2010-04-07: Witch Hunt



Date: April 7, 2010


After George fails to talk Emily into turning on her handler, Cody takes a more direct approach.

"Witch Hunt"

On the road, New York City

Outside, lights are flashing, alarms are blaring. Inside? The back of the ambulance is soundproofed and mostly opaque - the EMTs have enough distractions to block out as it is, and don't need to be told that there's an emergency going on.

Sitting in the corner, George glances over at the prone form of their latest patient, doing his best to stay out of their way as they check up on Emily. A quick sidelong glance toward Robin: okay, we're out of the crowd, what's the sitrep from your end?

Beep. Beep. Beep. The machines all go, just like normal. Slower heart rate. Lower BP. Slow breathing. The 'patient' on the stretcher in the back of the ambo just lies there, all strapped in, with various fluid IVs plugged into her arm for the case of 'heat' exhaustion she must've suffered back there. How that happened with what little bit she was wearing, who knows, but here Emily is, being chauffeured to the hospital!

Having not expected to be riding in the back of an ambulance today, Robin's looking just the tiniest bit overwhelmed. But at George's silent question, he reacts quickly. Pulling out his smartphone, words appear on the screen, and he shows George. 'Posessor. Trying to posess President. Don't think she succeeded, but not positive. Bracelet is a control device with drugs, tracking device (which I'm jamming), and maybe explosives.' He doesn't actually say anything out loud, not trusting the EMTs.

After dropping her target, Cody went milling through the crowd to try to find the one familiar face among them. He's gone. Like every other time tht she's lost one of his ilk, she curses silently to herself and proceeds back to the scene of her little assault on the Kappa target. There's security, the flashing lights of an ambulance and more secret service agents than she can shake a stick at. So, rather, she grabs her cell phone and makes a small call to information. "Hi, I'm a little new in town and I was wondering where the closest hospital is to…" Then she names off a cross street close to NYU and waits.

"Goddammit," George mutters under his breath, craning his head and taking in the information. He knew Emily could mess with people's heads, one way or another… it should have occurred to him that she might set her sights higher than taking down a would-be roofie dispenser. And they could be riding in close quarters with a bomb, though at least Robin's jamming should prevent anyone from triggering it by remote control. And at least it wasn't rigged to go off because the signal was jammed. Taking the phone, he taps out a message of his own… more slowly, he's more accustomed to giving dictation to aides with laptops these days, but he manages. 'If she did, we're already screwed. Any ideas on removing bracelet safely?'

Robin types his answer this time, focusing on keeping the bracelet jammed, but he's still pretty fast. 'I'm supposed to be helping Rebel find a signal that will disable them, but we haven't had a chance yet. He probably could if he could get close.'

Cody eyes the ambulance as it passes by her on the street, headed in the direction of one of the two hospitals given to her by the operator. "Okay, thanks, I'll just follow this ambulance to find it." Then she hangs up. She jogs a few blocks in that direction, until she comes to an area populated by numerous yellow taxicabs. "Hi, I need to get to the hospital," she says to the driver, pointing in the general direction that the ambulance disappeared in. "My sister's on her way there now."

George nods to Robin, both at the answer he gave directly, and the one he didn't: Rebel probably can't get close any time soon, otherwise there would've been a 'here's how we can get close' tacked on.

Another sidelong glance at Emily. Is she stirring yet? If she did indeed miss her chance to grab the president's puppet strings, then there's a decent chance that she'll go for his, instead. 'I'll mention something about Texas when we get to the hospital,' he types. 'If I don't, then it's not me.' If he does… then it might still not be him, depending on whether she can read the minds of her targets. If so, then all he can do is rely on Robin to be generally paying attention.

Why yes George, yes she is, in fact! The fluids being pumped into her from those little plastic baggies seem to be doing the trick. Laid out on the stretcher, the woman begins to squirm a bit under the straps holding her from sliding off the stretcher in transport. Looks like someone didn't actually get the President in the end. Let's hope that bracelet 1) isn't a communicator bracelet, 2) can't be tracked with Robin around, and 3) doesn't have a bomb that can be triggered by her.

