2007-11-25: You Can't Kidnap The Willing


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Summary: Peter "kidnaps" Elena now that she's feeling a little better for a dinner date that they've not been able to have for months now. They also talk about various goings on.

Date It Happened: November 25th, 2007

You Can't Kidnap The Willing

Elena's Apartment

After dark. There wasn't much warning when Peter suddenly appeared in the room that Elena was in in the Petrelli Mansion. He just reached out and grabbed onto her, and suddenly they were in her apartment. No warning. He didn't even call ahead. Hopefully she got dressed today.

In a nice set of clothes, he wasn't dressed for conventional travel, hadn't even brought a coat. A dark button up shirt, a nice pair of pants, his hair combed back. And the apartment smells like… dinner.

Someone decided to cook for his girlfriend, since he hasn't had much of a chance recently. "You don't get to spend enough time in this apartment that you're paying for. I know you're probably still sick— don't worry about that right now. But if you have any appetite at all…" he glances to the table, which he's set for two. There's even candles lit. It's a pasta dinner, heavy on the cheese and veggies, with no meat sauces, something they can eat together, and something he can put as left overs for himself.


She had been stepping out of the shower, wearing a simple tank top and jeans with her hair pulled back, when Peter had suddenly arrived in her room. The suddenness of it actually caused her to scream a little bit, since she really wasn't expecting his arrival. He didn't even call ahead! And before she knows it, she's swept up in his arms and….

Suddenly she's back in her apartment. The one her and Nadia shared. She's still clinging onto him wide-eyed when they arrive, but Elena recognizes the place, and she smells dinner. Delicious, delicious dinner. She hasn't felt this hungry in a while. Erin's visit did wonders for her constitution, physically and, as much as she hated to admit it, emotionally as well.

"…you didn't," she says, candelight reflecting off the golden shards of her eyes. Oh, he did. With a laugh, she throws her arms around his neck. "I'd kiss you right now if I could," she tells him, pulling back with a smile that brightens her features. Her healthier-looking features. "Oh, Peter, you're the best! And everything smells delicious and I'm STARVING and…!"


"I wish you could kiss me," Peter says softly, looking down the small distance between them, a longing look in his eyes. He snaps out of it, though, and just returns the hug instead. Not a kiss like he'd want, but at least it's physical contact— something they haven't gotten to have a lot of. "I'm glad you're starving— in this case. I haven't been able to cook for you for over a month now." Almost two! Besides soup and other things… This is better than soup.

Moving away enough, he leads her to the table and even pulls out a chair for her, hand lingering against her shoulder and arm until he moves over to the sink to wash his hands again. There's hand santatizer wipes for her at the table.

With his hands washed, he goes to his seat to sit down. "I went to see Monica today. She's… wanting to use the abilities she's been given to help people. Because of the Company and what happened with Drake— I don't want to encourage her too much, but I do think it's a good idea to get a… support group kind of thing going. So people can talk about their abilities— know that they're not alone. Even learn a little about how to control them?"


"Me too," Elena confesses softly, looking up at his slightly taller self and seeing the expression in his own, dark eyes. She knew the look, and her hand reaches up to push the curling lock of hair gently away from his forehead. The touch is light, but the lock is stubborn, falling back against his head and causing her to smile even further. "Mmhm. It feels like ages since I've been here. I might've forgotten my stuff's actually here," she jokes, gesturing about to the furniture, the pictures on the wall, the near-professional paint job. Led to the table, she is scooted into the chair, and follows him with her eyes when he moves around the kitchen.

"You saw Monica?" she asks, looking curious as she tears open a packet of wipes and uses it to wipe her hands with before she eats. "How is she?" She listens to the rest of what he says and then she nods. "The best way to go about that, I think, is direct everyone else we can find to Cass's clinic, get analyzed there so they can meet each other," she tells him. "The only problem I see with that is…Bat Country's being monitored by the Company. And it's not like I can form that kind of club at NYU." There is a pause. "…though it'd be cool if that were the case. You know. Kind of like Dumbledore's Army in the Harry Potter books."

She waits for him to grab some pasta, before she helps herself with the bowl. He might find some comfort in the fact that she's eating like a horse again. "It's not a bad idea to form a network to those we trust though," she tells him. "I mean, we sort of already have that going but it's very loose. I don't know if it's wise to keep it that way….so many things can fall through the cracks. At the same time, others can easily escape notice that way. What do you think?"


