sydney's expression matches Alex's: a deer in the headlights. Her breathing slows, the adrenaline is starting to leave her body. Slowly, she too stands to her feet, only to stumble slightly back to the ground from a sharp pain in her head. After a couple of deep breaths, she forces herself up again, and lifts both of her hands to her head, which may be misconstrued as her giving up or something. In actuality, it eases the pain ever so slightly. "W-w-e were att-atta-cked." Holy crap. She was just shot at. Good-bye cool-headedness. Hello panic.

The officer gives the two an extended look as he glances over toward the man who may or may not be dead under a large pile of dirt off in the distance. Silent for the grave, he shakes his head. "Right. It's gunna be okay, just stay right here, more help will be here soon." That said, a hand moves to the radio at his hip, asking for back-up. This is gunna be a looong night.

While the officer handles it, Alex just takes herself to the bench, setting herself down, looking around at what happened. "There were two more…they made off across the field that way…" she says, pointing out across the manicured law, in the direction of the mugger trapped in the earth. "I think…we should be ok for now. They didn't take anything from us." She hasn't told the officer she's shot, and it's probably better to get him out of here so she doesn't have to explain how one mugger came to be encased in several hundred pounds of dirt and rock.

This really has been a terrible day. In all ways it's been a terrible day. It starts with one tear; one tear of shock. But then, it always starts with one tear. Within thirty seconds the single tear turns into several sobs. Clapping her hand to her mouth, Sydney takes in a few deep breaths. While this incident has been terrifying, it's been educational as well. She wanted to see abilities in action. Be careful what you wish for Sydney. Drying her eyes, she forces a very weak smile.

"You two are going to need to fill out a report." The officer looks toward the mount of dirt again with some doubt before looking back to Sydney and Alexandra. "It will only take an hour or two, I promise," the officer states, trying to give a weak smile to the ladies. This is never the easy part of the job, more so when it takes a turn for the strange. "I know this has been hard, but we have some food back at the station… You'll be home in no time at all."

Alex just sits on the bench, nodding a bit. This might be it then. She might have to finally come clean to the authorities about just what it is she can do. It's not a good feeling, but, no sense in hiding it now, right? Not after Sydney, three muggers, and two mysterious twin crime-fighters have seen it. That's a lot of folks out there that can blab about what they saw. And maybe the cops won't believe her? Maybe she can come up with some believable explanation? "Alright, whatever you think is best officer, but the story's probably going to sound ridiculous with all that's happened" she confesses, truthfully. She's not really scared, more shaken than anything, but her level-headedness is returning, as the graze wound on her arm begins to ramp down to a dull throb.

A nod is given to the officer. Thank goodness she managed to stop crying. Entering the police station in such a terrible state would ruin any credibility she had with the officers. "Of course." Sydney continues to hold her head and then presses her lips together. It's going to be a long night. She just has to keep it together for a few more hours.

The police officer nods, merely putting in the call and soon a couple of squad cars arrive. The living mugger is taken away and the area is roped off. Sydney and Alexandra will likely see some evidence between to be collected before they are whisked to the police station for a night of wild stories, regardless if they decide to tell the truth or not.

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