2007-07-20: Worth Waiting For


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Summary: Elena comes across Eric at the rooftop deck area of their hotel in Spain. Eric comes clean with his feelings for Elena.

Date It Happened: July 20, 2007

Worth Waiting For

Madrid, Spain

Just the name of the country creates images in the mind of beautiful landscapes and old cities. So far it seems that the place has yet to disappoint. The sunsets have been beautiful, the nights warm and pleasant, the people friendly enough. The photo shoot has yet to happen, though the PR people that called the small group to the country assure them it will. The first photographer fell ill, so they had to import a new one, they were rather evasive as too who, but were assured that he was a professional. That’s what really matters…right? RIGHT?!

However, that’s not whets on Eric's mind at this moment.

The top floor of the hotel they were all staying at was flat and open to the sky. There was a small garden there, along with a place built to look out over the city and the coast. The view itself was breathtaking. Add to that the sunset that was just now starting to paint the sky a thousand different colors and it went beyond that. Eric stands smiling slightly as he watches the colors start to play against the skyline, his hands thrust into the pockets of a pair of faded black jeans, wearing a plain grey t-shirt and a pair of well worn black leather sandals as he contemplates the colors and whatever else happens to be on his mind.

"Hola, amigo. Que pasa?"

Well, it's not like they're going to be lost any time soon if they decide to ditch Stone Cold Steve Austin and the rest of Jaden's security detail to go romping around Barcelona and Madrid by themselves. Elena emerges from the double-doors that swing out into the rooftop of the hotel, her slippered feet pattering lightly on the colored sandstone floor. Dressed in a simple sundress, her hair is up, and she looks, in contrast to the first couple of days, relaxed.

She also has a glass of chilled Sangria in her hand.

"I'm going to be addicted to these before the week is out," she tells Eric, leaning her back against the rails next to him and jiggling the ice against her glass. "Can you see me now, weeping back in New York City? It's not the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame," she ends in a mock-sobbing, weepingly dramatic tone.

She grins, though she furrows her brows after a moment. "Speaking of things not being the same, did you get that memo about the replacement photographer? His name's kind of weird. Who the hell names their kid 'Sparrow Billiams?' "

"…and here I thought no one could find me up here." Eric says with a touch of laughter in his voice, though he doesn’t turn towards the sound of the familiar voice at first. When he does finally though he raises one eyebrow curiously before smiling easily towards the young woman. "…ah, now there you are." He says with a touch of amusement in his eyes.

The glass of Sangria gets a look and a thought. "…you don't happen to have another one of those do you?" He asks suddenly thirstily.

Turning back to the rail as she leans against it, he watches her for a moment before leaning his forearms on the railing himself and smirking. "…not near as peaceful there now is it?" He adds with a smile. "…and yes, I can see you doing that." Pause. "And the image is adorable."

He shakes his head slightly before he nods. "Yeah I got that memo…though I'm not complaining in the least about spending more time in this place. It is an odd name…maybe he renamed himself or something, never know with photographers. At least they assured us he's a professional."

"….no, but we can share this one." Elena presents him the glass. It's one of those giant, fishbowl-esque things with orange and lemon wedges floating on top. "It had cherries earlier, but I don't like cherries." So whenever Eric takes the glass to partake, she lets go and leans further on the railing.

"Arms flailing, big googly eyes," she laughs. "Ugh. Busy day tomorrow. At least the brass is giving us some down time to recover from jet lag. Where ARE Jaden and Gene anyway? I can't find them anywhere. I wanted to tell Jaden about the photographer change but…." He probably took off after the first shiny he saw.

"Maybe. Whenever people climb up higher in the world, some of them feel the need to change things about themselves. Which is kind of weird." She grins slantedly. "Maybe he had a really groan-worthy name." She inclines her head at him. "So what are you doing here all by yourself? Everything okay?"

Eric smirks slightly. "Oh come on, cherries are the best part," He replies with a laugh before he reaches out to take the glass from her, plucking it from her fingers with a deft and strong grip before bringing it to his lips for a long drink of the wine. He sighs in appreciation for it before he grins slightly. "Thanks,"

"Yes. Arms flailing, big googly eyes and pitiful look. Maybe even a bit of a lip pout," He adds with a laugh. "…and I have no idea where they are. I think Jaden dragged Gene off on some crazy plan or other…I saw them running off earlier. It looks like it's just the two of us tonight." A raised eyebrow is cast towards her for a moment. "That alright with you?"

