William Connors
Portrayed By Marc Blucas
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 16, 1979
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Will
Place of Birth Iowa, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation NYPD Officer
Known Relatives Joe Connors (father), Mary Connors (mother), Katherine Connors (older sister), Tyler Connors (younger brother), Cody Connors (younger brother), Laura Connors (younger sister)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Omnilinguistics
First Appearance How About Them Knicks?
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William Connors was born to a farmer and his wife in western Iowa. The farm grew corn and soybeans, as well as raising some hogs, cattle, and chickens. The second of five children, William did a lot of work on the farm growing up. From a young age, he had his daily routine of chores. As he got older, the complexity and kind of chores just changed. William's family was tight knit. His mother stayed at home, though with the farm she was often working as well as raising the children. They worked together, played together, and attended church together in the nearest small town. As William got old enough, that town was where he rode the bus to each day to attend school. He did well in school, never the top of the class but generally above average.

Sports became a big part of William's life as he grew older. While he still spent time every morning before school doing chores, as well as many evenings, sports became the order of every afternoon. Starting in Jr. High, he played on a sports team for every season. The school sponsored football, basketball, track, and baseball, but William's real love was the small town club team he played soccer on. He continued to do well in school, especially in math, his favorite subject. William dated occasionally but never had a serious high school sweetheart. His focus was family, sports, the farm, and school, in pretty well that order. William rarely had much free time, but he was too in love with sports to care. At fifteen, he got his school permit, making it easier for him to drive back and forth between the school and the farm, especially when his older sister wasn't around to drive him.

As he neared the end of High School, William started to look beyond the small town life he'd grown up in. Interested in seeing more of the world, his gaze turned towards the military. Setting his sights high, William decided to try to get a placement in one of the military acadamies. While he didn't truly think he'd succeed, he did. And before he knew it, William was off to Anapolis to attend the Naval Academy. Maryland seemed like a world away to someone who had never been out of the midwest, but that's exactly what William wanted. It was an adjustment for him to fit into the military discipline and to listen to orders, but he made the adjustment, coming to quite enjoy life there. He played on the soccer team, making friends with his teammates and fellow midshipmen.

It was in college that William first made a conscious decision to hide a part of himself. He was no longer able to deny to himself that he was attracted to men, but yet, he wanted a military career. William chose the career, playing along with the other guys while out in public. He learned all the right things to say about women, even if he didn't mean them. Shortly before his 22nd birthday, William graduated with a major in math and was given the rank of Ensign. This did have an upside for his career though. William had put all that frustrated energy into being the best midshipman he could be, and upon graduation, he was offered the opportunity to train for Special Forces.

Training to be a SEAL was like nothing William had experienced yet. It made his transition to college seem like nothing. About the time he was ready to give up during Hell Week, he came to rely on a fellow Ensign named Jose Flores. The two men had nothing in common in their backgrounds beyond training at the academy, but they bonded by keeping each other afloat and going. Their friendship continued past that week, strengthening throughout the rest of training. After finishing training, William was assigned to a team based near San Diego, California.

Much of what William did over the next five years is classified. He went on mission after mission with his team, earning promotions first to Lieutenant, Junior Grade and then a few years later to simply Lieutenant. He did a lot of traveling on short term missions, mostly to the Middle East. It was on a mission in Iraq that his powers started to show themselves. He was moving through a local village, when he found that what the people were saying was starting to make sense. At first he thought that he was hearing things, and then that maybe he'd just spent enough time there to start figuring out the language. That worked until he was back in California and it kept happening. He could foist off the Spanish as just having spent enough time around Jose to pick it up, but not the Mandarin he started comprehend while picking up some takeout.

The time came for William to make the decision to stay in the Navy or to resign. After a long day spent sitting out on one of the beaches thinking, William made the decision to resign. While he loved the Navy and his ability to directly protect the country, he was tired of hiding a part of himself, of pretending that he was someone he wasn't. William decided that he wanted to try to use his experiences to make a difference outside of the military. Moving across the country to New York City, William joined the Troops to Teachers program, becoming a seventh grade math teacher in the Bronx. After a year teaching in the Bronx, William was offered a job teaching math at a private school in Manhattan, Brubaker. As much as he liked the challenge of teaching in the Bronx, he hated Brubaker. It only took a semester there before Will decided that teaching there was not what he should be doing. He quit to join the NYPD.


  • June 16th, 1979 - William is born.
  • August 1997 - William enters the Naval Academy.
  • May 2001 - William is commissioned as an Ensign and enters SEAL training.
  • September 2006 - William starts his new career teaching Jr. High Math.
  • September 2007 - William begins teaching at Brubaker.
  • December 2007 - William quits teaching, begins police academy.


  • William's favorite sport is soccer, which he played throughout college.
  • With his power, William learns languages quickly. He is currently speaks Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, and Russian fluently.
  • William enjoys playing video games on his XBox 360 and is something of a scifi geek though he's not as big a fan of fantasy.
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