2008-04-06: Who Wants to Be a Hero?


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Summary: Leah and Sierra discuss a suspiciously familiar new book idea, not to mention some equally suspicious characters.

Date It Happened: April 6, 2008

Who Wants to Be a Hero?

Imago Cabaret, Greenwich Village

It is late evening, early in the week. The place is not a hotbed of activity, but reasonably full for the day and time. The house band is playing softly, as Quinn is between sets and sitting at the bar.

It's a night like any other for Sierra LeBlanc, though she has the next day off which prompted her to stop by the Imago Cabaret to have an enjoyable night out. Not even worrying about a table, she heads directly to the bar, not too far from where Quinn is in fact, and sits herself down. Flagging down the bartender, she orders herself a martini.

Leah makes her way in, dressed in a little black dress with a flowing skirt. In her hands is a small notebook - purple - with an equally purple pen. The bar is often a good place to observe the room, so that's where Leah makes her way, sliding into a seet next to Quinn.

Normally, George would still be at the office at this hour, or at best just leaving to hop a subway line. But today's a special occasion, so he made advance arrangements to cut out about an hour ago. He wanders around more slowly, waving to Leah first as he reaches the bar and spots her. He hasn't seen Quinn or Sierra just yet, there are too many people milling around in the same area.

Quinn turns, holding a martini glass in one hand and notices the new arrivals. Time to make a few rounds, meet the clientele.

Sierra smiles and thanks the bartender as he brings her drink. Adjusting her own dress, tugging on it slightly, she sips her drink. After a couple minutes, she notices George not far away. "George!" She calls out to him. "Mon cherie!"

Leah gives George a bright smile. "Hi New Years Man!" She calls towards George, setting her little notebook on the bar as she leans forward to order a vodka in soda before giving George another look. "Out late on a weeknight, huh?"

George returns Leah's smile. "I might say the same to you— at least I've got a good excuse for it." Speaking of which, he walks further down along the bar, stopping on the other side of Sierra's chair and leaning in to steal a quick kiss. "Have you two met before?" he adds, settling into his own spot.

Quinn makes her way over toward where George and Sierra sit, likely close to Leah too. She offers a cheerful, professional smile, offering a hand where it seems wanted. "Well, good evening."

Sierra grins as George approaches, allowing him his quick little kiss. She looks between Leah and George. "Hmm, non, I do not believe we have met." She looks to Leah and introduces herself. "I am Sierra LeBlanc. It is a pleasure to meet you." She grins at Quinn, shaking her hand then. "Good evening to you as well."

Leah gives Sierra one of those bright smiles as well. "Leah Bristol. It's nice to meet you! I don't think we have either, but sometimes I meet so many people I forget some of them." Her tone could really give the impression sometimes that she should have been born with far lighter hair. "And I do to have a good excuse. I'm doing research. For a new short story I'm writing."

George waves to Quinn as she approaches, and motions to the bartender to stop by when he has a chance. "Oh, what sort of story would that be, 'The Bar Hound of the Baskervilles'? Sierra here's a writer too, but non-fiction. In theory." He braces in advance for whatever they decide to toss back at him.

Quinn doesn't interrupt too much. She says, "I hope you're all having a good time." looking relaxed, making chit chat.

Sierra smiles kindly at Quin. "Oui. Just arrived, however." She smiles sweetly at Leah. "Ah! You are a writer too! What sort of stuff do you write?" She enquires of the other. "I write for le newspaper 'The Queens Gazette'." She gives George a little playful whack on the arm. "Hush up you. I doubt you've even read one of my articles."

Leah gives Quinn a smile. "Oh! I've met you." She says with a nod before she giggles over to George, sipping at her newly arrived alcohol. "No. This is a whole different series. No werewolves. Though they could totally like bars, too. This is maybe the start of a new series. Maybe just a short story. About this woman who is just a normal woman, but then she's a superhero, too." Leah states before Sierra gets a smile. "I write fiction. Modern day fantasy stuff. My third book is coming out like really soon."