"Yeah. She invited me over to talk— wasn't sure what about, but I figured it might be important." Peter pauses a bit, then kind of smiles— almost a smile at least, "Ian was there. And I think they made a little progress— Or at least I got kicked out by him so they could be alone." Reaching over, he serves himself after she's got some food on her plate and he watches her eat— From the way that faint smile remains, it would seem he is pleased to see it.

"We do already have something similar going on, but I do think it could be more… productive. We couldn't send people to Bat Country anymore, not with the Company watching it, but we could find somewhere else— random places even. Monica thinks she knows someone who can help out with that, but… I'm mostly thinking we'd need it so people just have someone to talk to, you know?"

Glancing down at his plate, his cooking, he eats a lot smaller bites than she does, but he almost always did. After a moment he looks back up. "The bomb and the tornado. Both were going to be caused by innocent people who didn't understand what was happening, didn't know what they were capable of. Nathan helped me out, and we're working on helping Evelyn, but I'm sure there's others— even among the ones we know, who just need to know that they're not alone…" There was something about the way Mikhail looked at him that made him decide this would be a good idea to do now— even more than the months ago when he first found out about Cass.


"…they did? Why that— " Elena grumbles. "I can't believe she'd hold out on me like that. I'm going to give her so much crap whenever I call her or she calls me." She digs into her pasta with relish, and as always, she looks like she's inhaling her food rather than actually tasting it. But she does slow down, so she could carry on the conversation. But her eyes do roll behind her head, almost, at the pleasure of eating the pasta. "God this is so good. I missed this so much." She slides her fork back into the noodles and twists it around with her spoon. Still at his faint smile, she can't help but smile back. "Still that is good news. I'm actually pretty happy to hear that. They're cute together. Though last I heard, she was contemplating on dating Jaden or dating Ian."

She nods. "Like a more structured network," she tells him. "That sounds feasible. I agree with another place other than Bat Country, but I wonder who Monica's contact is." She ponders. "Might be worth it to ask her, see what she thinks. She's encouraging this route after all….if she wants to help I say let her. Baby steps and all that. I did start sort of telling her about…everything. But…I didn't know how much detail I should be going."

She nods, setting her utensils down and taking a sip of water. What he says reminds her, too, of that night with Mikhail, the look he flashed Peter when he found out he wasn't the only one. "…yeah," she says softly. "The question is how to start. We've got a pretty good group, and with Hiro being back… if we're all going ahead of this I think he should know, too."


"Jaden?" Peter repeats the name, eyebrows raising. There's a pause, as he waits for her to say more, having smiled, a little less faintly, at the food compliment. Hopefully he'll get to do this more often soon, but for now one dinner will have to be enough. Her wondering does make him speak up again. "Well, if she was talking about maybe going out with Jaden, then I'm guessing that's her contact. When she mentioned someone she could talk to she kind of… looked away and got shy."

There's a nod at the mention of Evelyn too. "Of course I think she should be told. I don't think it's all fixed yet. And better us teaching her about her ability than the Company." As much as he's trying to see the Company for what it could be, he's still seeing it for what it's shown him over and over. Manipulation. Entrapment. Blackmail.

"It'll take some time to get everything together. I'd want Gene to run a sweep of the area before we do anything there— make sure that no one's watching. I'd involve Hiro too. That's… sort of what he tried to do getting you guys together to come rescue me. But I thinking a little more along the lines of… day to day help. Saving the world for those who might want to, but sometimes saving the world is as simple as teaching someone to control themselves." He's proof of that.


"She was. But she liked Ian too. Monica's young, I think she has time to decide for herself who she wants to stick with in the end," Elena tells Peter gently, still with that same smile. She takes a sip of water again, and proceeds to eat more of her pasta, chewing thoughtfully as Peter talks. She lifts her brows at his discussion of Monica's reaction when she mentioned her contact, but she does grumble. "Holding out on me," she huffs. But this is said good naturedly. She tended to rib her friends, after all, and vice versa. "I'll leave that to you. You're better at detecting that sort of stuff than I am." She winks at him impishly.

"I'm not a big fan of the Company either. Not after what they did to Drake and what they continue to do to unsuspecting witnesses. But I've accepted the fact that they're not as evil as they thought they were at first. Then again these days not everything is cut out to be that black and white." She's learned that the hard way. When Gene is mentioned, she nods. "How is he? I haven't…talked to him lately."

