2007-08-28: Who The Hell Are You And Why Are You Questioning My Snackfood


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Summary: FAIL.

Date It Happened: August 28th, 2007

Who The Hell Are You And Why Are You Questioning My Snackfood

NYU, Greenwich Village

Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, New York University's main campus surrounds Washington Square Park. Instead of just one area, given that the city isn't particularly forgiving in terms of space, the center of NYU's campus, instead, is broken up into several buildings surrounding the park. Northbound, one can find the main undergraduate admissions building. Southbound, the Bobst Library stands next to the Kimmel Center of University Life, which is just a few blocks east of Vanderbilt Hall.

Students can be seen milling about, either at the park, or the buildings surrounding it. As always, this area seems alive with activity as professors and alumns alike roam through the streets and halls of one of the oldest private universities of the United States.

The ink on Eliana Pasternack's check from the publisher might as well still be wet, and here she is spending her evening sitting in New York University's library in front of a vast spread of reference books. After all, the way to make it as a writer is to write, and not everything can be pulled out of one's…well, you get the idea. The young woman, whose blonde hair only holds a tinge of the shocking pink it used to sport, is reading from one volume while cross-referencing it with another and taking notes between. She slouches in an oversized sweater, worn over a faded t-shirt paired with comfortable jeans and sneakers.

Prowling the library is Kitty and this newly graduated college student is just in the library poking around at some science fiction novels as she takes a few down novels and balances them in her arms she begins to move away, passing Eliana one of her novels drops onto the floor and Kitty whose arms are full right now cannot really reach down to pick it up. "Damnit" she sighs and blows a strand of her auburn hair out of her eyes. Wearing a pair of black shorts and a red tank top along with some sneakers and fingerless gloves, today red and black. The young woman looks around and then places her books on the table that Eliana is currently occupying. "Sorry to invade your space but I couldn't pick up the book with all the others in my hand it- just-, yeah. Never mind. Sorry Sometimes I tend to ramble" Kitty laughs softly and bends to pick up the book.

There are always all kinds of people in the library at all ours of the day, and at the start of semester at NYU there is little exception; there is a man sidling out of the elevator that seems to fit the profile of some other type of visitor, his slacks and shirt orderly like that of a professional, but judging by the way that he is struggling to finger his striped tie back into place- there is also something direly /un/professional. At long last, Lawrence Church seems to give up with the tie. He slips it off of his collar and stuffs it blindly into his pocket, strides taking him out onto this particular part of the library. Only a few things could possibly distract him from fleeing the grounds, and there it goe…hello, there. Just as he passes behind a bookshelf, Kitty's shorts catch his eye. What self respecting man wouldn't slow down and peek around the edge of the physics dictionaries? /College Girls/.

The book's report as it smacks against the hardwood flooring snap Eliana out of the trance she'd put herself in, and so she stares bug-eyed at Kitty while the younger woman rambles. Squinting, she's able to make some sense of what Kitty is saying, and she answers it with a soft smile and a shake of her head. "No trouble at all," Eliana says easily. "But…if I could make a suggestion? One at a time might be the better route." She steals a glance at the novels that have been placed on her table, and another, larger smile falls across her face. Eliana looks back up at Kitty, quickly judging her age more accurately. "Have you found Enlightenment Books yet?"

Kit looks surprised that Eliana didn't yell at her or something. She smiles at the other woman as she picks up the novel from the floor and puts it with the others, "Good idea" she chuckles and takes a seat opposite of Eliana, "Yeah, I've been there once and I've been meaning to go back there. They have some pretty awesome books" she looks down at what Eliana's doing and she raises an eyebrow, "What is this?" she asks here goes Kitty's curiosity! The young writer and mechanic smiles and looks at the other woman.

