2007-05-13: Wing It


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Summary: Elle drops in on Elena at the Gomez Apartment to apologize for the things she did to her. Elena, being the Catholic girl that she is, accepts the apology and invites her in. She ends up doing something she doesn't expect.

Date It Happened: May 13, 2007

Wing It

The Gomez Apartment, Queens, New York

It's been a bad day to be an electroblonde. Really, it's been a bad week. But she drives back out to Queens, after the tumultuous events of this morning. If this doesn't work, there's always the fallback plan with Jane. But has to try Plan A first. She gets out of the SUV, and heads up to Elena's door. Knockknock.
Someone was knocking at her door.

Elena has just come back from the downtown area, still wearing the black scrubs assigned to the volunteers of Mount Sinai. She looks tired, and just a little bit contemplative - but she looks rather hale and hearty. She's had a couple of days to recover, and she's back in her busy mode. Walking to the door, she looks through the peephole and sees….


She pauses, tempted to pretend she's not home. But her conscience gets the best of her. She unlocks it, and opens the door.

"Come in," she tells Elle simply, turning to head into the kitchen. "Do you want anything? You look tired," she says, simply. Whatever negativity Elle might have been expecting, rage, anger, chill…it isn't present. Just exhaustion, maybe. But certainly no hostility.

Elle takes a step inside. "No thank you." The blonde takes a deep breath. "I'm sorry. I…got carried away, and jumped to the wrong conclusion, and I didn't…I shouldn't have…I'm sorry." There's an unhappy face. "I know it's just words. But I don't know what else to do."

"It's okay." Elena emerges from the kitchen with two cold bottles of water. She sets them on the kitchen counter, in case Elle wants some. She looks over at the petite blonde. "Well, it's not okay that you tazered me to the face and all that but…." She folds her arms upon it. "Look, I got to thinking….if I had a boyfriend and I found out the same way as you, I probably would've been volatile too, so….after that I don't think I could get -too- mad. I just want to let you know that it's not Peter's fault. No matter what he says. I asked him to keep me out of whatever he might discuss with people he knew that I didn't."

Elle nods. "He…could have told me he knew you, without telling me you had abilities. It would have been easier all around." She looks briefly at the water, but doesn't touch it. "I…did you get your package?" The one she gave Jack to give her, BEFORE all the crazy.

"I know. But paranoia never really lent to the most lucid of reasonings." She smiles faintly about the package. "Thanks," Elena says. "I reiterate, you didn't have to get me anything. Even if I knew who you were before I attended to you, I would've done the same. It's the way I was raised. And no…I haven't, not yet. I had a busy morning, and Jack's place is closed during the morning. But I'll get it tonight. Scout's honor, and all that."

The blonde nods, and looks awkward. "I won't keep you. I just wanted to apologize." She still seems pretty down. "But…thank you for accepting."

"It's alright. You were mad and….I've been told when you get mad, you get -really- mad." Elena scrutinizes Elle a bit. She can't help it, she just looked so….sad. "Are you sure you're okay?" she says. "I'm home for the day and it's not like I have to go anywhere." It's an offer laid out on the table. She wasn't sure if the blonde was going to take it, but she had to do it. Not with that look on Elle's face.

Elle pauses before answering, like she's not sure she trusts her own voice. "I…think Peter is breaking up with me." The expression is a person utterly lost. Someone who has no CLUE what to do. "So no, kind of not so okay."

She blinks, and Elena rubs her face a little bit. What? What was he -doing-? ….probably following the advice of other sane people, perhaps. "You can sit down if you like," she offers. "You do look like you've had a rough day." She moves over, so she could close the door and keep the information private. Alone. With the person who said she was going to kill her if Jane didn't do what she asked. Maybe -she- was the crazy one.

"I'm….I don't really want to pry but….before you jump down the well and see what's there, maybe you should talk to him first?" she says. "That's what people do in a relationship, Elle. Granted I'm…" She pauses, and she shakes her head. "I've never -been- in one, mind. But there was a time when I had both parents, and my mother could really fly off the handle with her temper. But she and Papa always work things out. Just…sit down and look at each other in the eye and be honest."

