2007-09-06: Talks of Doomsday Are Best Served with Cupcakes


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Summary: In the Dark Future, Sylar has regenerative abilities. That could mean Very Bad Things still threaten Peter's niece.

Date It Happened: September 6, 2007

Talks of Doomsday Are Best Served with Cupcakes

NYC — Roof — Devereaux Building

The last time Peter'd been up on this rooftop, it looked very different. The Deveaux Building rooftop only has two access points, and he doubts they'll be taking the fire escape. He left the penthouse unlocked to make things easier on them. No one's taken away his keys yet, and the building hasn't changed hands. As far as he can tell they're leaving it be for now— and as far as he can tell he's not sure anyone even knows the man who owned the building's heir died. But that's emotional moments for another day. There's life up on the roof, even before him, in the form of pigeons. Their continued presence makes him wonder if Claude is still around, but he doesn't see him, even when he's trying, so instead he's knelt down looking in at the pigeons. There's a small carrier bag nearby, and he's actually wearing a jacket. September air is moving towards cooler weather, especially at this hour of the morning— though he'll need to take it off when it gets later in the day.

Making his way in first, Noah glances around the rooftop before moving out of the doorway to allow Claire to enter. He gave her the massive plate of cupcakes wrapped with tin-foil, getting the doors as she carried it for him. The plate is a gift from Sandra, many different kinds in the hopes of getting a kind he liked… They're homemade, of course. Not only did it get Noah out of carrying the massive Thank You from Sandra, but allowed him to take point the entire time. Even in meeting Peter, Noah is still cautious. Dangers both within and outside of the Company still plague his family, a little bit of wariness is something Claire is going to have to get used to.

Coming straight from the house after coming home to pick up Claire, Noah is here in his work suit, a dark navy blue tie fluttering a little in the breeze. Summer's coming to an end, that's for sure. The only thing in his hands is large steel Thermos, held in his hand by the strap around the lid area.

"Peter" is all he says in greeting looking to the door for the arrival of his daughter, holding it open for her.

When Claire walks through the door help open for her with the plate of Cupcakey goodness, there's a small flicker of a smile to her father. Her father who happened to SHOOT HER UNCLE. Yeah, okay, she got the Cliff Notes on the encounter and that was the big point that she happened to walk away with. Somehow, cupcakes don't really seem penance enough.

They are, however, a good start. Sandra's cupcakes are moist and delicious love.

"Thanks, Dad," she offers as she passes by him in her blue jeans and black windbreaker, blue eyes then looking about the rooftop. When she finally spies Peter, there's a nervous smile. 'Hi,' it seems to say, as she fully outstretches her arms to offer forth the baked thank you. Her blonde head tilts. 'Sorry you got shot.'

At the noise of the door opening, Peter straightens, facing what used to be the greenhouse for the rooftop— now the only sign it used to have any such function is a couple discarded flower pots. No one's taking care of the rooftop anymore. "Morning, Noah." In front of the man's wife, it'd been a polite Mr. Bennet, but on the phone when they made the plans, and in front of his daughter, it's first name basis. After all, he did give him permission to when he promised to shoot him. A promise he recently kept, even if the situation was different.

And there's his niece. It's been some time since they met face to face, and his mouth tugs into a lopsided smile as he reaches out to accept the baked thank you. For breaking her window. He's sure the Company already cleaned that up when they fixed the holes in the wall from the gunfire.

"You didn't have to bring me anything… Thank you." And he can smell them. "They smell wonderful."
Sadly enough, the Company makes Noah find someone to repair damage. The window currently has a trash bag and he's already had to explain a run in with cat burgers almost ten times now. Lying comes as natural as breathing to Noah, but it doesn't make it enjoyable or pleasant for him. Still better calling window people the first half of the morning than sitting at hospital bedside or being in a hospital bed.

Glancing toward Claire as she hands off the cupcakes, he adds in his own thoughts. "It was the least we could do after last night."

After giving the closest thing to apology, Noah is swift to move on as he moves about the rooftop. After scanning the the cityscape for a second or two, Noah glances back toward Mr. Petrelli. "You said you had some stuff you need to tell us. You have our undivided attention."

"Mom insisted," Claire chimes in, rolling up onto the balls of her feet as she holds out the plate still. Then her smile grows a little more assured as she steps forward. Settling the plate on one hand, the teenager than peels back the tinfoil and then slowly sweeps the plate back and forth as she attempts to offset the seriousness of her father. That doesn't mean that she's not very curious as to why she got asked to come along. "C'mon. You knooow you want one. Storytime always goes best with chocolate."

