2007-04-19: Who Likes Short Shorts?


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An older member of the Company meets a newer one, a discussion of abilities and jobs occurs, and Orion makes an expedient exit.

April 19th, 2007

Who Likes Short Shorts?

Hartsdale, NY - Primatech - Gymnasium

Aaah, another week finished, and after returning from the camping trip with Orion, Claudine feels rather refreshed and ready to take on the world once more. She's changed since she first came in as a naive little girl with the Company, and now she's in one of the training facilities dressed for a workout. She's in a pair of bootie shorts,and a black tanktop and of course a pair of running shoes.

She's been on the treadmill for a good while now, having just finished her fourth mile. Just one more mile to goand she can move on to something else..huff, puff..

Jenny Hawking has recently returned from Idaho! The land of potatoes! And little girls with allergic reactions to their own blood. The girl had no powers that Jenny could determine, so she returned to New York. She made her report, and now she's going to get her exercise in. Now entering the Gym: A former Olympics gold-medalist turned model!
Dressed in VERY small shorts (almost to the point of being indecent) and a lycra top, Jenny glances around, and spots someone else in here already. She walks a bit closer and calls out, "Hello, there." Then she pulls on some weighted wristbands and ankle weights that she was carrying (ohnoes Dragon Ball Z training!) and heads for the in-door track. Yes, she could use the treadmill, but she has already broken one machine that way, and doesn't want to break another.
Pulling her hair up into a ponytail while she walks over, she glances back at Claudine, and asks, "How are you doing?"

Blink. Blink. Slut ho alert perhaps? Nah, the woman looks like she can probably kick the young Filipina's ass, so she just decides to keep that little thought to herself. A bright smile curls onto her lips though as she chirps brightly, "Hi there!" still running, not showing any signs of slowing down.

"And um..I'm fine I guess, just you know, working out and whatnot.." she says trying to make conversation, not really knowing what else to say to this woman that she doesnt know.

Orion Granger walks in the doors to the training area and gets an eyeful of Jenny and Claudine. He turns around and exits through the doors which had not even closed behind him. No good could possibly come of him being in there.

Jenny nods, and when she reaches the track, she takes only a moment to warm-up, doing stretches and so forth, and then says, "I feel like I'm out of shape. Haven't had the chance to do any exercising in nearly a month, because I was chasing down a false lead on some magical green-skinned girl. Nothing came of it." She shrugs, and glances over as she sees the doors swing closed, though doesn't catch sight of anyone. Odd. Then she jogs in place for a couple seconds, before she TAKES OFF running. Just as with anyone else, it takes time to accelerate to one's full speed when going from a standing position to a sprint. Jenny isn't using her powers yet, so it would probably only take her about eight seconds to go from 'in plain sight of Claudine' to '1/4th of the way around the track, and off to Claudine's right'. It takes her another twelve seconds to come around to her starting point in front again. She slows down to a stop, looking as though she's not even breathing hard. She just completed about 150 yards of running in about 20 seconds. Which is totally not normal running speed for an average run-of-the-mill person.
"Haven't seen you around before. Are you new to the Company?" Jenny asks as she stretches out again, flexing tan, firmly-muscled legs one direction, then the other. She's not trying to show off. But she feels like she needs to push herself to make up for slacking while she was on assignment.

Again, there's more blinking on the poor Filipina girl's part. This woman seems nice enough, and rather sane, so this is definitely a good thing. She's about to answer as she nods, listening to the description, when the older woman starts to zoom off and she just goes slack jawed, rather impressed.

Once Jenny's at her side though, Claudine smiles warmly and nods. "I'm kinda sorta new. I havent seen you before, so I've been added since you were gone with the chasing the magical gree-skinned girl.." giggling impishly."I'm Claudine by the way, but you can just call me 'Dine. I help out with the patients making them feel better and whatnot. No active field duty for me since an incident with one of the crazies.." she says while referring to some scars on her arms.

