2009-09-22: You Can't Wynn



Date: September 22nd, 2009


After Senator Ivory Wynn addresses the nation with the President, he's approached by his state Governor's advisor. The meeting takes some … twists.

"You Can't Wynn"


Washington, D.C.

The doors of the White House open and out steps the President, closely followed by, Senator Wynn. The President raises his hands to the press and the public, stepping up to the microphones that have already been placed. "My Fellow Americans. It recent months, your Government has been made aware that there are, in fact, terrorists right here on our own soil. They have been, for the better part of the last decade, plotting and planning against us. As you know, I am the leader of this country and I, for one, will not tolerate my home being targeted by such people. By anyone, for that matter." The President's eyes narrow in a determined manner. "With that said, I'll be turning over the microphone to the man that's volunteered to spearhead this investigation, Senator Wynn."

The President and Senator Wynn exchanges handshakes and pats on the arm as they switch places. Senator Wynn has a pleasantly confident expression on his face as he addresses the Nation. "When I first learned that our wonderful nation had been unknowingly harboring terrorists for such a long time, I felt two things. One? Afraid. Our families and other loved ones could've been in danger at that very moment. And none of us would've been the wiser." Wynn pauses at that moment, to let that sink in. "And two? I felt like a failure. As many of you know, I was the Secretary of Homeland Security for a bit before stepping directly into the shoes left by former Senator Nathan Petrelli. Well, I can honestly say to you right now, that if I had knew then, what I know now, there wouldn't even be a threat for us to combat." Senator Wynn takes a composing breath. "With this threat being brought to the forefront, I felt it necessary to speak to the President, directly, as to the best way to handle it. I will be personally overseeing the ongoing investigation into this threat to national security. And when I say personally, I do mean that I will be on the street, on the front line with the men and women who are working under me. I refuse to sit behind a desk and give orders. That's never been my style and just because I'm a Senator now, does not mean I will sit idly by and let my country be swept out from underneath my feet."

Dramatic pause for closing statements.

"We will get to the bottom of this. We will pursue and neutralize this threat until it has been permanently removed from our beautiful soil. And we will not hesitate to use whatever force is necessary to obtain the secure lifestyle that each and every one of you are entitled to. I will not allow us to be terrorized in our own homes." Wynn looks over at the President, holding out a hand. "The President has authorized me to enact a program that will assist me in my endeavors to protect you all. I will play this part to the best of my ability. But I'm going to need your help. If you see or hear or even suspect any suspicious activity, I need you to contact your local authorities immediately. We will chase every serious lead we get until the trail goes cold. We will leave no stones unturned. This is, as of this moment, our top priority. God Bless America."


Capitol Hill, Senate Offices

With a very esteemed and well thought out announcement having been made, Senator Ivory Wynn has managed to weave his way through the press and into the building. Through a corridor or two, Ivory has taken it upon himself to head back towards his office. His footsteps are a bit more measured than they normally would be, but that could have something to do with the fact that, well, he's currently fishing through his Expensive Blackberry Phone Only Available On Sprint and browsing his e-mail, more than likely. It's quiet in the hall that leads towards his office, as the majority of the people inside the building have been stuck on the outside, to deal with the endless questions from the Press Mob.

Every step tends to be made with purpose here in the offices of the Senate on Capitol Hill. No steps, however, in this particular corridor are more purposeful, perhaps, than those of Tracy Strauss. The quiet hall is made less calm by sharp, black heels. Long and quick, catching up with Ivory. "Excuse me, Senator?" The question to get his attention is polite and nothing short of confident, not the desperate pleas for attention like the press have been dogging with. The woman the voice belongs to is impeccably dressed and, hopefully, familiar: charcoal grey pencil skirt, vivid yellow blouse and pearls. "I hope you remember me, I work for the governor. I know you're probably juggling a thousand plates today, but I'd like a minute of your time."

Without missing a beat, Ivory finds himself stopping and turning. In a slow motionly fluid motion, the Blackberry is slid into the holster on his hip. All in the same moment, his head swivels, followed by his body, as he turns to greet the blonde with a charmingly trustworthy smile. "You." comes out of Ivory's mouth before he can finish turning. By the time his whole body has managed to find its way around, he's taken the moment to let his eyes wander up and down the leggy frame that has followed him down this hall. "Are much too beautiful to be from any of the Networks. And familiar. We've met before, haven't we?" His expression and tone suggest he's merely fishing for confirmation to something he already knows. Or does he?

The woman stops as Ivory does and, straight and poised, holding onto the strap of her black attaché over one shoulder. Her eyes — ice blue even in the dull, warm glow of the corridor — narrow on the Senator, just for a moment, as if trying to figure him out. It barely freezes her bright smile, framed in classic red lipstick; if anything, it spreads, more compelled and confident as always. "Yes, my name is Tracy Strauss. I'm an advisor to Robert Malden." That smile shifts into more of a smirk as she cocks her head to one side for an instant and gives a assured chuckle, saying, "I'd like to think we helped to get you where you are today. You've been quite busy, Senator."

