2010-06-28: Wireless Has Partially Disconnected



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Date: June 28, 2010



"Wireless Has Partially Disconnected"

The Waves, Man

One hand on the laptop and another on his smart phone, Micah is busy honing that ability of his— having let himself get out of practice over the course of a month, he's been stretching it the last few weeks. And now, having found something strange on the Lane database he's pulling up Mark's contact info while he peruses the company's system. Yeah, it's technically illegal, but then he's not doing anything malicious, right? That makes it okay, doesn't it?

His eyebrows furrow as his eyes clamp shut, and then the other end of the phone is ringing. Success! Meanwhile, Lane files continue to pop up on his laptop screen. He can't process the information as quickly as he ought, but he has enough to warrant a call, and there's no way he's going to sit on the info unnecessarily, not after the disaster everyone with abilities came out of just months before.

Another window pops up on the laptop screen, an IM window.

Wireless: I will transfer the files to a secondary location.

Even if she's been quiet a lot of the time, she is always one for caution and 'just in case'. Even as he recieves and upload, the information must be simultaneously uploading to another location. Whereever that is… Wireless isn't saying. But he can feel her there, hovering like a ghost created out of data.

On the other end, it's a lazy day for one Marcus Lane, it's evident by the fact he stands hunched slightly in front of the fridge to browse it's contents, in nothing but a hastily pulled on pair of jeans. As his cellphone starts to vibrate and play a little ditty, the explorer grabs for the carton of orange juice. "I got it!" Hurrying to grab his cell off the breakfast bar.

With a flick of his thumb it's open and too his ear. "Hello? Mark here." His voice pleasant.

Micah tenses a little at the IM. An Instant Message. "Wireless!" he says rather than types— and ends up saying into the phone which causes his face to flush a faint pint. "Uh… Mark… Hi Mark— it's Micah… Sanders. Micah Sanders calling— " his eyebrows furrow as he tries to redirect his focus to the instant message. Using his ability, he causes some text to appear back to her, «Wireless! Where?! Can I access it?»

"— uh— " dropping the phone he bites his bottom lip and plucks it back from the ground, once again raising it to his ear "— sorry, dropped the phone! I have some info about your Dad's company! Honestly, bad stuff going down again— "

The IM window gains another line of text at the speed of thought.

Wireless: I will tell you how to access it once I'm done transferring. It will be in

Suddenly the message seems to shift from regular text to… something else.

The carton is set on the counter and forgotten. "Micah? Hey kiddo." There is an upbeat to his voice, but what he's hearing on the other end has his brows furrowing. Even pulling it away for a moment as Micah drops his phone. "Is everything…." The words trail off as Micah explains his reason for calling.

"Okay. What's up?" The words sounding rather business like at this point. Mark turns slightly to look at the bedroom with a slightly forelorn look… So much for taking some time to recover it seems.

"What the he— " Micah says into the phone, although it's not directed at Mark again. Frantically, he begins clicking keys, trying to move files faster. Something is wrong. Something is obviously wrong. "Just— a … second…" his eyes widen as he tries to finish downloading the files to the computer, but to no avail. "I need— to put the phone down. Just… hold on…"

With a twitch, he reaches his hand back to the computer and clamps his eyes shut annnnnnd…. NOTHING. HAPPENS. Eyes reopen to see that the files are no longer downloading. He curses quietly, under his breath before tapping on some keys— into the text box.

«WIRELESS? Wireless?! What's going on?!»

He uses a few sharp keystrokes to finish his downloads only to find— he's been booted. Completely booted from Lane's main system. This. Has. Never. Happened. Before. Gaping at the screen, his face pales.

Finally after a few seconds he picks up the phone, "Uh… Egypt. Gunmen in Egypt." There's a kind of resilient shock in his tone, somewhere between there and not there. "Collars…. I… can't… tell you more…"

It cuts off there, malformed binary code. And the presence that lingered… seems to be gone as well.

