2007-03-25: Who Is The Tool?


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Summary: In a visit to Kirby Plaza, Peter and an Agent who pretended to be him at one point meet for the first time. The word tool is tossed around again.

Date It Happened: March 25th, 2007

Who Is The Tool?

Kirby Plaza

Most people who escape from a facility wouldn't go back there and stand outside it in the open, would they? Well, Peter Petrelli isn't exactly most people. It's a chilly New York Sunday, even if Spring has finally started. Dressed warmly, he stands in the Plaza looking up at the large skyscraper he'd been held in, even if he knows he'd been in the basement when there. Hands are in his coat pockets, and he's not even trying to hide his presence, though he could do the exact same thing if he'd only taken the time to turn invisible. A cold breeze shifts the long egdes of his dark coat, but leaves his short cropped hair alone.

It's lunch time, at least for 'Dine and so she's out over by the symbol monolith eating some Filipino food. It's rice and pork adobo today, so she decided to eat it outside since it's such a nice day and all. She's dressed professionally, with a white blouse and a pleated dress pants. And of course there's black pumps. she's just like any other employee or intern, except for the fact that there are a couple of stitches on her cheeks and forehead. That's pretty much it..

Removing a hand from his pocket, Peter lifts up the cuff of his sleeve to check his wrist watch. Playing with a few buttons, he sets a timer, just to remind himself once he's been here the target amount of time. Turning away from the building, he begins to approach the fountain, with it's statue, to have a better seat to look at the building from.

Mmmm. Food. Claudine's in a happy little place at the moment as she yawns and stretches her arms into the air before digging into her food some more. She's starved afterall. She takes a quick scan of the area before raising her brows at peter. She's never seen him before, but then again there are lots of employees that she doesnt know, so she smiles warmly and chirps a happy little, "Hi!"

That's pleasant, at least. Peter looks towards the young woman who speaks to him and smiles briefly, really no more than a tug on the side of his lips. Just looking at her he can almost feel his stomach rumble, taking note of her food. "Hi," he starts in a soft voice, vaguely rasped, that she may or may not recognize. And this would be when it becomes obvious that the rumbling in his stomach… is not because he's hungry. The ground starts to shake, the beginnings of tremors.

Fortunately, she doesnt notice the tremors yet, or she'd be all WTFOMGBBQ? especially since she's not agitated in any way whatsoever. Though, her brows quirk a little. There's a bit of familiarity since well, she had to be him for a good bit. She gets all squinty eyed and smiles warmly, "So what department are you in?" she asks curiously.

The agitation might well be all him, because Peter's the one standing on what might be considered enemy grounds. Hasn't completely decided on that point just yet, though he's leaning towards it, still. At the question of department, the tremors pick up, not quite enough to start doing damage, but enough to begin rippling the water in the fountain in unnatural ways. "I— containment." It's not a lie…

And that's when she notices the ground is trembling. That cannot be good especially since she isnt agitated and she looks around at the things shaking. This is /SO/ not her doing and she winces a little while concentrating as she looks around until she can stop the earth from shifting around lest she get in trouble from the higher ups. Then it hits her. It's the tool! And she just stares, "Didnt you um..escape? I know your friends came for you.." she whispers softly.

To be honest, Peter doesn't even know anything had been going on with the tremors, though he does notice her consentration. Something to do with her food, maybe? It isn't until it hits her, and she asks if he escaped, does he get some idea what's going on. This would be what he'd been waiting for. "Yeah. I escaped." Don't escaped people usually… stay escaped? Or try to?

At least the tremors have stopped and she lets out a sigh of relief. "So um..are you coming back or are you here to destroy and get revenge or what?" Claudine seems rather confused as to why he's here, let alone as to how the tremors started. This is just wierd. Way too wierd in fact. "I mean, your friends came in with guns blasting and stuff and your brother thinks we're evil like woah.." Yes, she knows Nathan. "he was mean to me.." she grumps..

"I'm not planning to destroy the place, or hurt anyone," Peter explains, shaking his head as he actually looks away from her and towards the building again. Leaving himself a little open, isn't he? "Not here to get captured or turn myself in, either." A little trusting that she won't pull out a stun gun and put him down right now? If she was part of the group stopping the assualt, especially with Nathan's team, who failed and were captured… "I do want to talk to one of your bosses, but I don't imagine they'd let me in to see him anyway."

