2007-07-10: Wrong Place, Wrong Time


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Summary: On the way home from work, Aileen is followed by a disgruntled man.

Date It Happened: July 10th, 2007

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Midtown East, Near the Prestige Midtown Apts., New York City

Night has fallen across the city of New York, it's just past ten p. m. and she's made her way to the roof of the Prestige Midtown Apartments building. Standing there, Erica takes in the city view from that sky deck and contemplates which direction to go. She's clad all in black from head to toe, her hands are covered by gloves and her face by a ski mask. Her eyes move to the street in front of this apartment building, having a look there just to watch people for a time before moving on to the task she came here for.

It was a long day at work, and Aileen had actually just gotten off shift. Sometimes a late night was what it took and the woman's headed back to the place that she calls home. She rubs her neck a little, getting the stiff muscles working again. Just a couple more blocks..

As she looks down from her rooftop, the Air Force recruiter catches sight of Aileen walking along the street, and seconds later the angry looking man behind her. To her point of view this represents potential trouble for her, and so her attention lingers on both of them. Tracking, observing, thinking. Turning her head slightly from side to side while hopefully not losing track of either, Erica seeks out something she can drop to the street below if needed which would seem coincidental while at the same time pulling out her phone. Fingers key the three digits for emergency response, then one rests on the send button ready to begin the call.

The doctor doesn't quite notice the angry man at first, but after a little bit of walking she's aware that she's being followed. Aileen glances behind her a little, a slight frown, but keeps walking, trying to keep an eye on the person behind her, just in case.

GAME: Erica has rolled PERCEPTION+SEARCH and got a result of HORRIBLE.
GAME: Erica has rolled LEVITATE and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Erica has rolled WALK ON AIR and got a result of GOOD.

She may well recognize the man. He's the husband of a woman who died recently at the hospital where Aileen works. It wasn't a case she personally was involved in, no, this guy's issue with her is simply that she his wife died at that hospital and the doctor works there. In his mind she's just as guilty as any other person there, and she just happened to be leaving at the wrong (or right, depending on viewpoint) time.

From her vantage point she doesn't spot the item the man begins to pull from a pocket as he starts to move a little quicker, believing himself spotted by his target, but Erica does still track them both. The send button on her phone is pressed, and the communication begins. "Police? Yes. I'm reporting a crime in development. It's near the Prestige Midtown Apartments, a woman is being followed by a possibly malicious man. Send someone quickly to the location." She then identifies the nearest intersections and starts to move so she can keep them in view. And in doing so she leaves solid footing, rises to about five feet above the roof, and begins to move forward in case her tracking requires going to another location.

Now Aileen isn't at all liking the fact that she's being followed. She's grown up in a big city and she's quite familiar with how New York is, so she knows exactly how to be safe. She glances down along the street, quickly searching for a bar or more crowded area that she can head towards as she walks.

GAME: Erica has rolled ATHLETICS and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Erica has rolled BRAWL and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
GAME: Aileen has rolled ATHLETICS and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Aileen has rolled BRAWL and got a result of GOOD.

His steps move quicker still as she starts looking for a place to take shelter and find safety, and he's gaining on her. The nearest spot Aileen can find for that purpose is about half a block away. The hand with that item comes out of his pocket fully now. He presses on one end of it briefly, a small amount of liquid is ejected, and the item is held ready for use on his target. He breaks into a run, intending to catch up to the doctor, tackle her, and inject her with whatever drug is in that syringe.

Erica sees him make the move and grimaces. Under her breath she whispers "Crap. Cops, where the hell are you?" She begins to move forward faster as best she can while avoiding lights which will make her spottable from the street. Getting seen floating on air? Not at all a good thing, she avoids it carefully, but still intends to aid the stalked doctor. The building she rose above is left behind, she's soon over another one.

On the street, having received the call from 911 dispatch, a police car pulls to the curb behind the attacker and the doctor. Two cops get out and draw their weapons.

While missing the fact that he's got a syringe, Aileen is aware of the fact that the figure behind her is diving for her. And while she hasn't been a lot of fights in her day, she's taking a few self-defense classes. So when he breaks into a run and she hears the sound of his feet and him coming towards her, she dives out of the way, scrambling ahead to try to head to the more public location. Surely he wouldn't still try to hurt her with people around!

GAME: Erica has rolled STAMINA and got a result of GOOD.

