2007-04-27: Where Do We Go From Here?


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Summary: Discussion between Elle and Jane about the things in their story Elle can't remember, a decision on where she'll live, and talk of Elle's restarted relationship with Pete.

Date It Happened: April 27th, 2007

Where Do We Go From Here?

PHONE: Jane's phone begins to ring. The Caller ID says 283-4658.

PHONE: She answers her phone, "This is Doctor Forrest."

PHONE: Elle says, "…Hey there."

PHONE: Jane asks "Elle? Hey. Good to hear from you."

PHONE: Elle says, "I was thinking we should talk."

PHONE: Jane replies quietly "So was I." She pauses. "When and where is good for you? You're always welcome at my place, I'm here now." She checks a clock and calendar, reading the date and time without saying so. April 27, 2007. Morning.

PHONE: Elle says, "Good question. I don't know where your place is."

PHONE: Jane says, "I'm at the High Rise Apartment Building in Greenwich Village, number 108."

PHONE: Elle considers. "Actually, if you're willing, what about Peter's place?"

PHONE: Jane answers with the sound of something being placed into a bag or pack near the phone possibly coming through. "I'm on the way, if you want me to be." The sound of her booted feet on the floor might be heard next faintly through the line.

PHONE: Elle says, "Sure. That might be a good idea. I'll meet you here."

PHONE: Jane says, "See you soon."

PHONE: She ends the current call.

Having called Jane, Elle heads into the bathroom. Might not have time to wash up, but she at least steals Pete's brush to brush her hair, and tries to get a little less sleep-rumpled.

The guitarist makes her way across Manhattan from Greenwich Village by taxi, taking perhaps twenty minutes to arrive. When she shows and approaches the door it's about nine a. m. As is common for her, she's in a light red jacket, vintage t-shirt (Annie Lennox this time), dark jeans, and heeled boots which lift her to five feet ten. Also present are guitar case and backpack. It's rather like she has two basic uniforms: Street guitarist and Ivy League educated lawyer, with the guitarist far more commonly seen. Her eyes inspect the door before knocking, to see if it's been replaced since the weldation at Elle's electric hands.

The lock seems to have been replaced. The blonde heads doorwards at the knocking. She opens the door, and looks up, up, up. At the moment she's barefoot, which puts her at 5'1" to Jane's 5'10"; about a full head's difference. "Hey…come on in." she says, stepping back.

And in she comes, stepping clear so the door can be closed behind her. Jane waits then a few feet away, gear still in place on her shoulders and composing her thoughts for a moment. "Thanks. Good to see you." A quiet smile is offered.

Still on the bed, Peter's sound asleep. He'd stayed awake to watch her sleep, and did a few things in the apartment to spend the time, that before she woke up— he'd fallen asleep again. Luckily he moved from leaning against a chair watching her to lay down on the bed, hoping the sound would wake him up. He's starting to stur at the noise, but still asleep.

Elle nods once. "I'm…sorry I threatened you." Apologizing isn't much in her nature, and this is awkward for her.

Replying quietly, Jane says "It's all good, Elle." There's no appearance about her of harboring ill will toward the blonde, to her it was all settled before she was untied. Shoulders shift, she slides the items over them off and gently places them next to a wall behind her. "I could've been better prepared. I wasn't."

Elle nods. She walks over to the chair she was napping in earlier, and sits, looking back to Jane. "So…you and I…what was the story?"

"It's fairly simple," Jane begins. "We met at Starbucks, you were there with Pete, and we were introduced by him. Alyssa was there too, seated across the table, she'd met and given some books to a professor of hers from NYU earlier. Dr. Gifford, I think, about some Japanese fellow called Kensei. He left, you and Pete showed up, then a gang of people who wanted to meet him happened along." Jane pauses, realizing she may have rambled a bit, and pulls herself back to focus. "I was still looking crappy, just a day or two after enduring withdrawal. Next time we saw each other was a week or so later, at Common Grounds. You were looking for people, recruiting a possible action squad for things, among them Sylar. You told me I looked better that day, the first time I'd looked crackwhorish around the eyes, and it was true." At that point she goes quiet, giving the blonde a chance to decide if that sounds like her or not.

