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Date: March 5, 2010




Lane Industries

It's a beautiful Friday afternoon, just after lunch, but there's a long haired blonde bouncing down the sidewalk in a pair of heels and a very posh, gray dress suit. She's trying to look professional, though there's just something a bit off about it. Perhaps the giant messenger bag that's hanging off her back. She's been practicing in the heels, whenever she's found the time. After a few days, she's practically a runway model in stilettos (not really… far from it).

Earlier in the morning a text was sent out to both Rebel and Mark Lane, requesting a late lunch at his office. And so, when she reaches the large glass doors of the office building, she stops near one of the parking meters and begins digging through the large bag for change. The best technique for blending in? Do something mundane. That way it's easy to buy time while waiting for one of the other parties to join.

Rebel walks down the sidewalk carefully, quietly. He's holding his phone in hand as he searches the area for security cameras of all kinds, and erases himself from their memory. No one will be able to follow him, not through those means anyways. Finally, he trudges up to Cody and holds out a quarter for the woman. "Heya M." Yup, that's what he's going to call her. M for Medusa.

Giving the teen a sardonic little smile, Cody takes the quarter and feeds it into the meter. "Hey kiddo, glad you could make it." She says in a good natured tone. Shading her blue eyes against the sun, she looks up to the top of the building for a moment and then places one of her hands on the boy's shoulder. "Let's head up, I brought chicken salad for lunch. Hope you're not allergic." The text said lunch, damnit she's going to eat something. Not that she waited or starved herself. No, she had one of the sandwiches on the way there.

She walks toward the double glass door with her hand on Micah's shoulder, leading him inside. Once they get to the security checkpoint, she smiles to the guard and pulls out her driver's license. "Cody Baker here to see Mark Lane, we have an appointment." She makes a slight head nod toward the boy, indicating that he is included in said meeting. Once they move past security (yes Cody was smart enough not to bring her gun), they head to the elevators where one of the guards is waiting to escort them up.

"That sounds good," he grins about the chicken sandwich. While he's fourteen he's not used to being without his parents and it's been difficult to say the least, but he copes. Micah allows Cody to guide him through the building and up to the meeting room. He has no weapons either, not that he ever carries one with him. He issues the guard a toothy grin.

Up stairs, as they step off the elevator, the door to Marcus Lane's office (the plaque says so) opens, admitting a tall, geeky looking man in his 50's, who is currently wearing a lab coat. What hair he does have is a bit disheveled, but at the same time it looks on purpose. He smiling back through the door, giving a nod of his head, with a grin. "Yes.. well.. you give that young lady friend of your that. You said she inquired about it. I do hope she likes it."

A hand grips the door and Mark, suddenly appears making the older man look shorter. "Don't worry, Doc… I'll give it to her." His blue eyes look out towards the elevators, through his own pair of black framed glasses. He wore them more often then not. Though at the sight of Cody, he tries to be nonchalant about slipping them off. Folding the arms with one long fingered hand.

Dr Ray isn't one to miss such things so he spots the woman, a grin splitting his face, sharpening the lines in his face. "This must be her." He declares loudly, quickly approaching a hand out to Cody, before Mark and get a hand on his shoulder, it only passes through air. "You must be Cody?" The old scientist is enthusiastic and bright. A glance goes to Micah, and he twist back to look at Mark over the top of his glasses.

Mark can only sigh, hand sliding off the door, he approaches, "Cody… this is Dr. Raymond Walkens.." He gives her an apologetic smile. "He was just leaving. Oh.. and whatever he says about me, don't believe it." His eyes slide down to Micah a brow arching. "And who might you be?" The tall Lane, offers a hand to the shorter Micah. "Marcus Lane."

"Please.. Mark, she can call me Dr. Ray like the rest of them." The scientist gives a flip of his other hand to dismiss the formality of the title.

Ambushed! No sooner has Cody stepped out of the elevator with the guard and Micah when the doctor approaches. An easy going smile is given to both the dishevelled scientist and the heir to the throne before her gaze flickers back to the good doctor and she claps one of his hands into both of hers with a very enthusiastic handshake. "You don't even need an introduction, Doctor Ray, Mark's told me all about you. Everything good, don't worry." She owes the man her life already, for the satellite phone he places with the weapons delivery over a year ago.

When the Doc's attention is directed to Micah, she smiles down at the boy and finally lets go of the shake only to clap one hand on the kid's shoulder. "This is my friend Michael Woods. He's doing a report for school on businesses and I thought I'd introduce him to Mark, since he's the best CEO type I know." The whole story just rolls off the tongue, so natural. What kid isn't doing a report at any given time?

The agent's blue eyes meet Mark's and she gives him another smile. "I brought chicken salad. From a deli near my house." Her smile falters a bit as she looks back to Dr. Ray but she recovers quickly, "Will you be joining us? I think I brought enough…"

He nods at Cody's introduction of him and offers Dr. Ray a small wave. "Yup. A report. I'm looking at running a business and ways to understand profit loss …" and then as if trying to dumb himself down, he shrugs, "And stuff."

