2009-12-22: Where Are Chi and Lena?



Date: December 22, 2009


Sydney and Gene go to the Townhouse of Awesome to find Chi and Lena and Jade shows up

"Where Are Chi and Lena?"

Townhouse of Awesome

It's been a couple of days since Syd got out of the hospital, and while she's been staying in a hotel, she'd expected to hear from Chi and Lena after her many, many phone calls. Cell phone in hand, she unlocks the door to the townhouse and peers in. Her hair is tied back into a loose ponytail, she's dressed in a black peacoat, blue jeans, and a purple scarf around her neck, strategically hiding the bruising and surgical scar. A rather large shopping bag is clutched in her hand, and her purse is tucked under her arm. She places both on the ground as she calls hesitantly, "Chi? Lena? Jade? Guys?…" The only response she gets is a quiet meow from JD the cat who she picks up gently. Quietly she pads through the house. The trio had obviously finished moving in. "Anyone home? I'm back…"

"I'm not sure they are gunna be here," Gene points out, sighing as he looks around. He has his own scarf wrapped around his face, looking rather odd considering that he is wearing his other Christmas gifts, some Gucci sunglasses and a navy blue hoodie.

Moving in, he looks around with his hands in his pocket. "I've lost contact with them about three or four days ago. While a few days here and there is normal…" The young man moves around, oddly enough looking around the walls of the room. If he is looking for something in particular, he isn't telling Sydney.

"They could be here. Maybe they just lost their phones," Sydney squeaks hopefully as she pads around the kitchen, kitten in hand. The kitten is meowing loudly at her, causing the therapist to wrinkle her nose, "JD, what's wrong?" She glances at the kitten's dish only to frown. Empty. She pads over to the pantry and pulls out some kitty kibble which she proceeds to fill the dish with. Gently she places the kitten down to have it chomp down its food. This causes the frown to deepen.

Furrowing her eyebrows she pads up the stairs towards the trio's rooms, in particular, Lena and Chi's room.

"If they haven't gotten in contact with me, I doubt it. Tiago and Lena usually continue to check in… At least Lena was really good about it," Gene states as he pulls out anything close to the walls, taking a screwdriver from his pocket and uses it to remove the one of the electrical socket plates in the room.

After a few moments, Sydney pads down the stairs again, several pieces of paper in hand. "Gene, I found these in …" beat. "What are you doing?" she arches an eyebrow at the electrical socket as she stands on the staircase.
Removing the plate, he moves his finger around in the darkness, feeling around the wiring before he puts it back. A couple seconds pass before he decides to answer Sydney. "Checking for bugs… I figured you'd be doing the more practical stuff," Gene replies calmly as he begins to replace the plate. "What did you find?"

Blink. Sydney's eyebrows furrow, "I take it you didn't find anything?" Running her tongue over her lips, she steps down the last of the stairs. "I found this piece of paper. It doesn't seem like much, but it's about a meeting with some guy on Sunday the 20th a 4pm… at a bakery in the village." She frowns. "And an email address… are you familiar with it any of it? I know the bakery…" The address belongs to Felix. Wrinkling her nose, she passes the paper onto Gene.

"The e-mail, it's of a guy they wanted me to contact but never really had the chance to get in touch with. If you want, you can try and reach him. He was supposed to be a friend of theirs, so I trust it should be safe and simple to talk to him," Gene states as he gets up with a slight groan. "I didn't find anything… But I haven't checked the whole room. Anything else you find?"

"I'll get in touch," Sydney nods a little. "Maybe he'll know what happened to him. Do you know who he is?" Beat. "Gene, when did you last talk to them? Do you… do you think he did something?" She's can't help but frown. She's gone for a week and the pair disappear entirely. With barely a trace. "And no, I didn't find anything else. The room was relatively empty, but… JD didn't seem to be fed for awhile. Neither did the rest of the menagerie" Dex's animals all were fed by Syd.

"It's possible, but unlikely. He was in contact for awhile with them. If he wanted them napped, he could have likely done it weeks ago. If he wanted to use them to get to other Evolved or terrorist, I would have likely been targeted next. Just work out a meeting place, I'll try and be there. If it is a trap, I'll do my best to make sure we get out of safely, but I give it a four to five odds that it isn't," Gene points out with a sigh. Stretching his neck a little as he moves toward the window, the young genius gives a sigh. "Worst. Christmas. Ever."