The blonde listens. She can't help but snicker at the crackwhorish comment. Because that certainly does sound like her. "Well, if it helps, you don't look crackwhorish tonight."

Crackwhore? Peter sturs again at these words, or perhaps just the tone that they're bringing about, and his eyes open, looking up at the ceiling. None of this is abrupt or noticable to the two, but he's starting to stur. And his skin tone looks quite a bit better.

Chuckling, Jane answers "It was true. And well earned, based on things I'm told but don't remember. I helped try to get Pete out of the Company, we failed, and there were consequences. I'm sure I knew that could happen going in. That day, when you told me about Sylar, I said I'd help, but if it involved trying to break people free it'd likely be someone else's turn, it tends to make a girl crackwhorish around the eyes. I really don't have any desire to repeat the experience. After that, we didn't see each other for a few weeks, most of what was discussed about the threat was between Pete and I. Until the 16th, when I went to a restaurant to eat and saw you there. You were with someone else, so I didn't approach. But while I waited for my food I wrote music, the notes started to move on the page, and I bolted. Called Pete for help, he's a former nurse, thinking I was having a drug flashback from whatever I was dosed with, or had been dosed again."

Elle looks over at the stirring sound in the bed, and she smiles just a bit. "Sleeping beauty over there wakes up." She nods in answer to the other details. "Got it so far…" she tells Jane.

"…Nice to know you still find me attractive," Peter says softly, sitting up from where he'd planned to listen quietly, a hand rubbing over his hair. "Hey— sorry. Meant to be awake when you woke up. Didn't know you'd sleep for almost a day," he says in a lazy tone, sliding his feet off the bed. He's fully clothed, as if he'd just laid down to close his eyes for a few minutes when he fell asleep.

Nodding once, the guitarist resumes her story, sharing how the hallucination ended just after leaving the Place With No Noodles, and she'd planned to have blood tests done. Pete had come, she was fine then, and he left." Jane pauses in her summation when Pete speaks, nodding a greeting in his direction, then waits to be sure she's got Elle's attention before continuing. A quiet smile settles on her expression, she giving them time to converse if they wish.

Elle smiles faintly. "Just getting brought up to speed with the dynamics of things. So…what's the verdict." She looks over to Pete.

There's a hint of a smile tugging on the corner of his flawed mouth and Peter stands up fully, approaching the two women, and putting his hands on Elle's shoulder. "You liked the tacky gift a lot more than I thought you did. And whether you were on an assignment originally… know that you loved me." Loved him. Nice that he had one way to find out. "So caught up as far as the moving notes, huh?" he looks towards Jane, willing to listen as he keeps a hand on the blonde woman's shoulder.
"That's where we are," Jane replies, nodding. "So the next evening, Elle, you come to my door. Pete said I had some trouble, you came to check up. We start to talk, I explain why it flipped me out, and we also talk tactics. Not long after you got there, I remembered Pete saying Sylar can be invisible now, so I asked you to do a 360 degree mild current. I ducked, you did, no intruder. It just occurred to me he could follow people unseen, a bit of paranoia. And we talked more about our abilities, bonding a little. You even let me know I hadn't been dosed with drugs, someone used an ability on me to cause the moving notes."

Elle smiles, just a little bit. "So…this takes us back to the really big question again…where do we all go from here?"

"Wish I knew," Peter says, glancing up towards Jane and nodding a little. "Obviously you can't leave the Company, but— I won't work with them anymore. Don't even know how much I can tell you without making you choose between me or your job. That's the last thing I've wanted, but— certain things I can't put in their hands, either. And… it's not fair to hide things from you… I hated doing it before." Letting his hand slide down, he stays close to her as he takes a seat, keeping his hand on her as long as she'll allow, even. "I know you wanted to do things where we'd stay close to them— but I can't work with them anymore." The last bit is said towards Jane, specifically.