George shoots Leah a quick grin. "She wouldn't happen to be named Kara, would she?" No, that would be a different author. Set of authors. Whatever. "Four Score?" he asks of the bartender, who nods and reaches up to take down a bottle of brandy.

Quinn looks interested, leaning in. "Really? My sister will love to hear about some new series coming out. Superhero? Like.. Wonder Woman or something?"

Sierra smiles at Leah. "Ah, fiction. I'm afraid I was never all to good at fiction personally, though I love to read it." She grins. "Well, I'll look forward to your book, then." She says with a firm nod.

Leah gives Sierra a smile. "Some people say I live in my own world. I think it makes it easier to write fiction than non-fiction." Leah gives Quinn a bright smile. "Well, sorta. But more normal people who end up having special powers. And help people. And save the world if I get a whole book. Because there has to be saving of the world, right?" See, this is what happens when people talk about powers around the seemingly spacey author. George's comments are just ignored.

"Mmm, well, it does make a better sales pitch if they're going up against something big." Until his drink shows up, George hangs out and lets Sierra do more of the talking, content to run fingers along her waistline when he thinks no one's watching.

Quinn nods at that. "Well, yeah. It'd be kind of boring to have them going up against common muggers, that kind of thing." thoughtfully. "So, usually isn't there some kind of villain?"

Sierra smiles. "There is nothing wrong with living in your own world, as long as you know how to live in this one as well!" She says kindly. "Normal people who end up with special powers? Kinda like…Spiderman?" Or real world types, perhaps? She gives George a small, sly look.

Leah nods over to Sierra. "Kind of. But more genetic and less radioactive spider. And probably less spandex. I mean, just because you're a Hero doesn't mean you have to lose all semblence of fashion sense." Quinn gets a bright smile. "I'm not totally sure on the major villian yet. Right now, it's just the short story. I've got another werewolf book to write before I could write it out in novel length anyway, plenty of time to plot."

Quinn nods, glancing toward Sierra, brows raising, "Well, even if it isn't realistic, lots of books have that idea." she grins, "Guess its about the themes. How its done, what kinds of powers.'

Sierra smiles at Leah. "Less radioactive spider is a good thing, I'd say. Oooh! Do you have a shapeshifting one? I'd think that would be an excellent skill for a superhero to have." She nods firmly.

That choice hit a little closer to home than Quinn was willing to acknowledge, to some. She slaps on a casual smile, 'Sounds like a lot of fun. I'll look for it on the shelves. But..' as she glances over, the basic excuse, "I have to get ready for the show. I'll.. see you later." and darts off, heading to the backstage, a little earlier than usual.

Leah shakes her head over to Sierra. "I think that would be a really cool skill to have, but I think that coming from writing about werewolves, I'd like to stay away from shapeshifting." Leah states before she adds, "There really aren't that many books about superheroes that I've seens. Totally lots of comics and graphic novels, but not plain word novels. I was thinking about maybe a character who could do cool things with time. Or like, make everyone else's powers stop working. That would be an interesting one for a villian." Or a cousin.

George waves absently to Quinn as she runs off to make deadline. "Yeah, there's plenty of comics and things to get powers from… question is, what do they do with them? Super-strength is pretty obvious, either you beat up bad guys or you beat up good guys."

Sierra nods and smiles. "Oui. I suppose you could be right." She stretches. "What we really need is a superhero who is able to sway the odds in his or her favour, non?" She adds with a little look to George and a wave to Quinn.

George doesn't miss a beat. "Oh, you couldn't do that," he quips, "then he'd go around using it on women in bars and stuff. I mean, Captain Kirk's already been done to death, you know?"

Leah opens her little notebook to make a quick note in purple pen. She's so absorbed in this, she doesn't even seem to notice Quinn is gone. "The reason I think a novel for this would be good is you get to see more motivation, more day to day life than say a comic book." Leah stands, tossing back the rest of her drink and leaving money on the counter. "I've got to go. Inspiration has struck." And with a wave, she's off.

Sierra grins at George. "Is that so, cherie? I happen to think Captain Kirk was quite the catch in his time. He didn't even need a special ability to do so." She turns and smiles t Leah. "Good night, I hope it fares well for you." She says happily.

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