2007-08-17: DF: White Picket Fences


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Lachlan and Cass discuss the future and how continuing the fighting may not be in it.

August 17th, 2009:

White Picket Fences

Basement Room of WBH

It's true that Lachlan would soon return to the little bedroom in the basement of Phoenix Towers, but this time, he's not alone. Abby remained with Nima overnight, and the Scot left earlier to fetch the child, knowing that Cass would want to see her when she awoke. Thus, bearing a sleeping Abby and a plushie Doberman in his arms and a diaper bag slung over his shoulder, Lachlan returns. He taps quietly at the door before entering, then peeks in, just in case Cass is still asleep. He doesn't really want to wake her.

Cass isn't asleep. Elena left just a little while ago with some startling news and left Cass with a lot to think about. Maybe things she didn't want to think about. However, she's idly munching on the sandwich she was brought as well as the orange juice. Even if she's not at all hungry, the prospect of building up strength is something she needs. "Mhmm," she says with a full mouth. Even if she /was/ sleeping, she'd want to be woken up to see her baby. When she sees Lachlan, the smile grows a little wider. She swallows. "Hey."

"Hey." Lachlan's grinning. He has Cass back, and he has Abby, and therefore, Lachlan is happy. He'll be happier if ever he finds Nathan's location and gets hold of him, but that's just not something to talk about. The Scot enters the room fully and closes the door softly behind himself. "Brough' ye a visitor." But she's asleep, so he talks reaaaal quiet-like. He carries Abby over to the bed to offer her to Cass.

The moment that Cass sees Abigail, her entire face lights up. This is what she's been waiting for. When Cyprus asked her what she still had left to live for, this is it. Shoving herself off the bed, she quickly bounds over to Lachlan and Abigail. Quickly, she reaches out so that she can scoop the little sleeping girl out of his arms. Just looking at her isn't good enough, she needs to hold her. To /know/ that she's okay by hugging her.

Abby stirs a little in her sleep, but as with most infants, she doesn't seem too disturbed by being passed from one person to the other. She is perfectly all right, of course. Lachlan looks on with a smile. "Nima's been lookin' out fer 'er when I'm werkin' an' such. She's fine."

Rocking Abigail back and forth gently, she puts a hand over her head and clutches the little baby to her chest. Leaning forward, she murmurs a few nonsensical words to her child and kisses the top of her precious little head. She's fine. Lachlan's fine. Everything is fine. Everything will be fine. "Oh thank God," she mumbles happily. She leans a little into Lachlan, happy to take both their warmth. To just feel they they're alive without having to say anything.

That's perfectly fine with Lachlan. He obligingly wraps his arms around Cass and lowers his head to rest his face against the crook where her neck and shoulder meet. All of them are alive and here and in relatively good health. Really, that's all Lachlan needs in life. He's content to remain silent for a short while before he murmurs, "Though' we'd lost ye."

They're both safe. Everything else that happened doesn't matter. Betrayal, lies, tagging, it's all gone. "You're not about to be rid of me that easily," she says softly, a hint of a joke in her voice. She's already broken down in front of Elena, that's enough for one day. Plus, she definitely does not want to show Lachlan just how bad it might have been for her. "How could I leave my babies behind?"

"Better no'," Lachlan mutters in response, smirking and tightening his grip around Cass' waist. As far as he's concerned, they're going to stay together and grow old and die peacefully in their sleep. "Should just move ta bloody Scotland." It seems to be the staple 'life sucks here' statement. But life really does suck, and if they were in Scotland, none of this would've happened. Then, however, he pauses at her last question. Completely misconstruing it, he furrows his brow and utters, "Babies? Yer no' … again, are ye?"

That's the way Cass would like it to stay forever. She and Lachlan and Abigail. For the rest of their lives. Long lives. "Actually." When he brings up Scotland, she rocks Abigail and rests her head against his chest. "Elena was talking about getting us out. Getting out of the country. I told her I'd talk to you about it." So, this is her talking about it. With him. There's a snicker and she just raises up to kiss him on the tip of his nose. "You're the other baby, you big baby."

Oh. Oh. Lachlan frowns a little. "'M no' a baby," he protests, but it's not much of a protest, because Cass is so nice about it. He rubs his nose against her forehead and sighs as he considers the offer. After all this, he's been shaken. The next time, they might not be so lucky as to have someone like Benjamin to sneak Cass out. Next time, they might kill her. And like it or not, the image of that painting is still vivid in his mind. "D'ye wanna?" Lachlan really has nothing much going for him here, and few responsibilities outside of his family. He can pick up and move without a care. Cass, however, has other things that she's deeply involved in.

Awww, but he kind of is. Sometimes. Lachlan isn't the only one shaken by the events that have happened. It's the only reason she's actually bringing it up for discussion. Most other times, she would just dismiss the idea of leaving. There's too much to do here. The Alliance, the resistance, all their friends. "I don't know," she says honestly. "It'd be safer." That's for sure. "It'd give Abby an actual childhood." And, hopefully, a mom to watch her grow up.