Drawing in a slow breath, Jane replies "It's hard to tell if the Company is friend or enemy sometimes. I've said as much. Keep friends close, and enemies closer. If they're a little of both, it still works. But no, right now I can't see signing anything that obligates me to them. If asked to help with something, I'll help, or not, case by case. Sylar still intends to kill us all, the only thing that stops him is killing him. I don't like the idea of killing, but someone's gonna die. Better him than any of us. Here's the thing, and it just occurred to me: The alliance was your father's idea, Elle. If he still intends to go forward with it, he should soon be asking where things stand, wanting to know when Pete and group will sign the documents. If he had nothing to do with your situation, that's what I think happens. But if he doesn't ever bring this up, it speaks volumes."

Elle frowns, more at Pete's words than Jane's. But she nods. "Well…the issue becomes how much you trust -me- not to tell them things, then." she says, as Pete slides his hand down her arm. "Or how much you trust me in general." she looks between both.

"It's not you I don't trust," Peter says, giving a hint that this is something he's said before in the tone, even if the person who'd heard it doesn't remember. Keeping his hand against her wrist, he glances off towards the floor as he continues, "It's them. You— also asked me once. Not to make you choose between me and your father." The last part is said with a hint of an apology. "If that's changed…" he shakes his head. "No, I'm not sure I want to know if it's changed. He's still your father. And actually it was— Elle who had the idea to work with her dad," he corrects Jane slightly, the missinformation his own fault. "At least… you made it sound like it was your idea. But I still haven't heard back on it, yet. Maybe something changed besides just you and me." Nevermind he'd been hesitating since day one.

"I trust you, Elle," Jane answers solemnly. "It's why I untied you after you calmed down. But a lot of what I do isn't about trusting you. It's about others trusting me. I know quite a few people with abilities, and gave my word not to tell anyone about them without their permission. I won't go back on that. But, at the same time if one of them is dangerous and won't show or learn restraint, public safety comes first. By being dangerous, they're choosing to give up privacy. I've no interest in seeing people hurt or killed because I kept a reckless person's secret, or getting hanged by a witch hunting mob caused when too many are indiscreet." Jane goes quiet there, watching to see if it registers and appears to make sense.

Elle nods. "Understood then. I'm…not used to having friends." she says. "I'm not sure if I was holding back from being who I was, or what." She nods to Jane's statements…so far it all seems to make sense.

There's a mind twitch of Peter's hand against her wrist at the mention of dangerous people, and that carries into his eyes as well. "I won't argue that some need to be… restrained by force if necessary. I know that's why I let them hold me as long as I did. If it wasn't for— for you— I never would have escaped," he admits, glancing towards Elle. They should both know what he had become, what damage he could have done if everything would have gone as planned. "But for people who just want to know what they are— know that they're not alone— understand what they do and use their abilities to /help/— they shouldn't have to look behind their backs all the time, or worry about talking about what they can do with people they trust."

A nod goes to Pete when he speaks his concern. "Exactly," Jane offers. "You're also not reckless, I don't see you as dangerous. You can be, yes, but you care that you are, and if you're about to lose it we can do things to help you hold on. There's a reason Nathan was here yesterday. I called him because you were in trouble, had the overload blues. It'll always be that way. Something's up with Pete, I call Nathan, and now you also, Elle. Friends… stick together. We watch each other's backs, speak up if we think another is wrong, act to set each other straight when we have to. We argue, we fight, we'll never agree completely on everything, but we aren't afraid to speak our minds." She goes briefly quiet, and looks at Elle. Her voice is calm, quiet, and sincere when it resumes. "It won't be easy for you, Elle, it wasn't before. You've been a ruthless woman for quite a while, changing is hard, but you wanted to. You wanted to experience the world, all the things you haven't yet. We'll help you keep it together, even if it means my tongue goes numb, or worse. And if I have to, I'll pour water on you. You'll eventually be calm again. But I won't abandon you."

Elle listens to both, idly reaching up to put her other hand over Pete's, without even really realizing it. She shudders at Jane's comment. "You have no idea how much that hurts." Short-circuiting, that is.

Though the blonde woman may not notice, Peter does. Looking down towards the hand over his own, there's a hint of a smile tugging on his mouth, before he looks back at Jane and nods, "We'll need to figure out how this will work. It— might be best if we don't live together at least. Maybe try dating— get to know each other again. You can live with them, or get your own place. They might feel less threatened if you do. Then I can share what I can, tell you what I can. And we can figure out a way to save the world together. Whether it means stopping Sylar— already know you do a better job fighting him than I did— or whatever else will come next."

