2007-05-25: Worth The Risk


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Summary: Back at home, Jane and Elle talk over what happened at NYU and other things.

Date It Happened: May 25th, 2007

Worth The Risk

Forrest - Bishop Apartment, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC

It's a quiet journey from the NYU campus to their apartment not far away in Greenwich Village, one that takes ten minutes, tops. Jane walks at a brisk pace, but not one so brisk as to leave her shorter roommate behind. Her mind works through what just happened along the way. Approaching the door she pulls out her keys, unlocks, and holds it open for Elle to enter before following and moving to the main room where she sets down her gear.

Elle moves inside. It's not till they're inside that the blonde seems to relax some. "That was creepy. And someone potentially really dangerous out there."

"Yes," Jane nods, her mind adrift with thought. "I went there and thought to start playing guitar, and she came along, we started to talk. I like Ali. She's someone I just know I can trust completely. You felt the same, I think. Do… do you think someone caused us to feel like that, and spill things, maybe put something in the air?"

Elle frowns, and nods. "I do. It reminded me a lot of an utter bitch who used to work for the Company. I'd think it was her, except she had to be close to you to make it work, and she's dead. But still, someone with an ability like her."

She's pensive, going over the whole thing in her mind and starting to relate it for the blonde. "I sat on the bench, she came along, we started talking about music and education, because Ali just graduated college recently, she went to NYU and still works there, as you saw. So I start to play, and wasn't paying attention, though I should've been." Jane makes a face of self-reproach as she continues. "There was someone with a dog who got away, and she blew one of those damned whistles. My counter didn't work, and Ali saw the reaction."

Elle nods. She frowns, considering it. "Which means someone was screwing with the three of us. I have to assume I…no, wait. If it happened before I got there, -you- have to have been the target."

Her face takes on a decidedly unpleasant expression as Jane considers that possibility. "She asked if I was okay, and I tried to play it off, like I usually do, but she didn't quite buy it. Asked if I get migraines, so I told her the truth. Not usually something I do with a person who isn't one of us, let alone having just met her, but… it was safe to be honest, so I did. And she didn't believe me." Pausing for a beat, she spends that time thinking, and asks "Who would want to target me, though? It is possible there's someone else with that power, maybe working with an invisible person?"

Elle frowns. "Possible. Or possible someone who doesn't need to be that close. Some kind of mental manipulation field. I don't like it; it's why I wanted to get us out of there ASAP."

"Tell me about the agent, how did her ability work, what sort of things did she do with it?" Jane's taking this all in, mulling it over. "There didn't appear to be any listening devices around, but there's things that can pick up sound from a distance. Really super sensitive microphones, like." And she suddenly freezes as a possibility hits her. Fear, terror, show in her eyes and on her face. "Sylar. He can be invisible, and the woman who had that power is dead… Could it have been him, using something taken from her?"

Elle shakes her head. "No. That's -how- she died. She blew her brains all over the wall to stop Sylar from taking them. Eden McCain was her name. Total bitch. But, incredibly handy. She could basically mind-control you with her voice; make you do whatever she said."

"Wow," Jane replies, calming a bit at that bit of info. "Maybe a total bitch, but… shit, Elle. A quick thinker, and gutsy. To do what she did. I mean, to be in that situation and not freeze up, to crap on his party. I… I hope I can be that clear-headed if I faced him and knew I'd lost." Maybe she can, at that, having advanced on a gun when she feared going through mind editing again, choosing to die instead if she had to. "But… whatever was done can't be quite the same, I mean, no one else talked to us, and I don't remember any commands."

Elle nods. "I know. But it reminded me too much of it, you know? Just…the whole "mind not being quite your own". It can't be the same thing, but we were both acting a little…outside the norm."

Time to brainstorm. Possibilities. Things that can be done at a distance. One comes to mind quickly. "Talk to me about telepaths, Elle. When we met Rianna, you were wary, ready to defend yourself. Do they just read minds, or are there advanced capabilities that go with it? I don't think there was anyone invisible, my batsonar didn't pick up anyone in the area."