"Alright. I can do that," Sydney swallows and decides to use a fake gmail address she can distance herself from if necessary. With another sigh she nods, "Thanks Gene. I'm not exactly sure how this happened… of what happened. Gah! I shouldn't have stayed in the hospital so long…" She pads over to him to squeeze his shoulder, "I'm sorry, Gene. I am. I was supposed to keep track of them. That was my one job. I blew it this time." Frown.

"I am. Tiago got involved with a woman… A crazy telekinetic. Apparently the two of them fought and killed some FBI agents. I think that was the catalyst that got the government on their trail. If they were captured, that was why," Gene states as he finally removes his sunglasses and places them within the pocket of his zip-up hooded sweatshirt. "It's okay, I screwed up too. I shouldn't have let that girl run amok. If Dex wasn't allowed to go around and cause trouble, this wouldn't have happened. I'll do my best to fix the situation."


The sound of the front door unlocking immediately preceeds the sound of the door creaking open, admitting one Jade Eastly, and her hot-pink motorized scooter. Wheeling the vehicle into the entryway, she turns to kick the door shut with a booted foot, the manuevers the wheeled object close to the wall next to the entry portal, setting the stand. The next thing to be done is to remove the helmet, unstrapping it from under her chin, and hanging it off of the handlebars. The moped is given a small pat, before the dark-haired teenager turns away and begins piroutting towards the stairs.

She's almost at the base of the stairs, with her hand on the rail, about to run up them when she finally catches sight of other people in the house, bringing her to a pause. The girl stops, literally in her tracks, her foot half-lifted to step up onto the first stair, only to lower slowly back to the store, unwinding her scarf from around her neck.

"Uhhhh… Hey guys." She recognized one she'd seen before, though not often, though the male she couldn't place at all. "What's, uhhhh, what's happenin'? Don't suppose you guys heard from Cheech or Lena lately?"

"What?! Dex and Chi, killed FBI agents? How many? How? They can't just hold him without trial — we still live in the US…" The therapist's eyes widen incredulously. "I knew she was crazy… but killing? Really? I didn't think she was a killer. I was almost positive." Yes, Sydney has met Dex. The crazy kind of got to her. That leaves Syd gaping a bit. "Still not your fault. She's… incontainable. And it spreads. Gene, her crazy spreads like wildfire." Although the spreading of the crazy had more to do with Syd than Dex. She squeezes Gene's shoulder again before the pair are joined.

"Jade! Oh Jade, I'm so glad you're okay!" No, she doesn't really know her roommate, but she knows of her and they live together. "We haven't heard a thing. I'm guessing the same for you… when did you talk to them last?"

"Crazy is not a plague. If people let fear consume like uncool people, that's their deal," Gene states before he notices there is someone else around. He holds up a hand clearly not wanting to discuss the killing of FBI around someone who clearly doesn't know him. It's okay, it's mutual. "Jade?" he inquires as he looks to Sydney and then the young woman. They appear to know one another after all.

"Why wouldn't I be okay? Did you hear something? Has that skeevy guy that hangs in front of the corner market been coming by here again?" Looking particularly annoyed at that possibility, Jade places a hand on her hip as she shrugs her purse off her shoulder and gives a lopsided frown. "Because I told him that the next time he follows me home, I'm going to hit him with a brick. …Um, I talked to them like two days ago, right over there."

She turns and points towards the front door. "Right after I got the scooter and we all got those checks. Yeah, that's me." The last bit is directed at Gene as she narrows her eyes and claps her hands together, pointing at him with both index fingers. "You must be… Eric or Gene, right? One of those. Either way, Lena talks about you. So they're still not back? I thought maybe they'd just run off to spend some of their money, but d'y'think?"

The purse is spun around once, then released to go soaring in the direction of the couch, where it lands, bounces off, then clatters to the floor, something heavy in it causing a loud *THUMP*. "What if they went to see that Jaden Cain guy? They said they wanted to talk to him, to thank him for the checks. You guys haven't heard anything from them?"