Robin blinks, but then nods seriously to George at that. He makes no counter offer of a codephrase, perhaps figuring he's not important enough to posess. In any case, he just types in, 'Be careful.' Then he lowers his phone, looking towards the waking Emily again.

The cab makes it to the hospital before the ambulance, isn't it funny how those things go? Tossing a twenty at the driver, the agent doesn't even wait for her change as she heads toward the emergency doors. The ER is packed with people, medical emergencies of all types in here. Taking a quick glance around, the agent drops down beside an elderly woman that seems to be waiting all by herself. Slowly, she begins to tap out a message on her cell phone. «Medusa: At the hospital, weapon being unloaded. Any news?» The message is sent to Rebel's phone, hopefully he answers.

Meanwhile, as the ambulance rounds one of the last few corners and the traffic finally eases up - even with alarms blaring, sometimes it takes the cars some time and doing to clear the way - George straightens up, ready to meet Emily's gaze as soon as she comes to. "Hey, can you hear me yet? They think you suffered heatstroke, we're almost to the hospital now." He does a pretty convincing play-dumb act; just because your intentions are honest doesn't mean the job doesn't teach you how to sell snake oil anyway.

Emily doesn't give much of a response beyond a groan; she's not quite that lucid yet. She can hear though, since she gives some response. She's wondering how much George knows, really, whether he's playing dumb or if he just is dumb. Either way, through blurry eyes and with a groggy mind, she can't exactly decide.

Robin, as focused on keeping the bracelet jammed as he is, doesn't catch Medusa's text to Rebel. So, he just waits, watching Emily and George and waiting to see what happens.

Out in the waiting room, Cody simply stares at her phone. Without an answer from Rebel, all she can do is wait. And wait… And wait some more. The litle old lady next to her is trying to do a crossword puzzle and leans over to the agent with a small smile, "Excuse me dear, what is a six letter word for useless?"

Cody just looks up at the woman and shrugs, her head wobbling a little as she considers, "Try futile."

Hmm… they've still got a couple blocks to go. And George isn't in a mood to wait around and let Emily set the pace of events, anyway; it's time to drop a bomb of his own, one she can't afford to ignore - unless she genuinely doesn't know about it - and either way, he should end up learning something important. "Now listen, they're concerned about some swelling, so we need to get this bracelet off of you. Just hold still, okay? I'll try not to break it."

If he reaches for it, she weakly pulls it back with a grumble and groan. If he doesn't, she knows he's bluffing. Either way, what she says is a mumbled, muffled string of…something. That, and she knows that he knows something about the bracelet. Which means he's informed to some annoying, aggrivating level about her goings-ons. Lucky, that. Emily's not totally awake yet though, since coming out of drug-induced sleep is worse than waking up after a night of binge-drinking without hydrating before bed.

Robin blinks at George's words, eyes widening a little. He almost stands right up at that, but then it seems to hit him that George is probably bluffing. Hopefully. Holding his breath though,he watches the Congressman to see what he does.

Meanwhile, in the emergency waiting room, the old lady is being called in. With a brilliant smile, Cody steps along behind her and through the doors as the old woman is led into a curtained room of her own. It's so easy to fake being a relative it isn't even funny. Glancing up at the walls aruond her, she begins to move around the employees.

While there aren't any stray lab coats around to pretend to be a doctor, there are some hospital gowns available for the grabbing. So, she picks one up and heads toward the bathroom. Moments later, there's a woman in a pair of combat boots and a strangely fitting hospital gown wandering the halls of the ER. She's keeping a hand over her right wrist and rubbing it lightly, just like patients do when they're just a little nervous.

Nodding, George draws his hand away from the bracelet. "Aha." She knows that removing the bracelet is dangerous— and she knows that he knows. Hopefully that'll be enough to keep her from trying anything else today.

