2007-11-01: You Had A Dream


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Summary: Three Evolved people meet and discuss something else which links them.

Date It Happened: November 1st, 2007

You Had A Dream

The Secret Lair, East Village, Manhattan, NYC

It's a Saturday afternoon, one when she isn't terribly busy. But she is restless and concern for friends in trouble remains, along with need to handle a few details of a legal nature. Jane's been out on the streets of New York, wandering around from place to place, for most of the day. Her guitar case and backpack are over opposite shoulders, the instrument's been used to play three times already when she found herself at a suitable location and the mood struck. Money collected from doing so, which she doesn't really need, was taken to various charitable organizations and given away.

As three o' clock arrives, she finds herself in the East Village between the bookstore owned by Cass and the place which sells comics. Her feet continue the path, and within moments she's opening the door. The five foot eight inch brunette, her hair in a ponytail, steps inside.
Cam has arrived.

Saturday afternoons tend to be busy in the Lair, but this one's the day after Halloween, so it's probably the exception to the rule. All the kids are home sleeping off sugar crash. As such, Kory's sitting behind the counter reading Proven Guilty. She looks up as the door opens. "Hi there, welcome, and come on in. Give a shout if you need anything." she lifts a hand in greeting, then extends it to encompass a sweeping gesture of the store.

It's a face she hasn't seen before when she'd come here. Jane's dealt with Nima and met Lee, as well as a few of the others who floated around from time to time. She begins crossing to the counter, the sound of two inch heeled brown boots tapping on the floor going along with her. Her clothing is a Metallica t-shirt under a light jacket and dark jeans. "I'm all good," she replies with a reserved smile, "just here to look over some Black Canary titles." If looked at, she may be found familiar.

"Okay, then," Kory nods politely. "Sing out if you need anything." The line is delivered completely sincere; there's no pun involved. "Birds of Prey is also pretty good if you like Black Canary." She tucks a curl behind her hair and sets her book down, in case the woman should want to engage her in conversation.

Cam comes in the door just as Jane's crossing the room, pushing the door open with his one hand. He looks around once inside, and on seeing Kory gives a quick wave, smiling. Though, seeing she's with a customer, he just walks further in.

She stands there for just a moment longer, this woman who'd been in the mass dream. The one who got sliced up on the street and died. Nothing more is said, Jane just nods and turns to wander among the shelves where she starts looking over the titles she claimed to be here for. Her head turns briefly when the door opens again and the boy arrives, but her attention doesn't stay on him long.

It takes Kory a minute or two, mainly because it's in the light of day, on a sunny afternoon, and she didn't actually talk to Jane. But then her eyes widen, and her already light skin pales. She bites her lower lip, thoughtfully, attention snapping to the other woman. "…uh…" she doesn't quite manage more than that.

Cam blinks, looking to Kory's expression as he makes his way over to the counter. "What's wrong?" He looks towards the stranger and then back up to Kory, looking a little worried and confused.

She has no clue of this taking place, having turned the corner and started to explore a section of shelves. Jane's fingers reach for an edition of the title mentioned when she arrived and pick it up. In silence she starts to read some of it. While doing so, she also remembers to tend something left hanging for too long. Her hand goes to the iPhone carried on her hip. The earbuds are put in place, contacts are accessed, and a call is made.

Kory startles at Cam's voice, and looks down at him. "Remember our conversation about our special talents?" she asks the boy, leaning down and dropping her voice to a whisper. "Saw her …kinda…" She trails off, lacking the language to explain it such that it'd make sense to a kid who's almost 13, and not sound crazy to anyone else in earshot.

Cam blinks at that, "Really? What'd she…" Then he pauses, and asks, "Kinda?" He looks towards Jane, and then back up to Kory again, leaning a little against the counter.

With her back to Kory and Cam, as she stands near the Black Canary titles, Jane waits for the call to be answered on the other end. She continues reading through the comic she's holding, and is entirely unaware the boy and woman are talking about her.

"Hello Janey," Kitty says in a slightly breathless voice. "I'm so glad to hear from you!" The young woman sounds very happy to hear from her friend.

"It's like this," Kory makes the attempt again. "About a month ago, I got into a dream…with a whole bunch of people. It was…" She clenches her teeth, and takes a deep breath through them. "It was a precog dream." She leaves that word unexplained; Cam's a comic book reader. He'll know the word, she trusts. "And in it, a lot of people got killed. By the acid hands person. And the slashing-without-knives person." Kory's eyes track over to Jane. "Including this lady here." She wraps an arm around Cam, but doesn't say more; perhaps the sudden protectiveness indicates who else might've died in that dream.

Cam does, indeed, know that word. His eyes widen a little and he says softly, "That's the dream you said Niki was in?" He looks towards the woman being discussed, then back up to Kory as the arm goes around him. "Was…"

"Cat," she replies, when the voice comes from the other end. Her own is subdued, the tone kept quiet to avoid disturbing others in the store. "I'm good. I… I didn't behave very well last time we spoke. I want to apologize for that." Jane sets down the Black Canary title and takes up another to page through briefly while speaking.