Jenny nods and laughs a little. "Or maybe I just wasn't paying attention. I'm Jenny. Nice to meet you, Dine. I'm not sure what my 'official' job is. I think I'm supposed to be the 'friendly face' of the Company. I make patients feel comfortable, and let them know that we aren't ALL jerks that want to poke at them with sharp instruments… But I also go out and try to convince others to join us willingly. I've never had to force anyone, and I hope I never have to." She shrugs.
Then she turns to face along the circular track again, and says, "Hokay… Now to see if I can do this without injuring myself still." She crouches down in a sprinter's position, one leg out behind, the other with knee bent, fingers down on the floor… And then she starts running, just like before. Only this time she attempts to multiple the kinetic energy in her body as she runs, pushing her well beyond even her Olympics-level speed. If successful, she may well complete three full circuits of the track in the same time that she took for the previous 'warm-up' run. But we'll just see. She eventually comes to a stop either way, NOW breathing hard.

The entire thing strikes a chord with her, as well, that's what she was brought in for. "Actually, I sort of do the same thing. I guess.." and she was about to talk more, but she just waits until the woman is back within a reasonable distance before she continues speaking. "Looks like I should probably be reporting to you or something. I've already brought in a few, all who came in willingly. Heather for instance. And Stefanie as well. I'm currently trying to work on bringing in a few others, but ya know, hadnt had much time with school and all.." she admits ruefully.

Her brows raise as she watches the woman run circles around her, literally.Another person with super speed? well isnt that interesting. Ianto would probably be intrigued..

Jenny nods and catches her breath, not bending over or anything like some people would after such an exertion, but keeping her back straight. Bending over constricts your lungs and squashes them, making it harder to get oxygen. Keeping your back straight allows maximum oxygen to be gained from breathing, and helps to slow down breathing after heavy exercise. So soon Jenny is breathing normally. "Yeah. It's hard to juggle work here, with life outside the Company. I work as a model, which means I'm sometimes occupied for hours during the day, while perfectionists and sociopaths use up more film than most people even thought existed, and all for one photoshoot. Plus hot lights, uncomfortable clothing, and various other things… Makes me wonder why I don't find another job." She shrugs helplessly. "But I guess people do what they're good at." She listens to Claudine and nods. "I'll have to get around and meet some of the patients then. Introduce myself and make sure they feel comfortable. Not that I don't think you're already doing that, but creating a social atmosphere is important. The more they trust us, the more likely strangers can become friends and allies."

"I'm still a student actually." Claudine explains her situation as she nods, raising her brows while giving Jenny a look over once more. The older woman definitely looks like a model and she just looks at herself, and squirms a little as she runs, starting to get a bit self conscious. MUST WORKOUT MORE. That is definitely motivation here.

"And yeah, it's hard. I kind of got behind, but I'm all caught up now, so I'm hoping to do some fieldwork again. And I agree completely. There are too many people out there that are too paranoid. I'm still waiting to here from the superiors about what to do about that Omega Man guy. He rescued me from some muggers in central park, and he took off his mask, so I know who he is and all now.."

Jenny hmms and walks over to Claudine. "I still need to catch up on all the reports that were filed… I think I'm missing something. Who is 'Omega Man' again? Some kind of costumed vigilante with a special ability?" She tries to recall where she has heard of this Omega Man before. Must have read the name when she was skimming the files.

"A high school idiot with powers. I think he has super speed or something. I just know he moved really fast.." Claudine says matter of factly as she knows both facets of Omega Man,but then again, it's all from her perspective.

Jenny shakes her head. "They keep getting younger and younger. Well, there are other ways to move fast besides having superhuman speed as a power. For instance, I can enhance my speed by multiplying the Kinetic Energy in my body. Of course, I can already run pretty fast without doing that, but as you saw, it only takes multiplying that energy a few times before very impressive results can be achieved. I can also do other things, however. Such as this:" She then grins and attempts to scoop Claudine off her treadmill, launch her high into the air, straight up, without even trying to throw her, and then slow down her descent so that she lands softly back on her feet. Of course if she screws up, then they'll probably wind up in a tangle of women on the floor, and then Orion would probably feel SAD that he left the Gym, though he probably wouldn't know why.

