2009-11-29: Who Therapies the Therapist?



Date: November 29, 2009


A therapist and a records specialist meet in the hall… one spills coffee and then makes a request.

"Who Therapies the Therapist?"

Police Station - NYC

The familiar sound of leather-soled pumps on the tiles of the police station clap as Sydney walks down the hall. She's been at the police station since three in the morning. The familial triple-murder/suicide was too much for several of the officers on side. The home had been normal. The family had seemed normal. But the incident wasn't. A woman had shot her husband and her two children — one of which was no more than three. Following her actions she'd taken her own life. Thus Sydney was called to help with crisis intervention for the officers involved, even at the early hour in the morning.

Dressed in faded blue jeans, a black blouse, and a black blazer, the therapist takes a moment to herself, coffee in hand, just strolling the hallways for a bit of a break. All-in-all she's emotionally spent. She's been trying to purposefully (and not very successfully) use her ability to help the officers cope. Unfortunately with her lack of control she's been receiving their anxiety about the incident.

Morgana pads through the hall in her quiet pumps, the only noise coming from the cart that she's pushing, stacks of files needing transport to records, where she'll file them away. She's kept a low profile since the by-product of her recent activities have been found, however the top file holds the information of her next target. She keeps an eye on where she's going but not so much on the hustle and bustle of the people walking around, until she realizes that she has to swerve to avoid Sydney. "Oh, excuse me." She says, back to her mousy self.

"Guh!" is Sydney's response as she takes a step away from the cart, causing her coffee to spill. Frown. Must stop drinking coffee. She shakes her head a bit before she offers Morgana a fleeting sigh, "Probably my fault. No one expects a therapist in the middle of the hallway." She offers a tired smile before tilting her head, "Wait. Oh hey! You're the girl from Club DNA's. I was going to look for you after I'm done today," but who knows when that will be. She offers a slightly broader grin, but it's short-lived.

Morgana blinks and pushes her glasses up on her nose. "Oh! I'm sorry!" She reaches over and grabs a handful of napkins that just happened to be conveniently in the area. "Here.." She'd help blot but realizes it would look inappropriate. "Um.. yeah. That's me." Great.. The headwitch from the place where she felt funny… "Looking for me? Did… Did you need something?" Stick to business, don't garner any attention…

"Oh it's fine," Sydney quips as she grins. "I spill coffee a lot. Maybe the caffeine puts me on edge or something." Her grin broadens once more. "And it'll wash out eventually." She blinks a few times to wake herself up before answering, "Oh, I just know you work here and I said I'd pay you a visit the next time I'm around. I have to admit I haven't been around here much this month…" She grins. "So, how are you? Busy filing and stuff?" She motions towards the stacks of files. "That reminds me I could actually use some personnel files… do you have access to them?"

Morgana looks like a deer in headlights. She's not used to anyone asking about her well-being. Except for one of the guys in Forensics who got a look down her top one day. "I…I'm good." She takes a second.. "Oh! How're you? I've been busy.. at least I try to be. Personnel files? Sure… I have access to all records." Convenient access to information on criminals that slip through the system. "If there're a lot of them, you can just write down the names and I can get them for you."

"Well I'm glad to hear you're good. It can be hard working in a place like this. Sometimes even disheartening. And being a records specialist, I imagine you'd see more than most around here," Sydney quirks a small smile. "It's refreshing to me to hear someone doing well here." Or doing well at all these days. "I'm… surviving," she smiles. "It's been a long morning already." Grin. "Alright, well I just need to update some information. Also, I'm in need of some information on some recent murders…" Her lips quirk a bit as she furrows her eyebrows, "Just need files on the victims if we have them… I want to create a profile as best I can."

Morgana smirks and shrugs nervously. "You grow some thick skin. I don't work on any cases, personally, so that helps. She nods at the mention of the files. "Alright. Just write down the names and I'll get on them ASAP." Victims? Recent murders? They've only recently identified the first two victims and that info hadn't even been released to the media yet. Could she be…? No.. She can't form a profile on just 2 ID's.. Her panic builds and then subsides…

"I imagine it's a necessity in your position," Sydney nods as she sips on what remains of her coffee. She reaches into her back jean pocket and extracts a pad of paper. And then she reaches into an inside blazer pocket for a pen. "Alright… so these are the officers I need files on." She pulls the piece of paper from the pad and hands it to Morgana. "And these are the victims." There are five victims only the latest was found in the New York area. "We're not sure it's a serial killer, but judging by the commonalities… probably the same person." She hands the second sheet over to Morgana.

Morgana nods and takes the papers with a quick sigh of relief and a sense of security. All of her victims are in the New York area… However, the thought of another serial killer out there? The thrill of such a worthy target is just too much. She'll have to get closer to this case, and so far the only in she has is through Sydney. She'll either have to grin and bear it or find some other way to get close to the case. "Alright. I'll be right on it. Are you going to be taking up an interview room for the research or are you taking them home?"

Sydney hmms. On one hand working from home is more ideal. On the other, she has three new house guests. A few moments pass as she makes a decision, "I think I'll take them with me and work on them in my other office between patients. Just seems like the better option. I hate using the space here… always feel like I'm getting in the weigh of something more worthy than my psychological ramblings." She grins again.

Morgana raises an eyebrow. "Don't sell yourself short. Most of the people here are useless." She says with a smirk. "You'll just have to sign them out, which is just a simple release form. I'll grab one when I get the records. Is there anything else I can get you?" She takes out her own pad of paper from one of the many layers she's wearing.

"Wow… um, no. I think that's everything for now," Sydney hmms as she thinks. "Actually I should be on my way out to try to get some rest." Try being the operative word. Especially in light of everything she's heard from the cops this morning. Secondary trauma is a beast. "Thank you, Morgana! That's really helpful! If you could call me sometime later this week then I can come pick them up… there really is no huge rush as long as I have them by Friday…"

Morgana nods. "Sure thing. I'll get your number from the rolodex and I'll call you as soon as they're ready.. Now go unload. Find someone that *you* can talk to, you know? Who therapies the therapist?" She smirks, her own twist on the Watchmen tagline. "They'll definitely be ready by Friday. If you need them even sooner just give me a call."

"I will!" Sydney grins as she gives Morgana a quick wave. She begins padding down the hall only to turn around and wave again, "Thank you, Morgana! I appreciate it!" With a sigh, she walks out the door, wondering to herself, <Who does therapy the therapist?>

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