"Weird but true," Eric replies with a laugh. "Though I don't see the point of it either…I mean it must /really/ have been groan-worthy if he changed it to /that/." He adds after a moment before he turns slightly, leaning one arm against the rail while facing her, glass in his other hand tinkling slightly as he swirls it a moment. "Thinking. Just thinking. That’s allowed right?" There is a pause from the young businessman before he smiles towards her, the smile not quite touching his eyes entirely, those remaining thoughtful as they watch her.

Cherries are the best part. Elena blinks at him cluelessly, until the comment sinks in. He gets a light punch in the arm for his trouble. "You're such a guy," she tells him with a roll of her eyes. But she does grin at him impishly, and she shakes her head. Pushing away from the rails, she turns around so she could face the landscape, slipping her toes underneath the metal bars so she could hoist herself up and sling a leg over. It was dangerous - but she loved high places, and she's got pretty good balance.

"I'm not really the pouty type. Plus it never works in my family," Elena says. "Unless I do it to Manny. Papa's grown calluses to it, I think. I can pout at him as much as I want, and it still wouldn't work." She grins at Eric. "Besides, isn't that cheating?"

When he mentions that Jaden dragged Gene and ran off the hotel, she hesitates. "….do I -want- to know what those two are up to?" she wonders out loud, gripping the rail with both hands to keep her steady on the thing. "I mean, Jaden running off is worrisome enough, but dragging Gene with?" She purses her lips thoughtfully. "Those two have been sorta chummy lately actually. Well, as chummy as Gene gets with any of us. Wonder what's up…"

Thinking? She glances over at Eric. "About what?" she asks, as straightforward as ever.

Eric just laughs, rolling his eyes slightly. "You can't even be sure I meant it like that!" He protests, though he is smiling, laughing even as he watches her. He raises one eyebrow as she hoists herself up there, one hand reaching out to lightly touch her shoulder to help keep her steady. "…you're crazy you know that." He says with a smirk as she balances there on the railing.

"No, you're not much of a pouty type, you're more direct than that," He adds before he pauses a moment. "I still haven’t met your brother yet, but from what you've told me that might be a good thing." He murmurs with a slight laugh. "…and maybe it's cheating…but that doesn’t stop most people now does it?"

"I know I don't want to know…Jaden is more than likely using Gene's gadgets on some harebrained scheme of his. It'll also, I'm betting, end up very badly for me if all things go they way they want." He grins though, seemingly alright with that. "I mean with Jaden's plans…it always seems to make it more difficult for me." He shrugs slightly.

At the question though he blinks. "Always right to the point you are Elena. You sure you want to know?" He pauses a moment and shakes his head. "Of course you want to know, you're not one to ask if you don't." This time he looks up towards her, his eyes running over the curves of her face, her smile, the curious cast to her features. "…I didn't mean it like that." He murmurs with a tilted smile. "Well…I guess you could say I've been thinking about you if you want me to be honest."

"What IS it with you two?" Elena asks with a laugh. "Best friend, worst enemy sort of thing?" She ticks her fingers off. "I mean the only background I have on that is that you and Jaden used to go to school together and that the two of you ended up dating the same girl….it was a long time ago, I can't remember the details very well." An exasperated look falls over her features. "I think that was the time his Bond ditto smashed through my windows."

She eyeballs Eric. "Speaking of windows, whose idea was it to name my father Evosoft’s Chairman of the Board? I'm grateful and all, but it seems really random. Did you put Jaden up to that or did he go about it on his own?" She remembers looking through personnel files with Eric to try and pick one but it looks like Jaden decided to go with the spur of the moment choice. "Granted…it was surprisingly a good move, if Jaden knows that my father's a….well. You know."

She can't help the wince - she didn't really like other people knowing that her father's a telepath. But the word seems to be spreading through her circle despite best efforts anyway.

When Eric gets honest, she furrows her brows a bit. She slings her leg on the other side of the rails, and drops down lightly next to him. Straightening up, she dusts off her skirt. "…is it because of the….because of Syracuse?" She ventures into this territory carefully. She hated talking about Syracuse.

"Best friend, worst enemy," Eric agrees with a laugh towards her. "…and I ended up dating a girl. He stole her away, while dating…oh…four other girls at the same time I think. Long time ago, and I suppose I don't remember it all that well. Though I do remember the Bond ditto." Pause. "And Lachlan beating him with a potato." He adds with a smirk.

