2008-08-17: DF: World's Biggest Playground


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Claudine and Lee discuss rescuing the president, and a revelation that there's two Peters is made.

Dark Future Date:

August 17, 2009

World's Biggest Playground

Underground Tunnels beneath New York City

Just like she can contact the government, she can also contact the alliance. A text message told him to meet her at an abandoned subway tunnel in old New York. Its ghetto. It's decrepit. And it's dangerous. Hopefully, he'll make his way safely into said subway station as a lone figure waits in the shadows..

Lee is having to carry a gun these days, an old break-open double-barrelled shotgun, loaded with rock salt, sure, but a gun nonetheless, and he doesn't like it much that it's not just the baseball bat sticking out of his messenger bag. He's here - and he always knows Claudine can see him long before he can see her, down in her tunnels.

When she realizes he's come alone, she steps out of the shadows and idly runs her fingers through her hair. She takes a deep breath, sighing a little as she is also alone. "How are things on your end? I imagine things are a bit more difficult with el Presidente kidnapped by Derex.." Oddly enough, her little missions have been running smoothly, but that's because she has her own gubmint cnonections.

Lee says, admitting: "It's the worst it's been since the early days. Our intel lines have closed down. Reliable people are ratting us out. We lost the Hudson River two cell, and they were dug in solid. I don't even think there were any survivors. If you heard the choppers headed that way….that was HR2." He sounds exhausted. "Your group is all right?"

"We've been laying low." She's lying. She's still done stuff for Mr. Donovan, but it's because that he's her intel, she knows her activities have been swept under the radar. Claudine hrmms for a few moments and purses her lips, "You know what'll happen if they kill the President, right? Human detainment camps wont be around, sure..but it'll be evolved death camps..probably all over the world. I want to save the President.." and she pauses, waiting for a bit of dramatic effect, and to see just what his reaction is.

Lee looks baffled. "You and every Homeland Security goon with a badge and a truncheon. What makes you think you can even find him when pretty much the whole US government can't?" He seems more skeptical that it's feasible than disapproving of the aim.

"That's why I contacted you. I was.." and she lets out a nervous chuckle as she scratches the back of her head. "HS goons dont have contacts amongst the resistance. I'm part of the resistance. I figure..I was hoping you'd know something.." Claudine admits ruefully, hoping she wasnt wrong about that.

Lee says, "Like I say, our intel's dropped off to nothing. We've disconnected all contact with the Saints organization that the kidnapper headed up - we had to in order to get the detainees in to the target countries. Even then a lot of stations are turning refugees back now, they can't be seen to be associated with the resistance even covertly. I'd be very careful about moving people, even underground, until either this blows over or you can prove you're not a part of this lunatic…. extortion." He adds: "I could try to get a sit-down with one of them but I don't think they're going to tell me anything. They know our organization's aims and they stabbed us right in the back, intentionally. I don't really hold it against them - we were using them and they were using us, that's how it goes - but I've got to be realistic with you."

"They've stabbed all evolved in the back. Dont they realize what will happen if they actually kill him?!?!?" Whatever hope the young woman had just goes down the drain and she takes a deep cleansing breath, trying to keep her calm and focus lest an earthquake occurs. Fortunately, nothing happens. "They are no different than Mustlim extremists. They make an entire people look bad just because of some stupid sense of self righteousness.." She's just ranting now and her knuckles turn paler as she clenches her fists tightly.

"If you can try to get a sit down with one of them, please bring me. If I have to crush their fingers then so be it. Peter hasnt answered my calls. I dont think he's going to do a damn thing about his brother. Brotherly love indeed." It seems that with that statement, whatever modicum of respect she had is gone down the drain. And then, she remembers something. "Time traveling Peter! Find him, and get him to help."

Lee says, "Time travelling what? Peter Petrelli can time travel on top of everything else?" Nobody told the Alliance, apparently. "I'm not going to get you in a room with them to interrogate them, A, they won't come, B, they'll come prepared, and or C, they won't send anyone with specific information. I mean, they're not tactical geniuses like Alliance brass, but they successfully kidnapped the President, they're not stupid." He calmly adds: "The Evolved versus non-Evolved thing is a sideshow, a distraction from the real conflict. I don't know if they've bought into it like the government did or not, but the /relevant/ group they've tarred is American resistance fighters."

"Tool Peter is from the past. Douchebag Peter is now. Tool Peter is all clean shaven and stuff and well, he's here from the past trying to make it not like this anymore. I'm sure he still has some sympathies for his brother, heck..with what happened, even I have sympathies forhis brother now.." Claudine explain though at the news, she hrmms and chews on her bottom lip.

"Kidnapping the President, from my understanding, could be more that the President is stupid than his kidnappers are intelligent.." she continues with a soft chuckle of amusement, remembering Cyprus' comment about being caught with his pants down. "And I understand they've tarnished the resistance fighters, but Derex is dumb. What he's done will destroy this country, and the only way to save it is if we save the president. And as for getting one of theirs, no need to mention me. Just say it's you. I'll take care of the rest."

Lee says, "I'll talk it over with our political people. You know our methods. We don't approve of torture and we sure as hell don't rat. If we start down that road there's a long lonely path until you and I are at each other's throats too. I can't make you any promises. Hell, they may not even want to meet with us. What would we say to each other anyway?" He adds, more urgently: "We need to rebuild - the underground railroad just got a bunch of stations cut from the end of the line, where we need them most. And with our detainee redirection ops about to start, it's going to be full up. You'll find the same thing."

Claudine never said anything of torture. She gave that up a long time ago, it was never really in her blood. It's the others that would do the torturing, but she gives an understanding nod. "I understand, but desperate times call for desperate measures. You're looking at human survival, I'm looking at evolved survival." she says firmly and resolutely.

Then at the news of the underground she nods, "It's okay. I've already built many resting chambers in my own networks. All tunnels are now big enough to accomodate vehicles for faster transport and there are air vents tomake sure no one dies of carbon monoxide poisoning. I dont have the government on my back.." she says, though how she managed that is still a mystery. "So if you want, I can take care of your human smuggling needs."

Lee says, "It sounds like you've got contingency plans too. Let's see how it goes, I may very well have to call on you for that." Even if it compromises their separate nature, which has served them so well in the past. "Anything else?"

"If you can get a meeting with any of the Saints, let me know.." Claudine says in the end as she takes a deep breath. It's going to be a long and difficult road aheadit seems and she sighs, looking out towards the exit. "Be careful, there are gangbangers that will be out in an hour or two. Hide as best as you can unless you want to attract attention of HS.."

Lee replies, "I won't be on the streets." When you can run on walls, the huge abandoned skyscrapers of New York City are jungle gyms on the world's biggest playground.

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