2007-06-29: Wrong Side Of The Bar


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Summary: Two Italians walk into a bar.. j/k. Madness enters the Den of Iniquity

Date It Happened: June 29th, 2007

Log Title Wrong Side of the Bar

Den of Iniquity

The door leading into the bar opens then promptly shuts. In this brief wake, a dark haired young lady, clearly of Italian heritage has burst into the bar. Strappy heeled sandals in hand, she makes a rush for the bar. Without so much as a by your leave, she hops the bar, skirt fluttering and well, it's a very unladylike move and she's possibly giving people a good show! Not that Nadia cares right now. Landing on the other side, she ducks up under the bar, safe from view of those passing by the bar.. Hi, uh, don't mind her down here! Outside the bar, a pair of black hair men in sunglasses round the bend. They don't look particularly threatening, except for the imposing manner in which they carry themselves.

Another quiet day at the Den. Things haven't quite picked back up since the fight that made replacing much of the furniture and billiard equipment a necessity. There are a few dedicated regulars nursing boilermakers or pitchers of cheap tap brew, but 'almost deserted' is the operative term.

Which is how Jack likes it. He's dragged a stool around behind the bar and perched on it somewhat precariously. Several sheets of paper and a pencil that's been sharpened down to a short stub are arrayed in front of him. From the look of things he's improvising a sloppy set of blueprints. This point becomes moot when a young Italian lady plants her bottom in the middle of his work on her way across the bar. The Irishman is duly surprised at this behavior; he leans back to avoid a collision and overbalances, toppling gracelessly to the floor. "Uh," he whispers from his now-crouched position next to the girl. "What are we hidin' from?"

"Oh hi there, uh, don't mind me, you never saw me. While I'm down here, could I get a whiskey sour?" Nadia says with a beaming and rather winning grin. "I got my ID if you wanna check it." Unless the bartender is checking something else. Outside? The two guys look into the windows of the bar, converse a few moments, before moving on away from the building. "So uh, you see Lou and Sal out there right? They gone yet?" she asks.. cause she needs to know if she should make herself comfortable down here.

Skirt all a-flutter? Check. Partially exposed boobies? Check. Jack shakes his head and settles on the girl's chin as a safe place to look. "Lou and Sal?" He peeks up over the bar, then jerks his head down quickly. "They the big, muscular blokes with the ugly sunglasses? 'Cuz I don't normally hide pretty girls from big, muscular blokes with ugly sunglasses. Not unless their friends." Waving off both offer of ID and the requested drink for a moment, he instead offers a hand for shaking. Rather than irritated or upset, he seems amused by this exchange. "Jack Derex. Wanna tell me what you're doing on the wrong side o' my bar?"

"That'd be them! Hmmm.. friends.. well.. worse.. overprotective uncles who'll go straight to my papa about where I'm at. And that's bad news for both of us!" Nadia says with a pained smile. "Papa thinks I should be like a nun or something. No drinking, no boys, no fun.. and well.. short story there." She grins and shakes Jack's hand, "The name's Nadia. Well.. I was supposed to be meeting my friend here shortly. I got here early, and then I saw my uncles coming."

"Okie-dokie." Implausibly, Jack manages to sound rugged and manly when he says this. He gives Nadia's hand a squeeze, then releases her and stretches his arm awkwardly above his head to pat around on the bar. A moment later he's got his hand on a bottle of bourbon, which he retrieves. Luckily, glasses are under the bar and don't require any exploration. "If we're hidin', I can't reach th' stuff for a sour. But this is good. You want?" As he speaks, he pours a generous three fingers into each glass, then holds one up.

"Hell, whiskey is whiskey right? Although my papa would break the bottle knowing I'm not drinking something from the mother country." Nadia says with a roll of her eyes as she settles back to sit on her butt. More comfortable than crouching there at any rate. "I can only take so much of the ladylike Limoncello before I want to vomit."

Jack lets out a snort of laughter and clinks the rim of his glass against Nadia's. They're hiding together, and he's helping. In his mind this makes them partners in crime and instant buddies. Nevermind the fact that Lou and Sal are probably gone already. He takes a generous sip and savors the rich, healthy burn. "Mmmm. S'good. What the hell is Leeminchella?"