Oooof! The man, a thirty-something with brown hair and plain features who stands about five feet ten inches tall, sprawls flat out on the ground when his tackling attempt fails. He grunts from the impact with the pavement, but doesn't seem to be slowed down by it. His hand with the syringe whips out, intending to drive the needle home in the girl's leg, but she's out of the way. It instead is driven into the hard street, and the needle is bent to a ninety degree angle. "Murderer!" he shouts. "You killed my wife!" He's starting to get up, hauling himself from the pavement, when the two policemen come up behind him with guns drawn. "Stay down!" they shout. "Don't move!"

High above, the flying woman's lips curve into a smile behind her black ski mask. "Nice moves, girl. Good job," Erica whispers. She remains very careful to stay in the dark and avoid being seen while watching the outcome.

GAME: Aileen has rolled CHARISMA and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Aileen has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GREAT.

Even though the man tried to kill her, Aileen turns to face him as the cops have him covered. "Sir, I'm sorry about what happened to your wife. I wish that I had been able to help. I wasn't involved in the case, but I assure that everything was done that could be done. Believe me when I say that I am being honest.. I am geninely sorry for your loss." Her speech isn't the best, but he did just try to kill her after all. Her gaze afterwards shifts elsewhere, blinking for a moment. She thought she saw something else out there..

The man pauses for a moment, surprised by the voices from behind him, and resumes his attempt to get up. His reward is a policeman's shoe in the middle of his back forcing him back down flat on the street. "I said stay down!" the cop growls, while his partner keeps watch with the gun aimed at the attacker. His hands are grabbed and pulled behind him, handcuffs are snapped on, then they begin to search him for other weapons. They don't find any, but do locate and take his wallet to check for ID.

"Lying witch!" the now restrained captive snarls. "You killed her, you and everyone else in that accursed place! I'll kill you all!"

One of the police officers hauls the man to his feet while the other reads verbatim from a printed card. "Richard James, you are under arrest for assault and attempted abduction. You have the right to remain silent…" This goes on while they put the man into the back of their car. Once he's secure, one of the officers approaches Aileen. "Are you all right, Miss?"

Erica, believing herself unseen, watches the man be arrested. Then she moves to an even darker corner of the building she's above and rises slowly into the air, going for a height at which she can soar away undetected by anyone below. One mile high should do the trick.

Glancing back at the man, Aileen looks on sadly. She really, truly does feel bad for him and slowly glances back to the officer that approaches her. "Yeah, I'm alright. Thank you." She takes a quick look around. "Who called you? Do you know? I'd like to thank them."

"It was an anonymous tip from a 911 call as far as we know," the officer whose uniform and badge show the name and number Mark Roberts replies. His partner radios the collar in, then proceeds to collect the syringe from the pavement and place it in a plastic bag for evidence without touching it lest he disturb fingerprints that may be present. "Unfortunately, we'll need you to visit the station to give a statement and sign the formal complaint for the charges. Could I get your name, Miss?"

Aileen nods in response to the officer, glancing at the bag. She hadn't noticed the syringe before. Yeah, that was a lot more dangerous than she thought. "Dr. Aileen Kincade." She was hoping to find out who called it in, but.. oh well.

"Thank you, Doctor Kincade," Officer Roberts replies. He writes her name down in a notepad. "We'd also like your address and phone number, please, in case we need to contact you." Moments later a second car arrives and two officers get out, they walk over to the others and wait nearby. The second officer moves over to them and relates the story to the new arrivals, who nod and glance first at the car holding the arrested man, then the attacked doctor.

Offering her phone number and address, Aileen glances over to the car with the man in it. Rubbing her arms, she glances around again. She just had that feeling of being watched, even beyond it all. Maybe she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The watcher is far away now, basking in the sensations of her adrenaline fix as she flies a mile above the city, well clear of lights and buildings which could get her spotted. Subtlety, for Captain Erica Snow of the US Air Force, is key in these matters. It's possible to assist and stay under the radar. Except, of course, for the cell phone number and the GPS locators all cell phones have which could be used by authorities to track her down if there were a need.

Officer Roberts records the data Aileen gives and pockets his notepad. "Thank you again, Doctor. We'll see you at the station." And all four cops head for their cars, to leave the scene.

Aileen nods for a moment, watching the cop cars leave as she slowly lets out a long sigh. And she had thought that she'd finally be able to relax now that she was off duty. It just went to prove that being a doctor was most definitely more than just mere work.

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