Not since their argument, anyway. But by the way she's hesitating, odd when she's inquiring about a friend, there had to have been something wrong. Still, it's hard not to be concerned about Gene. She had always been protective of him. "Eric told me he had a list of specialists for him to peruse and investigate regarding his condition. You said you visited him recently?" she asks.


"Don't accuse her of holding out on you yet," Peter says, pointedly eating something before he continues. "I think they just started getting it together while I was there— that's why Ian kicked me out." So it's hard to hold out on something that just happened. "If she hasn't told you the next time she calls, then she's holding out." But from the look in his eyes, he doesn't think she's going to keep this part in.

Neither of them are fans of the Company, for various reasons… but he just nods, mood sobering a little as the topic goes to Gene. "He's… doing okay enough. He made a machine to teach me how to use one of my abilities— electricity to change car batteries for him. Training and payback for favors he's done all at once. It was a good idea. I'm kinda sad I didn't think of it first." Free energy and training— a use for Elle's ability that isn't just destructive.

"If he's got a list, then someone should probably look into it. I offered to help him when he started looking pretty bad off, but…" His voice trails off. "That just made him mad. I guess I wasn't supposed to know about it." There's a wince, but what else can he really do about it? He knew and he was concerned.


"I know," Elena says with a grin. "I can always tease her. It's been a while since I called her. I don't know - you know I miss hanging out with all of them." But at the expression on his face, she laughs. "Hey don't give me that look. I managed to keep telling Papa and Dezi about the painting. I don't know, I can't help it. I like knowing my friends are happy. Like that old song, you know? Everybody needs somebody sometiiiimes…" she croons, before swallowing the last of her pasta. The healing, no matter how partial, seems to have recovered more than just her strength, but much of the effervescent personality she had lost while sick.

She smiles. "Gene can always be counted on for extremely good ideas. I'm glad he managed to build you something that can help you out," she tells him. "Besides, after everything I bet you're pretty relieved that he's found a way that you can pay him back, no matter how small. I'm…glad to know he's feeling better. We had a bit of a tiff the last time. I should call him to see how he's doing."

She nods. "Yeah, he's sensitive about it….but it's not as if I told you. Well. Sort of. You already knew when you came back from the future and at that point, I only told Cass and Eric, who needed to know because he had the connections I needed and he was Gene's friend first and one of the people who I know he trusts."


"I wouldn't say he's feeling better," Peter says as a correction. "More he's as good as can be expected…" There's some conversations that make happier moments like this a little more tense— this would be one of them. Not because he's really upset about it— or even worried. He has two years at least, if the future was any indication. And they can figure something out. It's more he feels helpless. Everyone deserves to be happy, to have someone, and Gene's one of those he thinks deserves it too.

"It is a relief. And I like the idea of an ability like that being used for something… constructive." Rather than hurting people and blowing stuff up.

"I know. And I'm glad I know about it. It's not just because I'm worried about him, but because… it's bothering you." Speaking of that, he adds on, "You should talk to him. I'm sure he'd like to hear from you, especially if you have that list. He's looking up that Compusure company for me, but he should look into what will keep him healthy too."

There's a pause. "I just wish I could do something to fix it."


"Oh, I thought…" Elena pauses, frowning a little bit. She absently toys with her fork, that thoughtful expression back in her face. Certainly enough to give their dinner a more somber note, but not enough to blot out the lightness of the moment entirely. She's hopeful, after all, that Gene will make it. Especially with everyone else trying to help him out despite his obstinancy in letting people in. But she knows that expression very well, on Peter's face, and she reaches out with her free hand to touch his knuckles from across the table.

She smiles. "Of course you do," she tells him, nodding encouragingly. "And I'm glad you found something for it. It…depending on how it's built and how it works, it might help tuning the finer details of your control over that ability. Figure electricity's pretty tricky to control given its nature."

At the last, she gives him a small smile, rubbing her thumb gently over one of his knuckles. "I know….and he already has that list. Eric gave it to him when he saw him last. Apparently his mom is a pretty big investor in terms of medical and scientific breakthroughs. He mentioned her sitting in the boards of several research institutions."

Her expression softens at what he says. "I know," she tells him softly. "But in a way you are helping him. What he does…makes him feel needed. I think feeling that makes him happy."


"It measures exact wattage— he wants me to control exactly how much I put out. Know what it feels like to do ten, a thousand, a hundred thousand…" 1.21 gigawatts! Peter's talking rather absently at this point, especially since her hand has moved to touch his. It makes him trail off some, looking down at the fingers touching his knuckles. About the only thing he can readlly do to response at that point is nod.