"Now then, obviously you're working with someone - and obviously they have no problem throwing you under the bus to save themselves - so here's the deal. You help me take them down, you stay out of trouble, I'll do whatever I can to keep you safe. You don't? I'll have one of my boys set it off as soon as we're clear."

That's… what, two, three bluffs in a row? Hopefully the first one will manage to distract her from cluing in on the others.

"You'd…order someone to die…?" Emily finally manages to croak out. If George intends to set it off, there would have to be someone there to try and remove the thing and set it off. Looks like she's playing her hand. As she starts to talk, she does roll some more, to face George; she's grinning a little. She's already in trouble, you know, with that whole turning herself into the cops for the murders of a dozen people. So, how much more trouble could she get in? Federal prison is probably the end result either way, so, she just smirks and stays quiet.

Robin gives a slight sigh of relief as it ends up that George *is* in fact bluffing. He sits back and keeps his mouth shut for the moment. He glances to Emily as she finally talks, and then up to George, keeping his phone in his hand.

George narrows his eyes. "Oh, honestly. You realize that thing has a remote control attached? We wouldn't set it off while you were near other people." At this, the EMTs shoot him a hard look; looks like they're not convinced, either. "Now your partner might not be so careful…"

…and there's a quick squeal of tires as the ambulance finally pulls up and the EMTs pile out, Emily in tow, heedless of whatever games she and the man in the suit are playing at. They've got enough to worry about as it is - like being sued for malpractice if she suffers a relapse. "Houston, we have a problem," George mutters under his breath, glancing back toward Robin as he follows after the convoy.

The EMTs really pay George no mind as the whip the stretcher out of the ambo and wheel it in through the automatic doors of the hospital. In this heat, they're pretty practiced at getting heat stroke tended to. The family? Well, they just have to wait. Emily seems to know that the separation might be a good thing; she even manages to wave at him a little bit when they haul her inside and he has to stay outside for a few minutes.

Robin starts to follow after Emily, but then pulls up short as he realizes they're being held back. He curses softly and looks around and then back to George. "I can't keep it jammed if I can't stay close," he says softly. "If they realize she didn't do what she was supposed to…"

The stretcher is unloaded and wheeled into one of the rooms not marked for trauma, pulling the cellphone from the back pocket of her shorts a quick text is sent again. «Medusa: You're not answering. She's in. I'm going to finish her off.» Sorry to all the patients on heart monitors, they may experience a little blip in the system.

The agent might be visible to the politician and his aide, she's not exactly inconspicuous with those combat boots on. Moving slowly, she lags behind the stretcher pausing only to grab a stray IV pole to push around. From the back, every once in a while, her body armor becomes visible under the gown.

George glowers silently - he might try to bull his way after Emily, but at the cost of drawing more unwanted attention to himself, revealing to her that he's making half of it up as he goes, and maybe even interfering with the care of other patients along the way. Not worth it; he'll have to go in through the front door and try to find her again from there. Nodding to Robin, he takes off around the perimeter of the building, forcing himself to pace the trip at a medium jog so he's not totally useless once he arrives.

Figuring that George would try to get in contact with her again, and have to go through all the official channels, she's sure as shit not going to give the techs her real name. She gives them some bunk name; what it is doesn't matter, really. The dress will stand out though, since she's 'that tall blonde in the dress with heat stroke.' What she didn't count on was Cody being there to finish the job, as it were. It'd be hard to get in, with more techs around her, poking, prodding, asking questions, but eventually, that would all die down, and she'd be left to recouperate in a dim, cool room with plenty of fluids…that she doesn't need.

If Cody were to enter now, she'd see Emily fumbling at the IV lines, pulling them free and looking to make an escape…

Robin turns to follow after George, not saying any more but just trying to keep up. This time, he does catch the text to Rebel. He blinks, and sends a quick reply, «NightSpider: What are you planning to do?» Even as he sends this, he tells George softly, "The one who… I think knocked her out is planning to 'finish her off'."

