2007-05-15: Worst Damsel In Distress Ever


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Summary: Eric, out on a jog, finds Elena in the waterfront watching the sun sink over the waves. Elena confesses to him that she should learn how to defend herself more effectively. Eric offers to help out on it.

Date It Happened: May 15, 2007

Worst Damsel In Distress Ever

Eastern Waterfront, New York

Elena has a cup of hot chocolate in her hand, a knitted cap is pulled on her head, and her dark hair blowing around her face. She's at the docks, the walkway where people tended to jog by the oceanside. Her arms are folded over the rail, clad in a warm jacket, a colorful scarf, and a pair of blue jeans. A slim, booted leg is propped up one of the lower rungs of the area separating concrete from the coarse, gray sands of the waterfront, and the water itself.

Seagulls caw, and drift lazily over the horizon. Her mp3 player is plugged on her ears, and she taps her boot lightly on the metal against the heel.

Speaking of jogging…

Down the path behind her comes the thumping of footsteps as someone closes on her position. The rythmic thumping of the footfalls indicates someone moving at an easy and slow pace of movement. That someone would be a familiar face, who hasn't quite noticed the fact that Elena is the one leaning against the railing there. Eric Walker, wearing jeans and a thick and warm looking coat, comes tromping down the wooden way. Headphones in his ears and music on his minds, the young man spares a quick glance towards Elena…and frowns slightly. His steps slowing as he closes.

…he knows her dosn't he…why yes! He does!


She blinks, and she looks over at Eric. Elena blinks at him, the fog of thought dispelling from her eyes as she sees who it is. She gives him a brief smile, taking the earbud phones from her ear and pushing away from the railing. She turns, so she could lean on it instead, sliding her hands in her pockets. "Hi," she says, lifting a hand to stifle a yawn before returning it to her pocket. "What are you doing around here? Out for a walk? It's a nice day out." Summer was looming over the horizon after all, and people are slowly starting to ditch the thick coats for thinner jackets. She pushes the knit hat up her head.

"…out for a jog, gotta keep in shape in the off time right?" Eric replies with a smile as he stops in his tracks before taking a deep breath and blowing out a slow stream of air turned-steam. A pause for a moment before he smiles towards her. "Mind if I join you though?" Before glancing up towards the sky he nods once. "…and yes, it is a very nice day." He murmurs before stepping closer, leaning one arm against the rail next to her. "What are you doing out anyway? Just enjoying the day?"

"Mmm." Elena tilts her head up to the sky. "I go here sometimes when I need a breath. There's something about the colder months that keeps the usual dock smell away." She turns around again so she could fold her arms on the railing. "And yeah, just thinking. I've had a rough couple of days." She winks at Eric. "I won't bug you with them though. I just needed to breathe, and the sea air does wonders for that. I know we're on summer vacation, but…I'm still working on…you know. The stuff." She looks over at him and she laughs. "I think I ought to learn how to better take care of myself though. There's only so much dancing can do to keep me in shape." Though dancing IS strenuous in itself.

"There are worse places to take a breath when you need one," Eric agrees as he glances out over the water with a slight smile on his face. He shakes his head though and gives her a shrewed little smile towards Elena for a moment before lifting his shoulders in a light shrug. If she dosn't want to talk about what made this week intresting then he won't be the one to push it all that much. "As long as your alright now," Is all he says before he blinks slightly in suprise. "…take care of yourself? Like…self defence of some type you mean?" He pauses again before he grins. "I can teach you a bit if you like."

She doesn't want to worry him further. She doesn't want to talk about it simply because it's made her cry so many times that her pride couldn't handle it anymore. It was time to be a big girl, and Elena was trying to do just that. Sucking it up. Dealing with it. And moving on and doing what needs to be done. She performed the best when she had a purpose, after all. Looking over at him, she gives him a smile. It's somewhat apologetic, but grateful too. "I am," she says, nodding affirmatively. "I promise. And….well. Yeah." She blinks. "Really? You'd do that? I was thinking about asking Drake because he knows some moves but…." She pauses, and she laughs, lowering her forehead into her folded arms. "Oh who am I kidding? I can't punch worth a damn."

Eric knows something bad happened, but he dosn't know exactly what. She looks alright though, and he suposes thats what really matters, that she's alright. "As long as you /keep/ that promise, thats what I'm worried about," He adds towards her with a fond smile before he blinks once slightly. "…well thats fine if you want to ask Drake…" He says before he laughs. "…and you don't /have/ to punch worth a damn, thats the point of akido you know."

