Yael Cohen
Portrayed By Meital Dohan
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 15, 1978
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases None.
Place of Birth Haifa, Israel
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Small-time Journalst
Known Relatives Parents, both currently living in NYC.
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities None.
First Appearance ???

Yael Cohen is a journalist for a small newspaper in the city. Her stories are banished to the very worst places on the very worst pages, so it isn't a surprise that… virtually no one knows her name.

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Yael Cohen was born in the city of Haifa in Israel, where she lived a remarkably normal life until the age of fifteen. …in fact, even then it was pretty tame, aside from her family being uprooted and moved to New York City when her father accepted a job offer in Manhattan. That was her one great experience in life. It isn't that Yael led a particularly sheltered life, nor was she especially naive. She had every opportunity a young girl could want, both in Israel and in America: music lessons, martial arts, sports, anything at all. The thing is, well, Yael was a klutz. And she was shy. Annnd she was a bit of a coward when it came to new and exciting things. But she was kind, funny, intelligent. She fell in with the right people, got good grades in school, made plenty of friends. She was well-protected by her group in high school, avoiding much of the usual embarrassment teenagers go through that turns them into tiny balls of hatred and bitterness. She graduated top of her class and had her pick of universities within the city.

She attended Columbia University, first as an undergrad studying Creative Writing, then as a graduate student pursuing a Masters of Science in Journalism. Both kept her busy enough that she was unable to maintain a job, meaning she racked up a considerable amount of student debt over the years, prompting her to search for a good, stable job as soon as she had her diploma in her hand. Unfortunately for Yael, New York City's journalism field is saturated with hopefuls, especially in the newspaper field. What's worse? Even as an accomplished, successful adult, her shy and tentative nature in the face of news-worthy events meant that she wasn't anywhere near ruthless enough to make a real name for herself.

Her writing, at least, was enough to land her a job at a smaller newspaper, writing local interest stories that were banished to the smallest sections of the most obscure pages. It was the only kind of interview and research she was good at: feel-good stories that had her interviewing little old ladies and people with newfound optimism. Not the kind of story you typically see on the front page of the New York Times. Still, whether or not she's paralyzed by anxiety and clumsiness, Yael keeps on looking for her big break, that one story that'll catapult her into journalistic notoriety. It's… going to take a while.

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