2010-03-16: Yoohoo!


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Date: 16 March, 2010


Hallis and George learn the identity — or at least the first name — of the "angel" who pulled Hallis from the purgatory of a mental hospital before disappearing for two months. Claire is just looking for a job.


A Street in SoHo

It's been the better part of a week since George last saw Hallis in person. This is par for the course, given how often he's away from the city - but it could be a lot worse, and for most of the year, it was. The car crash, the psychiatric ward, the mysterious overseas trip, then the instinctive hiding out at an out-of-state resort for several days afterward…

It's good to get back to some semblance of a normal day. "Is that the one you were looking for?" he asks, peering around the corner and pointing out a shop front further down the next block. His other hand remains firmly planted in hers, lest she be swept away by the pedestrian traffic continuing to flow around them on either side.

The week away from George has treated the young woman well, but still the sight of him has had her not more than two paces from his side since their reunion. Looking toward where the man is pointing, her nose wrinkles a little as she squints to read the sign. "Is that the store with the special orchids? I want a really special one for Grandmother's birthday. Something no one else will ever have."

As they near the store, she is finally able to read the lettering and she pauses outside the window to peer inside. She's in no real hurry to make her way in, not when she's got George at her side out here. "Oh look George, they even have lillies for fish tanks! We can get one for George Three and Adam, they'll be so happy!"

Coming out of another store, a couple of doors down, is one Claire Bennet. The store is a chic little fashion boutique with a 'Help Wanted' sign in the window luring in young women like a fat little worm on a fish hook. The blonde peers at the application when she hits the pavement, then stows it a green file folder that appears to be filled with more of the same — applications. It seems the regenerator is pounding the pavement, looking for a part-time job. She looks up, seeing Hallis and George and she hesitates. Maybe she can walk the other way — before they see her…

"Just stay away from the ones with teeth," George deadpans. He's actually half-serious; an exotic plant shop might have Venus flytraps, and it's just as well if Hallis doesn't go anywhere near one of those. "I've always had a thing for stargazer lilies myself—"

Speaking of. "Are they the plastic ones? I think those are more for the fish owners than the fish." He tries to get a better look, then gives up on the idea and turns back around, looking directly at Claire. Not that he has any idea who she is.

"Silly George, plants don't have teeth." Hallis smiles up at him, giving the arm that she's holding onto a little hug. As he continues on to the topic of lilies, she shakes her head, "No, they're real plants. I wouldn't put a plastic plant in with my special little fish." Sure they're only fifty cent goldfish, but they actually mean the world to the young lady.

George's gaze is followed toward the other blonde and just after a flash of jealousy and a pointed look to the politician, she actually recognizes the other girl. "Oh! Hey!" She waves her free hand at Claire, attempting to draw some attention. "Yoohoo!! Over here!" She doesn't actually know the other girl's name, but she's loud enough that all the people between them are turning their heads to look at the little socialite.

Yoohoo? Who says that? Claire hesitates, then allows a slight and tentative smile of acknowledgement before she begins to move toward the couple. At least Hallis looks better than the last time she saw the girl. She approaches slowly, glancing at Hallis and then at George, who looks familiar, but out of context, Claire is unable to place him. "Hi, Hallis," she says to the other blond girl. "Sorry I sort of … didn't show up… on our little travel adventure," she says, with a little shrug as if to say, 'what are you gonna do?' "Looking for plants?"

George is well acquainted with Claire's bio-dad, has been for years - but he doesn't know her from Eve, and if there's any family resemblance, then the more obvious hint is enough to distract him from picking up on it. "You must be the one who visited Hallie at the hospital," he says, offering a polite handshake. "I owe you one for that." It may have put her in danger, but she did survive it— more importantly, it seemed to pull her out of her theory that she was dead and in purgatory. The doctors weren't wrong about that part.

"Yes, she's the one, you should have seen her George. She really did look like an angel in the hospital." That could have been the medication they were pumping into the young woman's system that made her believe Claire was really an angel, but her delusion didn't hold up much after she was shot. "You should have been there, really, I'm surprised you didn't come. We rescued some girls and there was a man there, oh my goodness!" She hushes, knowing that it's quite possibly not the smartest place in the world to talk about the Baron's abilities.

"It's good to see you feeling better," Claire says to the exuberant Hallis, still looking a little dubious about having run into the woman and her boyfriend. She shakes George's hand, her own hand small but strong enough in his. "I made it, just a little later than I planned," Claire says wryly, though she's not about to explain surviving the things she went through to practical strangers. "Pretty sorry looking angel, but I'm glad I could help," she tells both, then realizes they don't know her name. "I'm Claire."

"George," the man replies in turn, looking around and motioning in a direction somewhat less crowded. No paparazzi this time, fortunately, just a handful of lookie-loos and they've already moved on by now. "I admit I've been curious how you two found each other in the first place. The whole Foreign Legion thing was kind of out of left field." Not that there's anything wrong with that.

"Oh, Claire, that's a pretty name." The blonde socialite says with a smile, stopping herself from going any further with the compliment. Once again, she's been trying something very new, pausing to think about things before she says something to stick her foot in it. When George speaks up though, Hallis looks up at him with a rather curious expression. "Oh, I didn't tell you George? Someone told her to bring me with her." Then she turns to Claire with a smile and squints her eyes a little as she widens it, "Right?"

"I'm sort of attached to it, so I'll keep it," Claire says of her name. When the woman talks about 'someone,' Claire nods vaguely. She doesn't know if George knows about Evolved powers. "Yep. I was just following orders. Sort of. I mean, I'm not some kind of person who follows orders, like a cop or something, as a job. Just… someone pointed me in Hallis' direction." She holds up her file folder. "Or else I wouldn't be looking for jobs as a sales girl or a cashier, right?" She isn't used to life as a normal person again. Or as normal as she can possibly pretend to be.

It takes George a little while to work out where Claire is going with that, not least because his phone decides to start buzzing in the middle of it. His moments of free time may be numbered, depending on who's calling and what about. It can wait a bit, though: "It's okay, I get the thing about not naming names. Never know who might be listening in, right?" He doesn't know for sure if Claire knows about powers, either, but Sierra turned out to be in the middle of it so there's a fair chance that she does.

Tilting her head, Hallis purses her lips as Claire poses her problem. "Uhm… What kind of job are you looking for?" She asks, after all, one good turn really does deserve another. "I mean, if you're looking for a job as a sales lady, I can help you with that. I spend so much money in most of the stores in SoHo, they really do owe me some kind of a favor… If that's what you're looking for." She gives the other young woman a sheepish grin and shrugs her shoulders somewhat. It's hard to believe that they're the same age.

"I … I don't know, really. I mean, I'm not quite up on my … uh, Balenciaga versus Louis Vuitton versus Prada, you know? The kinds of places you look like you probably shop at — I'm kind of more a Gap girl… Forever 21 if I'm feeling girly… H and M if I'm going for Euro…" Claire says, glancing down at her outfit — black skinny jeans, a pair of black flats, and a simple sweater — classic but not exactly daring in style. "But if you know anyone looking for someone clueless but capable of counting back change, I can do it." She flashes a smile.

Her own cell phone buzzes in her pocket, and she reaches to wriggle it out, glancing at the text on the display and pushing the button to read the whole message. "I gotta go… It was nice seeing you, Hallis, and meeting you, George." She gives a wave and heads off in the opposite direction.

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