2007-05-29: You Don't Strike Me As The Shakespeare Type


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Summary: Callista, while book shopping, meets up with Jonathan and Sakura. Ryan also comes looking for a book. Desmond signs an autograph and flees the scene.

Date It Happened: May 29th, 2007

You Don't Strike Me As The Shakespeare Type

Somewhere in NYC - Random Book Store

It's an ordinary day in an ordinary Border-esque bookstore. People are browsing books, some are sitting in the Starbucks attached to the bookstore, and the fresh scent of books fills the air. Everything seems to be ordinary, with nothing more than ordinary going on!
Callista Barrington happens to be in the new releases section of the bookstore. Browsing through the books, there's already quite a stack on the table next to her. She occasionally picks up a book, studies it critically before she decides to add it to the stack or put it back.

Dressed in her typical school-esque uniform, Sakura takes a seat in one of the provided seats to read a book. Unlike most, though, it's not a novel or anything the young woman has in her hands; no, for those paying attention, it looks like a tutorial book about some kind of martial arts competition. The girl folds her legs underneath her, flipping through the pages curiously.

No, nothing out of the ordinary at all! Until there's a squeal somewhere in Fiction that shatters the usual tranquility of the average bookstore. It's followed by a very excited voice gibbering something about "Desmond Cusick" and "biggest fan" and "oh my God". Someone's been caught. But he's taking it in good humor. As long as the woman keeps her voice down and doesn't draw attention (or anymore attention than has already been accrued), he's more than happy to sign an autograph — on a copy of the Phantom of the Opera hastily pulled out of the shelf with the intent to purchase it immediately. Ah. The actor maintains his usual charmed smile as he speaks quietly to the giddy fan, withdrawing a pen from the inner pocket of his suit jacket in order to place his John Hancock.

Having talked to Callista before, Jonathan walks into the bookstore wearing some simple khakis and a t-shirt that has a Legend of Zelda meme on it. He looks around for Callista briefly, perusing through some of the books showing in the computers and electronics sections before he finally comes upon her. "Hey.", he says with a smile as he comes up. "Funny meeting a girl like you in a place like this. If I didn't know better, I'd say you might have invited me or something."

Ryan comes walking into the bookstore wearing his usual casual-prep clothing style, accesorized with a Halo 3 messenger bag and a red Stanford 'S' baseball cap. He starts browsing through the New Releases section, not seeming to find anything that grabs his attention. When the hubbub about Desmond reaches him, he looks over, but goes back to his browsing after not really recognizing the man.

Callista doesn't seem to take too much notice of Desmond. Mostly, because although the name rings a bell, the woman is much more at ease with books than people. Not to mention people who might even have some tiny bit of fame or charm. Putting another book on her large stack, she actually smiles a little as Jonathan walks up, placing a hand on her hip. "I guess New York really is smaller than they say. After all, this is an /amazing/ coincidence!" She teases her gaze shifting back to her pile of books.

Jonathan smiles and takes a quick eye to the collection of books that Callista has stacked up. "That's quite the pick, you reading all of those for work or fun?", he asks, grabbing the first one off of the top of the stack and turning to see what the title is.

Looking up when she hears a voice she recognizes, Sakura looks around briefly, clicking her tongue—to the annoyance of one of the folks reading near her. Closing her book for the moment, she gets up and starts to pad around the store, glancing side to side curiously.

Once he's finished signing the book, Desmond manages to extricate himself from the fan and high-tails it out of the store, not wanting to run the risk of /more/ of that sort hanging around in the shadows.

Ryan continues his browsing near Calista and Johnathan. He's not eavesdropping, just looking through the books, lost in his own little search.

"A little of both." Callista replies, glancing at her stack of books. Indeed, the book Jonathan's picked up seems to be a reprinted version of Shakespeare's Sonnets. "I.. do a lot of reading. Guess you could say that's a hobby of mine."

Turning a corner in the book store, Sakura cracks a little smile as she spots Callista. She doesn't interrupt the conversation already going on for the girl, but she certainly lingers around, just in case Callista looks over. Her perusing the manual, however, is foresaken.

