2011-03-25: You Can't Win



Date: March 25, 2011


Aiming for the middle ground only ends up angering both sides of a personal issue.

"You Can't Win"

George's office, New York

The weather is miserable and by the expression on Evette's face, she may be causing it. The snow still high in the city and she comes in late after trying to hail a taxi. There is an annoyed expression which she tries to smooth away as she enters the office. The meetings have been running dark without any cellphone interferrance.

"Hey.. I'm sorry for taking off for lunch is there anything I need to be aware of?" She offers to the receptionist with a smile. Only those that really know her will see through the political smile and everything.

'Without interference' really means that someone else gets to run interference on everyone's phones, then sort through it with everyone after the meeting. Today's lucky winner is in the middle of the latest debriefing when Evette walks in; he's just finished up with George's calls, and is moving on to the rest of the staff. Funny how that timing works out…

Naturally, he's the first to see past the mask, even as the receptionist is taking it at face value. He doesn't like having to deal with such things - he appreciates the people with whom he can be straightforward - but some have agendas of their own, and that can't be ignored. "You look like you needed a bag afterward— and not a doggie bag, either. Need a few minutes to get back on track?"

Evette jumps. That reaction alone says she's a little off her game. The staff watch them knowing all those wonderful rumors. Eve pauses a moment before she clears her throat. "I um.." She thinks over. "I met with Alexandra for lunch." There was some agreement in her head to try to be as honest as possible. She gives him a bit of a smile. "It didn't really go well."

George shakes his head, pulling up a nearby chair and settling down into it. "No, I don't imagine it would have. The ball's in her court at this point, whatever she chooses to believe." He makes no effort to hide his own mood, annoyance mixed with resignation. And let the rest of staff believe whatever they want to believe, for that matter.

"Things are starting to pile up here, meanwhile," he continues. "Nothing insurmountable, but we've all got a few long days coming up. Especially with Ned leaving tomorrow." The greenhorn mentioned something about attending a wedding out of state.

Evette slides into a chair near him. "I didn't do anything." In her speak it means that there was no exchange of powers. "I went to meet with her and I told her that we weren't doing anything. I even kept my temper in check until…" Yes there is that trail off there. She looks at him for a moment of thought. Then she puts a hand upon is arm a bit.

".. Well, she said I only got my job by being manipulative and gameplay. She said because I was a girl that's the only reason I could get here." Her finger attempt to tighten on his arm. "I tried." She then shakes her head. "Okay.. so things are coming up. What do you need? You want me to call into a closer hotel or convert a room here? Call in some takeout." She's already flipping open her phone to look at the schedule.

In response, George merely shakes his head: no, he doesn't want to know. "Do we have any rooms to convert?" They do, but he's not about to point out its existence to anyone but the few who already know it's there.

"Takeout's probably good, though, see what everyone's in the mood for— I'll go along with whatever, barely have time to notice it anyway." The only reason he has any free time right now is that the backlogged phone calls are still undergoing triage. "And to be fair, there are a lot of people who weaseled their way into their job… and raising families takes out a lot of the good women. There's a reason those stereotypes exist."

Evette nods. "Yes, we can make up one of the unused rooms. I'll get some of the cots brought in to hook it up." She's already typing out messages to people. There is a pause though at that last comment. Her eyes move back to his and they darken for a few moments.

"Don't." Eve's tone drops as she looks at him. "Do not rationalize her insult to me, George. I might not be sleeping with you, but I deserve more respect than that." Her eyes flash a bit as she shakes her head.

Don't defend his (maybe still) girlfriend's side of the argument? Good luck talking him into that without cheating. "I didn't say you didn't," says George, "just— She doesn't know you. Doesn't even know me as well as she should." Now if only he knew a way to fix that, then they wouldn't both be in this jam. "And make it a large conference room, it's better to have more room than we need instead of too little."

Evette is livid now. "Fuck you." Now that got the attention of staff. She's normally pretty good about keeping those words out of her mouth. She comes to her feet. "How dare you look at me and defend her? Just because you are fucking her she has the right to insult me? You are right, George, you are truly right. She doesn't know me and that's what she said to me. Your girlfriend is a spoiled fucking child and I wish you'd finally date an adult." She moves to walk away and actually tosses her phone at one of the interns. "You fucking deal with Mister if it I fuck it, it can insult you all it wants. I'm out for the day and maybe longer."

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