2009-11-27: Which of You Wants to Make Out With Me?


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Date: November 27, 2009


Lena has some drugs for Gene… in more ways than one…

"Which of You Wants to Make Out With Me?"

Sydney's Apartment

This morning the apartment was full of the sound of Jade and Tiago bickering over the X-Box. Needless to say, Lena hid in the bedroom until the sound of squabbling had faded. The pair has long since departed for parts unknown, which left the blonde free to take care of a few necessary items on her to-do list. One, re-dye her hair to black and two, ask Sydney to arrange for Gene to visit.

Item number one was accomplished earlier, and now Lena sits at the dining room table with one foot tucked beneath her knee. She's got a pair of boxer-styled shorts on and a fitted tank top. It would be a cute around-the-house look if it weren't for the towel turban wrapped around her head to hide her newly dyed hair.

In both hands is a small flask of the sort usually intended to carry alcohol; its stainless steel sides are hidden in a tooled leather sleeve depicting a wolf howling at the moon. Lena is currently staring at said flash as if it contained the secrets of the universe. "You know, I never did ask him if he wanted this stuff because it knocks people out or because it can make them forget…what do you think, Syd?"

Unlike Lena, Sydney hadn't been home for the X-Box bickering; she'd been working. She's technically supposed to be on leave still this week, but the holidays always bring out the crazies in people so she'd been called in for the morning to manage some of the caseload. As such, she sits at the small table with a cup of coffee in hand. She's dressed in pseudo-work clothes: a striped dress shirt with a black blazer matched with blue jeans. Once she'd gotten home, she called Gene as per Lena's request.

Nursing her coffee, she adjusts in the chair and answers Lena, "I don't really know. Either one could be useful given everything going on." Pause. "Is this what you used with Hallis?"

"Yeah. I mean…I think so. I got this book from the library, right? It has all these different drugs in it, it's huge. Merc's? Something like that. And it had something called propofol in it. The doctors call it 'milk of amnesia'." Lena turns the flask around in her hands, the intensity of her gaze lessening somewhat. That might be due to some uncertainty when glancing up at Sydney. She checks the therapist's expression the way an old woman would glance at the sky to check the weather: already scowling, ready for the worst. "I'd never tried anything like that before. Making something different than what I could already do. I haven't used it again either, or practiced or anything."

That one time with Tiago doesn't count. It was an accident, or so she'll swear.

If Sydney is unimpressed or perplexed, she doesn't show it, instead she just responds with a, "Huh," before raising her coffee cups to her lips. "Is it reversible?" This is a bit of a concern when it comes to Hallis, at least. "I just know it's hard to erase memories and it's incredible what the human mind can contain. So it knocks people out too then? Is it the dosage that does the trick, or other factors?"

Lena doesn't respond immediately; she's returned to studying the flask, worrying her lower lip with her teeth while doing so. But eventually an answer comes and it's spoken with uncertainty. "See, I dunno exactly. The book says it's an anaesthetic. It…um. I kinda picked it because it acts really, really fast and it doesn't hurt. That was the important thing. I mean…it said right there that people get kinda…turned on before they go out, and when they come back awake, you know? The forgetting stuff I didn't really pay as much attention to."

The flask is set aside (at the edge of the table opposite from Sydney, to avoid easy access) and then Lena stands up to go into the kitchen. Some hot chocolate is in order. She absently straightens her turban before standing on tiptoes to reach the mugs on their shelf. "But she's pretty tiny, so maybe she just got a bigger dose than she should've. Like I said, it was the first time ever, and I haven't practiced."

There is a rapping at the door that sounds like 'a shave and a haircut' Who is it? It's Gene! Please, hold your applause until he says his first witty line of the night (which considering it's Gene, may never come). Currently, he has on his usual jeans and shoes, as well as one of his odd t-shirt. This one is a purple t-shirt that has an odd image in black. The Emperor is in center facing out, both hands resting on top of what appears to be a pimp cane. To the left of the Emp, Darth Maul is wearing baggy jeans which reveal plaid boxers while Vader is on the right with a pair of hand guns shoved in his codpiece. Underneath it has the explanation which reads: Rollin' with the Dark Side. Of course, he has his peacoat, but at the moment, it's folded neatly and slung over his arm.