"Uh. You can call me Mike," Micah replies as he shakes Mark's hand. He looks at the man somewhat skeptically, but trusts Cody so he goes with it, even if some random is shaking his hand. And frankly, Micah doesn't need everyone in the world knowing his name. Or his face, but then he let the world see Jamie's in some small way it would be payment.

He smirks at the chicken salad. "Food is good."

"No!" Mark says quickly at Cody's inquiry to Dr Ray. "No… He was just leaving." A hand drops to the scientist's shoulder, making the other man jump a bit, pulling him out of his grinning study of the woman.

"Oh yes.. yes.. right. I have a meeting with your father. He would not be happy about me being late.. childhood friends or not." A finger is thrust into the air, and shook as he turns towards the elevators. "Remember Mark!"

"Yeah.. no worries, Doc." The eldest Lane son calls after the old man, going silent for a moment, a finger coming up to forestall anything from either of them until the elevator doors close. "Sorry…" He murmurs, glancing back a both. "He's a good guy.. really… just.. odd."

A soft, psst, comes from the other side of the reception room. "Mark." Is softly called, which grabs Lane's attention. Across the way there is another desk, and a woman of Asian decent sits behind it. A phone to her ear, hand over the lower end, she gives him a wide eyed look and jerks her head towards the door behind her. The plaque on that door reads Robert Lane.

"Oh… shit." Mark moves to usher the others through to his open door. "Move quick.. Last person I want to see you is my brother." He says softly, to Cody. "I'll explain in a moment."

Passing by his own assistants desk, Mark says quickly. "If Robert asks.. I'm in a meeting and no.. he can't go in."

"Oh.. Leaving, well it was good to meet you Doctor Ray!" Cody calles out to the retreating man and just as she was about to turn to rebutt Mark's statement about the man being odd, she finds herself being gently (but hurriedly) pushed through a door. It almost causes her to trip over her own two feet. Almost. "Whoah… what's the hur — Ah, okay." She trusts Mark, almost more than anyone else she's met in the city since moving in August.

"Come on Mike, we can set up your stuff in the office." She says to the boy before turning her head back to Mark, "I should have called a lot sooner. Sorry I didn't… I've been a little busy." Running out on her apartment, trying to find a new one, getting a room mate… the list goes on and on.

"Totally alright." Mark offers with a small smile to the woman. "You know me, Lane business is never done." Once they are both in, Mark closes the door behind him and hits the lock.

The office is huge, it looks typical of any upper management office. The large desk, by a bay of windows, computer on it. Shelves of various books and items, from around the world, to include a plaster cast of a rather large humanoid foot print. This is the office of Mark Scotts as well. He doesn't direct them to the desk and chairs, instead they are ushered to a pair of black leather couches, with a dark cherry wood coffee table between them. On the wall near it is a large flat screen TV, the Lane Industries logo slowly turns in the middle of the screen.

"This an okay spot?" He asks them both, motioning them to sit. "Sorry about that." His eyes on Cody again. "My… brother is rather interested in you." The way Mark says that, it can't be a good thing. His eyes go to Mike again giving the kid a smile.

Placing the messenger bag on one of the couches, Cody sits next to it and licks her lips as she watches Mark. "This spot is fine for me, but Mike might be more comfortable over there." And she points to the desk and more importantly, the computer. "Mark, remember what we talked about when we went to dinner? Mike is going to help us." She darts an apologetic glance to the teen before focusing on the man again and taking a breath. "He has a vested interest in everything working out the way we want it to." She explains, just a ltitle further, to the both of them, because the same statement applies.

Then, she casually begins unpacking the food from the bag. "I'll let you two get acquainted as you need to. Mike, just so you know, I trust Mark with more than just my life. I've been trusting him with my ability for over a year, he's a good guy." Then she drops it in favor of arranging the food.

"Thanks M," Micah says with a lopsided grin. ANd then he shrugs, "Anything… any space will do, I just… I need to be able…" He's getting ahead of himself. His cheeks redden slightly.

"I think…" he blinks at Cody again as if trying to ascertain if this really is a safe space or some kind of trap. All things considered, he's justified in his suspicion after the year he's had. After several moments he nods as he finally sits down on one of the couches.

But he only sits for a few seconds before standing and walking over to the tv. With a lopsided smirk, he closes his eyes and touches the side of the machine. The logo disappears and then the picture cuts to the lobby of Lane Industries — security footage from downstairs. He grins a bit at his handiwork and then proceeds to close his eyes again. The television changes once again — this time to footage right outside the office — an area they just passed.

Satisfied with himself, Micah pads back to the couch and sits down. He looks at Mark and then shrugs, "I talk to technology."