"I've been thinking, too, about where we go from here, folks," Jane states simply. And she has, mostly because Nathan asked her some pointed questions, but she won't mention that right now. She walks to the backpack and brings it over. Fingers open the thing up and work to pull something out. A video camera, high end, solid quality. She sets it on a table, then goes to extract the collapsible tripod and a pack of recording media, the kind which could be plugged into the camera itself and most up to date computers. "We need contingency plans in case we ever have to do this again, so there's easily accessible proof to bring out. No one needs to take over a bookstore, shock the owner unconscious, and only stop when the sprinklers kick in. We can also arrange to get a telepath before saying anything, for verification, since we know one will possibly be called for. Generally, Pete and I failed to prepare. Step one: Video records, several copies to be kept in a number of places and easily retrieved." And she's moving again, this time to pull out a DVD and set it on the table. 50 First Dates, Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler. "That's usually a funny movie, though I don't think any of us would laugh at it now, but… it is inspirational for ideas."

Elle considers the recent statements. It seems to bother her on several fronts. "I'd prefer not to stay at the Company. I did that for over a decade. And if they DO have any plans on doing something to me, it would be a LOT easier for them to do it there than outside. If not here…" She looks to Jane. "Maybe you'd consider a roommate?"

"I'm not saying you can't stay with me," Peter amends quickly, looking at her in surprise. "I just— figured you wouldn't want to stay with a man that you barely know? I remember you, but you don't… remember me. It doesn't seem quite as… gentlemanly, I guess," there's a sheepish smile. "Do think video journals are a good idea for some of us. With me… if it ever happens to me, just hand me an object that involves a memory I'm missing and tell me to consentrate on it. I'll be able to relive the memory."

Jane studies Elle when the question is asked, and seems ready to answer without hesitation. By the expression to her face she's accepting of the idea, but she holds back when Pete speaks up with his own thoughts. Once the floor is hers again, she states "Gladly, Elle. I've got a spare bedroom. And you've got options." Sometimes stars align: Jane doesn't know about it, Elle doesn't remember, and Pete may not have known, but if Elle moves into Apartment 108 she may soon run across the accountant who also lives in the building.

Elle thinks about it. "If Jane has an extra room…then, maybe there to start." she suggests. She looks back to Pete, and it's then she seems to realize her hand is on his, and moves it off. "And we'll see where things go from there."

How odd that he can look disappointed when he's the one who suggested it. Maybe Peter's disappointed at her moving her hand away, though. Keeping his hand against her arm, though, he lowers it to rest over her hand. "Yeah, we'll have to see. Just— hope you don't mind me calling and checking up on you— seeing how you're doing. And asking you out." His free hand goes up and scratches the side of his scalp as he adds that. "Jane does have a nice apartment," he adds in rememberance of his visits there.

Watching between the two, Jane speaks softly. "It's all good, Pete. This is one of the new experiences, we wouldn't want to cheat her of it, having a place of her semi-own and a guy to call on her there." She faces Elle, and states "I'll copy the key. My television's HD and new, just bought it yesterday, and the front room window is new too. Sturdy and solid." Why they're new, she doesn't say, but Pete can easily guess. Girls Night with Cass, Elena, and Samantha Jones? Still on, she'll cross that bridge when she comes to it. Maybe she'll keep several buckets in the corners to make her comfortable. "Say, in your stuff at the Company, did you come across a loaded up iPod, Elle?"

Elle grins a bit at Pete. "I don't mind. You're cute." She reaches out to ruffle his hair, and lets her electricity snap him as she pulls her hand away. Yes, in Elleworld, shocking people without killing them = affection. She looks to Jane at her question. "Yes." she says. "I wasn't sure where it came from."

Even if he'd learned to expect it, Peter still flinches away from the zap, because it still hurts. It's also turned up a bit from what he'd gotten used to, but— a lot less than what she'd been throwing at him a few days ago too. "I can live with being called cute," he finally says, otherwise quieting for this talk on a loaded iPod.