"Well, I hope she doesn't see a good hypnotist any time soon. I've seen people remember some incredible things while in a hypnotic state," Sydney confesses sipping at her coffee again. She stares at the flask with morbid curiosity (the kind of morbid curiosity that drivers have when they have a Freudian moment of insanity and want to turn into oncoming traffic) but she doesn't dare touch it— not even the outside of it, instead she sips her coffee.

And then… a knock at the door! After setting her coffee cup on the table, she stands to her feet. Inadvertently as she comes by the side of the table, she bumps it causing both the flask and the coffee cup to tip over… and Sydney can only save one. So she reaches out and catches the flask. Consequently, the side and back of her shirt are now coffee stained. Ordinarily she'd be lamenting this fact and insisting on a wardrobe change before answering the door, but she feels really… mellow. Not anxious. Not upset. Mellow. She places the flask down on the counter as she passes the kitchen and unbolts the door. "Heeeey Gene," she greets, smiling vacantly, while leaning against the doorframe.

"Hypnotist? What, you mean like a magician?" Lena is not up to date on modern psych treatments, leaving her rather puzzled by that reference. She's in the middle of putting on water to boil when the knock at the door comes. The kettle is left to heat up while she heads back towards the dining room…just in time to see Sydney perform that little feat with the flask. "Damnit!" That flash of irritation is not aimed at the therapist, but rather at the cruel circumstances of her life. Why her?

One of these days, someone's going to point out that it's entirely due to her own choices that life keeps kicking her upside the derriere. With a sigh, the turbaned teen sweeps the flask back into her hand and deposits it once more on the table. A look skitters off in the direction of the front door.

It's bloody hard to look cool and impartial and laid back when trying not to squeal in amusement and delight at yet another brilliant t-shirt. Hopefully her frown covers for that. "Hey Gene."

"Hey, Sydney. How you doing?" Gene states with a bit more confidence than he usually has, giving the woman a small but sincere smile. After all, if the woman's so content right now, it's because she's seeing him and not due to some altered state of mind. Then he hear another voice and sees… Woman in tank top and what appears to be boxers. "Err, um, hi, Lena," Gene states, making sure to keep his eyes up. Attempts to seduce Gene with undergarments will not work! He walks in and makes sure the door is closed. As he looks toward Sydney, he just notices the stain. "Um, you might want to go and get some soap and water before that sets in…"

"A hypnotist is… um… a guy who can help people remember… stuff," Sydney answers Lena lazily as the door closes behind Gene. "I'm swell. How're yooou?" she answers with that same contented grin. "Come on in." She glances at her shirt and shrugs a bit, her tone still that mellowed laziness, "I have other clothes. And it's like… symbolic. A person can only change if they want to." Blink. "What was I saying?"

Lena is slightly less shameless than Tiago, so far as modesty is concerned. She's also slightly oblivious to any awkwardness caused by her mode of dress, seeing as she now has to keep an eye on Sydney to make sure…well, just to make sure, okay? There was nothing premeditated about treating the leather flask-sleeve, really! As she lowers herself back into the chair she'd previously occupied, Gene is given an absent sort of nod. "Hey Syd, you should sit down. She maybe got into my lip balm again," the girl remarks. "But it's like…the first time I've seen her relax since we moved in so I figured what the hell, right? Here's your stuff."

Divert divert divert! A finger is tapped against the flask, but Lena keeps it on the table in front of her seat.

"We seriously need to get you some of the power controlling stuff, Lena." The young man admits with a small frown as he looks toward Sydney, giving her a pat on the shoulder. "It's okay, Sydney, just take it easy… Lena is right in that you should be doing that."

Distracted by his attempts of being Responsible Adult, he too takes the flask. "No telling what some of these powers do if used for long term," Gene states. "I mean, this powers always have some side that isn't always pretty. Like the tumor that almost… killed me." There is a pause as Gene looks to the flask. Looks to Lena. Then he looks to the flask. Being a genius, overly cautious, and on the effects of Mary Jane causes a reaction that was perhaps unintended.

Lena and Sydney gets a large smile. "Right here, right now, don't hide it… Which one of you two wants to make out with me?" The genius points to the flask, then points to either of the girls, which is harder than one would think thirty seconds ago. "I know what's going on here. You want the Gene to be relaxed enough to let down his guard. Tell you stuff he normally wouldn't while you're feeling his decept-decept-deceptively supple muscles." He taps the side of his skull. "Cle-ver. The stuff in this better be the real deal or… Um, it'll be uncool cuz friends don't let friends drive drunk. Or um, without the stuff he needs to save the world."