Brows lift high on Mark's head as he looks from Cody to Mike and back again. "Him?" There is some skepticism in his tone. His expression clearly says, 'that's a kid,' when he looks at the woman setting out lunch. With a soft huff, man watches the kid stand and move to the TV.

Of course, what happens next has Mark backing up to one of the couched and dropping onto it, eyes widening a bit. An odd look goes to the Techno kid. "I…." The heir to the Lane throne seems rather speechless. He stares at the TV for a long time, before there is a blink. "Okay… " His head nods. "Okay.. " A smile is turned to the teenage, "So your the one that's gonna get us the info?" His shifts in his seat, glancing at his desk, nodding at it. "Have at it, kid. See what's hidden in the dark crevices of Lane Industries. "

Yes, he just gave Micah free reign of the computer. "I've got something for Cody…" He pushes back to his feet, a glance at the TV again, his head slowly shaking… Marcus Lane is very impressed. "Where did you dig him up?" He sounds rather amused.

Cody's lips turn into a crooked half smile as she watches Mark's reaction to Micah's display. "He's probably the best we could ever dig up, Mark. He can get in and out and cover his tracks." One last thing she pulls out of her messenger bag is her notebook and a pencil. When the heir directs the teen toward the computer, she also makes her way to the desk and lays the book down on it. "Okay, this is what you need to look for. Anything to do with Adham Sayf Udeen, Azhar-Qahaar, Kappa Protocol, every country in the middle east, human weapons, and any variation of all of those you can think of. Look everywhere you can." She writes all of the points down in bullet form and tears the page out of her book to hand to the kid.

Then she closes her book and turns toward Mark again. "I didn't dig him up, he found me. He was reading our emails back and forth." Crossing the room again, she joins the man and looks up at him, her eyebrows raised expectantly. "So what do you have for me? I'm afraid that I've come empty handed again. I'll have to start getting better at this present thing."

Micah smirks and nods his head and pads to the desk. "I'm here. It shouldn't be a problem to get in and I can cover my tracks too. No one will know you were hacked and they definitely won't be able to track it to this computer. Thanks M. I can do keyword searches for all of the information… if there's anything else you can think of, let me know and I'll add it. This could take awhile… depending on the security protocols…"

He reaches out to the CPU and closes his eyes, connecting to the network, reaching out with everything in him, passed the systems defences, and madly searching for anything that might be an indicator of any protocols.

The present comment gets a deep chuckle from the man, as he looks down at Cody. "Actually, the present is from Dr. Ray. You offered to be his guinea pig on that new composite. Remember?" Mark expression softens at the woman, before reaching out and winding long fingers around an arm and turning her to look at a table sitting against the wall. Something like a Kevlar vest sits there, but the way it stands seems to be a bit stiffer. "For you, from Dr. Ray.. may it keep that pretty head of yours alive."

There is a wink to Cody, before Mark lets his hand drop away so that he can move to watch Micah, turning back to the business at hand. "Possibly my father and my brother Robert is on it. Not sure what other employees are in on it… If Dr Ray is.. it's not willingly." He glances at Cody. "I think he proved his loyalty when we were over seas… but he is just a man, scared of the bullies."

There's a long and very drawn out whistle when the agent first sees the vest. She'd completely forgotten about the offer over the past week and to see the vest there and made just for her. Well it's better than Christmas. "Oh man," she breathes as she closes in on the piece of armor. "This is the prettiest thing I've seen in a very long time." Her slim fingers reach up to draw along the shoulders and down the hem of the open sleeve.

The woman slips out of her suit jacket and tosses it rather unceremoniously on the table beside the vest. Then with more care than a new mother gives her baby, she picks the vest up and slips it on. How the scientist knew, she'll never guess, but the item fits her like a glove. It doesn't really need to be said that both Mark and Micah are forgotten while Cody begins to twist and move as her arms just out in a shadow boxing pattern.

Looking past the kid and computer to Cody beyond, Mark looks rather pleased at her reaction watching her, with his mouth pulled up at one side in a smirk. "I'll let Dr. Ray know your happy with it." Lips press together lightly, before he chuckles. "Just.. don't rely on it too heavily.. it's still an experiment." He gives her a knowing look, before turning his attention back to Micah.

An arm drapes over the back of the chair, Mark pulls out his black framed glasses and slides them on so he can read the screen without squinting. "Take your time, kiddo." He murmurs leaning over a bit closer, he's totally fascinated by this new ability. Mark Scotts looks like a kid at Christmas himself.

Focusing his energy, Micah learns the ins and outs of the program. He grins as he manages to get the file to load. With a broad toothy grin he opens his eyes. "I think… I think I've got it."

Micah's features are alight as his grin broadens further. "Yeah! I've got it, it's just load —"

His eyebrows furrow as his eyes scan the file. His mouth gapes open and breathily he can utter one thing, "Woah!"

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