There's a smile, even if— well— Peter's not sure how much they'll all enjoy the story he's about to tell. He does take of the proffered treats, though, showing his preference to not be one of chocolate. He chooses a nut filled one. Taking a few bites, he gives forward a, "Tell Mrs. Bennet thank you for me." That's the last of the pleasantries, though. He'll start simply. "The reason I haven't called you in a long time is because I was in the future." That's pretty simple. "I went because there's a lot of things going on— paintings— prophecies— and I thought maybe if I went to the future and found out what went wrong— we could fix things. I mean— time travel told me to save you, and…" That turned out well. He's no longer that hungry, though, so he stops eating the cupcake, instead gesturing toward the side of the roof so they can sit down on the ledge. Not a table and chair, like there used to be up here— but it's well enough.

"I went two years into the future, 2009. I was there for over a month."

HRG merely moves toward the wall next to the stairwell door, but he nods for Claire as if giving her permission to sit by Peter. His face is extremely neutral, his lips in an almost perfect straight line. There is little he has to add on the matter right now save one two words. There is little inflection, merely repeating what he hears. "The future."

When Claire glances back to Noah, that's when she catches that little nod. She gives him a further upward curl of her mouth, and then goes to make use of the permission. Once Peter takes his treat, Claire wraps the plate back up and sets it down on the ledge so her uncle can take it when he leaves. While she doesn't sit, she does lean and then shoves her hands deep into her coat pockets in order to listen.

All amusement dissipates at the words that come from Peter's mouth next, a frown starting to fill her smile's void and an eyebrow arching. After a quick glance to her father, she looks back to her uncle. They are, after all, far more the experts than her. "Lemme guess. It wasn't exactly a Disneyland experience?"

"No— not unless Disneyland started to cater to a very different group," Peter says, reaching up to rub his fingers through his hair. The cookie is still held, what's left of it. Maybe he'll finish it while they talk, but he doesn't really seem in the mood for it. "I didn't meet either of you in the future, so I don't know what happened to you— but…" There's a grimace, and he looks away from Claire and towards the man in glasses. Part of him doesn't want to tell this, but he takes a slow breath.

"I did run into Sylar there. He was still alive— and he was posing as me. I died sometime between now and— when things got really bad. There's a war that happens in those two years, between Evolved and humans— and sometime during that war, Sylar kills me and takes my place. I don't know if he got all my abilities when he did— it'd be better if he had, but… I know he had regeneration at that point." And something to allow him to pose as Peter, for that matter. But regeneration is why he's hesitating.

"A war?" Noah offers as he crosses his arms. The thermos remains unopened for the time being, distracted by the matter at hand. Open conflict between huamns and Evolved is exactly the sort of thing that the Company is supposed to be stopping. At least that's what they say to get people in the door. "What started it off? Did Sylar blow up New York?" After all, an exploding man was supposed to lead to a Dark Future too if Isaac's paintings were true. Considering Noah and Hiro aren't BBF, he doesn't know that this is a different Dark Future.

It's a good thing that Noah's asking questions because Miss Bennet's brain seems to get momentarily stuck at what Peter says. World + 2 Years - Peter = Sylar + Regeneration is a bad equation. Very bad. However, World + 2 Years - Peter - Claire = Sylar + Regeneration is even scarier. There's a whole lot of silence coming from Claire's corner of the roof as she slides down into a squat with her back against the wall. Two years. She'd supposed to be nineteen. Would she even see that? Yeah, it sucks that the world is still going to Hell in a handbasket, apparently. However, did her dad even hear the part where it sounds like she's still gonna die? She doesn't want to die.

Yes. She's seventeen, and right now the world's still kinda revolving around her. It's her unalienable right as a teenager. Deal.

It's fine that the world revolves around her, because she's pretty important to the two men here as well. That's why Peter wanted to talk to her— to tell her to be careful, to make sure she's okay. And telling her dad is pretty important to. Though he's still holding onto his cupcake, he moves to put a hand on the teenager's shoulder. "It won't happen that way. I went there to change things." He'll fix it. He said it so many times there, and he's going to say it again here.

"No— not a bomb. It was something else. A tornado. A storm. I don't know all the details of what happened after that, but normal people found out about us, and what we were capable of, and it became an all out war. I don't know what happened to… your Company. As far as I can tell they didn't exist anymore. If they did… they weren't doing too much to keep things under wraps. The few people I met there who work with them now— didn't tell me much of anything about what happened to them." What happened to the Company, though, isn't really his top priority…

Other things are far more important. Like the teenager who's shoulder he's touching.