Elle sits down. "I…talked to him last night. He came over, saying all kind of things. I just…he's the first person I've ever felt anything like this for. He's the first person I ever…I just…don't know what to do." she repeats. Though depending on how much of her background is known the knowledge that Peter is the pretty blonde's first boyfriend might be a surprise.

When Elle sits down on the couch, Elena hesitates. Finally, after a moment's pause, she maneuvers her way around the coffee table and takes a seat next to the distraught blonde. Braving being zapped, she reaches out to gently pat her shoulder. It's a little awkward, considering the events that led the two into meeting, but she's doing her best despite it all to be comforting. "It…might help if you told him that, Elle. Even if he knows. Sometimes people need affirmations like that, you know? It's like…" She pauses, and continues on awkwardly. Love was a subject she stayed away from discussing, she was a private person by nature. But with Elle looking so forlorn, she just couldn't help it. "When you tell a person 'I love you' for the first time, it's not like….you say it once and you don't ever say it again. You repeat it. Sometimes it helps."

Elle nods. "I've told him…that I love him. A lot. It's…he said last night that I'm not the same after my memory got wiped. I tried calling my friend but she said I should break up with him. I…it just…it feels like the whole world is against me."

The reply, to her, is simple. "So fight it. Fight the world. Even if it looks hard, and impossible. All you can do is your best, right?" Elena watches Elle, and she gives her a small, tentative smile. "I have a protective father, and brother. But if I fell….hard….for somebody that no one wants me to be with, I'd stand by him and be proud of my choice. Love sucks in a way that….you….can't really -control- who you fall for. So all you can really do is try and make it work, somehow, no matter what everyone else says. So long as you know deep down that this is what you want." She pauses. "There's no harm, I think, in trying again. If it doesn't work out, maybe you're meant for someone else. But you'll never really know unless you give it your all."

Elle says in a tiny voice "…my father…" And she nods. "Thank you, Elena. You're a good person." She looks back at her, not certain what to do. "And I won't tell the Company about you." she adds.

"Thanks," Elena says to Elle with a small smile. "I try to be. I think deep down, no matter what people say about you, some part of you wants to be too. I think you can afford to let it out bit by bit, right? Kind of like right now." She quirks a small smile, and nods to the door. "Go get your man, Elle. Good luck. If you don't know what to do…" She pauses, and flashes her a brighter grin. "Wing it. Works for me most of the time."

Elle smiles. "Thanks." She has to force it, but there's a smile nonetheless. "I…if you need anything…if there's something I can do…just let me know."

"Hey, don't worry about me." Elena winks. "You take care of yourself first." She pauses, and speaks up hesitantly. "Just….you know. Try your best to make him happy? I know you're new at this but…sometimes the little things matter more."

Elle nods once, and then looks back. "Thanks again." She's awkward on the whole friendship thing. "I'll go now." She finally finishes, awkwardly.

"Okay. Drive safe." After all, Elena knows she has a car. She stands up, and walks the blonde to her door. She opens it for her. "I'll see you when I see you, Elle."

She closes the door once Elle is gone, and Elena walks back to the kitchen, passing by her bag and dragging out the things she needs from it. She pauses, seeing the little indicator light blink on her cellphone. It was those familiar words again. 'One Missed Call.' Her phone had been on vibrate, and the note indicates that 'Skywalker' had called again. This time, unlike the past….three or four she left ring, the voicemail icon was up.

She hesitates, picking up the phone slowly, and listens to the message. It was quiet, and brief.

She looks at the door, where Elle had just left, and the couch that she was sitting on where she had been encouraging her. She looks at the phone in her hand. A tiny drop of moisture falls onto the LCD display. And then another one. And then another one.

Tears. To her horror, they were hers. She puts a hand to her face and bites back a sob. She's cried too much in the last forty-eight hours.

This time, however, she didn't even know why.

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