"Sitting is good," Sydney grins through her spaced expression as she pads over to the table to sit down. "Come sit down Gene. Pleeeease?" the request is made with a toothy dimpled smile. However, as she goes to sit, she misses. Falling to the ground rather than the chair. This, of course, results in a mad fit of giggles. "That was funny," she murmurs from the floor, still grinning broadly.

From the floor she looks up at her friends and admires in wonder, "You're both really tall from here." Grin. And then she tilts her head, "Your guard is down? My guard is up. I'm locked down, baby. Like a vault." She nods seriously at this before whispering towards, "I wouldn't even tell you a single secret if you asked. Not even that I have more LARP outfits in this house than I have fingers and toes. See? Not telling any secrets."
"Yeah, I was gonna ask you about that stuff, if you could…hey!" Lena wasn't ready to part with the flask, which means she wears something of a deer in the headlights look for being caught off guard by Gene's grabbyhands, and Sydney's subsequent tumble to the floor. One hand curls over her mouth in a futile attempt to disguise it. Over her fingers, blue eyes have gone very wide and very uh oh.

But hey, he's smiling! That has to be a good sign, another first in Lena's interactions with the young genius. She gets up, hesitates, then circles the table to slip her hands under Syd's arms to get the lady back up onto her feet. "Yeah, I think I'll pass on the secrets. Last one I found out about kind of took a big ol' dump all over my life. That's the real stuff though. I wouldn't open it until you're in a lab or something, okay? And look up propofol first…I'll, uh, write it down for you. Here, Syd, chair."

Then, finally, a grin breaks through the recent emo. "If you guys promise to not make out, I'll…go make some fresh coffee. Or something."

"I am aware of what the drug I asked for was. It's why I asked you to make it, Lena… I am not a super genius because I lack a social life. I lack a social life because I was worried about becoming a TOOL OF THE MACHINE. But considering I'm here with two attractive women, clearly, I am not a tool of the machine, lack a social life, or worried," Gene states, seemingly quite proud of his comments. He knows he's out of it, but it sounds right to him! Taking a seat where Lena once was, he pats his lap as a suggestion for where Sydney can seat herself. "How about you sit here and you tell me things that I SHOULD be asking you about. Cuz if you aren't wanting to make out with me, and Lena isn't… That means that this was for Tiago and I need to show everyone here that I prefer the fairer of the fairer things."

Gene shakes his head. NO WONDER Lena is so sad these days in Gene's slightly fogged mind. Lena might not be able to hear, so Gene makes sure to shout. Neighbors may complain if he keeps it up. "It's okay, Lena. I think you're a beautiful and smart woman… You deserve better than being a some dude's cover! Well, Tiago isn't some dude, he seems kinda nice, but you know what I'm sayin' here!"

Still grinning, Sydney slowly stands to her feet, and sure enough, she takes a seat on Gene's lap as per his suggestion. "I told you, I'm not saying any secrets," she chimes with a vacant smile. "Well I would never call you a tool. You know who's a tool? That guy on tv. The one with the slapping vegetable machine. Total tool." She purses her lips and thinks about questions she 'won't' answer, "Well I'm not answering nothing about nothing. Not about even about how awesome I think your shirt is. I told you: LOCKED DOWN, BABY." At this she crosses her arms over her chest.

"You think Tiago wants to make out with you?!" Sydney giggles madly. This is apparently hilarious.

"Damn, Gene, you've got some serious moves for a super genius." And so Lena has discovered one cure for her depression: hit the good guys with the milder stuff then watch the fun develop. This is also why Tiago will never convince her that she's not a villain. This sort of thing? Too much fun!
With Sydney on her feet again, Lena's left to situate herself in order to watch things unfold. So she does what any teenager would: claims a front row seat by sitting on the edge of the table, tucking one foot under her leg and idly swinging the other foot while observing. Smiling, just a little. "I'm glad you think I'm cute and smart but I'm not following on the cover thing? I…uh. Wow." Pause. "That would be kinda hot, wouldn't it? Hey! Stop distracting me though, I wanted to ask you about that stopping the powers stuff. Oh, and, um…Syd, you should get that coffee."

It has belatedly occurred to her that allowing the therapist to cuddle with Gene might be…bad, in light of recent events.