"I'm trying to, believe me. I don't want to worry anyone else. I don't want to worry -you-." Elena looks up and gives him a stare. "You got -shot- for me. I need to give you a break." It wasn't….really about that perhaps, but that's an honest answer at least. It just comes out, because she's impulsive. She can't help but color in embarassment though, and she smiles, glancing down at her folded arms. "Sorry…but it's true. I can't help it. I'm….I feel guilty having to be rescued all the time. What's the use of phenomenal cosmic powers if you won't use it so the others around you can take it easy, right?" At the last, she blinks, and looks at him. "But….the dummies….remember? When I ran into you practicing at the student center on campus. Those looked like punches," she points out. But Elena? Has no idea there's a different between Aikido and Karate.

"Its alright," Eric says with a smile in responce to that stare from her. At the comment on getting shot though he blinks. "I'd do it again if I had to…I don't want to see you get hurt, I wouldn't let you get hurt if I could stop it," He replies quickly…and then starts to color as well. Like her it just slipped out, he didn't really mean to say something like that…even if he does actually mean the words. Forced to look away from her a moment the young man's eyes focous on the dying sunset and he smirks slightly. "Listen to me, I sound like some comic book idiot," He murmurs softly for a moment before shaking his head.

"…oh that?" He grabs on to the slight change of subject as he fights down the slight embarasement at his words. Even though some part of him /likes/ rescuing her. "…that was Karate, its a harder style. Aikido is a softer one…it concentrates more on throwing and using your opponents strengths against themselves. You would be good at it I bet."

She stares at him, and then, Elena sighs, her head hanging just a touch. "The way you say that scares me sometimes," she tells him softly, turning around so she could lean her back against the rail. Her hands stuff into her pockets, and her heel rests on the lower rung. She tilts her head back and closes her eyes. Finally, she inclines her head sideways so she could look at him. "It's like your own sense of self preservation leaves you whenever I'm…look, we're not even twenty yet, right? It's so easy to think nothing can happen to us that's bad and, worse, -permanent-…" Like dying. "Being kids. But you almost -died-, Eric. I know you say you'd do it again but what if you don't come back this time?" At the last, she sighs. "No, you sound like….I don't know." She laughs a little bit. "Something out of Sir Thomas Mallory, if he wrote in Modern English."

At the last, she blinks. "-Throw-?" She looks down at herself, and she laughs. "What makes you think I can -throw- anybody? So you mean….like use their physics against themselves or something?" Yes. Science. She's putting science in martial arts. She's hopeless.

"I don't mean to scare you Elena," Eric replies with a slight smile towards her before leaning his elbows against the railing, settling his weight against the wood. "…well…it puts it in perspective when you come that close…so I know just how mortal I can be you know." He pauses a moment before glancing back towards her, giving her a thoughtful little quirk of a smile. "…so no, I know something can happen to me. I know I'm not going to have something permanent happen to me…" The quirked lips flashes into a smile for a moment. "…it would make you sad. I can't have me doing something like that now can I?"

A blink though before he laughs along with her. "…Sir Thomas Mallory…I'll take that as a compliment then,"

He nods though, bringing himself back to his full height and looking down at her. "…if that helps you oh science geek then think that way. Thats what it is really…all their body is in motion in one direction…you just sorta grab them in the right place, twist your body just so…and help them continue in the same direction."

"Well I -know- it's not deliberate," Elena replies, quirking a small smile at his direction, lifting a hand to tuck her hair away from her eyes and against her ear. "And no, it wouldn't make me sad," she huffs, crossing her arms over her chest and closing her eyes to accentuate the sheer huffiness of the expression. "It would make me furious. I'd say if you died, I'd kill myself and come after you…..but I'm Catholic. I can't exactly do that, it's against the rules." She winks at him. Suicide would deny her a Catholic burial and all that. Perhaps Manny was right after all, his sister wouldn't grieve if someone died for her. She'd be pissed.

Maybe that was her way of grieving?

She sticks her tongue out at him as he ribs her about her GLORIOUS SCIENCE, and then she nods. "I get it," she says, pondering it a bit. "When you put it that way." She laughs. "Maybe I have to start lifting weights. I have - no- upper body strength whatsoever."

Blinking once towards her before he just starts to laugh quietly. He can't help it…she looks…looks…positively adoreable like that. Really she does. He tries to keep the laughter silent, but his eyes dance with it and his shoulders shake with the effort. It takes him a few moments to settle down, but he finally does, gluping a few mouthfuls of air. A pause then before he slowly reaches out towards her, running one finger across her cheek slowly before adding in a soft voice then. "…I'll try my best to never make you angry then." Before an impish light flashes to his face. She /is/ pretty when she's angry though. Ah well. His hand drops back to the railing before he glances back out to the water.

