2007-08-04: Why Are You Following Me?


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Summary: Two scientists are studying the same type of project, unfortunately one of them is paranoid.

Dark Future Date: August 4th, 2009

Why Are You Following Me?

//NYC, Columbia University, Dr. Kincaid's Lab //

It's a dark and stormy night. A late night at work for a dedicated scientist, and an early start to some neferaious actions for a second. Dressed all in black, Agent Brooks has slowly worked his was through the Campus security systems to reach Dr. Kincaids lab. He has done his homework, and traced the exact same researches searches he has done to this terminal. He is pretty sure whoever is here is "following" him as it were, doing the same research, either checking his work, or just spying on him.

Really, it was ironic that she happened to be doing the same search. Given her recent meeting with the President, too, Aileen was more determined than ever to get her report together. Nathan Petrelli was a scary man when he wanted to be. She was pretty sure she was already in over her head, but she had to keep going. No turning back at this point. Especially since she promised an entire report drawn up for tomorrow. She was working hard.

Brooks makes it to the door of the office, slowly easing the door open he pauses when he sees a light on inside, softly under his breath he curses in at least 7 languages, the building was supposed to be clear, but he can't just go back now, not with all the work it took to get in here.

Sure, someone was in there alright. Pursing her lips, Aileen shifts, looking through a file as she jots down a few notes. She doesn't seem to hear much of anything, however, her attention divided between her computer screen and her notes.

Brooks steps in moving to close the door behind him and throw the lock silently, he takes a couple steps forward, his side arm in his hand. He watches the woman for a few moments in silence, eyes scanning for any way she might have to call for help.

But indeed, she's busy at work and not at all paying too much attention to what's going on. Aileen frowns as she jots down more notes, preparing the file. She lets out a tired sigh, putting down her pen to grab some coffee.

He moves as she turns away to cross the room, and swipe the cell phone off the table, taking cover behind the table before she turns back, he double checks for any other phones in the room, before revealing himself.

Filling up the coffee, Aileen turns back to head over to where she's working when she abruptly notices her cell phone is gone. She /freezes/, looking around defensively. "Who's there, and what do you want?"

Brooks rises from where he is on the opposite side of the table, the gun covers you. "My identity isn't that important…this is your lab?" The voice is cold, steely, almost like he's been practicing in a mirror.

"Hell." Aileen glances back over at him, looking frustrated. "Look. I don't want any trouble." Especially not after getting out of things. "Please leave." She doesn't directly answer.

The masked man shakes his head, "Sorry can't leave without what I came for, are you Doctor Kincaid? Honesty would be the best policy right now."

"Yes. I'm Dr. Kincade." Aileen does not look pleased, taking her coffee carefully in hand. "What are you here for?" She asks, suspiciously, cautiously moving back towards her desk.

"You've been stalking our research, that means you have an inside track on our project. I need to know what you have, and who the leak is, and who you are working for."

That causes a look of surprise on the doctor's features, and Aileen looks back towards the figure intently. ".. stalking who's research? Believe me, I don't have the time to do that. I've got work of my own to be doing."

Brooks says, "You've visited every research site our team has within weeks of our visit there, that tells me you have to have a copy of our research or at least our logs to be able to do that."

Aileen stares, her expression serious. "I don't know what you're researching, but I don't have any of your information." She looks back at her coffee. "I'm afraid this is simply a case of your paranoia getting the better of you."

Brooks leans over his hand turns the file toward him, still keeping you covered. "Rna Dinuceatoid sequences identifying evolved genetic structure and pinpointing them, sure looks like your jacking our research, now who do you work for?"

"Excuse me?" Aileen does not look impressed. "I'm not taking anyone's research. I've been doing my own project for some time. If we happen to be pooling from the same research it's most likely because we happen to be researching the /same thing/."

Brooks frowns a little, "You still havn't answered my question. and what is the chance that two people in New York could be working on exactly the same project?

Folding her arms, Aileen frowns. "Well, I was on my own for this, why do you care? Who the hell do you work for? I don't have time to sit here when I've just gotten back for being held /prisoner/ for four days and treated like shit. So I don't have the patience to deal with more people running in and pointing guns and making demands."

Brooks nods, "Yeah well I guess this is a bad week for being a scientist all around, now isn't it. I'm with an organization that is trying to level the playing field between the humans and the evolved without killing everyone, and currently Herr Petrillis doing everything he can to stop us, so if you really are innocent of stealing our work, that means you might have something that can be of use to me.

Aileen blinks, glancing back over. "Really now?" She does look curious. "I wouldn't mind sharing information if you've got any." She peers back over at him.

The Agent says, "I still don't know what you will do with it, or who you are giving it to."

The doctor folds her arms. "I don't know that I can trust you either. I'm using it for my own personal benefit. So how about we agree to share and not ask what the other wants with it. I'm too personally invested in this to risk anyone trying to shut down my research."

Brooks frowns, "Your personal benifit? your selling it for a profit?"

Aileen shakes her head. "No. I'm using it for what I want to use it for. And I plan on helping stop this war with it."

Brooks nods, "Make me a copy of everything you have, and give me an email address, and I'll send you what I have too"

Brooks says, "How can I be sure you will? Trust is a two way street." he smiles a little, "how can you be sure I won't just shoot you when you hand me the files, or take you with me?"

"Right." Aileen murmurs, moving to a filing cabinet. Pulling out a file, she organizes it neatly before reaching for a piece of paper, writing something down on it. "Contact me here."

Brooks takes the folder putting it on the table he glances through it, "This is everything?"

Aileen gives a small nod. "It's everything." Her arms fold over her chest, watching him carefully.

Brooks says, "You'll be able to reply to the email if you want to get in touch with me, if you send me any more brakthroughs you have, I will do the same."

"Sounds like a plan. We'll be in touch then?" Aileen offers a nod.

Brooks nods and takes the file, backing out of the room keeping her covered.

Aileen glances back over at Brooks, watching him leave. She waits until he's entirely gone before she moves to do anything.

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