"My Tiago protector is leaving. Now nothing is going to stop him from sitting on my lap!" Gene exclaims, pouting as he seats himself cross-legged on his perch. The lip can't go out any further, his head arching forward to make sure EVERYONE can see it. "I know about the cover. But if you want to deny it…" Gene taps his head again, suggesting that he knows it all. "…Wait, this was about questions?"

The young genius looks to the flask in his hand and bangs it on the table for effect. "Weaksause! Everyone ELSE in the world gets to see elephants, make out with exotic women or friends that normally they wouldn't…. And I get questioned. Even on the Mary Jane, I get robbed. It's a good thing I'm chill right now so I'll just pout." Gene looks toward Lena with a firm stare. Or at least as best he can stare. "I'm still pouting even if my lower lip is starting to get dry."

With a sigh Sydney stands to her feet, "I always have to get coffee. And it always spills! Maybe I should change to tea… that's the problem, right? The coffee?" The nod is incredulous as she goes about prepping more coffee. "What's that about Mary Jane, Gene?" Unlike Gene, Sydney is still unaware that she's drugged. Again. "Who's questioning you? Awww, Gene! Don't pout! It's a happy day," not JOY happy, but happy anyways. Instinctively she begins pouring coffee, "Lena just wants to control her power. I want to control mine too. It's like learning to bake a cake. Like if you don't have the instructions, it will taste bad. But I didn't come with an instruction manual… where was I going with this?" It's at this moment she realizes that she's completely missed the coffee cups because while talking she's been watching Gene and Lena. "See? I always spill!"

It's a frightening scene to walk into. Sydney is in the kitchen, having just completed pouring most of a pot of coffee out onto the counter. Gene is sitting cross-legged on one of the dining room chairs, and Lena is seated on the table itself, one of her feet tucked beneath the other leg. Everyon's looking remarkably chill, even happy. Except for Gene because he's being all pouty.

"I'm not denying it! I mean, I am, 'cause Tiago's totally straight but that's not denying. That's just stating the facts, man. I'd sit in your lap but he carries, you know that." Lena does however reach out in an attempt to gently nudge Gene's protruding lower lip back into its normal position. "Do you want to see elephants? I could arrange it but I figured you were a little too uptight. Don't get me wrong, you've got reason. That's a really sweet shirt, by the way. You have awesome tees…uh, Syd?"

Lena leans to the side in order to get a look at the kitchen. "I always taste awesome, just for the record. Like the good kind of brownies. Are you okay?"

"If you both really want to talk on powers, do whatever to have me thinking straight," Gene states, sucking in his lip back in to avoid the touch, more to spite Lena… Despite him asking for people to sit on his lap a few moments ago. He leans back into the chair with a sigh. "Thanks about the tees and the uptightness… It is something you both need." Of course, either due to Sydney taking the flask first or a testiment to Gene's Gene-ness, he doesn't seem to be as tripped out as Sydney. "But, whatever… I'm not getting women, you're not getting displine, the world spins around and around at peace with the whatevers." Normally, Gene would be pissed, but he's just more disappointed than anything else.

Wait a second. "Lena, am I drugged again?" Sydney asks tilting her head while studying the other woman. "How?" she pouts a bit, but her lip is put away as she shakes her head. "Ah! There's coffee everywhere!" She disappears under the sink and retrieves a rag to mop it up. Quickly she begins to absorb the liquid. "I don't always taste so awesome," she notes to Lena. "I make people feel sad or depressed sometimes." She pouts again. It seems her happy pot-high has turned somewhat.
From afar, Eric SHAKES. Just cause.

Truth be told, if she'd known just what on earth she was going to be walking into, Jade probably would have simply turned and found something else to do for a couple of hours until she was sure things had settled down somewhat. As it was, the front door swings open to reveal the dark-haired teenager in her oversized, shapeless jacket that made her look like short, fat, fifteen-year-old. It would also reveal a familiar Brazilian male figure.

It takes all of two steps into the room before Jade's sense of wrongness kicks in, making her pause in the midst of her conversation. "That guy was not old, and he was a total babe! I swear, you just can't stand for any… one… Uhhhhhhh, what'choo guys up to?" As she trails off, Jade pauses in the midst of shrugging out of her coat, staring first at Lena, then shifting her eyes over to Gene, and finally towards the kitchen, where she could just make out a woman wiping up a mess in the kitchen. Each of them receives an equally suspicious glance before she finally tosses the coat onto the closet thing resemebling a coathook she could find, raising her eyebrows at Lena.