Elle nods. "Some just read minds. The really good ones…they can do a lot more. They can make you see things that aren't there, make you do things and not even realize it wasn't your idea." She seems uneasy with it. "Thankfully, ones that strong are rare. And we know most of them, I think."

"So this could have been the work of a telepath," Jane reasons quietly. "It's probably like most things, I'd think, for one to get that strong. Time, practice, and confidence. It makes sense, really, that anyone who can receive would eventually be able to transmit too."

Elle nods, as she looks thoughtful. "Still…I didn't -see- anyone. That's the part that really troubles me. They have to be in your presence, or so I always thought. And if they were, that means they're strong enough that they could make us not see them."

"Or had cover. People in buildings can look through windows and see us, but not be seen, potentially," Jane suggests. "If line of sight qualifies as presence." She's mulling all this over in her head, and doesn't like it, at all. Proactive Woman next asks the question she might be expected to. "What's a telepath's kryptonite? You've got water, I've got dog whistles, is there an effective defense against the ability?"

Elle shakes her head. "Not really sure. If you're aware they're a telepath and you have a strong enough will, you can fight it to some extent. But beyond that, their only real restriction I know of is it tends to take a pretty good amount of concentration."

"And it's not visible, so we can't really tell if they're shut out or not," Jane muses. The whole thing seems to spark some anger in her, the likely inability to defend against such a talent. "But…" she grins suddenly, as a possible defense comes to mind. "Concentration. If they aren't conscious, they can't concentrate."

Elle laughs. "Well, yes. Knocking someone out usually works against all their powers. Including yours and mine." She seems amused. "So does killing them."

"Killing." Her features grow troubled, the topic not one she likes to think of or discuss, but still has from time to time, especially over the last few months. "That's… a last resort," Jane somberly opines, "but sometimes that place is reached, when the choice is simple. Kill or die. I'm generally in favor of not dying."

Elle smiles a bit wryly as she looks at Jane. "I don't have your reluctance." No, it's more like enthusiasm. "We do what we have to do. No matter what it takes." The blonde is doing okay with the socializing thing sometimes…and then there are statements like that.

"I've gotten tougher than I thought possible, recently," Jane admits as she settles into a seat. "We really don't know how much steel we have inside until we're forced to use or grow it. I've known pressure before, my seven years of college, even some of life before that, maybe it put the seeds in place to handle things. Made me have to face challenges and seize initiative, always think on my feet. Fall apart later, sure, I still do that, and you've seen me. Some of my guitar sessions here, when it all pours out. But when I need to, I can focus and function."

Elle nods. "You're strong inside." she says, approvingly. "I like it. You're stronger than me, sometimes. I still have to work to get past some of the weak spots." Or at least, that's the kind of nonsense Bob spouts at her.

"Sometimes they make us feel weak, cause us to do things we'd partly like not to do, but they're also strengths. The things which make us other than programmed robots, that let us make choices and be human. Don't let anyone or anything wipe out that spark in you." Jane lapses into a silence from there, one not uncomfortable to her.

Elle shrugs her shoulders. "You get attached to people, and bad things can happen. You get hurt. Sometimes it's better not to risk that." Her tone of voice suggests a familiarity with it.

"Yes," Jane agrees simply. "I've been there. But without risk, there's no reward either. Pain contrasts with the joy. The friendship we've forged is worth it."

Elle looks at Jane, thoughtfully. "Yes. But if anyone hurt you, they would be a very long time dying. And they'd want to a lot sooner than I'd let them." She shakes her head. She has people telling her she shouldn't get close to these people.

God help her, she doesn't want to see someone tortured that way for anything that might happen to her, but Jane can't deny enjoying having someone around who'd seek to avenge things. No words are spoken in reply to that statement, she simply shows a quiet and sincere smile from the knowledge Elle would be willing to do so. Should it ever come to such a thing happening, and she's still around to speak up, that would be the time to cross the bridge of asking her not to. Now isn't that time.

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