At the look though he laughs. "Alright alright, I didn't tell him what your father could do. I did suggest it though." He shrugs slightly. "So half dozen of one six of the other." He pauses a moment before he grins. "I think he did it mostly spur of the moment, but I gave him the push. Even if your dad wasn't like how he is…I think he'll do just fine. Jaden needed someone that /supported/ him in that spot, not someone who was an old hand as business."

He pauses a moment, glancing down at the drink and taking another sip before passing the glass back towards her. "…partly because of Syracuse." He smirks. "I didn't think it was possible for my heart to stop like that." And not be shot first. "…but that’s not all."

"Ah hah. You're both so weird," Elena jests, folding her arms on the rails and looking out at the landscape. "…..hey, don't hog that." She reaches out to pluck the Sangria glass away from him and taking a drink. "Lachlan was so sweet. I know, it's odd. But he was just trying to protect everyone in the apartment from a crazy intruder. He didn't know any better." As odd as it sounds, she finds Cass's Scotsman adorable. In his own, tanky sort of way.

She nods. "Understandable. And Papa is loyal. The promotion did help us a lot. He's been overlooked all his life, so now that he could finally do something….I've never seen him as happy as he is these days. It's like after…everything….things started falling back in place." She laughs. "And a bigger family besides, if he marries Dezi. I really hope he does." Even when she knows it's going to happen, thanks to…

GRRRR. Her eyebrow ticks a bit.

Her thoughts in that direction derail for a moment at his last words. She flashes Eric a perplexed look. "Well….I didn't mean to give you a heart attack, I'm sorry," she says sincerely. But with the follow-up, she turns to look at him squarely in the face. "Alright. Lay it on me, I can take it," she says, a stubborn look on her face. All she could think of honestly is their last conversation in that regard - that he would tell her if he was angry at her. She's anticipating something along those lines.

"Whenever I remember that all I can see is the Leroy Jenkins clip," Eric remembers with a slight smirk. "I know he was just trying to be protective…but it is amusing how he just throws himself headlong into everything he does. Including Cass." He adds with a laugh, remembering now when Elena and him walked in on the couple.

"Good," Eric seems honestly happy about that. "I'm glad he's looking better. He went through a lot…so did you." He pauses a moment before he smirks slightly. "He's a good man, I'm glad to see him getting a chance to prove it to a larger world. Him and Dezi do seem quite happy together when I see them."

He watches her a moment, that stubborn look, the slight lowering of her head, the firm look in her stance and her eyes. He just has to smile as a chuckle escapes from him. "It looks like you're bracing for a windstorm, do you think I'm mad at you or something?" A laugh again. "Idiot." Though it's not a curse, there is real affection in the word. "That’s not it at all."

A pause again before he continues. "…you can take it can you?" A pause then before he sighs, giving her that same easy lopsided look, his eyes warm but with a kind of steel in them. "…anyway though. it's…well…hard to say to be honest. I…care about you a lot Elena, and I'm not sure I should." He pauses. "I'm not sure if this is the right time for…" He waves a hand, then pauses. "…I suck at this don't I?" He asks with a smile.

"….who, Lachlan?" Elena grins at the memory. "Well that's part of his charm, I think. I never told Cass, but I first met him while I was still working at Starbucks. He…." This is where she bursts out laughing. "He asked me out. I just -stared- at him, I couldn't believe it. I was just eighteen at the time, I don't think he could tell, or even CARED. I'm glad he and Cass found each other though."

She nods. "Papa was never anything but a good man," she says softly, turning to look at the landscape again, propping her chin up with both hands and her eyes sliding halfway shut. "Even when it got difficult for us financially after Mama died. My uncle tried to pull him into these quick, get-rich schemes, but he never caved."

The last…doesn't generate any response from her. Not at first, but she finally tilts her head towards Eric. "I….yeah," she says, glancing down at the railing. She chews on her bottom lip for a little bit and she nods. "Well it's been a trip, yeah? My family stuff, and your…business stuff. I mean it's been so busy for the both of us. I thought for a while we were gonna…but…things kept getting in the way that…" Bad timing.

She tugs absently on a lock of her hair, and she exhales a breath. "Eric, the reason why I was so mad before we left was…" She looks down on the railing again. "When you left for a really long time, I…started liking this other guy. Really liking him. To the point that we spent so much time together it was hard NOT to think about….things like that, you know? But before we left, he and I had this huge fight and…." Her expression softens. "He essentially told me to go on without him anymore. I was so mad I didn't even fight it. I just left. Who was I to argue, right?"