"Hey. S'going on?"

"No, /I/ swear ta God, he was practically carryin' 'round his grandkids on his shoulders! You got Old Man complex, kid, you were prolly fondled by your gra-…" The teasing insult is cut off before the punchline is delivered, as Tiago accidentally bumps into Jade. "Hey! Tell me next time ya plan on jus stoppin'…" Beat. "Hey. Hey, wait a second." He peers around curiously, sniffing at the coffee in the air before closing the door behind him, and effectively shutting everyone in. It is then that the Brazilian casts his attention over to Lena. "…Yeah?" That's all he needs to vocalize - for his expression is demanding of an explanation enough.

"Man, Chi's right, you guys are depressing. I guess I make them feel sad sometimes too. Here, lemme see your hand and I'll turn it off." Lena has just extended her own hand towards Gene when the door opens. Jade. Tiago. Cue the deer in the headlights again. Her hand drops into her lap and curls there, twitching a little. If she were smart, as Gene has claimed, then the girl would probably slide off of the table. But…too late now. "Uh…it was an accident," she blurts out, that being the first thing that springs to mind.

The young genius is about to take Lena's hand to get himself back to his baseline and then Lena doesn't. "False adverstising night, that's what tonight is. No women, no munchies, just questioning. SOBER THE GENIUS UP, WHO IS NOT DEPRESSING. Geeze, I have a good time all the time, you are just too angry to see it… Like um, a Grumpy Bear to my Tenderheart."
Gene doesn't even notice the other people. Care Bears like to focus on ONE person at a time.

"I'm not depressing," Sydney responds lazily. It might be angry, but it's almost impossible to tell, verbally anyway. It's more a kind of depression rather than anger. Lifting her hair off her neck she turns and points to her tattoo, "Means joy. I spread joy. Not depression. I ward off depression. Only joy." Pout. Yes, because this is what spreading joy looks like.

"God, Lena, again!?"

As if to accentuate her point, Jade actually stomps her foot and gives the older teenager a look that broadcasted 'what the hell are you doing' waves all across the room. She turns just enough to scowl at Gene, then further into the other room at Sydney. "You have too many accidents. Do I have to put you in a full-body latex suit?"

The screaming male on the couch gets a wary look as Jade edges closer, tugging down the hem of her shirt, straightening the material around her shoulders as she perches a hip on the table with Lena. She gives the other woman The Mom Glance, tilting her head in Gene's direction as she mouths 'look what you did'. She wraps her fingers over her knees and quirks her lips for a moment, looking back and forth as both of the mentally-altered inhabitants declared their anti-depression.

"Soooooooo, can you like zonk them out until they're normal again. Because if they start table dancing, I'mma just… Wait," She looks down at the table, then at Lena suspiciously. "Please tell me those guys didn't already hit that phase."

Knock. Knock. Knock.

That would be the door. Seem that /someone/ remembers a promise he made to /someone/ and has decided to go check on the little group of crazies across the hall from his apartment. Outside is Eric, dressed in his fuzzy-dragon houseshoes, black jeans and a faded t-shirt with Gir on it in his dog suit with a raised knife above his head and the caption.

Not quite the greatest in fashion but hey. He doesn't care.
"An…accident?" Tiago inquires, arching his brows as he looks around, trying to gauge the reaction. However, when Jade proceeds to explode on Lena, he becomes highly defensive for the ex-blonde. He has been trained well. "Hey! Hey, Jade, chill out. It's no big deal - jus' a little hit of happiness, is all. She can take it away. Which you prob'ly should, baby, before…yeah. I'll go clean up the coffee on the…" Beat.

"…Tenderheart? Yeah?"

Snickering is put on hold as the door is knocked on, and suddenly an elementary panic begins in him. "Shit! Okay, okay, Lena, detox 'em, quick, and I'll clean an'…an' Jade, you open the door! Move out, now!" After giving this official order, he bounds over towards Sydney, frowning slightly. "Hey, Syd. You're jus' real bad with coffee, huh? C'mon, let's clean you up now…"

"I'm not angry all of the time." That Lena sounds so sad while protesting can be chalked up to Sydney and her evil brain waves. "I mean…maybe some of the time, but not all of the time. I just…god! It's not my fault, Jade!" Except that the miserable look she's wearing broadcasts the fact that she knows full well it is her fault. As Tiago takes charge, she holds out her hand to Gene again, as if intending a handshake, using the other hand to straighten the towel turban that still hides her freshly dyed hair. "A full latex suit would be too expensive anyway…here, man. You're gonna feel a little shaky. Syd! Get in here…please?"

