2007-07-06: Who does Nathan Have to Kill?


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Summary: Nnnnnnh

Date It Happened: 6 JULY 2007

Who does Nathan Have to Kill?

Petrelli House

It's well late by the time the car pulls up out the front of the mansion. At least there'll be no one around. Nathan tries to urge the sleepy Heidi out to stand, and though she complies, he takes some pity on her and picks her up, heading into the estate and upstairs.

Well. Pity, and some possessiveness. My wife. Mine mine mine. Nathan amuses himself with imagining which six different ways he could punch the son of a bitch that Heidi end up getting touched by or… or, well, touching. He holds her a little close as he angles them into the bedroom, careful not to knock her against the door frame.

Finally, he sets her down, turns on a light… and sits down heavily on the edge of the bed, knees giving way. He's not the only one feeling a little… uh, woozy isn't the right word but we'll go with that. "Next time, I choose the venue."


She's the one who had to attempt to fight against it. God, they could have all— No, Elena would have realised before it got that far. She's a smart girl. Still, the fact that Heidi had to actually resist — She doesn't even want to think about it. In any case, she's too tired to actually walk herself into the house, and so she's incredibly grateful when Nathan does that for her.

Of course, once she's on the bed, she pushes herself up on her elbows so she can look at Nathan, finally. "I don't blame you," she says, managing a smile. After all, it wasn't /all/ bad, was it? Even if… Even if what they did was a /little/ inappropriate. "That's the second time for us."

Nathan might not know about the first time, but Heidi kind of figured it out after awhile. It was a series of connections she managed to make. It would have been better if she'd said something prior to that, but it's too late to think about that now. "I'm not mad. God, I don't have the right to be."


Nathan moves so he can see Heidi a little better, back against the headboard, and gives her a curious look. Second time? "Of course," he mutters. The hotel room. The impulsiveness. That sudden rush of sensation and want is unnatural but not unfamiliar, and he groans, head tilting back to thunk against the wall behind him. Thanks Elena. God, he had been so ready to—

—man that's not a good thing to be thinking about right now. Clearly he and Heidi have things to discuss, and her last sentence forces him to focus. His hand finds hers, finger lacing together, because he doesn't want to sound accusing. "…who was it?" he says, because he has to know who to hate, though his voice is even. "Anyone I know?"


She… has to hope he's not going to be mad. Heidi doesn't even want to know who it was that Nathan … did whatever with, but she has to know at the same time. Or maybe she's better off not knowing; isn't it enough to know that he might have stepped out of bounds, and she's okay with it because, really, no one could have resisted it entirely? It's true, too. She feels no anger toward Nathan, just so long as he wouldn't have done it when not under the influence of Elena's ability.

Taking his hand, Heidi closes her eyes. She could tell him that she doesn't remember, and that could be the truth for all Nathan knows, but… People saw her. She knows that if she doesn't tell him, someone else will. Giving his hand a squeeze, Heidi opens one blue eye, meeting Nathan's brown. "Yeah. Yeah, it was someone you know."


Nathan's mind immediately races to whomever was at that club he recognised. And— Jack is the only actual possibility. Augh. He doesn't pout, exactly - it's kind of a sulk, and he runs his thumb over the backs of her fingers. Can't blame Jack, because then Lachlan could blame Nathan by rights, as could Heidi, as could— yeah, it doesn't work. "It's— it's fine," he says, with a weak smile. "It has to be, right? At least it was just Jack, I know he wouldn't— wouldn't mean anything by that."


Just Jack? Maybe it'd be better if she just let Nathan believe that. In fact, she almost does… Then her mind returns to the fact that he'll probably find out from someone else, anyway. Possibly even Jack. Managing not to look completely mortified - only just, though - Heidi sighs, looking toward her hand clasped in Nathan's. Either he's going to be really angry, or make her feel worse about it. Sitting up, she turns away from him, running hands through dark hair.

"I knew what was going on. So I… Went to try to stop it. And I found Elena sitting in a chair, and… I didn't /mean/ to." She's going to cry. She's going to sit here and cry, because how the /hell/ is she going to look Elena in the eyes /ever again!?/ "She looked… really pretty." Hot, really, would be the better word for it, but Heidi's not going to go there.



Nathan stares at Heidi for a few moments, as if waiting for her to continue the story back into sanity. When that doesn't happen, he moves to put an arm around her into a loose embrace, which is good, because from that angle? She can't see his expression. She may be able to detect a subtle shaking of the shoulders, however, before an unstoppable chuckle finally becomes audible. Because… ELENA?! Well SHE'S not gonna be a threat! All that very manly possessiveness and indignance completely drains away, giving way to relief and amusement. "Definitely don't tell Peter," Nathan says, a big grin evident in his voice. "I didn't even— " He draws away to look at Heidi, knowing she was upset. Is upset. Elena's her friend, after all, and he shakes his head. "If there's anyone who has no right to hold that against you, it's Elena."


