2011-02-15: You Can Do It



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Date: February 15th, 2011


Sometimes you just need the reassurance.

"You Can Do It"

New York City - Hyde Park - Hanner Manor

In the room of Kitty Hanner at Hanner Manor, there is a window seat where the light enters just right. At the moment this is where Kitty herself is sitting, the window opened and letting some cold and wintery but nonetheless fresh air into the room. Her long dark hair is combed today and braided down her back.

Soft music plays in the background, coming from her stereo system in the corner of the room. This is her haven, the place where bad things can’t touch her.

Her doe brown eyes scan the grounds of the manor as she takes in a deep breath, closing her eyes and allowing the sun to wash over her. Thinking back to where the sun was hotter and air stiffer, sometimes making her breather a bit more labored.

October 2010


The hot desert sun beats down on Kitty’s head as she sits crossed legged in a chair on the balcony overlooking the city. A hotel room from the looks of it, fancy too. Nice furniture and artwork, there is a bit of a light breeze as the sun sets in the distance. Dwindling sunlight glinting off the golden bracelets she wears on her arms.

Her long soft cotton white skirt ruffles in the wind and her bare feet dirty from walking outside. But that’s okay, she doesn’t mind at all. Tipping her head back, Kitty inhales deeply and closes her eyes. Her dark brown hair hangs free down her back, a hand comes to play with the ends of it behind her. Causing the young woman to smile warmly, eyes skill closed.

“We’ve been here a month, Kit.” Can be heard from Libby Hanner, Kitty’s aunt looks pretty in her loose flowing pants and shirt, blonde hair that falls to her shoulder pulled into a loose ponytail and sandals adorn her feet. She radiates this inner beauty, most would say. An inner goodness that seems to rub off on people, all but Roberto it would seem.

“One more week?” Kitty opens one eye as she questions her aunt, though why she’s asking is actually funny. Seeing as it’s her money that allows for any of this to be happening. Still, she respects her elders at least her aunt and father enough to ask their advice and opinion. They’ve been there a lot for her in the last month.

“Harley left two weeks ago,” just stating the obvious, Libby goes to lean against the balcony. “He’s been watching over Robin until you get back. You already know that though,” she says with a light smile towards Kitty, who frowns and nods her head.

“He’s getting restless, he wants to go.” Kitty knows her older brother wants to experience life without having to worry about Roberto, live his own life. “One more week and then we’ll go back.” She says softly, “Back home.” But Kitty’s eyes hold sadness in them as she utters those words. “I’ll go back.” She corrects stiffly and looks off into the distance, out towards the desert.

She was suppose to come here with Peter, before everything went to hell with Alpha Protocol and then her uncle.. everything just spiraled out of control. Kitty’s afraid of going back to say the least, afraid that entering the city again will just be the catalyst to horrible events like before.

Libby blinks and looks at Kitty with mild shock at her corrected statement and then she chuckles and shakes her head. “That’s going to take some getting use too, kid.” She says with a shake of her head. “But you’re right. I’m not going to New York.” That’s not her home, the older woman stretches her arms out. “You know I never stay somewhere for too long, always on the move.” A light shrug, not much of an apology to her niece. It’s just Libby’s nature.

What started as a method of survival to stay away from Libby, became her way of life. Something she’s comfortable with, always being on the move. Kitty sees this, but she doesn’t have to like it. “Come visit a lot?” fear in her voice, that she won’t ever see her aunt again. Not in person at least.

“What kind of aunt would I be if I didn’t check up on you guys every once in a while. Plus, Bo is coming with me. We’re going to travel together for a while, have some brother/sister time, we’re long overdue.” A sad truth. When Kitty doesn’t respond, Libby walks over to her and lays a hand on her arm.

“You’re going to do fine. You’ve already adjusted so well, it’ll be a piece of cake.” Libby’s nonchalant and carefree attitude has an effect on Kitty. She instantly smiles at the encouragement and nods her head. “Wish you could have met Tamara..” Kitty’s cousin, the girl who has been in Kitty’s shoes for longer then Kitty. “She was.. the same.” The same as her, though Kitty has no idea just how much closer to Tamara’s condition that she will be getting to in later months.

“You could always try and find her.” Libby says with a hint of a warm smile, but Kitty shakes her head. “No, it’s not.. it’s not okay.” To which Libby looks puzzled but then nods her head slowly. “Okay, then don’t. Do what makes you comfortable.”

It’s this easygoing nature that would probably have Kitty’s mother rolling in the grave. Malori Hanner was not into this, she was way more strict and would have been trying to tell Kitty what she needed to do next.

It’s refreshing to have her aunt be the complete opposite of her mother. It’s this attitude of her aunt’s that has made her more stable.

She will always remember this month, the month where she got herself back together. Where she learned to live again.


With a soft sight, Kitty gets up. Padding barefoot out of her room and down to the kitchen, Arnie sits in a nearby chair. Reading a newspaper. “You okay Kit-Kat?” His nickname for her since she was a little kid.

Grinning widely, she nods. “Yes.” She says this and then promptly leaves the kitchen again, she has an appointment to get too.

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