2010-01-02: Why Can't It Ever Go Smooth?



Date: January 2, 2010


Facing multiple roadblocks, the good guys attempt to move forward on dealing with Alpha Protocol.

"Why Can't It Ever Go Smooth?"

Nathan's office

The staccato'd sound of Nathan's fingers drum against his desk as he glances at his reflection in the glass of his computer. It's not an act of vanity, but of something else. Quietly he hmms to himself before turning the screen away with a sigh. He's been waiting on a meeting with the President only now he needs to delay it. Maybe. There's a chance he could meet the President without encountering de Souza, but then there's another chance he would have his memory wiped again. He frowns. He needs to talk to Peter.

Pressing his lips into a line, he wills de Souza be taken care of. Unfortunately public office isn't like having a genie. Things don't happen because you wish them or will something (hard or otherwise); instead he turns to face the window, only to see his reflection again, eliciting another scowl.

Sitting back at her little desk at the office of Senator Petrelli, KeLyssa dons a headset, which is presently slung around her next, that connects to the phone. Her fingers tap expeditiously on the keyboard as she completes memos or types up manuscripts from pen and paper to the computer. It's a hard knock life for this icy blonde assistant. She gives a glance to the telephone, as if expecting it to ring any second. Perhaps she's expecting someone to call. Or perhaps not. This is a senator's office after all. One should always expect phone calls here.

It's good to be back at work again. Busy days, late hours, far too many evenings spent poring over reports on her desk and plotting out schedules for the next day that involve meetings, phone conferences…busy work. Anais is content with that, it leaves very little time for thinking of an introspective nature. One look at Nathan shows just why that sort of thought is best avoided; it leads too quickly to brooding.

The redhead is crossing the broad expanse of office on an intercept course with the reception desk. It's cool in here, so she has a paisley shawl wrapped loosely around her shoulder, the only splash of color in the black and white palette of her wardrobe. She pauses to touch KeLyssa's shoulder with the hand not cradling a sheaf of paper, offering a smile. "Could you fetch the blue folder on my desk and bring it the Senator, Lyss? He needs the list inside for next month's benefits."

Plane travel has never been an easy thing for George - there's no phobia involved, it's just invariably cramped and then he has to spend the rest of the day decompressing. First class helps, but only a little. It's why he sticks to the train for the New-York-to-DC commute whenever he can get away with it.

After one last night and morning with Hallis, it's back to business as usual. And after a few hours catching up on business as usual, it's time to address a more unusual issue. Accompanied by the first member of his special team that was available, he knocks on the door just as Anais is speaking up.

Looking at the window only forces Nathan to look at his reflection again. The quiet of the holidays has given him time to reflect and reflecting has given a renewed hatred of his own image, of the things Logan's done. But then, at the same time they feel necessary in his own psyche — it's a strange dichotomy, an internal debate of sorts. The monks at the monastery would've told him to forfeit his feelings; there's nothing he can do about the past now. But then, Nathan never made a good monk. And then Anais' voice reflects from under the doorway. Glorious! Relief from the silence of his grey-ish-blue walls.

Turning from the window he pads to the door and pokes his head into the hall. Forcing a very weary political smile the Senator, smiles at his staff, "Ladies."

Said first available member of the team happened to be Ophelia. For the most part, she was always available. When she wasn't working on school, she was working on work, and she'd made herself comfortable dealing with life by focusing on work. Plus she couldn't help it—her work was actually /interesting/ and there were times where she was /important/. George was pretty good at giving her tasks that suited her skills.

As she waited by George's side, the woman was taking a good look around. Observation was one of Ophelia's best skills, both in general and more specifically in people. While she might not have a lot to say on the job simply out of lack of confidence, she was always watching, always taking things in.

KeLyssa smiles at up at Anais as she feels the other woman's hand on her shoulder. "Yes'm, Miss Fraizer. I'll be sure ta get that to 'im right away." Not like there isn't time for it. As she stands, both Nathan comes out of his office and there's a knock at the door. "Senator. How're ya doin', sir?" She smiles brightly, moving toward the door to open it. "Congressman Dawson. What a pleasant surprise." She says in her most formal voice, trying not to sound like a typical Southern bumpkin. She offers a smile to Ophelia. "Please, do come in." She says, moving aside to allow them entry. "Is the Senator expecting you?"

Practiced as her self-control is, Anais can't prevent the way she startles slightly at the rap of knuckles against door. The stack of papers in her arms is shifted and held before her as one involuntary step backwards is taken. Fortunately for her, it makes it seem that she's simply clearing a path for KeLyssa to attend to the visitors; the blue folder is not as pressing an issue as seeing who might be calling.