"I see." It's a simple response from HRG from his spot against the wall, but the response lets Peter know that he's not listening and not amused with the news he hears. Still as he glances over toward Claire, he states calmly as he unfolds his arms, "It's gunna be okay, Claire, promise." That isn't a Noah-esque lie. It's a fact. No one is touching his baby without his spoken or unspoken permission. Bottom line.

A simple glance back toward Peter shows he's ready to go on. "A storm? So if Evolved were unveiled from the attack, someone was the cause." It's clear Noah's reasoning. Last time, Ted was the key person that was the catalyst for destruction. Is he planning to fight fate a little more directly this time? Perhaps so.

Claire's distant gaze gets refocused as Peter touches her, and she looks up. A weak smile gets plastered on her lips to try to communicate a 'Not worried!' but her creased forehead is betraying that it's a lie. But when Noah says what he does, there's that extra bit of reassurance and he gets that uncertain smile as well. See, if assumptions are to be presumed correct, that would mean that she had both Peter and Noah until some point in the future. It's only the order that remains a mystery.

But the sentiment means a lot at any rate. "We could help," she quietly agrees with a small nod.

He's not going to let Sylar kill him. And if by some misfortune he does, Peter's told enough people about the switch that he's sure they'd discover him fast. "Sylar was blamed for the tornado," he explains. There's something there, though. Not a lie, because it's the truth, but not the whole truth, because there's something there. But he's putting his attention on his niece as he says it, off-handedly. He knows how to lie when he has to, and this is one of those situations when he has to.

"I know you'll help, but I'm not really sure what I can ask you to help with right now. I wanted to tell you so you'd be careful." And with Noah, who gets a glance. He needs her father to protect her— but that doesn't even need to be said aloud. He already knows it will happen.

There is a long pause. While Peter might be good a lying, Noah is good at picking things up. Of course, if Noah does, he doesn't say a word on it, so maybe Peter did get away with the omission of the truth. After all, it isn't like Noah knows exactly why Peter wouldn't fully trust him. "If you want my help, I'll do what I can. As for Sylar, I recommend you deal with him to prevent this if he's indeed the cause. I'd give more assistance than that, but I'm afraid that by doing so would get the wrong people involved and asking questions." He glances toward Claire with a weak smile. "As for the Bennets, we'll be fine. We've survived a lot of hardships. I'm sure we can handle another possible doomsday." He turns toward Peter. "Any idea when this war and storm was supposed to happen?" After all, hard to plan a two month trip to Italy for Sandra, Lyle, and Claire when he doesn't know the date.

Okay, Claire. It's time to pull yourself together. Nothing's definite. Peter's fixed this once already. There's still time to fix this. Her uncle wouldn't be here if there wasn't.

With a sharp inhalation, the blonde pats her knees a couple of times and then pushes herself back up to her feet. Fully facing the omni-Evolved, she crosses her arms to show her determination in the matter. She is Bennet; hear her roar. "You're gonna need help, Peter. You just have to let us know what to do." Then she looks back over her shoulder to look in Noah's direction with a questioning glance. Right?

Deal with Sylar. Peter gives a firm nod, as if he'd already planned to deal with this as much as he can already. It's not much of an incentive, though, because he failed to do this in the future. He'll just have to change the way he did things, right. "The exact date might have changed already— there's some things that are already different since I got back— right after I left, actually. But it should be happening in a couple months. But I'm hoping to not let that happen at all." It's the plan to stop it, after all. And if it isn't stopped— well— he'll be glad if the man takes his wife and daughter out of the country as quickly as possible. Canada seemed pretty safe, as far as he knows! It was just the US that seemed to be sucking.

It's Claire stepping up to the plate and offering help that makes him smile, moving closer and putting a hand on her shoulder— and then pulling her into a hug. "I know. Thank you." He's glad to have assistance of any kind, but ta the same time… he glances over her to look at Mr. Bennet. He understands. There's just some things that he has to do on his own.

Mr. Bennet gives his daughter a glance as she speaks and gets hugged. He has a small smile that forms as she proclaims her intentions. The idea of apocalypse and she offers to help. Even if it involves possibly dealing with Sylar again. While Noah has no intentions of letting his special little girl get involved with all of this, it's still touching to the father to see that his adoptive daughter is becoming strong in will. The smile fades before she turns to him though. Nope, no pride here. Just firm protective daddy.