"I dont imagine they'd let you come in without some sort of altercation.." Claudine says matter of factly as she doesnt have clearance on the mczappities, so she cant do it. And using her powers to capture him would just be messy. "So um, why do you want to talk to them? I can deliver the message, though really, since you're like a walking, talking nuke, I highly recommend coming back for a bit of treatment.."

"Probably not," Peter says, frowning at the building as if this whole thing is a bigger mess than he'd like. "I'm wanting to see Bob Bishop. He should know how to contact me." Question is, will he? Looking back at her, his expression moves towards more serious, voice actually getting deeper, hoarse, "I know what I am, and I know what I can do. But what they did here wasn't treatment. It was imprisonment." Even then, he doesn't sound too bitter, not nearly as embittered as he probably should be. "I can control it." Sounds fairly sure of himself for a tool, doesn't he? "I can forgive this place for what it did to me. Can't forgive them for what they did to people I care about."

"Um..didnt you explode? That really doesnt sound like control. And I'm guessing you're the one who made with the earthquake, cause yeah.." Claudine says matter of factly, since she knowsit wasnt her that did it. "Look, I dont know what they did to you, but you have to realize that you're..dangerous. Think of all the innocent people you could hurt with ya know..your blowing up.."

"And before you go on a whole crusade being savior to the evolved everywhere crusade..we didnt do jack to your friends. They hurt more of our people than yours. Remember, they came in with guns blazing. We had tranq darts.." Claudine adds.

"No one knows better than I do what could happen if I lose control. But you don't understand what's going on, either," Peter says, voice firm, though there's a hint of confusion. Earthquake? Definitely didn't do any earthquakes, that he knows of. "The explosion was in November. I've been off the drugs for weeks and I haven't blown up yet. And I wasn't talking about those people. Didn't even know most of them. Still don't know some of them. I'm talking about a harmless sixteen year old girl who couldn't hurt a soul with her abilities. She was held prisoner here for over four months, against her will, her family threatened with death."

Huh. Maybe she did it then, but waittaminute, she's the one who stopped it? Maybe it's a sideeffect of what she's done by accident before? Who knows. Either way, she shrugs it off and rubs at her temples a little. "Now that's just a load of tripe. We dont hold people here against their will.." Claudine says, seemingly convinced of it.

"No, your people just threatened her family with death until she agreed to stay," Peter says, putting his hands back into his pockets. He's not glaring, but he's definitely not pleased. "Just like they got me to agree to stay with them because of the damage I could cause." He's heard that line before. "Me, they just drugged and isolated me. Her— experimentation, torture, testing of her abilities, which involved putting her through more pain than the people who came to rescue me could have possibly caused. Her father— was one of the ones who came in guns blazing— and betrayed my brother, joined you, to insure she would be freed from this place."

The looks on Claudine's face definitely reveals that she had no idea about this stuff, but she wrinkles her nose and shakes her head. "No. That was probably just a misunderstanding. Sure testing sucks, and sometimes it's painful, but there's definitely no torture.." she says firmly and resolutely.

"I trust her word over yours, I'm afraid," Peter says, looking a little saddened for a moment, and turning back to face the building. Luckily no tremors again, but the initial absorbing is what brough them out, and he's a little less stressed. At least she's willing to talk, and not try to force him to stay. "It's torture when the only way to rest your ability is to inflict pain and injury. I don't think this place is evil, but there was no reason for them to do that. Or even hold her here. Her ability can't hurt anyone."

"She's sixteen, of course anything is going to seem like torture. Teenagers are melodramatic and often exagerrate.." Claudine replies while shaking her head a little as she runs her fingers through her hair. "If that's what she told you, she probably is just all emo. Teenagers tend to be that way.."

"You're not that much older than her," Peter says, giving her a long look over his shoulder. It does look as if he's insulted by what she has to say, though, a look of disgust crossing his face. Shaking his head, he faces the building again and adds, "I'm glad they're treating you well." That's all he can really think to say to her, because it feels like he's talking to a stone wall for some reason. At the same time, a beep beep comes from his watch, and he adds, "Enjoy what's left of your lunch," before he starts to walk away, not directly towards the building. He's not going in.

"Gah..he is tool.." she grumbles as she starts to ease on up to head towards the building. It seems like she has a report to file…

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