She turns to look over at Eric then. "I've….when school started my first semester, I had the biggest crush on you," she tells him honestly. "I thought it was just…the typical girl-likes-boy thing, you know? But now that….I mean we're such good friends that…" She shakes her head. "No matter how tempting it is to move on right away, I feel like the way I am right now….I don't want to put you through that when I'm in the state where I could base my decisions out of anger and spite. You….you deserve more than that."

"…I can see that," Eric replies with a shake of his head. "It sounds like something he would do, Lachlan that is." He can imagine the look on Elena's face too, and the reaction. He just shakes his head. "They are made for each other that pair."

"I know," Eric replies with a slight smile. "I could tell it when I first started working with him. Dad taught me how to be a fairly good judge of character." Ramon is a man of character that’s for sure. MANLY CHARACTER! CHARACTER THAT DOSN'T ASK FOR DIRECTIONS!

It's his turn to go silent then as he listens to her words, watching her as she speaks. He would agree with that. Bad timing if there ever was one. "…I know…" He says with a slight shake of his head. "Always with the bad timing."

He's quiet again before he looks out at the sunset, purples and reds and golds tinting the clouds. "…Peter isn't it?" He asks with a slight grin coming to his lips. Then he glances down slightly before he sighs. "And…I'm sorry. That you had the fight…because I know you, you don't like it. Sorry that I wasn't there for you when you were in trouble…" He's still a bit angry with himself about that. The frown that just tugs down the corner of his mouth evidence of that.

He shakes his head then before he turns to face her again, watching the light from the fading sun through highlights across her hair and her face. She keeps talking, and he keeps watching her as she does. He's listening yes, but he's half remembering, and half tagging this moment away in his mind as something to keep.

God she's beautiful.

The thought pops into his head. It's not something that he tries to think about very often. He has to bite down on the urge to just say it. Instead he sighs and just smiles towards her. "I figured…and even before I met you I do believe the crush wasn't just one sided." He admits with a slight smirk. "No, I'm sure it wasn't just one sided. I'm not asking you to move on though, to do anything like that." Glancing away he frowns slightly, thoughtfully.

"…with everything going on. I'm not sure if either of us can afford something like that." He adds quietly after a moment. "There's still questions about what or who was behind everything that happened. So…now might not be a good time for…lots of reasons."

Turning back towards her though he pauses and smiles. "…damn me if I don't /really/ have the urge to ignore my own advice and be selfish anyway though." He adds before taking a deep breath and closing his eyes. "I can wait though Elena." Pause. "you're worth waiting for, more than worth it." He adds quietly.

Then his voice strengthens again as he adds with a smirk. "…and damn right I'm worth it."


The name causes her to twitch a bit. Regret mingled with anger and no small amount of sadness playing over Elena's face as the light slowly fades and shadows dance over her skin at the fading sunset. Her eyebrow ticks just a bit over her right eye. She turns away then, a huffy look on her face. "I suppose if it was obvious to everyone it would be obvious to you too," she says, in a tone laced with displeasure. Grr. -Petrelli-.

"Your…how does your brethren survive?" she vents, turning to look at him. "I mean, -seriously-. How can ANYONE you consider one of your best friends get MAD at you for something you did BEFORE you even met him?! He was…the entire TIME he was….being…such a…such a…such a GIRL! Grah!" Realizing her temper is erupting again, she exhales a breath, and flashes him a sheepish look. "Sorry. I guess I'm still mad. Even if I am trying to have a good time. -And- succeeding, by the way. Though I still think it's kinda weird you wanted to stop by that little shop yesterday to buy your older brother a flashlight."

She's never met Mark Lancaster. Maybe he just likes flashlights?

"It's easy to be selfish about this sort of thing," she tells him, rubbing the back of her neck. "I mean….human beings are meant to be with each other and all that. Finding your other half is like this….I don't know. Lifelong quest. I think Chris Rock even said it, there is no soul mate, just a mate. I just…after everything I wish I just…-could-, you know?" She presses her hand over her heart dramatically. "Go 'Oh my prince, would that you drink of my lips and -deeply-!' "

Did she just quote The Rocketeer?

Yes. Yes she did just quote The Rocketeer.

"And damn everything else," she continues. "But…it's like there's -no time- left. How can it feel there's NO TIME LEFT? I'm NINETEEN. You're TWENTY. I just—- argrgghh!"

She glowers at the landscape, still huffy. But when he throws out those last few lines, she looks at him, her expression softening. "…somehow…" she says quietly. "I knew you were going to say that." She gives him a small smile.

Eric winces slightly, bringing his hand up to smooth the errant hairs that slid free when she twitched, trying to smooth back the sadness that comes so quick to her eyes. "…I'm sorry Elena, I didn't mean to bring it up like that." He just recognized the jealous light in Peter's eyes last time they saw each other.

