2009-11-22: Will You Call Me Superman?



Date: November 22, 2009


Brayden flies to clear his head and Charlotte teleports to him…

"Will You Call Me Superman?"

The Sky - New York City

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's… superman! Well… not quite. It's ex-Senator Nathan Petrelli, dressed as Brayden in red plaid, faded blue jeans, and steel toed boots, very few would call him Superman. He'd taken off of the top of his hotel and decided to fly around to clear his head. With a grin, he soars with his eyes closed, going higher and higher until the buildings of New York City are miniature. It's here that he looks down and admires the beauty of the city, a smile playing on his lips!

But he's not alone. As his eyes turn downward, something fizzles. Dust and cloud seem to cross his gaze, but then, there is a girl. Falling! She fell right out of the cloud, it seems, like a raindrop. Charlotte, in a tweed jacket and jeans and a hat - before it flies off her head, lets out a loud scream as her doe-brown eyes go wide with terror. Where the hell did she just teleport into?

All of that peace. All of the quiet. And then… a scream? Eyes widen at the scream as he frantically peers about for its source. Without thinking, Brayden flies downward to catch her as quickly as he can, forcing his own centre of gravity downwards at will. He manages to catch up to her falling, and reaches out to catch her like Superman would Lois Lane.

Of course, Charlotte was never in any real danger. As soon as she got her wits about her, she'd have teleported away. But in a man's arms, quite suddenly, the woman finds herself without a need to do so. Looking up, she spies the man she was looking for all along - Nathan 'Brayden' Petrelli. She sighs, a sigh of relief, and presses her face to the man's neck and shoulder, hiding from the biting cold wind.

"Charlotte?" Brayden asks gently as he flies downward towards the Empire State Building to land softly on the roof. Yes, it's a rather precarious rooftop, but he still has her in his arms. Gently he sets her on the roof. "Are you alright? You didn't get hurt did you? Geez, you could've been killed… you need be more careful where you teleport." He offers her a weak smile, still slightly frazzled by the concern.

Charlotte lowers her feet to touch the ground, standing on her own weight - but never taking her hands off of him, just in case. "I'm sorry, Brayden, I didn't think you'd be….." She looks down, swaying a little nervously at the precarious situation. "Wow, that was certainly something else. But I'm really alright, I swear. I was just…surprised."

"I… uh… was clearing my head," Brayden explains as his lips curl into a smile. "I just think better up there sometimes. It's quiet and safe." He shrugs a little and then he nods, "I'm glad you're alright. I didn't hurt you when I caught you, did I?"

Charlotte shakes her head. "No! No not at all, you saved my life, hardly anything hurtful about that!" Relaxing a little, she smiles and leans up to give him that hug she was unable to give him earlier. "Should I come back later? I was just looking to get…away for awhile, myself. See a familiar face." Even if he is a post-evil face.

Brayden shrugs a bit, "No, you can stay. I was just thinking about everything." There's a pause, "Losing my memory, trying to figure out if I would want to be me, having my own wife wanting nothing to do with me… considering another campaign… trying… everything." He sighs. "What do you make of everything going on? Is it some kind of destiny or are we just pawns through it all…"

Charlotte, shivering openly against the cold wind, shakes her head. "I don't think it's either. I think we just live our lives as best we can, and others do the same. It's hard to imagine that all of these situations are caused by interactions, by words and thoughts, but it's true. Just…one person talking to another creates all of this. That's just the way it is." She squeezes his arm fondly. Poor man really must be having a terrible time. "How are you holding up, all in all?

"I'm… okay," Brayden forces a smile as he glances about the other buildings of New York City. "Some days I feel like I could be Nathan. Like I have some political agenda, but others…" He shrugs a little. "But I've decided to move forward anyways. If we find Peter and he fixes my brain, Nathan will need some direction. If we don't find Pete… and my brain stays the same… I think I need to use his former identity for good." He shrugs his shoulders slightly, before asking, "Did you see the broadcast… with the girl that turned into water?"

Charlotte sighs, shivering again, pulling her coat tighter around her body. "Yes," she admits. "And I've spoken to her about it. I'm going to move her. She's one of mine." Another shake of the head. "The children are being very….wild, and with abilities like they have, there's nothing I can do to really keep them in check. It's why I wanted to get away tonight."

"Poor kid," Brayden quips with a sigh. "Where are you moving her? It's not right for children to have to hide." There's a pause as he studies Charlotte, "It's true though right? Like everything she said on the video… it's true, isn't it?" He frowns slightly as he runs a hand through his hair. "I'm campaigning for hope. There's so much fear… people are ratting out their own neighbours! Maybe we need our own party. An evolved democratic party." He chuckles at the notion.

Charlotte shakes her head, buttoning her coat up to her neck. "I don't know anything about politics. But I know that Jamie made a rash decision and that her face anywhere public now is a danger to herself and to anyone staying with her. She'll…dissappear. She's alright with moving though. I'm thinking somewhere in Europe, haven't made a final decision yet." She sighs, looking down, shame on her features. "I'm…really horrible at taking care of these kids."
"You're not horrible at taking care of them… I imagine there's just too many of them to care for," Brayden frowns. "If the government is loading children onto trains and labelling them as terrorists, then I imagine there's a fair number of them." His lips twitch slightly. "Maybe we need to just increase the level of hope people have in the government. I mean, we need to be better. Help people. Build orphanages for special children here, on our soil. And just fly under the radar somehow…"

"I've been keeping children with abilities under the radar for years now. Just lately…I guess I bit off more than I could chew, as they say." She looks up at Brayden, giving him a soft, dimpled smile. "I just want it to be okay, but I can't help them. I don't know who can."

"What do you think they need?" Brayden asks with a hmmm. "Do you think that it's just too much change for them?" He frowns and then sighs, "I almost blew my own cover yesterday by saving a young man on a habitat for humanity project. I think we're not always supposed to be undercover. Like there are times that we really need to act with our abilities and suffer the consequences. Yesterday was one of those times." He sighs again. "I can't imagine how difficult it must be for children especially as they haven't the foresight we do…"

"They think that, because they have abilities, they can do everything and anything and no one can touch them. Or that everything will just…be okay in the end. It's not the same with a lot of the forign, third-world children I've moved. They know they can be hurt and killed like everyone else. They understand that being careful can mean being safe. A lot of the American kids just think they can fix it all and they can't." Charlotte shakes her head. "They need all this to stop. They need normal lives. I hate to agree with Lee, but I've never thought abilities could be such bad things to have."

"They're not bad things to have," Brayden states matter-of-factly. "They just need to be able to use them openly. They won't be able to live normal lives until they //feel/ normal. Unfortunately, I don't think that will happen. Not in my lifetime. There's too much fear." He offers Charlotte a comforting smile despite his words, "You have a point though. They need normalcy. They just don't have easy access to it…"

Charlotte nods, stepping forward. "But I don't want to talk anymore, not about this." She puts her hands on his shoulders, smiling almost playfully up at him. "Come on, Superman. You say flying takes your mind off it all? Take me flying, then."

Brayden's hands fall easily around Charlotte's waist as he grins. "Hold on tight." He doesn't remember a time he's ever flown with someone else. In a fluid motion, he kicks off the ground and soars into the air once again, Charlotte in his arms. The two float into the atmosphere.

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