"…good, see I can teach you that if you want then. I'm actually further along with that than I am with any of the harder punchy styles so I'd be a better teacher." He pauses a moment. She would be the first person he's tried to teach really, but…well…you have to start somewhere, and she's a good cause. "Weights are good…I can talk to a trainer and have him figure out a good schedule for you if you want."

"I'm sure it'll happen anyway. You're a guy," Elena grumps, though she blinks at the light touch on her cheek. She smiles at him faintly, turning around after so she could fold her arms on the railing. She exhales softly, seeing her warm breath make a small puff of mist. It was a little cooler around the waterfront than it was downtown. She takes a sip of her hot chocolate, and rolls the liquid around and around against the cup. She smiles faintly, and looks over at him. "If you're serious about it, I'd like to learn," she says simply. "I mean…simple stuff. Just enough so I'm not completely and utterly helpless." She frowns. "….I…kind of want to learn how to shoot a gun too, but…I'd be so afraid to hit the wrong person, you know?" Besides. She doesn't need weapons.

Propping her chin on one hand, she watches the water lazily, and then, she speaks up again. This time though she isn't looking at him.

"I have a question. If we somehow can't prevent all of this going up….like that." She snaps her fingers. "And we couldn't escape it. And we knew that. And there's nothing left to do but brace yourself, what would you do in your last day in New York?" She doesn't explain why she asks him that, probably because she's in a contemplative mood and she's genuinely curious.

"…true," Eric replies before he shrugs lightly. "Though you'll just have to figure out how to forgive me when I /do/ piss you off…I'm sure you will," He says lightly as he retracts his hand to dangle them over the railing. A sidewise glance from him towards the girl before he smiles slightly. "…of course I'm serious about it, I'd be happy to teach you…were friends arn't we and I don't want to see you hurt…" Pause. "…or me hurt. Therefor the best way to prevent it would be to teach you how not to get hurt…right?" He's half babbling and half thinking outloud at this point he is.

I mean. They are still friends and the like arn't they?

He pauses though to look at her as she asks the question though. "Just like…" He snaps his own finger. "…that eh?" He says with a smile before it fades at the unusually somber question. He pauses though, willing to think on it a bit. "What brought that question on anyway?" He asks, curious himself inspite of things. He falls silent though before he takes a deep breath. "…I supose…I'd want to spend it with family…and friends. I'd like to be the last memories I had to be nice ones. If your being fatalistic and saying there is no way to stop it that is. If there was even the most remote chance to stop it I'd have to keep trying until the end of it all." Then he pauses before he smiles towards her, eyes staring off across the water. He would take her out on a date too, but he's not sure if he should mention that bit as he turns back to watch her for a moment.

She laughs. "If I can forgive my own would-be murderer for attempting to kill me," Elena says with a grin, looking over at Eric. "I can certainly forgive a -friend- for something he did that was not as bad." She winks, and blow a lock of hair away from her eyes. "And yeah….we are. Friends, that is." She looks over at Eric. "I just….I'm tired of feeling like I have to be protected all the time, you know? I mean, you almost died the last time. And if…Peter…" His name sounds awkward. Probably because she's been avoiding him and -guilt- is tugging at her for ignoring his persistent phone calls. "Couldn't regenerate, he'd be dead. God KNOWS what would happen to Jack who tends to fly off the handle if anything happens to his own…..and his car." She gets a strange expression on her face. "You should see -what he did- to the guy who trashed his car."

It involved burning rubber and a grenade. A -grenade-.

"So I'd like to learn. So I won't be so helpless. I wish there was a safer way to test the more aggressive side of my powers, but there isn't. I have to learn through the control of my -benign- ones, and while that's easy enough to do….I don't….I'll never know if I'm going too far on them. So a backup set of knowledge wouldn't hurt, right?" She looks over at him seriously.

At the last, she smiles. "It's not really my nature to be fatalistic," she tells him. "I'm just curious." When he tells her, to spend time with family and friends, she nods. "I'd do that too…." She pauses, and she looks up, smiling a touch. "And I think after all of that? I'll go base jumping." She nods sagely. "Strap a chute on myself, RUN like a bat out of hell towards the edge of a cliff…..and just jump. I've been afraid to fall all my life. I'd like to tear down one fear before I die."

"Mental note…don't screw with Jack's car," Eric says with a smirk on his lips for a moment before he continues on, dark eyes watching Elena for a moment at the mention of Peter's name and the slight awkwardness that comes with it. "…well thats why your leaning to protect yourself then, so you don't always have to be the damsel in distress…because lets face it, you make a fairly lousy one." He teases her for a moment before he blinks a moment. "…wait…which would-be murderer would that be?"