Holy crap! All of a sudden, Claudine is scooped up and thrown into the air as she lets out a slight eep as she has no idea what's going on. Just a demonstration of the other woman's powers, she supposes, but the experience is rather, surprising and definitely freaks her out a bit. Adrenaline rushing through her system due to being on runner's high causes a localized earthquake, causing things in the gym to shake and rattle a bit. She did get a good scare afterall.

And maybe Orion will still be sad when she's caught in the older woman's arms. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, just concentrating for a few moments and soon the shaking stops. Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red from embarassmentas things calm down while looking around for any others who might get upset from the little earthquake. "Um..sorry bout that. You just caught me by surprise. I control the earth, rocks, and other things like that. I can do things from making coal into diamonds to causing different magnitude earthquakes.."

In the men's room next door to the gym, Granger looks up from the National Geographic issue he's reading. Slowly Orion rises and looks into the seat.

"… I swear to god, if a giant demi-gecko-frog-thing rips the roof off of the building and tries to eat me, I will haunt you forever."

Jenny grins and sets Claudine down. "Sorry, should have warned you. But yeah, I can control Kinetic Energy in anything. Myself, people, objects… I haven't tried to move anything larger than a person or small boulder before, but I imagine if I get good enough with my powers, I could hurl the Washington Monument at someone like a javelin, without even exerting myself. Not because I'm strong, but because I could add energy to it to make it start moving, and then multiply that until it was moving FAST. Granted, I think that's a bad example, since the structure is cemented to the ground, and I might burn myself out before I could crack the base enough to launch it, but I think you get the idea. Coins can be fired like bullets from my hands. I can even knock someone down with pure kinetic force, not even using matter for it. I couldn't always do these things…" She ponders thoughtfully as she steps back a bit and looks at the ceiling.
"The Company really helped me to understand my powers better… I put myself on crutches for nearly a year after the 2006 olympics, because I overloaded myself. Fractured my legs and nearly liquified my muscles. Now I can decide how much force is enough, and can achieve even greater speeds than I did back then, without any injury." She smiles at Claudine. "I'll bet the same is true for you. You improved once you joined the Company, right?"

Claudine takes it all in, blissfully unaware of Orion's little crack at her powers. Oh well, that's a good thing in this case, right? She listens and winces a little at the mention of what the older woman can do and hrmms for a few moments, wrinkling her nose a little. "So, it's more like you can transfer momentum of other objects to things? I mean, the kinetic energy you produce has to come from somewhere, right?" she says, remembering what she could from her mechanics class last semester.

At the question she nods and smiles warmly. "Before, I just had earthquakes when I was nervous or freaking out or pissed off. With time and a bit of study, I could shape rock, minerals, sand, clay and other things on a much larger scale. It seems I did it unconsciously since I like to sculpt, but they also helped me realize that I can do things like turn graphite into diamond or make sedimentary rocks into their metamorphic counterparts. That's why I joined in the end, since they helped me a lot.."

Jenny nods, and glances at a clock on the wall, before returning her gaze to Claudine. "Well, I'm not sure how >that< part works. I think I might be syphoning momentum from the Earth itself. It IS hurtling through space at millions of miles per hour or something ridiculous like that, right? A little bit of potential energy turned into kinetic won't hurt anyone." She puts her arms behind her head and streeeeeetches, arching her back, in a display that would probably make Orion very intrigued if he wasn't still in the bathroom, and might necessitate Claudine punching someone. When Jenny stops, she says, "It's about time I headed home. I'll see you around, hopefully, Dine!"

Claudine wouldnt punch anyone. She's make a giant hand of earth and smash someone. That's what would happen. So, when Jenny starts heading off, she smiles and nods, "Well that makes sense I guess.." she says with a shrug of her shoulders."I should get going as well. Still have to see what Orion is up to and see if he's ready to head home. It was nice meeting you Jenny!" and with that she starts to head towards the shower as well.

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