Well, and add in a soft, "Everyone needs to know that they're needed in some way— it's a simple human desire… Everyone needs to know they have a purpose." Himself included in that. There's a pause.

Putting his fork down— he's ate half of what she has, he twists his hand to take hers. "Will you… stay the night with me? I know that it's… I know that you're not fully healed. But I miss you." There's that look again, but it doesn't last long. His eyes drop away, a wince apparent on his forehead. "Sorry."


"Really?" Elena blinks. Gene was a genius. Then again….he was aptly named. "Peter, that's awesome! It really is. Have you tried it out yet? How does it work?" She had a lot of questions, hell she even wants to see the device. But when Peter trails off, his dark eyes casting upon her hand on his, her own slowly trails off, and she's left looking at him, and watching light and shadow dance and flit over his features. Silence descends over the table for a few moments.

She nods slowly, at what he says about people needing other people. "I guess you and he are more alike than you think," she confesses quietly. "One day if he realizes that maybe he'll warm up to you more." Both of them were attached to their abilities, and both of them defined who they were through them. Something she doesn't agree with, but in a way, she understood it. Not everyone could be like Nathan, after all, who succeeded in everything he put his mind to. Even in getting his wife back despite an affair that almost ruined everything.

With her hand taken, at the request, and the apology, she squeezes his hand. "If you don't mind, sure," she tells him. "I'd love to. I miss you too, Peter. Granted you surprised me kidnapping me from somewhere." A small smile tugs up on her lips. "Again. But…I'd love to."


"I've tried it out, yeah— I can't do exact numbers yet, but I can get within a certain range… usually. I'll show you the machine later— It's in my apartment," Peter explains, keeping too much of his attention on her hand, and nodding when she says that him and Gene are similar. He has to agree in some ways. Just from what he knew of the man in the future, and what he knows of him today. Their inability to lie convincingly also had part of it. Squeezing her hand, he moves to stand up, abandoning his dinner so that he can move closer to her, lean over her, and press his cheek against her forehead. She feels so much healthier than she'd been when he found her behind the Den. But that doesn't mean he can do much more than this. Even if he wants to.

"I love you," he says in soft tones, voice quiet. "You know how much I need you, right? These last few weeks… even if we've talked almost every day…"


"Sweet," Elena says, her eyes lightening up at the prospect of a new Genetoy to play with, or observe. His inventions always garnered an enthusiastic audience in her. When he squeezes her hand and stands up to move towards her, she tilts her head upwards so she could look at his face, blinking a bit. And they close, feeling the welcome weight of his head against hers. He was warm, and while she was still sick, she was at least better - much better. Healthier, some of her color even came back. She reaches up, cupping his face between both of her hands, pulling back a bit so she could look at him in the eye again. "I know," she tells him quietly. "I love you too. And I know that….I need you too. The dream, it only…" There is a pause, but she reaches up, covering his mouth gently with her hand, and she leans in to press her mouth against her knuckles, where his own would be. It wasn't an actual kiss, but it's the best she could do under the circumstances. Pulling away just a bit, she gives him a small smile. "I'll help you clean up," she tells him. "Maybe we could watch TV or something…"


The barest hint of a kiss. The inhale that follows is shaky, indicating the level of affect it had on him. This seperation is tough on them both, with only phone calls, a dream and a few small touches every so often no where near enough. He can't even imagine what things would be like for people who are kept apart longer than they've been. Is the partial seperation worse?

"We'll clean up," he agrees quietly, reluctantly taking his hands away from her before he just grabs her and forgets the possibility of contracting the virus again. He's already got the possibility following him around just by bringing her here— but kissing and other such things would make it more likely.

"Then maybe we can lay down and sleep… I might be able to do the dream thing again." While laying right beside her. Actually, in some ways that might be a bad idea, if they wake up in the middle of it. Maybe he can be on the couch.


This present addiction under the light of the circumstances was dangerous. Elena knows this full well so when his hands fall away from her, she lets him. She could hear the shaky inhale and the darkness creeping in his already dark eyes that indicated what he really wanted to do, and the heat of it all causes the faintest blush to stain her cheeks, which thankfully retains some of its former color now. In many ways partial separation was worse due to the temptation it presents, but no matter how dire the need, she's not about to risk his health. Again.