"Senator." Looking over her shoulder, Anais is able to summon a smile for their employer, although in any light her greeting is far more cool than the intern's. She turns to bring him into line of sight before glancing expectantly at the office's doors and the visitors just beyond it.

George inclines his head to KeLyssa, glancing around. "Thank you. At some point today, yes, we've got some carryover business from last month that still needs hammering out." That should be generic enough to be safe, in case not everyone present knows what's really going on with Alpha Protocol.

"Ms. Frazier," he adds, recognizing the redhead more readily. "I wondered if I'd see you in this office at some point, but I admit I didn't expect it to happen quite so soon."

"I'm…" in a strange moment of honesty, Nathan hesitates on the word to use, taking a pregnant pause before finally answering "…fine. Thank you, KeLyssa." His lips display that same weary smile, but his tone is bright enough. With a slight shake of his head, he manages a normal smile, bright. Slightly wicked, maybe.

"Ms Frazier," he nods in greeting, but is equally curious about who is at the door. Especially given recent circumstances. "Congressman," he greets with that same smile. "Welcome back."

Unfortunately, it's at this moment that Nathan's cellphone rings. "Excuse me," he states politely as he reaches into his jacket pocket and glances at the phone. "I… I have to take this call." He takes a few steps away from the gathered group, "Hi, can I call you back— …Oh… well is he okay? … he what?… really? me?" there's a momentary smile of triumph across Nathan's lips that fades seconds later, "… hmmm." Nathan frowns deeply at whatever news he's got. "Yes… I'll be there…" Shaking his head he hangs up the phone without saying good-bye. "I'm sorry to do this folks, but I need to go. Family emergency." No detail is given about said-emergency. "I need to get to California. I'll be back tomorrow sometime, maybe we can reschedule for then? I'm sorry." After the apology, he pads to the door and heads out of the office.

KeLyssa gives a little smile to George. "Of course, Congressman. Just this way." Of course, there's not really all that far to walk. Giving a small smile to Nathan, she bows her head. "Of course, Senator. If there's anything you need on our end over here, just be sure to call." It takes a lot for her not to speak with her usual accent, dropping letters or pushing words together the way she's used to doing. She looks between Anais, Ophelia, and George. "Well…with the Senator's departure, is there anything else that I can do for anyone?"

Anais seems to stand straighter as at least one of the people arriving is recognized. She slides the papers she's carrying off to the side again, clearing a hand to extend towards the Congressman. "Mr. Dawson. It's a pleasure to see you again." Her smile quirks oddly. "I took your advice to heart, I'm afraid. The timing was fortuitous. You've been well?"

Before she can move on in the greeting ritual to acknowledging Ophelia, whom she doesn't know, Nathan's family emergency steals the floor. Anais pauses, head cocked as she listens in to his half of the conversation. Shameless. The explanation and his departure is accepted with a nod, a small and concerned frown marring her forehead as she turns back to their visitors. "Maybe some tea for our visitors, Lyss?"

Tea is the cure-all for every odd social situation.

George blinks once in confusion, even as he nods to acknowledge Nathan before his departure, and scratches his head afterward. "Didn't know he had family in California…"

This has definitely knocked him off script. "That sounds fine, thank you," he says politely to Anais. "We were going to touch base on our mutual interest in national security issues. Hs he included either of you on those? If not, then I suppose we shouldn't take up any more of your time today—"

KeLyssa smiles and nods. "Tea. Of course." She trots away, returning quickly with a tray with three cups (one for Anais, Ophelia, and George) full of hot water and tea bags, along with sugar and milk. 'Always be prepared'. That's her motto. "National security issues, did you say, Congressman?" She asks of George. That must be why he's been talking to the President. "I mostly just know that he's been in discussion with Homeland Security and the President, sir. But besides that, I can only take a guess as to what the matters pertain to. Terrorists or…people uniquely suited to cause harm to others." There's something in the way she says that last little bit that, should one pick up on it, could suggest that she's talking about a certain group of people in particular. Though of course that could be just about anyone.

"Oh?" Anais lifts pale eyebrows at the pair, looking from one to the other. Surprised, at first, and then more intently. "Mm…I've spoken with the Senator briefly on the topic, although I'm not sure…" The woman hesitates a moment before gesturing the pair towards another of the doors that branch off of the hallway. The benefits of not being an intern: her own office! Complete with (smallish) desk, and ample chairs for everyone. KeLyssa is given a rather sharp glance, upon the girl's re-arrival, before she's beckoned along as well. "Some topics are better discussed after the tea is poured, Lyss," she remarks quietly. And that's all she'll say about that. "Please, make yourselves comfortable."

While Ophelia is mostly quiet, she notes the tea rather eagerly. She moves to take a seat, her eyes slowly taking in the other individuals in the room. She seems thoughtful, at least, and curious, as she's more than interested in seeing where this goes, though she still remains polite, silent, and observant.