"…you arn't helpless though…and sometimes its good to have friends…help you right, and once you get your benign powers under control it will be easier for you to work with your more agressive ones. Thats what I think about mine too. No though, backup plans never hurt."

"Curiousity killed the cat they say…but I think its a requirement for a scientest isn't it?" He replies before he blinks at her and just laughs. "Base jumping…I never would have thought of /that/…" He pauses a moment before he grins towards her. "…how bout this then…if we make it through all of this. Correction. When we make it though all of this…lets both go base jumping, together. It would be something to look forwards too wouldn't it?"

She laughs and looks over at Eric. "What? What do you mean I make a lousy damsel in distress?" Elena says with a grin. "I've never been called -lousy- at anything. Explain yourself!" She points playfully over at Eric accusingly, but she's obviously joking. At least she doesn't look too contemplative, or too melancholy anymore. Something about this line of conversation seems to have cheered her up some. "And I know. I just….like I said. As much as I would like to, I can't just expect you guys to come to my rescue all the time."

She blinks. "….well, I'm still a wuss," she grumps. Being courageous, and being ill equipped to handle the courage, are two different things. But she does nod at what he says about her powers. She agrees with the comment.

"Yeah, it is." She smirks. "I can't just….abandon all that stuff. Not now. Besides, I'm learning so many things. It's getting easier and easier for me to determine how this works, the more I learn. It's …pretty exhilirating, even if I know most people find it boring." Though at the last, she blinks. "….you seriously want to throw yourself off a cliff with me," she repeats, incredulous. Base Jumping would cause most people to balk. Finally, she smiles, and she nods. "Sure. Why not?"

"You don't swoon!" Eric says, eyes laughing but the young man trying to just not seriously. "Or sit and wait for rescue or all that…I mean its not like the movies at all!" He grins then, eyes dancing and obviously relieved that she seems to be recovering from whatever heavy thoughts that took her…wherever they took her. "…even if we like it?" He adds with a smile before he nods. "Yes though, I guess I can understand."

He hrmms a moment at the second statement before he grins. "…well yes, but your a good looking wuss." He adds after a moment before turning to lean his back agaisnt the railing, his back to the water.

"…and yes, I seriously want to throw myself off a cliff with you…like I said, its something to look forwards too eh? We'll make it a promise right?" See. Now he can't die because he can't break his promise. Thats just how it works you know. "Elena…you couldn't abandon all the science stuff if you had too. Its part of who you are…and frankly I like it."

"…..I get too mad to swoon," Elena grumps, rubbing the back of her neck. "I just have no time for it. I guess my mind's just…so busy all the time it doesn't really shut down unless it's forced to." Like an overload. Much like the young woman herself, her brain is always moving, always thinking. God only knows how she's managed to walk around without imploding yet. "And yes! Even when you guys like it." She wrinkles her nose at him. "Why should -I- pander to you guys's chivalric gestures all the time? I want to be active in all of this stuff, too!"

Worst. Damsel in distress. Ever.

"Yeah. Promise. After we stopped a tornado from destroying New York, we'll go base jumping," she says with a nod. But at the last, she blinks at him. "You….do? It's kinda nerdy." She winks at him. "I'm not exactly the sorority type. Don't you frat boys worship those over there in your Man Cave on campus?"

"…alright, I was right…you are a /terrible/ damsel in distress," Eric replies with a laugh towards her before he just has to smirk at her. "…though yes I can see that. Your mind being so busy…its amazing you just don't shut down sometimes." He gives her a mock shocked glare though. "…because…thats just how its done!" The young man says before he just laughs. "…and I think Lachlan would make a worse damsel in distress than you do."

"…alright then," He nods once before he blinks slightly. "…worship sorority girls? Why the heck would I do that? I mean most of them just want to get to know me because of my last name." He shrugs lightly. It dosn't seem to bother him that much, at least thats how it seems. "…I actually like someone with a brain in their head you know." He pauses then though before he smiles slightly. "…sorry…that was bitter of me wasn't it?"

He pauses again before looking towards her once more. "…go out to dinner with me?"

"Yeah, w…well," Elena stutters, when Eric gives her a mock-shocked glare. "…this…this is the twenty-first century! Not the Dark Ages! So…you're just going to have to deal with it." She sticks her tongue out at him, before she grins, and rocks back a bit on her heels as she turns to watch the water again. The sun has sunk further into the horizon. It was getting darker, and colder. She doesn't seem to feel it, lifting her fingers to push away a dark lock of hair from her face as she watches the day give way to night.