She stands up, shifting away from him to pick up the plates from the middle of the table. "We will. And sleep works…. we can try the dream thing again, I don't know what your range is but perhaps your hold on the power can last longer if we're in the same room."

She turns to head back to the kitchen with the emptied bowls and plates.


"It would probably hold better if we're in the same room, yeah," Peter says, watching her quietly with that same heated look. There's only so much that a dream can do— but a dream is better than the physical distance that they have to put up between them. Then again… He's watching her carefully, trying to think of the young woman who healed him— and then he can see them. The virus cells scream out at him, weakened but not destroyed. Maybe he can finish them the rest of the way— maybe he can finish the job and…

She may not know what he's doing, but she may assume he's doing something from the sudden intenseness to his glance, the tension forming around his eyes, the tightening of his jaw. Sweat begins to bead from his forehead.

Why won't it just die already? It's halfway there. He should be able to get it the rest of the way. It just— he needs—

Suddenly he stumbles, needing to brace himself on the table. He's not looking anywhere near as bad as Erin had after trying to heal her, but he's looking suddenly winded— suddenly tired. "Sorry… I don't know how to do what she did— I can see them, but I don't know… I don't know how."


She doesn't seem to notice, neither the heated look or the fact that he's attempting something, Elena's back turned to him as she sets the plates in the dishwasher and preparing things so she could turn it on and leave it running. She does wonder why he's gone quiet however. Still, it wasn't unusual for him. This is, of course, until she hears a thud. She turns around, frowning at the sound…though when she sees Peter leaning over against the table, she moves towards him quickly.

"Peter, what are you— what did you do?" she breathes, worry creasing her features, reaching out for him to try and steady him. She sees the sweat, the suddenly paler complexion. "Do you need to sit down? Just what did you think you were— " Her voice cuts off, listening to his words, hearing his stuttering explanation. And then, she realizes what he's been up to.

"Peter, it's okay," she murmurs reassuringly. She reaches out to hug him, wrapping her arms around him and using her own weight to try and right him up while she's holding onto him. "Really, it's fine. Cass will get me through, you know she will," she tells him, pulling back a bit to meet his eyes. "You're not doing anyone any favors if you strain yourself like this. Let's go to bed, okay? You've been running around nonstop…"


"I'm okay," Peter assures, just looking tired, not exhausted to the point of a meltdown. Between teleporting, electricity practice, not sleeping and this? He's wearing himself a little thin. But not yet collapsing. That's something to be thankful for. Just like them being able to spend the night together is also something they've not been able to do since he got cured earlier in the month.

"Yeah— I know she'll fix you— I just wanted to… let's go to bed." While he was trying to cure her, she got almost everything done. All he has to do is blow out the candles on the table so they don't burn unattended.

Everything he could add on at this point, he's already said. He loves her, he misses her— he could repeat them a thousand times each. Instead… "I'm glad I kidnapped you." It was advice from the future— advice he actually gave to that Eric at one point too. Advice he's not sure the other man ever got to follow— But at least he gets to do follow it.

He wishes he could help her more than this— but having her nearby is enough. For the moment.


That was odd. Elena pulls away to stare at him for a moment, but ….it's rare that he makes her laugh, especially in the onset of her illness, but she does, clear and light for the time being. She watches him after the gale subsides, an expression etched with no small amount of love and deep affection. "I'm glad you kidnapped me too," she tells him softly. They can't kiss. By all rights, they shouldn't even be breathing the same air at the moment, but she does take his hand, when he tells her they should go to bed.

"We'll sleep in my room for a change," she tells him, leading him down the hall and towards the door that led to hers, where she keeps her music box collection and everything else he's given her recently. She's amassed quite a collection, and this is where she keeps them. Then again, he knows that, he's been in it, though he's not spent the night in it.

That was going to change tonight, however.


"I've been in your room," Peter says with a hint of a smile, especially since she did just laugh at him. He'd not been joking, either. It's not a bed that she's spent much time in either, but… He had been in her room one night— the night of the election, when they talked on the phone. He actually spent much of that night on her bed, rather than his own, and not just because he thought he might still have guests in his apartment…

Any sign that he's slept there is cleaned up, though, the blankets and sheets changed to something fresh, the bed made… it looks close to how she left it. Close.

"This is going to become a trend, I hope you realize— me kidnapping you." And with the combined powers of Molly and Hiro, there's almost nothing that can stop him from doing just that…

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