2008-02-07: Without A Sound

contains Season 3 material


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Summary: A short and tense meetings between two men with the same goal who just can't seem to stop clashing

Date It Happened: February 7th, 2008

Without A Sound

Bennet House — Front Yard

Pulling into the driveway, a familiar black car comes to a stop. Stepping out of the ride a few moments later is a VERY unhappy man. Noah Bennet. Dressed in his usual business suit, the frowning Company Man makes his way toward the door, his suitcase bound by a leather strap to keep it closed… Filled with a variety of files. As if the case whenever his daughter is in trouble, Noah has had a very bad week.

And the bad week may be getting worse, because suddenly his yard isn't empty. No one stood there when he pulled up, but if his eyes shift in the right direction at the right time, there's someone standing on the edge of the yard, against the driveway. Hair still damp as if he recently showered, Peter's standing on the pavement with his hands in his coat pocket. A dark coat, much like many of the ones he wore in the past. He doesn't try to approach the house, but he does call out, "Mr. Bennet?"

"Petrelli." The suitcase is dropped to the ground. Noah takes a step back, placing his foot firmly on the overloaded symbol of businessmen everywhere (at least until the laptop came around). "You have ten seconds. Use them wisely." Noah's hands are at his side, clearly ready for a rumble. A mere human willing to face Peter if needed? Well, Noah's Noah, which to some is a blessing and others to a curse… And to most that know him, a perfect reason for his actions.

Ten seconds? Peter blinks once in surprise, having not quite expected that level of hostility— then again, he probably should have, even if he made effort to make peace with his mother at least. "I know Claire's missing. And I know where she was taken and why." There's only so much that a man can get out in ten seconds, so he at least sums up what he knows to start off, and maybe buy himself more time to explain what can't get said in ten seconds.

For better and worse, there is always one important lesson to be learned. Noah is not the Company. The Company is not Noah. Their fates are intertwined, but they are never EVER one and the same.

Noah quirks a brow at Peter's words, though his stance is still ready for action and the rest of his countenance cold. While Angela might trust her children, Noah has little faith for those he feel betrayed him. Heroes might forgive easily… But according to most, Noah is no hero. A couple of terse words gives both promise and yet another deadline. "Thirty seconds and without a sound. You try anything funny and I promise you, it will be the last invasion of trust you'll ever make upon me or my family."

Without a sound? How is he supposed to explain it without a sound? Using telepathy could be considered funny… Peter takes a moment to bite on his lip, which loses him a few seconds right there. Projecting thoughts isn't the easiest thing, but luckily the feeling of scrutiny is easy to obtain right now. I was using an ability to try to find out something and I stumbled into her… her dreams. I was looking for Mr. Bishop, but I found her instead. He takes a breath. There's tension on his forehead. She's in Pinehearst. I'm sure my mother's told you about them. And she was taken to cure their boss— my father. They're doing… experiments… to see if they replicate what she does.

..Claire, what have they done to you… They will REGRET this… A couple of moments give Peter a glimace of the rage that boils. It perhaps is on level of Sylar's hate. However, Noah seems to be in almost total control of his murderous urges, offering one simple thought back. And you didn't lift a finger to help her.

"I— " Peter starts to say outloud before he catches himself. His jaw tightens. I am trying to help her. I only found out she was missing at all last night. No one told me. I don't know where in the building she's being held. From the set of his jaw at the tension around his eyes, he's straining to keep this up. There's definitely anger seeping through his mental voice. I made sure she knew that someone would be coming for her soon. She wanted me to tell you what I knew.

Russian follows. It is swift at first. Then a little Japanese here and there. Then Silence. Finally Noah is calm. Like the eye of the storm. Only because I am sure somewhere in your foolhardy head that you think you are always doing the right thing that I am going to let you go with a simple 'thank you'. I am going to save my daughter; I planned to before we had this chat.

Blue eyes narrow into thin slits behind his glasses. The tone is calm, but has usual, Noah can threaten in almost ANY tone. However, should be there ANY sign of advance warning and I'll know exactly where to turn and I promise my mercy will be at an end. If you are there when it happens, Peter, I recommend staying as far away from me as your powers can take you.

That 'said', Noah bends down to pick up his suitcase before offering a simple "Thank you" and makes his way toward the house a familiar yapping heard on the other side of the door from one of the saddest guard dogs to ever grace the face of the earth.

I'm on your side! Peter sends angerly, frustration not even attempting to hide as he glares across at the older man. When he meant no one told him she was missing, he meant this man right here and his mother. Of course his brother, in his current state, wouldn't tell him anything. His brother probably isn't even aware it happened. The only reason I'd be there would be if I were still trying to find a way to take them down or to try and save her myself, he responds with the same angry tone before he turns and starts walking away. Specifically walking. He might fade out of sight after a few steps, but right now he's too angry to switch abilities.

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