"Ah! That's right! Robbie!" Now Senator Wynn remembers. It may or may not have something to do with the lipstick. Who knows. But Ivory's managed to get himself into a position of relaxed standing at the moment, since there's, well, too much going on in his mind right now to process everything. But the only thing that he feels he needs to process at this exact moment is the beauty before him. Yowza. "I can assure you, I haven't forgotten Robbie's help. Or yours, for that matter." Flashing of the teeth to help with the elusive smile. "Busy doesn't even begin to cover it. But things will be handled. I'm very, very good at what I do."

"And that's exactly why the Governor and I backed you for the Senate seat." Ms. Strauss's smile closes in as she gives Ivory a long, discerning look. "That's why I'm here." She glances pointedly around Ivory in the direction his office must be in, lifting brows of a darker blonde than her pale, tightly pulled back hair. "Can we go into your office?" Tracy holds up a hand, trying to assuage the time constraints the man must be under. "I won't take long. In this case, I'm just the messenger."

Ivory smiles and turns to allow Ms. Strauss to step before him, as he leads (from behind) the way to his office. Which is only a couple of steps away. But still. It's always better to do the Ladies First angle. Within the minute time it takes to step over to the office, Ivory reaches out to push open the door and usher Tracy in. "It will be my pleasure to receive this message. Which, I certainly hope, is good news." Ivory has no idea what this could possibly mean for him, but he's at least going to listen with all ears. Or a couple of them, anyway.

Tracy quickly saunters into the office, giving it a critical, swooping glance. It meets her approval. She steps in further, turning about to face Ivory — her eyes lock on him. "Your position alongside the President in this new operation of yours is almost unprecedented," she says fearlessly, but not unpleasantly; smile in place. Charming, but absolutely business-like. However, it starts to fade as Tracy gets bolder and more to the point. "Now… The Governor's used to being executive. He wants in on this project. It's not like the White House to keep him in the dark." She moistens red lips and takes a step closer to clarify more personally. "I guess what I'm getting at is, Senator… he'd like to sit down with you and see where we are."

"Well." Ivory lets that hang in the air, even as she takes that step closer. It's with a smile that he moves to step around her and slides himself off towards his desk. And his chair, where he seems to be the one that's in control. At least, from a territorial point of view. It's quite the long pause, though it doesn't look like he's actually trying to actively stall. He's more just, well, getting comfortable. Hands are placed in front of him and he just rests them on the desk. "There's a problem with that. The President and I are, shall we say, hesitant to share our intel with just anyone. In fact, it's just something we aren't going to do." He even attempts to shrug helplessly, but it more just seems like he's amused. "But. I will say this. Those that work in my office, directly under my supervision, will be privy to information and privileges that no other office will ever see." Cue the Ivory Wynn Grin.

At first, when Ivory goes to his desk, Tracy doesn't move. The look on her face is one of appal, but not one to give up so quickly (read: ever), she turns around with renewed determination and steps up to the edge of the Senator's desk by the time he's stopped stalling. And boy, he delivers after that silence. As she eyes Ivory, with the tiniest glimmer of uncertainty, Tracy starts to smile slyly: a combination that makes her look suspicious. And intrigued. "What exactly are you saying, Senator Wynn? Just what are you offering here?"

"You misunderstand me, Ms. Strauss. I don't 'offer'." Ivory quips, almost before she can finish getting her question out. It's almost as if he was reading her mind and knew that question was going to be headed in his direction. Oh the things Ivory must do in order to continue being Impressive. His hands come up, letting his arms rest on the arms of his chair. Fingers are finding themselves steepled in front of him, almost as if he's some sort of diabolical mastermind. Peering over the tips of that finger steeple, he simply eyes Tracy for a long moment, before the bomb is dropped. "You work for me now. Whatever you did for Robbie? Well, that's old news. Much like he is." Ivory grins. He's always wanted to stick it to that man. "You want to be where the action is. I can see it in your eyes. I'm the action." Oh, and he's so modest. "Take a seat. We'll give ol' Robbie a call and tell him to find a new advisor."

With a soft, dismayed 'hah!' under her breath, Tracy lifts her brows, staring with reserved surprise at Ivory. He's not wrong, but she's gaping at his audacity as though insulted he could make such a bold assumption. And yet…

She sits down.

A smile pulling at one side of her lips, this time pleased, amused, Tracy sets down her attache bag and slowly folds one long leg over the other. The order by Ivory is a tempting one, an apple on a string she's being told to bite. Normally, she'd think it over… but the decision has already been made. "Okay, I'll bite, Senator, but let's get one thing straight." Tracy leans in an inch or two. "No one tells me what to do."