Nadia clinks then drinks up. She coughs back her surprise, "You're working in a friggin' bar and you don't know what Limoncello is? Wow. I get to school you!" She takes a sip of the whiskey to wash back the coughing burn. "It's a lemon liqueur, mainly made in Naples. Ma /only/ buys it if it came from Naples." Again, there's the rolling of the eyes. "It can be mixed with citrusy sodas, or just straight.. It's kinda bastardizing the drink by mixing in a way."

Jack grins crookedly and gestures to indicate the portions of his dive bar that are visible from their seat on the floor. "Does it look like I serve liqueur to you?" The word rolls akwardly off his tounge, coming out as a muffled 'li-CURE.' "Don't bake your noodle tryin' to figure it out. I don't. Sounds foofy to me, anyway."

Nadia snerks in an unladylike manner as she holds her glass with both hands. "You're a funny guy, Jack. It is kinda foofy. It's more of like a dessert drink. Although someone should tell my Aunt Maria that. The woman drinks it like it'll never be distilled again." And no. She makes no move to get up from the floor. She's comfortable, it's nice behind the bar.. and daddy's goons might walk in.

Whatev'. S'not like Jack's got ravenous customers to attend to. "Geez. Your family drinks li-CURE from Naples with dessert? Sounds painfully posh. No wonder you got lost in Brooklyn on purpose." He pauses for another sip, then gestures vaguely with his glass. "Welcome to the Den," he continues. "S'my little home away from home."

Nadia laughs before taking a sip of her drink. She's /nursing/ it as she's in no hurry to get blitzed. Yet. "Not really. We just have good connections on /good/ booze. Red wine's a biggie too." Dur. "Thanks for the welcome there Jack," she says beaming up at him. "I'm in Brooklyn all the time. It's just fun to play hide and seek from family members who like to tattle."

"That's fair," Jack replies. He knows all about playing hide and seek from family. "Hold onna sec." He raises a finger to indicate a brief pause, then rises up on his knees to peek over the glass-topped bar. After peering around to double-check, he climbs the rest of the way to his feet and offers a hand to help Nadia stand. "Speakin' o' which, looks like they buggered off. Wanna take a proper seat?"

Nadia grins, "And you're funny, and sweet, so I'd really hate to have one of my uncles beat your face in for serving me alcohol." Funny, she doesn't /seem/ like she's joking.. but is she? "Sure thing, that sounds like a treat. I probably have dust all over my ass now." Shifting her glass to one hand, she shoves herself up from the floor. The glass is set on the bar and both hands set to working on dusting her backside off. "Besides.. I gotta keep an eye out for my friend who's coming soon."

Jack blinks owlishly at Nadia's statements. "Dusty," he finally agrees absently. He waves to the stools on the customers' side of the bar. "First things first. Why in the hell y'got uncles wot follow you around and beat guys up? And 'Lena says I'm overprotective." There's more than a bit of grumble in his voice. See, Elena? It's totally normal to have your uncle follow you around, punch guys, and ruin any sef life you may or may not have.

Nadia parks her little tushy on a stool. Sitting where proper customers should. "Ha. That's just how they are. They seem to treat us all like a Madonna and punch men who aren't our husbands for eyeing us wrong." She finishes off the rest of her whiskey, but doesn't motion for a refill. Yet. "'Lena? Huh. I'm meeting a friend named Elena here. Should be here soon.. oh hell.. I did get here too damn early."

"You're meetin' 'Lena… ? Nevermind, of course you bloody are," Jack replies with a groan. He's not exactly sure why he's groaning, but he knows that it's the appropriate response to finding out that this spicy little number is a friend of his niece and he'll soon be hosting both of them. Shaking his head ruefully, he holds his hand out and continues, "'Bout this tall? Dark, always trippin' over herself? That's m'girl."

Nadia blinks, brows lifting delicately, "I could be talking about a different Elena y'know." She also supplies a teasing grin to the bartender. "Last name, Gomez? Sounds like her.. although I haven't seen her trip over herself. She kinda looks like that Hispanic actress, what's her name.. damn.. I can't think of it right now. It'll come to me later!"