Church pretends of course, to be doing something else while he peeks occasionally through the space in the shelf, also taking the moment to try and listen in. When it seems like the girls are paying more attention to each other than their surroundings, both hands lift to at least straighten his collar and brush back his dark brown hair before the man makes the motion of stepping out into the open again. Today, Lawrence will be playing the part of creepy older man. He practically struts himself over to the table, leaning down onto the far end with both elbows, his chin perched on his knuckles. "Do…either of you have any raisins?"

"Research," Eliana says with another smile. Ah, freshmen. The books themselves all seem to center around the history and culture of America in the late 1800s. "If I can get a basic summary and-or outline to my publisher within the next month, I've got a good chance that they'll hand over a stipend." Eliana braces slightly, still strangely uncomfortably excited with the notion that she has a publisher - a publisher that published something she wrote. She's in the process of collecting herself when Lawrence Church makes his entrance. Eliana's eyes narrow almost at once, and while grinding her teeth, she's able to keep the euphoric gases from seeping too far beyond her layers of clothing. Instead, in the few heartbeats it takes, they hover about an inch beyond the wool sweater. "Only the chocolate covered kind," Eliana admits, though her tone is of the 'Who The Hell Are You And Why Are You Questioning My Snackfood' type.

"You're a writer! So am I!" Kitty looks excited and she grins, "I just finished the English program here, but I don't really know what I want to do with my life besides write. That is so cool that you have a publisher" The fellow writer is about to say something else when she notices Church and his /very/ weird question. "Did you just ask about raisins?" she looks the older man up and down and she snickers softly, "Is that what you old guys are calling them now?" she raises an eyebrow and brushes a strand of her hair out of her eyes.

A bouncing chuckle slips from Lawrence at the face he gets from Eliana. Whoa, alright, maybe the smart girls are a bit too much for him. Perhaps he's rusty! That must be it.

"Ruining my already horrible pick-up line was very uncalled for, ladies. 'No raisins? How about a date?'" Lawrence mocks himself, then promptly sighs and stands back up.

Eliana leans back in her chair with a smug, victorious grin. The old dog emasculated, if only for a moment, makes him less of a threat, and Eliana is able to calm her heartbeat further. She glances across the table to Kitty and squints, judging her again. Not a freshmen, but definitely fresh in more ways than one. "You know, if you want to be a writer, you might consider trying to get a free meal out of this guy rather than scare him away with insults. Just a word to the wise." Then Eliana winks, but it is clear the gesture isn't meant for Kitty alone.

Smiling and chuckling, "Well I'm sorry that I hurt you" Kitty looks to Church and then after pondering for a moment she shakes her head, "Um, I don't really know how to put this in a nice way but I'm not really interested and you well /do/ look old enough to be my step-dad" she winks at Church and then smiles at Eliana, "You are wise, but" she leans in to whisper to Eliana, "He looks /really/ old!" she glances up at Church and tries to look as if to say, 'No, I Was Totally Not Whispering About You With This Girl That I Just Met'.

Church perches his thigh on the edge of the table, half leaning and half sitting. "She has a point, babycakes." His hands link and rest palm-up in his lap. "And hey, now-" He raises an eyebrow at the young women, a curvy-lipped smirk on his face. "-I know plenty of classy young ladies that would rather have a first rate older man than a third rate jerkoff."

Eliana lifts one hand to cup her chin, humming in over-dramatized contemplation. "You have a point, sir," she notes, closing her eyes and lifting her eyebrows. Indeed, indeed. "And where are those classy young ladies?" Eliana retorts, her expression one of amusement at Church's expense as she looks up at him with a faux-innocence. "Out buying a first-rate older man some raisins?"

Kitty laughs softly and grins at Church, "Its Kitty, /daddyo/ not babycakes" she would have shot Church for calling her that but just her luck; she left her favorite pistol Suzie Q at home! Ah well. She grins at Eliana and nods her head. She is starting too really like this girl! "Do you really use that pickup line on other women?"