"I wouldn't dream of it." Ivory lies, even though it sounds like nothing but the truth, even as he leans in his own inch or two. "I'm merely giving you the opportunity to place yourself in a better position. Should you ever feel that you are being taken advantage of or compromised in any way that you don't want to be, you will be free to walk away." Whether that is true or not, will remain to be seen. And considering from the slightly raised eyebrow, it's probably less true than he would like to believe. "I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. I sit in meetings, all day long, with old, boring, men who don't have an interesting thing to say to save their lives. You are, essentially, being hired as eye candy." Ivory sits back in his chair, satisfied with his brutal honesty. "Whenever I need to be…. advised? Well, you come running. In turn, you'll get to know anything and everything you want to know about the program the President and I are working on. Information that, while classified, I couldn't possibly keep from my political advisor, now could I?" Wait. Just what kind of twisted proposal is this?

There are two very conflicting aspects to the words coming out of Ivory's mouth, One, information about, arguably, the most important and up-and-coming act going on in the US government at present. An in. Tempting. Two, everything else. She is very good at reading between the lines. Not even the charming Senator Ivory Wynn can make such suggestions to Tracy Strauss. Suddenly, the advisor's features are as cold as ice. No more smiles for Ivory. "I don't know what game you're playing here, Senator." She shoves up to her feet and grabbing her attache as if ready to stomp the hell out of this office. "I haven't worked my ass off in Washington and been a political consultant— " Tracy laughs with a self-possessed scoff. " —a good one, by the way, for years, just to be eye-candy to some bored politician. If I were to work for you?" Which, by her change in tone, sounds awfully unlikely. "It would be because I am more than capable of doing the job." She abruptly turns, striding toward the door. "Expect a call from the Governor himself."

Ivory would frown if he actually cared. But that's just one less thing he's going to have to worry about for the moment. After all, there's the fact that he's managed to dodge the bullet. Not to mention, well, he was trying to see something. And now he's managed to see it. "It's a shame to see you go, Ms. Strauss. I was hoping we could make a great team." Ivory mentions as he stands up, still standing behind his desk. "I've seen your work. I know you're more than capable of handling all of my needs." Wow. Innuendo city. "But my colleagues don't know that. They can't know that. Which is why I said what I did." Amazing. Ivory can backpedal and make it seem like he's not even doing such a thing. Oh, Politicians. The words are just flowing from his lips as if they were going to come out this way in the first place. "I have no intentions of downplaying your talents. If I offended you, I apologize. It's just that if I want to keep you as an ace up my sleeve, a certain image must be upheld. Lest someone try to do to me what I'm doing to your former boss." Ivory's still operating on the platform of Governor Robbie's out! Huh!

Once more, Tracy stops. a perfectly poised figure in front of the office door. Once. No more. Last time. This is it. "You know what, you are a piece of work." An expert at cutting through — and using — political BS, it seems like she's onto Ivory's backpedalling. She is, certainly, using that sharp mind of hers to figure out which parts are truth. She turns around. There's just something about this guy… "Tell you what. I'll be here at your office first thing in the morning. If it works out, we're a team. If it doesn't? You find another ace for your sleeve and I get the Governor to forget about being excluded from your little project." So she says.

"I suppose I'll have to take what I can get." Ivory remarks, not really wanting to keep pressing this woman's buttons. At least, though, he's seeing that she has some skill with handling herself and not just being bullied into things. Not to mention some sense of loyalty. Since the Governor keeps being mentioned. Finally, though, Ivory steps from around the desk and makes it a point to bring himself off into the direction of where Tracy is. Invasion of personal space is imminent. "I just need you to remember one thing, Ms. Strauss." And, almost as if he's been playing up to this the whole time, he reaches out with a finger to see if he can't brush it across her cheek. "I don't want the governor." He's addicted to women. Go fig. "I want you." Snap.

The touch to her skin actually manages to soften this K-Street Ice Queen's face. Unexpected, that's all. Tracy looks from the Senator's hand up to his face, which she studies, always trying to figure out his motives. She'll figure it out. She always does. In the meantime, she's getting a closer than strictly professional. A hell of a lot closer.

Just when Tracy starts to stare at Ivory a little too long, too lingering, and be a little too quiet, she touches his hand … only to grab it, pry it away firmly away from her and step back, sure-voiced as ever. "Don't work too hard, Senator. Leave that to me tomorrow."

Tracy Strauss, out.

Ivory watches as Tracy leaves, his hand still slightly in the air, even as the door closes behind her. He smiles a bit, quite proud of the way he handled himself… not to mention he managed to box the governor out of his playground with his own minion. Definitely something to be proud of. The sound of his phone ringing, though, is what pulls him out of his little self-happiness. He strides back over to the desk and leans against it, flipping out his Blackberry and answers. "Wynn." His face immediately starts to fall as he listens. The smile that was on his features is no longer there. "… Hold him. Separate him." Ivory glares. "I'm on my way."

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