"I'll buy you the freakin' suit if you want," Gene states, the drugs and the downer Sydney giving him mess with his head. He offers the hand though, and is thankfully seated when the detox goes down. "We are having a talk about this before this night is over," Gene states firmly. It is clear that some line has been crossed and 'no' is not going to be in Gene's vocab.
Still frowning, Sydney mutters, "I'm not bad with the coffee. It's bad with me. I'm permanently switching to tea. Coffee is now banned from the apartment. And it's presence will be punishable upon death." All of her negativity seems to be centering around the coffee at this moment. "And I don't want to get cleaned up. It's symbolic. I know I explained this earlier! No one listens to me!" Of course, Tiago wasn't here to hear her explanation about the first coffee spill when she chose to rescue the flask instead of her coffee, setting most of the current events into motion. She crosses her arms over her chest defiantly and shakes her head at Lena, "I ralphed last time. I hate vomiting."

"What am I, the butler?" True to form, Jade can't be told anything by the Brazilian male without her snapping something back at him. With a groaning mutter of discomfort, she pops back up off the table, taking a look around the room as if checking for some sort of arms stash she needed to hide. Or a bong pipe.

"It's never your fault! I swear to God, I have half a mind to ground you for… 'till thirty." She pauses halfway to the door, her hand outstretched towards the door, shuddering in distaste at the thought of hurling. "Ew." As her hand finally reaches the doorhandle, Jade tries to remind herself that first impressions weren't everything, and those two were high out of her minds.

And then the door pops open, Jade putting on her biggest, fake-friendly smile, as if she were expecting girl scouts to be outside of the door, pushing thin mints on middle-aged housewives. "Hi." She waits about two seconds, the time she judges polite before she can question Eric's motives for being there. "Can I help you?"

"…come /on/ guys…" Eric mutters with a shake of his head before suddenly the door flies open and he is face to face with…someone he doesn't know at all. He blinks for a moment before quirking an eyebrow towards her. "…well you happen to be new." The comment pops out of his mouth before he gives the woman a smile towards her and crosses his arms over his chest for just a moment. "…er…sorry. Is Sydney here? I need to talk to her for a second is all."

Tiago would snap right back at Jade, for her comments about Lena if not for her general snippiness, but he's busy. "Ah, you wont ralph this time! I swear, kid. Jus', jus' go ta her, Sydney? Okay? Hurry up! Someone's here ta see ya and you're all loopy and it…it might be that rich bitch! So she can't know we're here, remember?" With this encouragement grumbled out, the Brazilian grabs a bunch of paper towels and then proceeds to sulkily try his hand at soaking up all the coffee.

Lena rewards Gene with a look that would make Eeyore proud as her fingers curl around his. "Yeah, okay." Mumble mumble. Detoxing is not a slow process, meaning that the genius is going to suffer a mild bout of the shakes'n'sweat commensurate to the dose he'd received. There is absolutely no vomiting involved, a fact which has Lena glancing at Sydney as if to say "See?!"

"This house is cleah-ean," she remarks, only a moment after "doing" Gene. Then Lena slides herself right off of the table and pads into the kitchen in search of Sydney. "Hey Eric. He's cool, Jade…cmere, Syd, it'll only take a minute.""

"Eric? Tiago? Girl I haven't met?" Gene groans. This place is getting too big, too loud. If the police came… He needs to leave. "Lena, we are having the talk about your power. Later. There are too many people, too busy. If you want to bring Sydney along, you can. You both are in the same boat, it would seem, regardless if you know it or not. Take care of yourself and be careful." With that, Gene just gets up and starts moving toward the door. He doesn't even say goodbye to everyone else, but he just wants to get the heck out of Dodge at this stage of the game.

"NO!" Sydney stomps her foot. "I won't do it! I don't want to get sick again. It was better the first time when it left my system the normal way." Other than the whole waking up in an unfamiliar bed…. but at this moment that's forgotten. She frowns. The peer pressure isn't helping. "I don't want it… please don't do it…" Her nose wrinkles. Finally after a few seconds she holds out her hand, wincing completely and almost making herself queasy with the anticipation.

