2007-06-05: Wonder Woman vs Emo Girl


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Summary: Flick and Lyndsay rendezvous in an alley for an experiment. The Doc fails to persuade the Goth to see her ideology.

Date It Happened: June 5th 2007

Log Title Wonder Woman vs Emo Girl!

Location A deserted mews and alley, somewhere in Manhattan.

New York in the evening is not always safe, but this little Mews is quiet. Destered, and has some trash in it. Fire escapes for buildings that are commercial, and it is generally a dark but deserted location. Having suggested meeting here as it will be totally deserted and safe to speak openly, Felicity is waiting here and chewing on pizza.

The goth girl isn't really worried about safety, given her abilities. And her attire makes her less likely to get hassled in places like this. She shows up at the listed time, walking down the alley, boots crunching debris underfoot.

Felicity waves and poinst to the box. Her poor speech isn't helped by pizza. "Hot beef an' pepperoni. Got coke too. Help yourself." She wipes her mouth and says now she is a little more coherent. "I thought we could try that experiment with bone contact you mentioned. But I want promises from you. You're not to try to get money or stuff from me, or try to abuse me. I want to help you and if you need cash or something, just /ask/ normally. I'm quite happy to give it. We should discuss what sort of things you can ask me to do, and I can tell you how it feels. Then maybe you can similarly test me."

The gothling looks over. "Okay, no thanks. Pizza in an alley?" Her mind just rolls with thoughts of germs. She does smirk a little as she looks at Felicity. "You realize, if I ask you to do something you would have done -anyway-, it doesn't really prove anything. By definition, if we're testing my powers it needs to be something you wouldn't do -unless- compelled."

Felicity grins wickedly "Then I guess it's up to you to find out what those things are. But now I am looking out for what you are doing, I can tell you if the urge felt different. besides, I need to show you what I can do, and it might be interesting if you used your power to make me do something asa means of finding the limitations of my own abilities. There's things I might not try from fear of it being too hard. if you make me do them, I'll realise I can cope. That way, I extend my range. And we can also see wheter I can resist you. Making you stronger to break through my barriers. Think that might work?" She snags up more pizza "It's fresh. Bought it on the way in."

Lyndsay looks a little miffed. Fine. She wants to see something, she'll show her something. "Okay. I have to run my forehead up next to yours, right?"

Felicity swallows and wipes her mouth "Sorry about the pizza breath. You go ahead. But…like..you can't make me try to commit suicide or something can you? Only I kind of like my life as it is. And I am not into getting my face tatooed. Just so you know."

Lyndsay replies "I probably could, but if I wanted you dead it would probably be lots easier to shoot you or something. And I won't make you get a tattoo." She moves up next to Felicity. "Okay. Let's do this."

Felicity nods and extends her head, curious about the sensation.

Lyndsay thumps her forehead up next to Felicity. And she pretty much shouts (since that was how this worked on the special she saw) "Close your eyes and keep them shut till I tell you to open them."

Felicity laughs lightly "I think I need to keep them open. I just want to be able to see stuff. I'm a bit paranoid about that, being deaf and all that. Come on, let's start with something for me to do?"

Lyndsay frowns. "I was trying." she says. "This might not work on you, remember." Ummm. Something else she wouldn't normally do. Damn. She's not sure WHAT deaf doctors usually don't do. Well, they're in an alley. Maybe this'll work… She leans in again to bump heads with Felicity. "Take your top off" is her next command. Hopefully Doc Deafness here has a bra on.

Felicity laughs lightly "True, I never know what I am capable of until i try." She leans backa nd peels off her t-shirt. She's well curved and has a reasonably six pack. And looks like she could probably make it as centrefold in 'Amazon Chicks Monthly' given her physique. Not rippling bodybuilder, but msucles that are built for heavy use. And fortunately, she wears a decent crop-top sports bra. "Stripped for action, yes? I suppose it's a warm night."

Lyndsay looks relieved. Both that the doc had something on under that, and that it worked. She steps back so her lips can be easily seen. "Okay, that worked. Did you feel anything?" Of course not.

Felicity blinks "Feel what? No, seriously, come on…you didn't really do anything did you? It's just…well. A hot night, I'm just a bit flusghed from spicy pizza. Did you learn anything? It must be a bit startling to find you can't have it work on me even using that technique, I guess."

Lyndsay shakes her head. "No, I had you take your top off, and you did." She indicates the discarded shirt. She's smiling, rather pleased that it worked.

Felicity frowns at this "Well, that seems to answer that question." She takes the top up and says rather snippily "I am glad you stopped there. But all right, so it works that way. What do we try next?"

Lyndsay considers. "Well, I'm not sure. We know it's possible. You wanted to see if it's noticeable. So we probably need to try a few more things."

Felicity tugs her clothes back on and remarks "We do. But I'd prefer it if you wouldn't do something embarrasing next time. There are limitations to patience and tolerance you know. You could just have asked me to stand on one leg and bark like a dog."

Lyndsay rolls her eyes. "I took it -easy- on you, Doc. I could have had you walk out in the street and give the first guy you saw a striptease. I told you, this has to be stuff you -don't- want to do to be a valid test."

Felicity snorts at this "I don't want to bark like a dog, right? But what do you have in mind next? Make me piss my pants? There's ways to test it without necessarily making me have to be a social embarrasment. Besides, if you get me arrested you'll lose a friend who may be one of the few people who understands what it can be like when the worries about having a power can crash down. You must have had moments when you feel afraid of what happens if someone finds out and comes for you. Have you never been worried that you might end up locked up with scientists testing you for the rest of your life?"