Her phone buzzes unexpectedly and the agent nearly jumps out of her skin trying to reach for it. Without taking her eyes off Emily's door, she clings to the pole with one hand while quickly thumbing through the keys with the other. «Medusa: Security's been breached. Cutting contact. Will find you when job is done.» Again, she sends to Rebel, not knowing exactly who this NightSpider is.

Then she drops her hand from the pole and turns to the wall. From her pockets she draws her Glock and a silencer. After twisting the piece onto the muzzle, the agent slides into the room. She smiles slightly in greeting as she levels her gun at Emily's head, right between the eyes. "Emily. Where is the man you are working for." After her question/statement has been posed, the gun is cocked and ready to fire.

"Son of a crap. Tell her to stand down!" This latest bit of news puts an extra split second of fire behind George's steps; he grabs a corner as he rounds it, ignoring the brickwork scraping against his palm. Even faced with someone who was plotting, well, treason against the United States, threatening a vigilante killing as a bluff is one thing; actually carrying one out is another. If he knew she was behind the Tabla murders, then he might feel differently, but the police tape was at an odd enough angle that it never quite clicked for him.

When Cody enters, she does almost look like a patient. Until she knows Emily's name. And her business. And points a gun at her. So no, definitely not a patient. "Why should I tell you, huh? You shoot me, you don't find out. You don't shoot me, I leave, and go about my business. We stand here and talk, the greater the chances are that they figure out I failed and make us go kablooey." To emphasize, she holds up her hand and taps on the bracelet. Who knows how much explosive if in there, if any at all, or whether it's given her a dose of suppressant drug lately.

"Which are you willing to put your money on? Sounds like the house always wins." Emily doesn't seem rattled at all by the gun in her face, or that Cody's totally serious. Really, this is a woman that spent a few weeks making peace with a lot of people before turning herself in for a dozen murders. It's like, this is a free life almost, playing with the house's money.

Robin bites his lip, and nods. First he sends a text to the phone, «NightSpider: Stand down!» But he's not trusting that. Breaking into a run, he hurries ahead of George, rushing into the hospital so he can get line-of-sight on one of the intercom speakers. He looks up at it and concentrates, and a distorted voice comes over the intercom hospital-wide. "Medusa! Stand down, repeat stand down!"

"You're forgetting option number three…" Cody says with a rather feral growl. Suddenly the gun is lowered slightly and fwip a bullet hits the tall blond in the thigh. It's such a lucky thing for the agent that Emily had the foresight to unhook herself from the patient monitors, otherwise she would have had to deal with the skyrocking blood pressure setting off alarms everywhere. As it is, Emily is really just another patient who unhooked herself.

Using the surprise bullet time wisely, Cody rushed forward and strikes Emily in the side of the head with the sidearm, then as a measure of safety, she gives her a right hook with her free hand, just to finish the job. "Option three, bitch… never underestimate a woman on a mission."

Then she hears the call over the hospital intercom… Well shit…

Oh dear— even if the wacky hijinks with the intercom aren't obviously connected to Robin, he's sure to draw attention to himself just by running around like that. "Matter of national security," George explains to the receptionist as he flashes his ID, "explain later, I promise." He waits just long enough for recognition to register in the other man's face, then takes off again after Robin. "Where are they?" he calls ahead. He's still pacing himself - mustn't knock over any crash carts along the way - as frustrating as it is to not just be shouldering his way past anything in front of him.

The bullet in the leg does quite a number on Emily, knocking out her ability to stand. Not like she'd be able to stand after Cody gives her the old one-two with the pistol and the fist. Maybe it's an act of mercy, since now she doesn't have to feel the pain in her leg; she can't even check if it's a graze or a full-on hit through her thigh. She's just down like a sack of bricks man. For the second time today.

Loading Emily back up onto the stretcher, Cody takes her hospital gown off and dresses the downed woman into it. Then she pulls the sheet up over the woman's head and swings the rails up around her. Looking around the room, the agent finds a set of paper scrubs reserved for those patients whose clothing is comepletely ruined. It's not perfect, but it's something.