"Men? Oh we muddle through it. Most guys are stupid you know." He grins slightly towards her. "Of course most girls are crazy, so it's a even trade in the end." He pauses a moment before shaking his head slightly. "…no need to apologize though, you're angry." He told her to leave. "…and if he really told you to leave him alone, then he's more the idiot." A pause before he laughs and shakes his head. "I don't know /why/ Mark collects them, but he really loves them. I'm glad you're having a good time too. I thought you might needed a bit of a getaway."

There is a pause though as he watches her a moment, almost laughing. "Life quest, that’s a good way to describe it I guess. I think…I'd like to believe in something like that. Especially after everything you went through over the past few months. It would make it seem…like there is a brighter light at the end of it all." He blinks though at the line from the Rocketeer.

Pause. *POOF* *POOF* Enter Devil Eric and Angel Eric


Angel Eric: …I…*pause* I got nothin man.


Angel Eric: …dude. She's smokin hot.

*poof* *Poof*

"…you…" He finally says, a smile coming to his lips as his hand raises again to cup gently against her cheek. "…make it damn hard /not/ to kiss you." He murmurs softly, leaning closer towards her before settling his forehead gently against hers. He pauses though she was the one that didn't want anything to go forward, and far be it for him to force her into anything.

A smirk crosses his lips though. "…we can make our own time you know. We can always make time."

He laughs though, running his callused thumb against her cheek for a moment. "Of course you did. You know me fairly well by now I'd say." Know him at least well enough to know that it's taking every ounce of his formidable willpower to hold him back from kissing her right now.

"It's okay," comes the petulant grumble. "It was gonna be brought up eventually." Elena crosses her arms over her chest, still looking relatively miffed. "I'm not…all that good in terms of talking about…stuff. Not used to it, probably because this is all new to me. It's not like I dealt with this in high school. I was -way too busy- in high school." Kind of like how she was way too busy now.

But when he pulls the 'men are stupid and women are crazy' thing, she can't help but laugh. "Yeah yeah yeah yeah," she says, throwing him an amused look. "I knew you were going to say that too. Not like I could…you know. Actually -argue-. Considering all the other stuff I've pulled in the last few months, maybe I really -am- crazy." The flashlights thing? Kind of weird, but she liked quirky. She wondered what Mark was like, if he collected flashlights.

She did? News to her. Elena can't help but color and avert her eyes. And whenever that happens she usually clings to the -last- emotion she felt aside from embarrassed, and in this case, her grumpiness. "Yeah, well," she grumbles. "Maybe it's not me. Maybe it's you. Maybe you're -weird- or -incredibly biased- or both." Her cheek is cupped, her face turned to face him again, and when she feels the weight of his forehead resting on hers, she closes her eyes.

But he was right. If they wanted, they could make the time, pending apocalypse or otherwise.

After a few moments, she lifts a hand, taking his away from his cheek and cradling it in both.

Perhaps they could make the time.

But she needed time first. It wouldn't be fair to him otherwise. She wasn't about to start something with him while she's in a state that he'd forever doubt whether she actually wanted to, or she was angry enough to pretend she was. It wouldn't be right. And it wouldn't be fair.

And she'd rather jump off this roof before wrecking -another- friendship because she was being stupid.

She squeezes his hand, and turns so she could link her arm on his.

"So. I think if Jaden and Gene are gonna ditch us to go God-knows-where, I think we ought to make do without them." She winks at Eric, flashing him a grin. "Figure out where the closest tapas bar is yet?"

"…well neither of us are," Eric replies with a smirk and a soft laugh towards her. "…and of course you knew that I was going to say that. Because it's /true/ isn't it?" He pauses a moment though before he shrugs slightly. "…yeah, maybe you are crazy…I don't seem to mind it all that much though."

He smiles at her grumpiness, knowing it's a cover for confusion or embarrassment. "Yeah maybe I am, if so I'd rather not change. I kinda like being both." He pulls his head away from hers though, looking down at her and her hands around his. He smiles slightly before his arm gets linked.

He wasn't lying though. He could wait. She really was worth it. So was knowing that is /was/ her choice and not just anger speaking.

He shakes his head though, dragging his thoughts away from the possibilities of the future and to the present. At the question he just laughs and shakes his head. "…just around the street to the left after we leave the hotel." He points out over the edge of the roof. "You can see it from here." Pause. "So…shall we?" He says with a grin that matches hers.

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