Church just smiles disarmingly. Kitty, huh? "I can live with Daddy-o. Or Lawrence." A passing glance moves over Eliana, but his charms seem just to be on the edge of his sleeve for all to witness. Yeah. "Those young ladies are unfortunately on the other side of the country. I've just moved eastward and had no choice but to leave all my friends back home." He is also getting the feeling that these ones want him to leave too. But, Lawrence Church is a man of action! He must trek on. "Not really. I was just so dumbstruck that I wasn't thinking straight." Zing, Kitty. /Zing/.

"Is that so," Eliana says in response to both of Church's statements. She then looks back across the table at Kitty, a teasing smile on her face. "Watch your diction there, hon. You might make him think you're closer in age than you are."

"I totally pegged you as a Tom" Kitty closes her eyes for a moment and lets what she just said sink in, "Left all your friends? Poor you" she tilts her head and shrugs and then looks back to Eliana, totally not responding to Church's last comment. "I am not even of legal drinking age yet. He definitely doesn't want to talk to me" she says to Eliana and winks. This guy is funny, but date him? Uhh Kitty would not want to explain that to her dad.

Church should have picked better targets for this first foray into New Yorker life. Oh well. If he is going to go down, it may as well look good. "Well…I can be /your/ tom, Kitty cat." He says this almost pitifully, looking at the girl with those brown Labrador eyes. Unfortunately, he can't keep a straight face long enough, and pretty soon he seems to be choke-laughing at himself. Whoops.

Oh no. Church isn't laughing first. Eliana is. Free and easy, but she's still able to stay aware of her heartbeat and keep it in a manageable range. She even leans forward and slaps the table with one hand, sending her pen into the air for a brief moment.'

As much as Kitty wants to laugh and smile at Church he just did the ultimate no-no. "Don't call me Kitty Cat, /ever/ again. Please" she adds in a cold voice and she then goes back to smiling and shakes her head, "As awesome as the offer sounds, I am going to have to go with a no thanks Tom" she winks at the man and then rolls her eyes. He is funny, she'll give him that.

Church practically 'tsks'. "Right. Then cut out the winking, cause it's pretty cute." One mannerism for another. "Can't blame a guy for trying. Especially if I'm as old as you make it sound. I'm obviously a very brave man." He sticks out his chest just a little, letting out a sigh as he stands up away from the table.

"Well." Eliana coughs back her laughter and closes her notebook with a punctuating plunk. It's soon stuffed into a muslin bag she produces from under the table. "If memory serves, felines aren't the friendliest when it comes to these situations. Kitty," she says with a nod to the younger alumna, but when she turns to Church, Eliana pauses, waiting for a name to be supplied as she extends a hand to shake his.

Church smirks when Eliana extends her hand, his own practically jutting out to return the gesture. He addresses them both, but his attention is on the blonde. "Lawrence Church. King of crash courses in utter mojo failure." He is all smiles, despite such a failure.

"Eliana Pasternack," the blonde answers with an amused tilt of her head, glancing to Kitty before focusing on Church again. "Author and amateur songwriter." Her grip on Church's hand is firm, and she gives it a soft squeeze before she lets her own hand fall to her side once again, her other gripping the wide strap of her bag slung over her shoulder. "The Price We All Pay, available at all fine retailers of the cheapest paperbacks in the city." Looking to Kitty and her pile of books again, Eliana smiles. "Science Fiction, but not an overdose of buttons and things that go 'beep'."

"Mmm, I will definitely go and buy that!" Kitty grins and stands as well, getting her books she smiles at Church and Eliana, "See yall around and maybe I'll see you around Eliana?" she smiles at the other woman and then moves to walk away.

Church allows himself another smile. That name sounds awfully familiar. In his head it is almost like he'd seen it written down or typed up somewhere. Hm. "Nice to meet you, Miss Pasternack. You too, Kitty." He does sound a bit forlorn, but unbeknownst to him he will see the latter girl again, and sooner than expected.

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