After pulling on the blue scrubs, she tucks her hair into a net and some slippers over her boots. Disguise complete, she drags the IV over and attaches the bag onto the bed. Then she pulls the sheet down to Emily's neck and begins wheeling her out of the room and toward the first set of double doors leading out of the ER>

—one of which promptly clips George as it swings open, sending him staggering in the other direction until he runs into the opposite wall, leaning heavily against it and clutching his hip. "Fuck! Watch where you're going, would you?" He turns to face Cody, then furrows his brow in confusion; something about this feels instinctively… off, somehow. Mostly because he assumes that it was the bed that ran into him and not the door.

"Sorry sir, I'll keep a look out," Cody says and pushes on the stretcher again, her head is ducked downward, as though she's actually at work. She's not actually concerned with the visitors, either of them. She's focused on the hallway ahead of her and getting her 'patient' out of the hospital and pumped full of inhibitor, what a great great thing, the stolen bag of fluid is going to be. Until it runs out.

Robin is just turning to head that direction, hurrying (though no longer at a full run) to catch up to the cellphone he's focusing on, which happens to be Medusa's. Which… happens to be back in the direction of George? When he sees his boss he slows more to say, "They're around here somewhere."

That suits George just fine. The moment of anger is burned through as quickly as it starts, leaving him with nothing more than a dull throbbing ache in his leg, and he stays close to the wall as Robin stops and turns around. Better to let him track down their target than just randomly interrogate staff and patients alike; his luck might be that good, but the situation isn't bad enough to rely on that approach. Not quite yet.

Once the doors swing shut behind her, closing herself off from the ER, George and Robin, Cody looks around for a wheelchair. It's a hospital supplies are plenty. She turns a corner and as if by magic, finds an entire row of them. That's when she abandons the bed and fireman lifts the unconscious female into one of them. "Sit tight, Emily… We're going to get some answers~" She sounds a little crazed as she sing songs to the beat up blond, but really. She deserved it.

Robin focuses a moment more, and then says, "They're outside. GPS now." He hurries towards the door again, doing his best to track down the phone.

George follows after Robin, looking around at physical features while the whiz kid calls out smaller and smaller numbers, until he finds himself catching up with… the same person who ran into him earlier. Well, that figures. He can't quite make out the figure in the wheelchair yet, but she looks about the right size. "So— should I worry about getting stoned?" Hello, Medusa, if that really is you.

One lesson to learn in life, don't surprise a woman that's on the run from terrorists or looking for them. As Cody's head whips around, the little paper hat flies off and the long braids of hair swing and loop around George's neck. Not tightly, mind, but enough to give her a good grip on the situation. Robin is given a narrow eyed scowl and she slowly reaches behind her back. "I don't have time to deal with you two. Now unless you're going to help me get some answers from a treasonous witch, stay out of my way." The hair slides from around George's neck and she begins pushing the wheelchair at a jog toward one of the cabs.

Robin pulls up short as the woman's hair whips out at George. Sure, he can do a lot with his power, but nothing that could help in any kind of fight. So, when she starts for the cab again, he just looks to George. "What do we do?"

Talk about fast introductions! Instinctively, George's hands fly to his neck, fully expecting that Cody will try to strangle him until it registers that she isn't. "That's what we were trying to do!" he calls out, rubbing his throat and following after her as she heads off again. "Thanks for intercepting her, we probably would've lost her on our own." Of course, if they'd really been on their own, then Emily might well be up in the president's head right now with no one the wiser— not that he realizes that, he still doesn't know exactly what brought on the initial fainting spell.

"Well then, Congressman… You'd better get a move on, I don't know how long she's going to be out." Not that she can't just knock the woman out again, if she needs to. Once she gets to the curb, she pauses to wait for them, turning just enough to watch them coming toward her on the sidewalk. Once they're close enough, that's when she hails the cab.

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