2007-07-29: Witness


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Summary: Kate makes a late night dash from her and Peter's home to the Hudson to dispose of a package sent to her by the President. Speak of the devil…

Dark Future Date: July 29, 2009


A bridge over the Hudson

It's dark now. But it's always darkest just before the dawn. Peter didn't come home last evening, but that's nothing new. He's always sure to leave her some sign that he's all right, even if he doesn't come home to stay. The timing worked out well. It gave Kate the opportunity to slip out at this hour without worrying her husband. And Peter always worries where Kate is concerned.

Both hands are in the pockets of her coat - one of Peter's coats - tattered and torn, over much nicer clothes. Her right hand lovingly cradles the handle of her pistol while her left curls around a package wrapped in brown paper. The bundle sends electric shivers up her arm, almost in time with her own pulse. The visions are getting harder to control. Even ones she's already had.

Logan lands quietly but a few feet behind Kate. It's a wonderful new world, where men can fly and land on public bridges. Luckily, it's at the strangest of hours, or Logan would probably have to worry about being shot at. So it's a wonderful new world, in progress. "Nightmares keeping you up?" he asks the other solitary figure on the bridge, this question his announcement of his arrival.

Kate whirls around suddenly. She can't say she didn't expect that he would show up, but this only confirms in her mind that he has people watching for her. …Or at least that he's watching for her. The wave of emotion coupled with the parcel in her pocket hit her hard in the gut. Tears sting at her eyes and she takes a step backward. Away from him. "How could you?"

"I aimed, and pulled the trigger," Logan says, quietly, unable to keep a small, smug smile off his face. He paces slowly, not towards her, almost circling. "And emptied the chambers." He lifts his chin to her, innocent curiosity written in his expression. "Tell me, how much did you see?"

"I saw everything." Kate looks ill, suggesting that that much is true. "I felt everything." Either she's channeling some of that emotion now, or she's just that confident, but she's mirroring his smug smile now. "He wasn't afraid. All of that, and you didn't even scare him. How does that feel, Logan?"

Logan shrugs a shoulder as he paces around towards the railing, placing a hand on it. "So what does that say for the fearless?" he asks, almost directing his question to the Hudson below and beyond. "They wind up alone and dead, in the end. Maybe you didn't feel his fear, but did you feel my rush?"

"Yes," Kate replies miserably. She mirrors his stance, turning out toward the Hudson. "Yes, I felt it." It's a sensation she's becoming all too familiar with in her visions. It reminds her of another time. She suddenly pulls her hands from her pockets to brace against the railing, lean over the bridge and vomit.

Logan tilts his head to the side at the sound of her being sick, and turns his back on the railing to lean instead, folding his arms. "Date's over, I guess," he states wryly. He might watch her, but his surroundings are of more concern. Even at this hour, there are a lot of people out there itching to put a bullet through him, or worse. "Suresh was a smart man. He just had no vision."

Kate spits the remainder of her sick from her mouth and shudders. She turns to look at the man who took control of the country. "Vision. Don't even talk to me about vision," she replies petulantly. "Suresh was brilliant." Was. Damn. The tears slide down her cheeks now. Kate lets them. "Is this all you wanted? To know if I was getting off on watching you kill my friend?"

"I thought you might be interested in witnessing his last moments," Logan says, watchful gaze turning from the near empty bridge and up towards the gradually lightening sky. "I'd hate to be the only one. He did some good work for me, so, if you'd like, we can pretend I did this out of some small favour to him."

"You son of a bitch." Between Peter and Kate, she may be the more diplomatic of the two, but she can be just as fiery when the rage finally takes her. And she's letting it blow her away right now. She launches herself at Logan, fists flying. "You son of a bitch!"

Logan may be repeating the mistakes of the most despicable characters of human history… but that doesn't make him incapable of learning. And to not expect Kate to attack him would be stupidity. One arm comes up to fend her off, the other reaching out to grab, to yank her against the railing. "Careful, Kay," he snarks, "that's your mother-in-law you're talkin' about."

Kate shrieks furiously, making a valiant attempt to claw at Logan's face even as he pins her against the rail. She stops struggling and simply glares almost through him. "What are you going to do, Logan? Throw me over the side?" If he'd wanted to do that, he would have done it by now. …Right?