She sees the sparks between them and looks in another direction, opting not to watch what to her probably looks like foreplay, almost expecting Pete to respond with a charge of his own. "It came from me, Elle," Jane supplies. "The same day you gave me shoes. Nice heels, they match a few of my little black dresses. I loaded it up with my favorites, they might not be yours, listen through and that's easy to figure out." She stands, picking up the camera to place in the pack, then the media. "We can do this at home after you settle in. I should head out and start getting ready."

Elle smiles a bit at both of them. "Thanks." she says. "I guess…" she looks to Peter. "If you're willing to help me get my things together here. I'm not sure what of mine is here."

No return sparks from him. Not yet. Peter sits up a bit and gives a hint of a sigh. "There's not that much, honestly. You'd only lived here a little over a week before this happened. Even then I didn't have much room. Just a couple changes of clothes, and a few other things." Still, he stands and goes to open up the closet, which has been closed most of the time since he brought home the puppy and goes to find some cardboard boxes, for what she does have in the apartment.

As the trio around the table talk, the canine dubbed Snowy finally seems in a better mood than she has in a while. She can sense the lessened tensions coming from them, and is thus a bit friendlier. Near Elle, she wanders up and wags her tail excitedly, looking at the woman she's smelled in here for a while, the one with all the unused clothes. Jane glances down at this while moving to place camera in pack and close it up. A chuckle escapes. "I think she likes you, Elle." Inwardly she's thinking please don't shock the dog, please don't shock the dog, please don't shock the dog.

The blonde looks down to the puppy, distracted for the moment from packing. She crouches down lower, and picks up the puppy. "Hey there…" she says with a smile. "How are you?" She teases at the puppy's nose. And thankfully, no, doesn't shock the dog.

With the box in hand, Peter glances towards Snowy, a tugging on the corner of his mouth. "Yeah— she always liked you before, so— not surprised, really." Well, liked her before she started shooting at her owner, at least? Closing the closet, again to prevent the puppy from getting in there, he carries the box into the bedroom, easily visible to the two women through the wide open glass doors, and unfolds it. The clothes are packed in first, carefully.

Once the camera and media are packed away, Jane hoists pack and guitar case over opposite shoulders and heads for the door. "See you both soon," she offers cheerily, just before opening it to step out. Work to do, diplomas to take down, computer to move, basically to un-office the second bedroom and make it roommate ready.

Elle reluctantly puts the puppy back down, carefully. She moves to help Peter. "Is there anything that I can do?" she asks, looking over to him. And after a pause, she says. "This may just be temporary, you know. This isn't over. Just…starting over."

"Bye Jane," Peter adds from the bedroom, which really isn't that far from the door. The whole apartment pretty much covers three rooms. Not much to live in, here… He sticks mostly to the clothes, and the extra shoes, and when Elle joins him he gestures towards the top drawer, "You can help there." Those are, after all, her underwear. Handling them might be considered rude, after all. "I know it's not over," he says in response, nodding, as he reaches across his chest to tug on the short sleeve of his shirt. "Nothing says— you can't stay a night— after we get to know each other again." Something hesitant and almost shy in the way he said that, coupled with the tugging of his sleeve.

The blonde starts taking out her underthings. "Yeah, I guess I'd have wondered if you had these around for yourself." she teases, dangling a bra by a finger. "And I'm actually kind of hopeful. Things must have been pretty good if you're willing to go through all this for me.

Eyes ducking away, Peter's apparently embarassed by her waving her bra around, even when it's just the two of them. "No, those are definitely yours. I think my brother would have had me shipped off to a private farm for the rest of my life if I had tastes like that. And I wouldn't have been much of a boyfriend if I didn't try." There's a pause, with most of the clothes and shoes packed away, before he pauses and adds, "There's only one more thing that would have been yours— but I hadn't bought it yet, and I guess you found way to weasel out of wearing it."

Elle looks a little surprised at the comment, and then laughs. "Well, then that just means that you have more shopping time." She moves to take the box. "I'll just be at Jane's. That's not that far. Call me." she says, looking almost…coy? And then she starts for the door.

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