Lyndsay looks exasperated. "Fine. You make out a list of things you don't want to do, and I'll pick off the list. I barely -know- you, Doc."

Felicity picks up her carton of coke and slurps at it "Then maybe you should try asking me a little. Just talk over things. Instead of being a bit of a wiseass and making me take my clothes off, why not just talk about stuff? Like - you know, what do you do, what's your favourite food, who do you have a crush on, have you ever had a dream to fulfil?" She sits down on a fire escape. "Look, I know I'm a pain at times. But as far as I know, you're the only other person in the world who can do anything that is beyond normal human means. We have a duty to ourselves to try to get along and protect each other. You do see that, surely?"

Lyndsay just looks amused. "Doc. Think about that. You're a supergenius jockette genetics prof. I'm a high school dropout goth chick. Do you SERIOUSLY think you and I have -anything- in common besides the fact that we can both do weird shit? If it weren't for that, you and I would -never- be hanging out, and we probably don't WANT to know each other. I'm here to help you with this test crap, cause it -might- benefit me, not to help out the unwashed masses."

Felicity stands "Look, this isn't about helping the unwashed masses. This is about people who are intrinsically different, who are better, who basically have a reason to look out for one another despite different backgrounds trying to DO something with their lives. Sure, you like it now, skimming the cream off everyone else's coffee. But eventually, you'll run into someone you can't skim. And they'll resent it, and you'll be screwed. While having people who have the same kind of knowledge and abilities can really help you. I don't mean we should be the JLA. I mean we should help keep one another safe. And look out for others. There must BE more of us. Have you never thought of that? Do you think you're the only one who can mess with minds?"

Lyndsay smirks a little back at Felicity. "Do you think you're running for office or something? I get by real fine without anyone knowing what I can do, and I'm happy with that."

Felicity leans down and says pleasantly "And what're you going to do when someone finds out? Someone who isn't me? Someone who will screw you over? There's always a bigger fish in the pool, when you swim for long enough."

Lyndsay looks back. "Then I tell 'em to jump in the lake. YOU'RE only safe cause you're deaf, Doc. I ain't expecting a whole lotta deaf bad guys. You gonna make that list?"

Felicity grins a little. "For every power there is a negative I think. You'll find that you can't influence everyone. I don't expect you to change your liftsyle. Just accept that the world will screw you over eventually. A little cooperation might be to your benefit."

Lyndsay rolls her eyes. This is a classic response. This is the teenager-that-knows-everything getting lectured by the adult.

Felicity purses her lips "How much do you weigh? Exactly? See, you got a butt load of resentment against the world who won't let you do what you want. Who expect something back from your selfish ass. But the way I see life, and I've seen enough of it, is that one day you're going to get such a wakeup call you'll panic. You think your sass and your clever mannerisms impress me? They don't. So you can control people's actions. That's nice for you. But one day you're going to take a step too far and you'll be in deep shit, and you won't be able to talk your way out of it. And then I wonder - what will you do next? You might like it. I hear those government test facilities get cable."

Lyndsay looks back. "You know what? SCREW you, doc. You wanna get holier-than-thou, you do it with somebody else. I'm here to help YOU out and you wanna ride my ass? Piss off." She turns and starts to storm out of the alley.

BOING! The doctor is gone. Apparently Well, not quite…Felicity simply leaps from a standing point up, OVER and then lands a few meters in FRONT of the departing girl, and puts her hands on her hips. And because she likes the theatrical, she includes a few head-over heels rolls for good measure. She then smiles pleasantly "Help me out or not, it's your choice. But when the day comes and someone starts to screw you over because of your abilities, you know where I am. I'm not going to force you. You have to do this for yourself. But your attitude is going to get you killed, girl. Sooner or later. I just thought you'd like to know that."

Lyndsay backs up a little bit, just because she's unnerved at having someone barring her that her power doesn't work on. And like most young people, nervousness gets buried under bravado. "So get the hell out of the way if you aren't "forcing" me." Angry.

Felicity folds her arms. "Make me." She then smiles, rather amused at all this "See, you can't get inside my head Ms Martin. Not nice, is it? when your amazing superhuman power turns out to be useless. How'll it feel when you face down someone like this who actually wants to hurt you? Wants to eliminate you because you're some sort of freak, or tie you up for genetic tests until you're so full of needleholes and useless that they put a bolt in your head like you're an animal, and stick you in a ditch? You're just getting mad on the outside, when I think on the inside you know I'm right and it scares the hell out of you. So you can either sit down and listen, or you can walk out of the alley. Your call. But there's no use screaming at me or shouting. Because I can't HEAR you. So it won't make any impression."

Lyndsay growls once. She moves to march past Felicity, heading to go to the side. Felicity is many things, but wide as an alley isn't one. Of course, moving to block her would be easy enough. But she's not planning on letting Felicity "win". At this point, dignity alone would stop her from staying. Willingly.

Felicity nods at this "Very well then. You made your bed. Lie in it until the bug bites. Page me. Turn up at my office. Whatever is easiest. just don't get yourself killed, girl. I may be a hardass at times, but believe it or not, I like you. I see the kid I might have become if I hadn't harnessed my own instincts to glorify my abilities." And then…she goes. not out of the alley opening. Upwards. In fact, she bounces off the window ledges, and with a couple of enormous bounces off ledges an inch or two wide, clears the roof of the three storey building just by - and corny as it sounds - leaping a building in what is damn near a single bound. Maybe Wonder Woman really DOES exist after all?

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