"Of course, Peter. I suggest that you play this close to the chest if you can. Only tell those that you trust. There are some that likely already know this is coming." There isn't anymore said on this, the Company Man figuring that Peter is a smart enough man to fill in the rest. While knowing a lot about the Company, there is still much that happens without Noah's knowledge and most of it the stuff that would scare common people.

Hug! And proud, heroic uncle. For a second, Claire gets wrapped up in the warm fuzzies. She squeezes her blue eyes tightly shut and pretends that the world's gonna be okay, just because they want it to be that way. The world's a whole lot cooler when that's the way of things. Unaware of the Manly Unspoken Exchange that is occuring over her head, she's just happy to be included. Before the closeness can grow awkward, however, she then starts to pull back and lets her two heroes talk without her interrupting.

"I'd give you the same suggestion, honestly," Peter admits, giving him a long look. The hug breaks before it gets too awkward, and he smiles at his niece warmly, touching her shoulder for a prolonged time. At this point, he even remembers to finish off what's left of the cookie he'd been given. The ones who know this might be coming aren't the ones he's going to trust, most of them include those who helped him in the future, or those that he needs to tell. Telling Noah— this man might be the only one involved with the Company that he would tell, himself.

"Tell your mom thanks for the cupcakes. And I'm really sorry about your window." He hadn't meant to do that, and he will pay for it if the insurance doesn't cover it, along with all the crazy break-in stuff. "We still need to get you some ice skating lessons someday soon. If there's any time between saving the world."

The Man with Horn-Rimmed Glasses just continues to stand guard as he glances about. He is willing to entertain the talk between Peter and Claire for a short time. If Claire looks back at him, Noah will give the point to his watch. After all, family dinner's not to be missed these days unless you have a damn good reason.

"I can't wait," Claire exclaims, flashing an altogether brilliant smile and bouncing up again on the balls of her feet as though the previous part of the discussion had never occured. She can angst later. All the doom and gloom is out of the way for this conversation. Time to get to fun things. Normal things. …Normal things like dinner, apparently. The glance at her father only prompts Claire to push her hands deeply back into her pockets as she shrugs, promptly brought back into the role as sometimes-obediant daughter. "I'll tell Mom if you promise we'll go skating soon." No getting out of this. She's been looking forward to it.

There's a laugh, but Peter does nod. "All right. I'll see if I can find some time this week, even if I have to take an evening off of work." Finding time might be difficult, but if he says he'll try, he probably will. Fighting Sylar will wait until after he teaches his niece how to ice skate. Just in case something goes wrong and he doesn't get to teach her. Hopefully, she's a fast learner… "Maybe you can invite me to dinner afterwards. I didn't really get to meet your mom under the best of circumstances." A dinner would be nicer, that's for sure.

A small frown builds on Noah's face as the talk goes from protecting Claire and saving the city to Peter spending a bit of time with his family. If it was someone has harmless as Zach, Noah wouldn't mind as much. But Mr. Petrelli is far from stable or predictable as his little trip to the future showed. Still, this is not the time or place for such a talk. He is still silent, deciding to wait a bit before giving his second reminder that the conversation needs to be wrapped up.

"I'll totally talk to Mom," Claire agrees with a winsome, pearly smile and a little laughter. And then there's another glance backwards towards Noah. He gets an apologetic look. "Coming, Dad." BACK TO PETER, whereupon he will find her face now painted with a smile more sheepish. "Sorry. I'll give you a call tomorrow?" She then pauses for a split second, her leg bouncing before she throws her arms around her uncle's neck for a another tight — albeit brief — hug. "I'm glad your back and okay," she whispers before promtly letting go and bounding off in the direction of her father at a light jog. "Coming, coming, coming!"

Peter is perfectly stable and predictable… really. A family dinner should be harmless. "Alright."He returns the brief hug as long as he can, but lets go when she pulls back. "Talk to you soon," he says, moving to pick up the tray of cupcakes, which he will need to return one day anyway. The tray, not the cupcakes. His owl cookie jar hasn't had anything in it for a while, and now it will. He'll have to put it down on the counter so his vistors can sample her mom's cooking.

"Take care, Peter," Mr. Bennet offers as he turns around and opens the door for the lovely cheerleader. He gives a glance back toward Peter. There isn't any true emotion in his eyes, just a simple concern. While Peter has his issues with fully trusting Noah, the glance will likely let Peter know that the feeling is mutal. Without saying another word, Noah merely lets the door close behind him, not knowing that within 24 hours, his life will become 200 percent more complicated.

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