"It wasn't fear she spreads though Gene, it was… something entirely different," Sydney can't explain it nor does she try with Jade around. "Yes, this is Jade." She doesn't introduce Gene lest he want to use an alias. Her eyes narrow, "What skeevy guy has been hanging around here? What's his name?" If he's responsible, Syd will take him out. Two days ago. That puts it at Sunday. Felix is now the best lead.

"Money? What money?" the therapist is confused. It seems she missed a lot while in hospital. "And no, we haven't heard a thing. I've called both of their phones at least twenty times, left countless voicemails, and no one's even tried to contact me…"

The explanation is enough to earn a snort. "It wouldn't have been enough for this, if what I've learned about you know what is true," Gene states before glancing toward Jade. "Yeah, I'm Gene," he replies before he goes back to work removing electrical socket plates and checking them for bugs. After all, if they HAVE been napped, they might have put in some bugs. Having a friend in the NSA helps with knowing how they do things.

"Uh, it's just this drunk guy who's always hanging around and shouting gross things at the girls that walk by. I don't know his name. I coul tell you what I call him, but I don't think that'd help."

Though at the mention of money, Jade's lips snap shut, her cheeks puffing out as she adopts an expression that was the perfect picture of 'oops'. With the cat already out of the bag, though, she continues. "I thought they'd have told you guys already. They were all ecstatic about it. Okay," She shifts her weight to her other foot, rolling her hand around as she explains. "This guy, this billionaire or whatever, he supposedly asked a bunch of people to send him requests, since he wanted to give back. Well Lena, she writes to him, and tells her about her and Cheech and me. I don't know exactly what she told him, I bet it wasn't that we're on the lamb, but he sends them ten grand each, then sends me twenty, plus that scooter over there. I know, I know, I still feel bad about it. I've dying over whether I should give it back or not…" She scuffs her toe against the floor, pursing her lips. "So I just thought that maybe they were off spending their money, or trying to find this Cain guy, because they said they wanted to do that… What's he doing to the wall?"

"Are you an electrician? Can you make it so that the breaker doesn't trip when I turn on the hair dryer, the curling iron, and the vacuum cleaner?"

With an irritated sigh, Sydney nods. Killing agents is not good. Absently she chews on her thumb nail as she bends down to pick up the kitten — who's rubbing against her legs, apparently he likes being fed — again. Gently she caresses the normally shy kitty in her arms as she glances about the townhouse. There are no signs of a struggle here, no forced entry (although arguably a government agent would know how to pick a lock), and nothing truly amiss other than Chi and Lena's absence.

"Um… he's just checking things out," Sydney explains to Jade about Gene as she strokes the kitten.

"Jaden Cain is my friend. He's… odd, but no traitor," Gene comments as he contiunes his work, moving funiture as needed. "And yeah, checking things out. So far, so good."

"Sooooooo, what's he checking out? What's going on here, I'm starting to get really peeved off. No one knows where those two nutbags are, and- You don't think the cops got them, do you!?" Jade's expression goes from irritated to alarm in a blink, suddenly looking around as if she expected to find crime scene tape and chalk outlines on the floor. "But wouldn't they have gotten a phone call? Something weird's going on, isn't it?"

"You're friends with a billionaire!?" The words blurt right of Jade's mouth before she can even think to restrain them, reaching up to cover her mouth for a moment before loosely tailing Gene on his slow circuit about the room, frowning at the outlets like they'd done something wrong. "You're, like, looking for bugs aren't you? The listening kind. You think that could happen? I mean, no one's supposed to know about this place besides you guys and that Eric guy, right? No one's supposed to come here, and if they did, wouldn't they just grab us all? You don't think I was followed from work, do you!?"

"Oh yeah. Jaden Cain." Said he call, never did. Silly billionaire. This thought pattern causes Sydney to smirk for several seconds before pursing her lips together. "Uh… I think I should get on these leads." And find Dex. Except the last sentence isn't uttered. Not to anyone. "I don't know if they'd grab us all, I'm sure we're fine Jade." She shoots Gene a pointed look before padding to the door. "I'm heading to Battery Park. I'll be back… later." Whether she'll find Dex is unknown, but she's going to try.


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