He grips her wrists, body pinning hers in place. "No. I have you right where I need you," Logan says in a quiet snarl. More meanings than one. His hold tightens. "But just say the word and I will. I'd do that for you, Kay." A wolfish smile accompanies this statement.

"You wouldn't," Kate lifts her chin. Defiant as always. "Nathan won't let you." There's a flicker of fear in her eyes. He wouldn't, would he? He's still in there. Still fighting. He has to be.

There's a brief stare off, Logan's expression stoic, though gaze remaining sharp and calculating. Slowly, his grip on her wrists loosens, and he puts an inch of space between them. "Someone needs to keep an eye on that brother o' mine," he finally says.

"You're scared of him," she observes. "Good. You should be. I can only keep him from killing you for so long." Kate smirks faintly. Come on, Nathan. Come out to play. She reaches past the folds of Peter's coat, absently brushing her fingers over the shard of mirror hanging at her chest. "I can keep up this dance as long as you can. But Peter's a variable I'm beginning to discover I cannot control any longer."

"It would do you well to find a way," Logan responds, not quite relinquishing his invasion of Kate's personal space. "Peter can kill me, destroy half this country, and destroy himself in doing it. If you care for him, you won't let that happen." He glances down at that mirror shard just as he draws away, a hand resting back down upon the railing.

As if she doesn't know all this. As if she hasn't been trying. But it's impolite of him to say so. Kate's lips purse for a moment just before she sends her elbow flying in an attempt to connect with Logan's chin. "Shut up, bitch!"

Like we were saying. It's stupid not to expect Kate to attack at any point. Which is why, when Logan's head snaps back and he grunts in pain, he's not surprised, per se. Just pissed off. His response is something very few men would do to women - he cocks a fist back to retaliate in a punch.

To expect the Bad Wolf not to retaliate would be foolish. Kate throws her weight backward to avoid the punch. Back against the railing. And with enough momentum that she tips off of her feet. With a startled cry, she gropes for the rail with both hands, trying to steady herself before she can go toppling over the edge.

Like lightning, hands reach out to grip her by the coat she's wearing before she can fall, pulling her away from the railing. Nathan looks at her, startled by this temporary moment of control, this impulsive act which led him there. But in the time it takes to blink, it's gone, and Logan smirks, a subtle but clear change, fist drawing back again to bury a punch in her gut.

She doesn't even have the chance to breathe his name or murmur a thank you. But even the briefest glimpse of Nathan is enough to fill her with hope. Even when the wind is knocked out of her by Logan's punch. Kate doubles over before sinking to her knees entirely with a groan.

And a wide, gap-toothed grin up at him.

Logan holds her gaze, wanting so much to strike out again, but somehow, he knows that no amount of blows would really steal that smile away. He backs away from her, the intent to leave clear. It's starting to get lighter. "Keep useful, Kay," he says, with a sneer. "Because when you no longer are, I'm going to take pleasure in destroying you. And Nathan will enjoy an excellent view."

"I am nothing if not useful." Kate climbs to her feet slowly. Wrapping her arms around the railing to keep her up, she catches her breath, hunched over still. "I'll let you get home. I'm sure you and Nathan will have much to talk about."

"I'm sure we do," Logan says, fixing his jacket, despite the inevitably blustery mode of travel home. "Give Peter my regards." With surprising dexterity, he places a foot on one rung in the railing, balancing enough to raise the other to the top. Before he can promptly topple off, he's gone - a far more violent take off than Nathan would have done two years ago - it makes the metal underfoot creak and the air vortex invisibly, ruffling hair and clothes.

Kate stares up at the sky, watching Logan depart. Only once she's sure he's gone does she dare reach into the left pocket of Peter's coat again. She shudders - the force of the vision brings her to her knees again. They're getting more and more difficult to control. She pulls the package out and stares at it for a few long moments, feeling the rhythm of the emotions it wants to assault her with pulse in time with her own heartbeat. With a furious cry, she hauls her arm back and throws the package into the Hudson.

And still, it hits her. Leaning hard against the railing, Kate holds on for dear life as she rides out the reliving of her former partner's death. She’s lost count of how many times this has happened now. She won't be making the walk home for a while yet. At least the Wolf has gone.

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