As he settles in next to Ophelia, George quickly thinks the situation through. They're aware of the cover story. Nathan didn't offer any clear hints either way as to whether they knew the real story behind it… but given KeLyssa's implication, not to mention Anais's choice of a more private locale, he tips in the direction of trust. "Uniquely suited, as you said. To cause harm— or just to be feared as capable, yes?"

KeLyssa clears her throat as Anais gives her a little reprimand of sorts. "Yes, o' course Ms. Fraizer. I'll go 'bout keepin' that in mind fer next time…" And a slip. They happen. It's how she's used to talking. Placing the tray to the side she looks about at the other three. "How would each of you like your tea? Cream? Sugar?" She's got it all ready to make as per their requests. She gives a little shy smile and a nod to George. "Well, as I say, Congressman Dawson, I haven't been told anything. I can only suspect. But…" She does have experience in certain matters, "You could say that yes, people uniquely suited to cause harm or just to be feared because they are more capable than others, sir." She offers Ophelia a smile. "How do you take your tea, Miss?" Can't leave her unnoticed.

A smile is offered to KeLyssa by Anais, to take some of the sting. But her eyes are troubled, and her gaze restless. It travels from George to Ophelia and back again as she settles into her own chair. "Both," she puts in on the heels of the young woman's answer. "Those able and willing. And those suspected as such." She pauses before inclining her head to Ophelia. "I don't believe we've met?"

"Cream and sugar. I've got a strong sweet tooth." Ophelia states simply, offering a warm smile to KeLyssa before she glances back to Anais. "Ophelia Hunter." She offers, once again, fewer words said. Only what is needed, and part of it seems like it is because she's got a lot going on in her head at the moment.

George glances over toward KeLyssa. "Sugar's fine, thank you." Leaning back slightly, he considers once again how far to open up. "Ms. Hunter is a psychology consultant," he explains, "she's been working with me recently to get a handle on this situation. The senator and I spoke briefly about it— agreed to come back to it later, coordinate efforts. Hopefully this meeting will serve as the start of that."

KeLyssa makes up George and Ophelia's teas as ordered. "Cream and sugar for Ms. Hunter." She says, handing the cup to Ophelia, with a kind smile. "And sugar for the congressman." She says, handing a cup to George. She turns to Anais. "What would you like in your tea, Ms. Fraizer?" She looks at George, considering him for a minute. "Well, I only work the front office, usually, but it seems to me that coordinating efforts between your two offices is a good thing. Nothing shows unity than two politicians willing to work together."

Anais nods again to Ophelia, a silent thanks for the introduction. She is less inclined to smile now but makes the effort all the same. "One sugar please, Lyss." Pause. "He had mentioned that there were others with matching interests. Allies, I believe was the word he'd used. I'm not certain how useful we might be to you at the moment, Congressman," and here she pauses to glance again at KeLyssa, expression neutral, "Coordinated details not being something he's discussed with me. But certainly…the more resources put towards a problem, the faster a solution can be found."

Ophelia glances back to Anais, studying her carefully before looking to George. Her gaze shifts quickly back to Anais, whom she seems to be studying more closely as she accepts her cup with a warm smile in KeLyssa's direction. She sips, eyes and ears focused on the situation, eyes unreadable.

"Assuming they don't jog each other's elbows in the process, of course," George replies, blowing across the top of his cup before trying some. "Mmm," he offers in brief appreciation before continuing. "I've got a few people working on gathering information… we've got a good handle on the basics, but we're coming at it from the outside. I understand Senator Petrelli is working from the opposite direction— how's that coming along so far?"

KeLyssa makes up Anais' cup of tea and passes it to her, standing to the side now, like a good little assistant. "If ya'll…" She clears her throat. "If any of you are in need of anything else, just ask." She says politely. She does her best to keep her mouth shut. This really seems like stuff that is out of the league of an assistant/secretary/intern, but she is as curious as a cat. "If you don't mind my intruding here, sir, but what exactly are you gathering information on? Please forgive me if I'm out of line in my questioning."

"There have been…difficulties, I believe. So far as I know, he received some news that has…" Placed him in a less than pleasant frame of mind. But Anais is not so disloyal that she feels comfortable elaborating, cutting herself off abruptly. "Thank you, Lyss. It's…no. It's fine. The Senator is working to join an organization that has an unhealthy interest in the lives of certain elements of the population," she explains, smile a mild thing now. "But between the news he received and certain security problems…"

It's at that moment that her cellphone chooses to ring as well. Anais glances at the number displayed in the window, on the verge of turning the annoyance off, but pauses. "I'm afraid I have to take this, I apologize. If you'll excuse me?" And, much like Nathan before her, she wastes little time in stepping out of her office in order to handle the interruption.

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