Jonathan sets the book back down on the stack and turns back to meet her gaze. "An interesting pick… how does it go? Ah yes… 'When in disgrace with fortune and mens eyes, I all alone beweep my outcast state. And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries, and look upon myself, and curse my fate…' or something to that effect.", he says. "I took a History of Literature course during my time in school. Shakespeare was an easier read than some of the others I had to choose from. Is your computer giving you any more trouble?"

Ryan sees a book he's interested in right next to Calista and Jonathan. "Umm….excuse me…Can I just get that?" He points at the book in question: a re-release of Richard Dawkin's 'The Blind Watchmaker'. Currently hot again because of his profile in the debate over evolution vs. creationism.

"That's a beautiful one. The image of a prison of dispair followed by an escape full of beauty and the wonder of love… I particularly liked it." Callista smiles, glancing to him once more. "You didn't really strike me as the Shakespeare type, but I could be wrong. You might be a bit of a love-struck romantic at heart if you remember that one." Her attention is torn, however, as Ryan indicates the nearby book, and Calli leans in to fetch it for him, handing it over.
"Personally, I preferred 'The Selfish Gene', myself, though he does a good job of refuting the criticisms presented to him for that book in this one. Though I could just be biased simply because Richard Dawkins is the one who coined the term 'meme'." Her entire tone is smooth, remarking on the book almost casually before her gaze shifts again and she spots Sakura. "Ah, Sakura! Mata o-ai dekite ureshii desu." Although the pronounciation isn't perfect, there's no pause in her tone. She clearly knows what she's saying.

Sakura smiles at the greeting, offering a modest bow to Callista. She smiles, noticing the books in Callista's hands, the girl grins, "Nani desu ka?" The girl grins a little bit, glancing to the others around as she realizes, yeah, the whole fluent Japanese thing? Probably confusing…

Jonathan turns and steps politely out of the way when Ryan comes over. "I won't lie.", he says with a smile. "The Sonnets not only made for a simple paper for the class, but I did have the chance to use it to charm a couple of coeds at Berkeley before I graduated and moved here to pursue the dream.", he says, watching the exchange between Callista and Ryan, his eyes widening a bit as she calls out to Sakura in Japanese. He remains quiet for a minute and watches.

Ryan blinks as he gets handed the book by a woman that seems to know a bit about genetics. "It's a good treatise on genetics, although I skip over the philosophical parts. I don't really agree with his concept of DNA being the 'true' organism and that the macrocellular level of life are just 'transmission vectors. Are you a genetics student too?"

Callista smiles to Sakura, grinning conspiratorily at her. She glances to Jonathan, then looks to Sakura. "Suki desu ka?" She asks, turning her gaze towards Jonathan as if to indicate him before grinning at Sakura. "It's pretty easy to use poetry to charm women. I've found that most of the time there's so little romance in the world that we'll all accept a little from those who've already stolen it from someone great." She teases before her gaze goes back to Ryan. "Genetics? Oh, no, not at all. I simply have a curiosity in it, really. Kind of an interesting topic. But yeah, I suppose it does have a lot of philosophy in it. Personally I think most books on the topic don't even begin to breach the complexity of genetics. I've read a few things on it, but I tend to just default back to the poetic look on the building blocks of life." She grins. "Guess that's kind of giving away what my major is. Well, one of them."

"Romance is what we make of it, Miss Barrington.", Jonathan says quickly before moving to greet Ryan. "How's it going, man? I like the Halo 3 bag. Not often I see someone of obviously above average intelligence who enjoys games such as that. My name is Jonathan."
Ryan chuckles and nods to Jonathan. "I'm Ryan. Nice to meet you. And yeah, I picked up the whole shebang on the release date: game, new 360, assorted gear. Although I was kinda disapointed with how short the single-player campaign was." He looks at Calista, "So you're a student too? Columbia or NYU? I'm transferring to NYU this fall. Pre-med."

"Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments." Callista remarks, glancing from Jonathan back to Ryan. "NYU. I'm graduating next year." She grins sheepishly. "Triple major."

Sakura grins and offers a little shrug to Callista, taking the moment to browse her stack of books. She grins a little bit, opting to just hold her's at her side and allow her friend to converse…ya know…in English. As opposed to catering to the minority and speaking in Japanese.