"Yeah, Gomez," Jack agrees. "And she does!" He bludgeons his memory, searching for the name. "The one wot has the…" he cups his hands against his imaginary breasts. "And the…" next he makes the ubiquitous hourglass figure gesture. He can't remember the name, though, so he sighs and shrugs. "It'll come to me. I never forget a rack. Man, m'glad that 'Lena's a geek."

"HA! Well how the hell about this!? What a small freaking world this is!" Nadia says, slapping a hand against the bar, beaming a wide smile up at Jack. "OH jeez, now you're gonna get all vulgar now!," she says by way of chastising Jack's gross way of describing a woman's figure. Of course.. she's heard similar and /worse/ from the guys around her… so.. "Why's that? You gonna make crude gestures to describe her figure too? I might have to smash a bottle over your head or something. She's cool, and so damn normal. I love that."

"Normal?" Jack smirks and quirks a heavy brow curiously. "That's not a word I'd use. No, princess. Calm down. 'Lena and I are family. I'm the one wot do bottle-smashin' for her like your uncles prob'ly do for you." As for vulgar, he shrugs again and scoops up his glass to empty it. When he answers his voice is a little rough from the liquor. "S'what if I am? Vulgar, I mean. Never saw much sense in thinkin' a thing but not sayin' it."

Nadia smirks in return. "Yeah, normal. My kind of normal. HA. Funny. You're all Irish, not Mexican. What's up with that?" At least with her !relatives, they're all Italian. Down to the last drop of blood. "Okay, so the bottle smashing was a stretch. Knee-capping, breaking faces, thumbscrews.." She flashes a wink. Kidding! Only not so much! "Okay, fine, you got a point with that, about being vulgar and all. I've heard and seen worse." Despite papa's best efforts to shield.

Jack squinches one eye shut and peers at Nadia through the other. "Don't gotta be Mexican to take care o' my niece, though I usually don't gotta break bones or shoot anybody to make my point." He lifts the bourbon bottle to pour himself another refill. "You're a strange lady, Nadia. And your family sounds a little on the scary side."

Nadia holds up her glass for a refill, "Fine.. fine.. you've made a point… and for the record.. We Selvaggi's don't have to resort to simply breaking bones or shooting anyone." Her words come with a wink and her tone is light. See! Kidding! "C'mon. We're Italian. It's never a family night without an argument breaking out. We're not scary. We're very loving!" Even down to the kisses of death!

Jack's finishes filling his own glass and is halfway through pouring another drink for Nadia when the name registers. "Selvaggi?" To his credit, his hand only shakes a little when he sets the bottle back down on the bar. He coughs delicately into his fist. "Well. That clears a few things up I'd otherwise have been curious about."

Nadia is too busy talking, verbally and with her hands to notice Jack's shaking hands and such. "Yeah. The whole name's a mouthful, but I won't get into that." She picks up her refill, taking a drink off it then peeering at Jack. "What'cha talking about? Clearing what up?"

Not knowing that Nadia and Jack are talking about her - it seems almost everyone has been lately, Elena walks in from the outside, waving cheerfully at the bouncer and pulling her fingers through her hair. Dressed to go out, in a ruffled, sleeveless blouse which buttoned up the front (and probably to Jack's chagrin, two buttons undone from the top), a pair of dark jeans, and ballerina flats, though she has a bigger bag than normal to stow away dancing heels. Walking in heels around New York was murder, after all. Dangling earrings swing from her earlobes as she heads on over to the bar counter where she spies Nadia and Jack. "Hi guys," she greets cheerfully, the earlier woes that Jack had seen on her face earlier in the week completely gone. She gets on one of the bar stools, leaning across the counter to peck affectionately on Jack's cheek, and then gives Nadia a hug.

Elena's timely entrance rescues Jack from having to think up a speedy reply to Nadia's question. Which is awesome. He turns his cheek in to meet his niece's smooch and blushes faintly, though his coloring is quickly hidden behind his bourbon glass. Quick, Jack! Get drunk, that will help! Unfortunately, he has to come up for air sometime. He puts on his best lopsided grin and winks at Elena. "Hey Sc—'Lena. Your friend was just introducin' herself."