A lot safer, and the Scot seems to be thinking the same thing. He doesn't want to lose Cass. He doesn't want Abby to lose Cass either. This isn't something he'd be able to do on his own. "Dunna wanna lose ye, baby," Lachlan whispers. "S'just too risky bein' here." In other words: yes, he wants to go. Far, fast, and as soon as possible.

Cass doesn't want to lose anyone of her family. This is what she has and she can't lose it. "I don't want to lose you, either," she says softly. Already she has had a shaking of just how easy it is to lose someone, to be taken, to just vanish. And while the Alliance is important, Abby and Lachlan is everything. "Then we'll go," she says. "We'll tell them that we'll go. We'll tie up our loose ends and then we'll move." It's going to be hard to say goodbye, to actually leave all of her work behind…but it's Abby's future she's thinking about. "Between the Saints and the Alliance they can get us anywhere we want to go."

It's not exactly easy for Lachlan either. It feels a lot like running from a fight with his tail between his legs, which is a major blow to his pride and ego. However, he, too, is thinking about Abby's future and his own future with Cass, and the pros far outweigh the cons in this case. Besides, Jack has already offered to get them out before, and now so has Elena. They'll understand. "We'll go ta Scotland. 'R Canada. Abby'll love Scotland." He's lived in both places, so he at least has some idea as to how they are — or how they were before all this.

"Abby with a Scottish accent," Cass grins a little thinking about it. "I'll be the only one in the family without one." Which she won't really mind. Thinking about little adorable Abigail with a Scottish brogue makes her grin. She's trying not to think about what she'll have left behind by leaving the country. She's thinking about what she's gaining. Having never been to Scotland, she can't say how that is, but she's been through Toronto when she was a kid. Not enough to get a sense of if they would like living there. "We'll get a house with a really big backyard for the dogs and Abby to play in."

"S'righ', b'cause yer Scottish's bloody awful." Lachlan grins, and nuzzles against Cass' forehead. The more they talk about it, the better he feels. "Yeah. We'll even bring the damn cat." Because even after two years, he doesn't call George by his name, though he is obviously somewhat fond of the feline. "Can get werk trainin' dogs there, 'r somethin'. Anythin'."

"Of course we're bringing George." Cass is not about to let any member of their animal household be left behind. "Maybe I could find a bookstore to work in." Maybe not an occult one, but a bookstore. Any kind. She's good with books. There's no way she's going to be allowed to continue patching people up having dropped out of medical school, however, that's okay by her. A nice quiet lifestyle seems best. "We'll get a white picket fence. Do they have those in Scotland?"

"Nah, ye get stone 'r iron." It's possible he's joking. After all, what sort of place doesn't have white picket fences as an option? "Plen'y o' books in Scotland. An' ye'll get a job quick with yer pretty face." Maybe Lachlan's biased. Just maybe. "An' mebbe Abby'll get a brother sometime."
Maybe he /is/ joking. But, Cass will take him mostly at face value at the moment. "Stone, then. Iron's too…harsh." Is she joking back? Maybe. There's a grin about using her pretty face to get a job quickly. "Hopefully they'll hire me because I know what I'm talking about, not because you think I've got a pretty face." Though, of course, she wouldn't quite mind if she gets a job just that way. "Or a sister. I think she might even prefer one." Also because the idea of Lachlan in a house surrounded by women is a great one.

Lachlan grimaces a bit at the mention of a sister. Because if Abby gets a sister and not a brother, then he'll be surrounded by females for the rest of his life. The horror. "'F she gets a sister, I'm divorcin' ye." Because it's totally Cass' fault if the baby's gender is wrong. He doesn't determine that or anything. With another grin, he moves in for a quick kiss. "I love ye. 'Re ye ready ta go home?"

"You'd have to marry me first," Cass grins to Lachlan and reaches up to take that kiss, gently. Cradling Abigail, she shakes her head a little. "I've got a few things to wrap up here. Gene's supposed to set up a radio for me to get a message to the Alliance about being back." Plus, she has a thing or two to check out that she knows is being hidden somewhere nearby. "Maybe we should spend the night here? Head back to start packing and closing up tomorrow?"

"'Course I'll marry ye. Someday." When they're not in the middle of a war-torn country. Of course, he's been kinda saying that for about two years. Oh well. He'll make good on it one day. "Tha's fine. 'll run back an' get Abby's stuff so she can stay here too." It's probably safer to be here anyway. Another kiss and he starts to pull away to do just that. "'ll be back."

"We'll have a big party." That's the main part. The best part of any wedding. She's been saying the same thing for two years. When they find the time. It's kind of like Spain, however, more tangible. This /is/ something they will do. And when they live in Scotland, Spain isn't that far away. "That sounds great." Sleeping with her daughter in the same room…something she's been dreaming about doing for weeks. "I'll see you soon. I love you." For now, she just wants to cuddle her daughter for as long as she'll allow it.

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