www.hehasherpes.com is a web site that features a list of known male skanks in the NYC-area, complete with photographs, a break-down of modus operandi, primary 'hunting' locations, and testimonials about aforementioned male skanks in the NYC-area. Although fairly new, it is proving to be quite popular and there is talk of expanding to the Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Seattle metropolitan areas.

The entirety of Los Angeles is skanky, so there's really no point.

The following domains are mirrors of www.hehasherpes.com:

  • www.he-has-herpes.com
  • www.hehasherpes.net
  • www.he-has-herpes.net
  • www.hehasherpes.org
  • www.he-has-herpes.org

(More information and IC postings will be forthcoming.)

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