Nadia sets her drink back down as Elena enters. Screw the hug, the girl gets airkisses.. okay and a hug. "Well hey there girly-girl! Why didn't you tell me you knew this funny Mick? Now that fake ID I took you to get is no good here!" She's joking. Right? Not so much. "I got here early, so I've been getting acquainted with Uncle Jack here. Funny, funny guy, and cute too. Shame on you for not telling me about him!" The chastisement is good natured ribbing as she adjusts her seat there on the stool, crossing one leg over the other.

She airkisses back, and Elena grins, stepping back and looking between both. "Well…it's not like I've been going down some sort of list of the people I know, you know," she tells Nadia with a laugh. "But yes, Jack is my Nuncle. He's awesome at it." And fake ID? She stares at Nadia, and then she laughs. "If anything it'll help -me- get into the better clubs in New York, I think. Have you been to the Mirage yet? I've never - heard good things about it. The White Rabbit just opened too." She looks at the Irishman behind the bar and grins. "Nadia and I met randomly, we go to the same college together."

"Mick?" Jack eyetwitches. Technically he's an American citizen, and he's actually kind of proud of that fact. It's one of few things about him that's officially documented on paper. In the end he shrugs, still grinning. "At least I'm cute. But you better not be gettin' a fake ID." He glowers at both girls, but his heart really isn't in it. "Ahhh hell. At least if you're with Nadia, nothin' scary'll happen."

Nadia laughs. "He strikes me as kind of awesome. He let me hide behind his bar afterall. Long story, not very funny and all. Oooh the Mirage, I've been wanting to go. Club DNA's is good, but it's kinda old after a while. I wanna hit more of the scene. I've been waiting on Leo, but y'know what? Screw it. I wanna have fun, and I'll go have fun with my new BFF here." Picking her glass back up, she raises it in a toast to Elena. "And I saw the dance corps has an open spot. I'm thinking about trying out for it. What'cha think?" If Jack's showing offense to the affectionate slur, she doesn't notice. "Too late on the fake ID part!"

"Can I have a pineapple juice with Malibu rum, Jack?" Elena asks, turning her eyes to pleaaaaaaaaaaad towards his Nuncle. And come on, it's girly and weak enough to give to her, right? She can't get drunk anyway, not with her…uniqueness. She takes a seat at the bar, finally, setting her bag on the ground. "Leo? Oh, your boyfriend, yeah?" she asks, propping her chin on one hand as she looks between both. "I've actually never been to Club DNA's. Funny that, a science nerd like me never having even set foot in it. Maybe at some point." So when Nadia mentions dance corps, she grins. "Yeah, we do. Tia graduated last semester so…euh…" She wrinkles her nose. "Sophie is next in line so she's group leader now, but….she's…" A bitch. But Elena's too nice to say it. At least, she's not mad enough to say it. "But auditions are going to be held the first two weeks of the next semester if you want to come in!"

Of all the things Carmine would like to be doing of a Thursday, taking the line to Brooklyn to walk into some Mick's bar to retrieve his daughter is really, really not one of them. Honestly, he doesn't mind if Nadia drinks, despite being underaged - so long as she doesn't get caught, and so long as she only does it in respectable places. This isn't one. The 6'3" Italian brute shoulders his way into the Den, scowling in his usual manner: the sort that just hints at displeasure, but really, he's steaming on the inside. In one hand is a partially eaten carrot. It's a good year for them. Without hesitation, he heads straight for the bar - straight for Nadia.

Fake ID? Malibu rum? Jack is clearly outnumbered, outmatched, and outgunned. He lets out a good-natured groan, but nods to the request and quickly whips a drink up for Elena. "Girls like you are gonna be the death of me, y'know that?"

Oh, Jack. If you only knew.

He's sipping more bourbon when Carmine walks through the door. Something's not right. He can't place the face, but this guy obviously doesn't belong in his bar. And the beeline for Nadia… The family resemblance… From the look on his face, he hasn't put the pieces together yet, but he's doing some serious mental efforting.