"Hey," Elena says with a laugh. "Easy on my brethren. Besides, the stereotype doesn't apply as much anymore. SOME sorority girls are smart, I've met them. Like Tia." Captain of the Dance Corps, a slave driver, and from what she's heard, on her way to graduating Summa Cum Laude in NYU's college of the arts. At the last, she smiles faintly. "If it makes you feel any better, I….don't really give a crap anymore about whether you're really a Walker or a Lancaster. You could be a direct descendant of Henry Tudor for all I care, I'll still kick your ass in Smash Brothers."

…that was SUCH A LIE. She's not really a gamer, but she's only talking big game to emphasize her point. At the last, sudden question, she blinks. "….right now?" she asks, surprised.

"…its hard to deal with but I'll do my best to manage," Eric replies with a laugh as he glances twoards her before he watches the sun sink all the way into the water and he smiles. He always did like sunsets. The cold is ignored, though he does feel it, he's been sweating a bit. He can manage easily enough though, watching Elena makes things easier to manage.

…and /thats/ why people say he is a sap, when he thinks things like that.

"…your right your right…though I still think there in the minority from what I've seen," Eric replies as he holds his hands up in mock surrender. A blink though before he gives her an honest smile. "…I'm…I'm glad. That you don't care what my last name happens to be." He grins though. "…but wouldn't it be cool if I /was/ a decendent of Henry Tudor." A pause. "…and thats a chalange. I will see that chalange met one day."

Did he…just ask her out? He…didn't mean to really, and looks almost as suprised as she does to be honest. "…well…right now, later…whenever…I'd just…" He shakes his head a moment. "…I wow…I so totally ruined that delivery didn't I?" Then a grin towards her, slightly sheepish as he stops his babbling. "…now, later…I'd just like to take you out is all Elena."

"….actually yeah, that WOULD be pretty cool," Elena says, grinning over at him. "From a completely academic point of view. But I'm Catholic. I'd be taught to shun you on principle for bringing about a heathen religion into the world," she teases. But she adjusts her knitted hat on her head, and her grin lessening a touch into a slight smile. She…doesn't really know why he's looking at her like that. Maybe she had something in her teeth? She tests it behind her lips, the tip of her tongue feeling around.

"Well….I used to. I mean….I think I told you about all of that, right? I don't tend to trust….old money," she says simply. "I've seen too much of it. But remember that night? We kind of….well. We had a talk about that as it is. It's…not so bad anymore. I mean, I've met you, and Jane, who's pretty blue-blood too, and then the Petrellis….the world isn't as black and white as I thought it was, is all."

And yes, he did. Granted this wasn't the first time he has. Even if their first date involved the restaurant exploding before they even got there and they were forced to improvise. "…you did," she says with a laugh, turning to step away from the railing. She slides her hands in her pockets, glancing off to the side. Finally, she looks at him and smiles faintly. "Alright well….no time like the present, right?" She takes a step out in the path. "Let's go to Lombardi's," she suggests. "Right now. And if you even -dare- ask me what Lombardi's is, I'm tossing you into the water. You're not a REAL New Yorker if you don't know what Lombardi's is."

"…I don't think I could take you and your dad shunning me…it would be a terrible terrible thing," Eric replies, managing to say the whole line without cracking a smile before he just has to let out a laugh. He shakes his head before looking back towards her…as she starts looking for food in her teath. He just blinks once. That is…its…its amazingly adoreable.

So very glad telepathic dad isn't here right now.

"The world never is as black and white as anyone thinks," He agrees with her as he looses the faint smirk on his face. "…and I know. I'm glad you trust me now though…and I remember the talk. I nearly cought neumonia from it…" He adds with a grin. "…thats just me being stubborn though isn't it?"

"…no time like the present. Hopefully nothing will /explode/ this time," He adds as he pushes himself off of the railing to fall into step next to her, smiling down at her as he notes her laugh. "…I thought you said you didn't think you could toss anyone anywhere, see all you need is the right motovation."

She stares at him, blindsided by the sharp comeback. "I…I…" Elena says, staring at Eric. Finally, she mock-narrows her eyes at him. "….you win this round, Mr. Walker," she huffs. But she's only kidding, and she does smile at him openly. "And yeah. That's just you being stubborn." She steps further away from the railing.

"I'm sure nothing will," she says. "I mean, just -how many times- will restaurants explode on us anyway?" she wonders rhetorically. "What are the chances of that happening especially since we're just winging this right now?" In any way, she laughs, walking down the path leading towards the streets, to head back to downtown New York.

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