"Yeah, I get that a lot. Nice shirt."

Jade's lips flow seamlessly from smile to smirk as her eyes take in the stylized children's cartoon depicted on the front, as well as the catchy slogan. She turns back to look over her shoulder, using her body to block further view into the apartment. Unfortunately, she wasn't super tall, so the effect was probably diminished. "Uhhhhhh, yeah, she's here. At least, I think that's her. Soooooo… c'mon in, I guess."

Bouncer duty over, the dark-haired teenager opens the door wider and slips off to the side, making way for the newly-arrived male to enter. As Gene begins to immediately head out of the door, leaving her standing there holding the knob, waiting to close it like the apartment doorman, she points mildly at herself. "Uh, Jade. I'm Jade. I'm with Lena n' Cheech. See ya later, Guy On The Couch." Jade's eyes then snap towards Eric, and she mildly fans the door, as if contemplating closing it on him. "You comming in? She's kind of out of it. Bad coffee, I think."

"Thanks," Eric smirks back towards the woman before he starts to step into the room…only to notice Gene starting to leave. Er. Um. Well this is different."Hey Vader?" He adds towards him before he looks back into the room. No sydney there. "…er…and hi Jade. Name is Eric…but bye Jade, maybe I'll meet you later." Then he turns to look towards Gene before he grins. "Here I'll be off with you man. I just came over cause I was wondered if you were alright?"

Lena answers Gene's promise with silence. That seems the wisest course, as she has her hands full with convincing Sydney to allow herself to be cleansed. Maybe he'll forget? Her hand hangs in the air, unaccepted until after the peer pressure has been completed. "You're making us all want to slit our wrists, Syd. Cmon," she says with gritted jaw, exhibiting an identical stubbornness. When the other woman relents, she grips her wrist and closes her eyes in concentration. There'll be no vomiting, unless it's of the psychosomatic sort.

As Gene is heading out and Eric is heading in, yet another person walks by in the hall. George is wearing the same outfit as the last time Eric saw him, though a little more rumpled. The hubbub around that one apartment draws his attention; he recognizes Eric once he gets close enough, but that's not Eric's apartment. And he just heard what sounded like… Sydney's voice?

"Jesus Christ, does everyone I know around here live in this building?" he asks, even as he waves hello to Eric. And his departing friend, whoever he— no, wait, he recognizes him too, vaguely. "Obi-Wan, right? R2 in Central Park." They've only met a couple of times before, but that sort of thing stands out in the memory.

Coming off of Lena this time is much easier than last time. It still involves the sweats, the shivers, but they're short-lived. And when it's over, Sydney looks around the apartment expectantly, "That was painless. Hmm." Yes, it was the Ivory-purging that was so terrible. "Uh. Thanks Lena. And thanks for cleaning up the coffee guys." She looks down at her own clothes and scowls, "Why didn't I soak these like Gene suggested? Seriously." Shaking her head she disappears down the hallway for several moments before reappearing in a clean brown t-shirt that has two white owls printed on it. The first one has a speech bubble saying 'Who' the second has a speech bubble correcting the first: 'whom'.

Then George's familiar voice can be heard in the hallway. She quickly signals to her comrades to be quiet and pads to her door. She hangs in the doorway pulling the door towards her. "Hi George. Would invite you in, but apartment's a mess. Sorry. Very embarrassing. Spilt coffee everywhere." She shoots him a strained smile.

The young man is about to leave the door when he gets himself distracted by something else. He walks over toward the side of the table to get a flask which he bumps into his peacoat pocket rather than placing inside. As Gene moves back out, he finds that there is George at the door. He merely gives a simple nod before walking past without another word. Eric doesn't get a verbal response either, but that could be a lot of things as far as Gene is concerned.

One of the dark-haired teenager's eyebrows raise as Eric does his about face to follow Gene right back out into the hallway, lifting a shoulder in a casual shrug of indifference. "Yeah, later." She looks in the direction of the Lena-Sydney detox interaction, then back out int he hallway, trying to judge if anyone else was about to come or go from the apartment before she shuts the door. Thankfully, that's taken from her before she has to worry too much about it, the now-revived and in her right mind Sydney coming over to relieve the slightly-built teenaged girl of guard duty.