Stepping away from the counter, Mark moves towards the window as he notices the world outside seems a bit off. "Whoa whoa…" His head turns slightly into the phone at his ear. "Slow down, kiddo. Take a deep breath." His eyes wander to the window again as he looks out at a slightly showed New York.

"Egypt and collars?" Under normal circumstances that wouldn't mean much, but with it being buried deep in the Lane files… "If that doesn't send up red flags… well, more like red fireworks as huge at the forth of July. Alright kiddo. You sure there isn't more?" His brows furrow, fingers scratching at his stumbled chin. "Like… where?"

"M-m-m-mephis," Micah stutters and shakes his head, not that Mark can see it. It's not that he's not verifying the location, it's about other things. His lips curl downwards, "There… I can't… I got kicked out… I can't get back in, Mark…. I… can't talk to my computer," he finally finishes stammering. But that's not really the problem, it is but not really. The shock is more about something else. "This… I… I think Wireless just…" He sniffs hard and shakes his head.

No more letters or numbers scroll on the IM Window.

Leaning a little to press his cheek to the thin pane of glass Mark hazards a look skyward. Brows lifting a bit at the sun, it's only a brief look since well… your not suppose to look at it. Slowly he turns his back to the window, "Memphis?" A few long strides take him to the large computer set up. A pen is snatched up, an envelope flipped over so he can write.

Then it really hits him, "Wait… you can't talk to… Micah?" Concerned, Mark straightens from the desk. "Hey… kid it's going to be okay. So… your wireless went out? That should be fixable right?"

Clueless Mark is clueless.

"It's not… my wireless…" Micah gulps air almost hiccupped as he stares at the screen of binary. "It's Wireless. The person. I can't… she's not…" His lips twitch a little with emotion as he taps on the keys, holding the phone up to his ear with his shoulder. He struggles to get anything done this way, it's so much more efficient the old way— the way he could touch a machine and make it work— the electrical impulse routing like a stream of consciousness. He flinches again as he copies and pastes the binary elsewhere.

And finally he finishes the thought that he fears, the one that he couldn't contend with, can't contend with: "I killed her. She's gone, Mark! She's gone!! Where her messages were is now a stream of binary!! I can't— she's gone!!! AND I can't get her— she was downloading and now she's vanished and no matter what I click nothing— ! Wireless died!"

"I -" What do you say really? Mark's brows furrow as he mentally scrambles to think of what to say to the poor distraught kid. "Shhh…" It's a gentle sound. "Micah, it's probably not what you think." He's trying to convince him of that anyhow. "This Wireless is probably okay."

He's reeling a bit himself at the idea of yet another technopath digging around in the Lane files. "Maybe she just go booted out as well? You did, right?" Fingers rub at his forehead, before he reaches down for the pen again to finish writing… collarsEgypt. "It'll be okay, buddy."

"She is electronic!! She like… doesn't have… she's not— I mean she doesn't… she's entirely… I…" Micah tries to put into words who or what Wireless is, but then does he even know? Frowning he glances at the laptop and shakes his head again. "And I can't hear anything! The phone isn't talking to me— " he touches a hand to the lamp and once again, no dice.

"Nothing is… I…" Frowning he snaps the laptop shut. "I'm… gonna go." The frown deepens before he says, "…I'll… talk to you later, Mark…" That said, he terminates the phone call, not waiting for a farewell on the other end, he has to figure out what just happened.

As the line goes dead, Mark pulls the cellphone away from his ear slowly and stares at it with furrowed brows. "What…?" He is deeply confused about what just happened there. How did he lose the ability to talk to the computer? There are times when Mark is thrown for a loop by people with special abilities.

The sound of the bathroom door, brings him back to the present. The cellphone is snapped shut and he tosses it on the table, next to the envelope and starts back for the kitchen.

There will be time later to think about that. "Hey Kate. Should see it out there." He glances back over his shoulder at the window. "It's a Solar eclipse."

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