"Ooh that sounds good, I'll have one too," Nadia chimes in after Elena makes her request. "Yeah, but he's not supposed to be, touchy subject." About Leo that is. "Club DNA's is fun, but in a city this big? Too many clubs to only mess around with one, y'know? And yeah.. the corps sounds fun. I wanna have something to do after classes." That's not hanging around the family business, or her mother's house. "I'm so there. I did choir in high school, which was fun, but I'd like to do something else! I thought about the cheerleading squad, but the team captain was a total bitch, which took the fun out of it. So there went that idea… What?" She promptly crosses herself like a good Catholic girl at the 'death of me' comment then Jack's got that look on his face after the door opens.. Uhoh. Despite not wanting to, she turns around…Shit.. "Hi daddy!" *innocent beam*

"It's an experiment," Elena says with a laugh. "We'll see if I like it. And I hope not. You're not allowed to die." This directed at Jack, frowning, and having absolutely NO idea that the big lug who just entered is related to Nadia. He looks scary, so Elena doesn't look at him for long. But when Nadia talks more about the Corps, she nods. "That'd be Beverly….and her redhaired cohort, Veronica," she says with a small smirk. She's familiar, but only because Tia shared the same opinions Nadia did. When the scary man approaches them, she doesn't say anything….until she calls him Daddy. She almost falls off her stool.

Jack says, "D-d. D-d-d?" Jack glances from Nadia to Carmine, then back again. "Shit," he mutters under his breath. His hands operate on instinct, assembling the second pineapple and rum and sliding it across to Nadia. Then he picks his pack of smokes up from the bar and shakes one loose. Cigarettes are good when you're nervous, and also a nice way to spend what might be the last few moments of one's life. He plugs one into his mouth and lights it with a match, then takes several deep, unhealthy lungfuls in quick succession."

But like any seasoned father, Carmine is immune to innocent beams. That stopped working on him years ago. His expression does not change, and when Jack slides the drink toward Nadia, the tall Italian shoots out a hand to stop it from reaching her. His gaze, however, remains on his daughter. "What the hell do you think you're doing here?" he demands in a low, steady voice.

Drinks behind her are ignored, while Nadia's mentally cursing Uncles Lou and Sal. They had to be behind this. How else did daddy know? Not that she's done anything wrong.. that she knows of. Drinking's allowed. No one /said/ this place was off limits.. but apparently.. it is. "This is my friend, Elena, papa. Elena, this is my papa." SEE. POLITE INTRODUCTIONS HERE. That stop as soon as daddy interrupts the arrival of drinks from Jack and gets.. well.. Carmine-like. "Having a drink with my friend, Elena. See. Can't I do that?" Nothing wrong with this place. "What'd Uncle Sal and Lou say huh? That I was stripping in here or something? Jeez."

"Hi," Elena says with a small smile, even if she looks a little hesitant. Carmine looks MAD. And Jack looks like he was about to feel the Hand of God bitchslapping him across the universe at any moment. "Um….how are you?" She's trying to be polite! And nice! The way she always is.

If this wasn't Jack's place, now would be an excellent time for him to begone. As it is, he smoothly scoops the second pineapple and rum back up and starts drinking as if it were intended for him all along. There are two problems with this. 1) Jack hates rum, it makes him want to throw up. 2) He's allergic to pineapples. They make his mouth and tongue swell up preposterously over the course of a few hours. He realizes his mistake, but he's too late to avert the damage. Sighing, he dumps the rest of the foul, foul concoction down the sink. It's a bad day to be a good guy.

When introductions are made, the elder Selvaggi gives only an acknowledging glance to Elena. Hi. And then it's back to Nadia. "Havin' a drink in a Mick bar." No, Carmine really doesn't have a problem talking about Jack like he's not there. Except when he turns a glare on the Irishman. "Do you do most of your business with underaged girls?" Yeah, that one's addressed to Jack directly.

Nadia flashes her father a very stern look, as if, well.. nevermind.. he would embarrass her in front of her friends. This is why when she was little, birthday parties consisted of family members. Not friends from school. Not until Carmine moved out anyway. Then.. she just throws her hands up in the air. "OH COME ON. It's a /bar/. There's good alcohol, and he's a funny guy. What's it matter? And you've never had a problem with me drinking before!" Yes. She has to point that last bit out. "So.. I can't have drinks in an Irish bar.. What's next? No Mexican restaurants?" She starts like she's ticking things off on her fingers. "No Jewish delis? How about I just get a list from you on where I'm not allowed to go?"

Oh god. This is getting a little awkward. Elena stares at the exchange between Nadia and Carmine. And then she looks at Jack….whose face is swelling up and looking a little purple around the gills. "………Jack?" she inquires. "…….." Oh god. What the hell, did he just….?