"Oh, uh, nice to meet you." Jade's greeting is passingly casual as she slides by Sydney, rounding the corner and heading into the hallway. Since the apartment owner was motioning for silence, she communicates her desire by looking directly at Lena, pointing at herself, then pointing at the Guest bedroom she and Tiago had taken up residence in, then pressing her palms together and laying her head on her hands. Sign language confirmed, she pirouttes down the hallway to lay claim to their bed for an hour or so.

"Told you," Lena remarks, before cocking her head and looking towards the front door as Sydney goes to handle the people just outside. An unfamiliar voice means that she backsteps until connecting with the counter. With both bedroom and bathroom occupied (damn you, Jade and Tiago!), she's left with the option of eavesdropping. Although, truth be told, it was the option the brat would have chosen anyway. The towel is idly unwound from around her head, its ends caught between her hands and used to rub the ends of her newly darkened hair to dry them.

"Yeah, I know how that is." Spilt coffee? Riiiiiiight. It sounds like a flimsy excuse, but George declines to call Sydney on it. And he steps aside easily enough for Gene, who clearly has a schedule to keep; he has his own to get back to, soon enough.

"If it's a bad time, let me know," he continues, "but I'm about to fly out for a few days and… well, I wanted to make sure things are okay between you and Hallis. I know she's been through a lot lately."

"I'm very very clumsy when it comes to coffee. Just not my beverage, I guess." Oh good. It's about Hallis. "I can't really tell you anything," Sydney says honestly with a shrug. "Except that I'm her therapist." She tilts her head, "I imagine she told you I fired her? Well, I chose to continue the next day… assuming she's choosing to continue with me…?" She raises both of her eyebrows quizzically at George. "Do you know something I don't?"

Eric was just quiet before he watches as Gene walks off. A shake of his head, just slightly before he smiles easily once and shakes his head lightly. "Most people in a good income bracket live around here somewhere." He replies as he wiggles the toes of his fuzzy dragon slippers and steps back into the hallway. Depression waves? Not happening it looks like. Thats good that is…and just about how it should all work out. No maniupilation of the emotions is good maniuplation. "…I guess I'll leave you guys to talk then."

Lena's hair-drying is put on pause when a certain name is said. With Sydney safely blocking the door, the girl grows bold enough to creep to the end of the short hallway to better hear what's being said. A frown takes the form of a line drawn between knitted eyebrows. That frown only deepens when Eric is heard there…leaving? Leaving Sydney with George? Reduced to an unwilling silence, Lena settles for wringing the towel between her hands and fighting the urge to grind her teeth.

George nods to Eric as he appears ready to head out as well, lowering his voice as he addresses Sydney once again. "Well, she's concerned that you might have been pressured into it. She doesn't want to take up your time unless you want to stay involved, you know?" He pauses a moment before continuing. "She told me about some of what she's talked about with you. About running into an arsonist, for one."

"Thanks Eric," Sydney manages to keep her voice level as he waves goodbye. And then she calls after him, "I'm sorry I wasn't more… I'd like… if you're not too busy…" She just stops talking and decides to deal with George's questions instead. "I want to help Hallis," she assures George, "but sometimes Hallis' visions of what I suggest when compared to what she says are very different." She arches an eyebrow at the arsonist comment, but before she can respond her cellphone rings loudly in her pocket.

Raising a single finger into the air, she extracts it, glances at the number and her eyebrows furrow, "Hello… this is she… uh-huh… what about Amy?… hmmm… alright… I'll go… I can be there in twenty…. can't be there any sooner… do your best until I"m there… " That said, she snaps the cellphone shut, "I'm afraid this conversation will have to continue later. I have an emergency. A colleague's client is threatening to jump…" she closes the door slightly (leaving it open just a crack), grabs her coat and her keys before stepping out in the hall again, and closing the door. "Come by my office sometime in the next couple of weeks and we'll discuss it."

"Call me when you are finished cleaning," Eric replies with a wave of his hand as he smirks towards her and turns away from the door. "…and the emergency too." He adds as she goes charging off. And with that he strolls off once again towards the door to his own apartment.

George purses his lips. "Yeah, I can see how that could—" but then he cuts off as Sydney's phone rings. "Of course," he says after she finishes, "I'll call later and set up an appointment." With that, he continues down the hall to his own place to pick up a few last-minute things for the road. Congratulations, Lena, you manage to dodge the skeery camp commandant this time.

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