"Well, it seems that you're quite the popular one this evening.", Jonathan says with a smile. "I think I'm going to bow out of this for the moment. I'm going to go peruse those shelves over there.", he continues, pausing to point off in another direction. "If you'd like to do something sometime, please give me a call. You have my number. I'm not doing much later tonight.", he says before offering a smile to everyone and heading off.

Ryan gives a "Nice to meet you." to Jonathan as he walks off. He looks back at Calista and smiles a bit sheepishly. "Sorry, didn't mean to butt in and drive your friend off. I'm just…kinda enthusiastic about genetics. I guess you have to be to have it as your major, huh?"

Callista watches Jonathan walk off before she looks back to Sakura and Ryan. "Oh, I'm sure you didn't scare him off. But yeah, genetics can be a fun topic. A lot of interesting research out there now."

The mention of genetics has Sakura thinking—not in the "what's the best way I can prove I know what I'm talking about" way, though. The girl's clearly just listening. But…at the same time, she does look to have something on her mind…

Ryan nods. "Yeah. I just started getting serious. That's why I'm looking at some of the 'classics', so to speak." He chuckles and smiles at that. "So, triple major, huh? From what you said earlier, English is one of them. And I'd guess the other two…..History? And Liberal Arts?"

"English, History, and Psychology." Callista grins. "I haven't entirely decided if I'm going to go to graduate school yet or not, though I'm quite tempted." She glances to Sakura, noting her expression, but she doesn't say anything about it for the time being.

Sakura shakes her head a little bit, clicking her tongue and musing (in English!), "How can you…major in THREE things…?" The girl's amazed by the notion in general, let alone that it's things she can't imagine majoring in anyway. "I…could barely imagine doing one…"

Ryan nods and smiles at Calista's response. "Well, like the song says, two out of three ain't bad. Are you taking any bio or psychology courses this semester? Maybe I'll see you in one of them." He takes a look at Sakura as she speaks up and chuckles. "Wow….you really do have a lot of friends following you around. Or some crazy co-incidence thing going on."

That causes Callista to blush, actually, then smiles at the idea. "It's not so hard. I read a lot, so reading's a breeze.. it's the paper-writing that kills me." She nods to Ryan. "Yeah, I'm taking some psych. But no, I'm usually not surrounded by so many people. Coincidence, I guess."

Sakura shrugs a little bit, "I guess…" She rocks back on her heels a little bit, smiling lightly and realizing how dopey she looks, holding a martial arts book while talking about school…

Ryan smiles at Calista's response. "Well, coincidences like that tend to pay off well in Atlantic City." He holds up the book and gives Calista a small salute with it. "Anyways, I should probably grab this and get going for the night. It was nice to meet you and I hope to see you around the campus. Oh, And my name's Ryan, by the way."

"Right. Well, it was nice to meet you, Ryan. I'm Cali." Callista glances to Sakura. "Martial arts?" She questions, glancing at the book. "Interested in that?"

Sakura grins a little bit, brushing the hair out of her face momentarily, "I, umm…" She takes a second to remember what it is she's trying to say, "I'm…hoping to open my own school soon." Grinning a little, the girl thinks momentarily, "I've…studied a few arts…and I'm, umm…hoping to start fighting soon."

Ryan nods to Cali and heads off into line to buy his book.

"Really?" Callista suddenly looks more interested. "I'm horrible at that kind of thing." She laughs. "I can triple major but I can't do anything like that for the life of me."

Sakura grins softly, nodding, "I, umm…" She stops again, thinking, "I'm…a black belt in karate…a brown belt in judo and a blue belt in jiu-jitsu." She shrugs softly, as tohugh it were no big deal.

"And you said three majors was incredible!" Callista laughs. "I really envy you. I can't do anything like that, though." She pauses for a moment as her cellphone vibrates, and she reaches into her bag, frowning at a text message. "Gotta go." She looks up. "It really was nice seeing you again, Sakura. You'll have to show me some of your moves sometime!" With that, she tucks her cellphone back away, wandering off.

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