Jack is smart enough to be nervous, but he's not about to get pushed around in his own place. He sets his jaw and glares right back. "This is a pub," he informs Carmine icily. "An' who I do business with is no business o' yours. If you don't want your daughter in strange places, you should keep a closer watch on her. Now either stop starin' and order a drink or jog on. Your eyes give me the willies." His statements are made slightly more comical by the fact that his tongue is responding a little less aptly than it should and his lips are just barely beginning to pucker. There's definite lisping.

"Or maybe I'll stop payin' for your college and you can go back to living with your mother," retorts Carmine. His voice does not raise any higher than a slightly elevated volume, but one can definitely bet that he's livid. When Jack sees fit to speak to him like that, Carmine once again glares at him. "Maybe you oughta tell that to the cops when they hear you've been servin' to underaged kids here." And back to Nadia, the thrusts a thumb toward Jack, "So now you're visitin' gay Mick bars? What next? You gonna turn Jewish now?"

"Great. Papa. Now look what you did." Throwing her arms up again in the air, Nadia points a finger at Jack. Totally daddy's fault that the man's swelling up. Then.. she's glowering at Jack. That totally didn't help. "You're just going to piss him off further," she points out to the Irishman. Heaving a sigh, she flashes an apologetic, 'what you gonna do?' look to Elena, then, "Y'know what.. how about we just have dinner at ma's tomorrow?" Where dad is sure to not interrupt… then.. "What? Fine. Do that. I'll go strip at Gino's down in Jersey. I'll pay for college that way! And Jack's not gay!" Because what gay man checks out a woman's ass, unless it's to read the tag on her pants.. "And.. what? Jewish? NO. Jeez dad. Calm the Hell down. You always get worked up over nothing!"

She's trying to -ignore- the little domestic dispute though she does groan inwardly at Nadia arguing with her father and…something about stripping. But when Jack addresses Carmine…oh god. Yes, it's a lisp. "Jack what's wrong with your face??" she says, easing out of the bar stool and going around the serving side so she could see to her nuncle. At Nadia's invitation, she smiles at her. "Sounds great," she says sincerely, her smile looking a little sheepish. Meanwhile, she'll reach out to try and pull Jack's face closer to her so she could squint at his symptoms.

Jack sucks in a deep breath, holds it for several seconds, and releases it slowly. There are a lot of things he'll tolerate, but being called a gay mick isn't one of them. With his head turned sideways by Elena, he continues to glare and points at the door. "Out. Both of you. Now." Each word is bitten off unpleasantly. Luckily none of them ends in an 's'.

"You wanna strip? Fine. But no daughter of mine strips. You do that, you aren't my daughter anymore." That is Carmine's final word. When Jack pulls the throwing-out bit, he doesn't seem to care at all. Instead, he reaches out to take Nadia by the elbow. "Come on, we're getting outta here."

Nadia just stares at Jack, then at her father. It's an accusatory glare she throws at him. "See what you did now?" With a huff she shoves herself off her stool, slips on her shoes.. then she's digging money out of her purse to slap down onto the bar to pay for her drinks. Unless Jack didn't mean her, but obviously she took it that way. She brought trouble in here without realizing she would. She pales at her father's retort to her stripping threat and she says nothing else on the matter. She's still mad at her father, even as she lets him take her by the elbow. (Knowing him, he'd probably throw her over a shoulder or something.) A deeply apologetic look is thrown to Elena and Jack over her shoulder.

"Seeya Nadia," Elena says, looking sheepish and giving her a wave. So much for going out tonight. She groans inwardly, glancing down at the counter. She was hoping to go out dancing too. But whenever Carmine and Nadia step out, she sighs, and reaches out to touch her fingertips gently on Jack's forehead, closing her eyes. "Hold still a second," she tells the bartender, searching out what's wrong with him thanks to her abilities. And then…….when she finds the problem, she'll start reversing the allergic reaction.

"Ish the pineapplsh," Jack admits woefully. "They're absholutely deelishish, but they…" He smacks his lips a few times, then wiggles his tounge experimentally. All better! "Man. You're the best. Thanks, doll."

Carmine doesn't care, quite frankly. Taking his carrot and his daughter, he exits the premises without a backward glace.

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