Nathan's just lucky she's too tired to slug him, because she really wants to! Even moves to do so, except she decides it's too much effort and abandons that idea in favour of a groan. Y—yeah, not telling Peter about this, ever. He'd probably laugh about it, too, because that is what men do, as evidenced by NATHAN'S STUPID REACTION. That chuckle does earn a glare, though it's not entirely serious. This seems so ridiculous, doesn't it? "It's not funny." She could be vindictive and remind him that his own ordeal may not have been so funny. If he chooses to tell her, fine, but this is one secret she isn't going to ask him about. Everyone has a few, right?

And this whole thing, well. At least it took her mind off the fact that there's someone out there who possibly wants her dead. Hard to think about that when you just kissed someone you consider to be your best friend, after all. At least it wasn't any more than that; Heidi came to her senses - as much as was possible - fairly quickly.

She leans against Nathan, though, sighing. So, /so/ tired. Frayed. Upset. She can't really blame him for being amused, though, because one day she'll look back on this and laugh. "No, she can't. I can hold it against me, though." Let's not forget, she was also the one who tried to attack Nathan. Against the bar.


Yeah, definitely a guy thing. Girls kissing is dismissed as college experiments and/or very hot, generally speaking. Which doesn't make it right! Just makes it there. Nathan holds Heidi as she leans against him. "I think we all have something to be ashamed of," he says, and he's not even talking about the fact his wife's a cougar. That part is embarrassing, but he's glad they geared their initial reactions towards each other, and not, say, the other two they were sitting with.

Well, not until later, anyway. He doesn't want his wife to wonder, though he's not sure she wants to know, like he had needed to know. But in the end, he has enough secrets, and she has a right to it. "I did kind of… have an encounter with Cass," he admits. "It was just a kiss." And a boob grope, but that's definitely an unnecessary detail that hopefully he and Cass can keep to themselves. "Sort of just happened. Sorry."


Oddly enough, that makes her feel a little better. Which is strange, she should feel terrible and angry and upset about the whole damn thing, but this is just one of those times she feels no need to add anything to her long list of complaints about Nathan. Besides, it was Cass, who Heidi doesn't know well, but /likes./ Initial impressions were important. God. Still. Heidi will probably frown about it in the morning, but they were all affected. She knows this. So to blame either Cass or Nathan for what happened is petty and ridiculous.

"Yeah, a lot just sort of happened." Which they should probably never talk about ever again. Looking up, she reaches for Nathan's face, gently touching his cheek. "Maybe we should just go to sleep and try to convince ourselves that was some sort of crazy dream."


"I will if you will," Nathan says, obviously relieved by this sentiment to just let it go. No doubt Heidi will feel the need to repair things with Elena, Nathan sort of wants to make sure Cass doesn't think he's a smarmy bastard, and not needing to fix things - related to this, anyway - between he and Heidi is a comfort. "Although, some of that," he tilts his head a little, as if considering, "some of that I'm not about to go and dismiss." Perhaps to clarify exactly which bit he means, he nudges her into a kiss.


Oh. God. See, that was embarrassing, and yet she still smiles, closing her eyes. If she hadn't known what was going on… Who knows where they would have gone? The only thing that stopped it was because she had to get Elena outside and away from the others, and she couldn't do that while she was mauling her husband. Maybe there was something to that, though. Maybe it was a good thing. Somehow. "You're not supposed to forget me, anyway," she says, and it'd almost be playful if not for the fact that she's falling asleep as she leans against him. At least they got that one little kiss in before she completely passes out on him again.

Which she does.

Sleeping in her clothing isn't going to be the most comfortable thing ever, but she does need sleep, and when she wakes up, she'll probably have the presense of mind to actually worry about Elena. She can't remember exactly, but she's /sure/ the younger girl's nose was bleeding again, and the headaches… Something is wrong.

Before she drifts off completely, she mutters something to that extent, though it's impossible to discern, and she might even forget she said it at all tomorrow.


Nathan can pretty much feel when Heidi's body slackens from exhaustion, and he assists her fall against the bed. Her murmur is dismissed as pre-sleep talk, and he's not about to go chasing after it. Obligingly, he takes off her shoes, but other than that, he's figures not to disturb her, and after pulling off his own shoes, he simply stretches out in bed alongside her, pausing only to reach over and turn off the light. Very much like two teenagers after some wild night, fully dressed and dead to the world, they fall asleep beside each other.

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