"Yeah," Kory tells Cam, voice still pitched low. "I promised myself I'd keep most of this out of the store because of Lee, but I've been trying to figure out how to stop it from coming true. And I still…don't…know…how…" these last four words are dragged out from between her teeth on a frustrated breath. She rubs at her eyes, and then forces her hands down to the counter.

"It's alright hun. I did tell you that you would die, so it's understandable," she says gently, and then her voice gets excited. "But the villains are put behind bars so that you don't have to worry!" Kitty says into the phone.

Cam blinks, and says, "But I didn't die. My shoulder just got burnt. I'm fine, really. Micah got out safe too, and Niki." He grins, and says, "We're all fine." He glances to the woman on the phone again curiously.

"I heard," Jane replies in that same muted voice. "One of the people I didn't know you'd met called and told me. Sometimes people I'd hoped to eventually introduce find each other anyway." She takes a pause and a slow breath before going on with her back remaining toward the two at the counter. "I went traveling to do and see some things I'd wanted to. We should meet sometime soon. Anyway, I was wondering… Can you tell me who had the dream?"

"The stuff that happened in the dream didn't happen yet," Kory tells Cam, voice soft. "So it could still happen. That's why this has me so nervous." She hasn't picked up on what Jane's saying, because, well, she's preoccupied and trying not to panic. "Peter told me he was going to try to stop it. I …I should say something." She steps out from behind the counter, moving quietly but decisively.

Cam blinks again, "It hasn't?" He then bites his lip and watches as Kory moves over towards the woman, following after a few steps. Hanging back, but wanting to see. He doesn't seem too scared, despite just being told what Kory saw. Of course, in the comics, whenever bad things are seen by precogs, they're usually stopped.

Not asking who told her, "I'm glad you had a chance to clear your thoughts." Silence as Kitty thinks, "I don't know the woman really, she has curly hair and I think her name is Kory?" Kitty says into the phone.

Her voice hasn't been that loud, it's at least hoped nothing she says carries to the others here. Some topics she's careful about being heard discussing. Evolved Dreams are one of them. She nods in response to what's heard through the phone, and seems about to repeat the name, as she turns around to find herself being approached by woman and boy. Jane's eyebrows raise, and she offers in that same quiet voice "Can you hold on a moment, Cat?" She places her hand around the microphone in the earbud cord to block out voices and speaks to Kory. "I'm sorry. Was I disturbing things, talking on the phone, Miss?"

"No, it's not that, miss," Kory says, quietly. "Please, don't let me interrupt your call; it can wait a moment or two." Well, theoretically, it can. Kory's looking just the faintest bit green around the gills.

Cam looks up to Kory a moment, then makes his way to one of the nearby comic racks quietly. Where he can listen without being too obvious about it. And where he can glance through some new comics at the same time.

"Oh," Jane answers when she's informed talking on the phone isn't a problem, then she looks at the Black Canary title in her hand and the one she already leafed through, offering a mildly sheepish smile. "I'm not just here to read and dash without paying. I'm going to buy both of these and maybe more." As proof of this intent, she picks up the other title and pulls her debit card from a jacket pocket to hand over along with both magazines. She's still got fingers wrapped around the microphone to block out voices while speaking with Kory.

"It's not that, either," Kory assures her, mustering a wan smile. "But you finish your call, and come talk to me at the counter when you're done, if you wouldn't mind?"

"Cat, sorry to do this," Jane says as her hand comes off the earbud cord, "the lady at the store I'm in needs to talk with me. I'll ring up again soon and we can meet, okay?" Her finger taps the button and ends the call, while she heads for the counter with both titles and debit card in one hand, the other hand pulling the earbuds out. She's puzzled, it shows on her face. "Is something wrong, Miss?"

"Not precisely wrong," Kory says, with a pained expression. "And the aim is to keep it that way. Are you aware of what happened a couple weeks back? In Central Park? The murder of the magician?" She clasps her hands in front of her, decides that looks too demure, and puts her hands behind her back instead.
Cam picks up a new Spider-man comic and flips it open, though as he hears the words he glances back up towards them, just for a moment though. He flips the page of the comic.

"I read about it," Jane replies, her voice even. The wheels of her mind start to turn. This person is asking her about a murder. What's going on here? The curliness of Kory's hair doesn't yet trigger anything, that could fit thousands of women here in New York City. Cam is unnoticed, her full attention is upon the storekeeper.
Kory closes her eyes for a long moment, then glances around the store once more to make sure the place hasn't abruptly filled up again, before looking earnestly into Jane's face. "Here's the thing. The person who committed the murder is …well, a serial killer is a bit too strict a definition. She just likes hurting people. Her and her friend. And …and. I'm sorry. This is going to sound crazy, but I promise you I'm not." She keeps her gaze steady on Jane as she concludes, "She's going to come after you at some point in the future, except there are people trying to prevent that."

Cam blinks at how straightforward Kory is, glancing up. He puts the comic he was flipping through back in the sleeve and makes his way just a little closer.

The reaction may well surprise the shopkeeper. Jane doesn't freak out. There's not even a trace of disbelief in her face and eyes. The slightly shorter woman is studied for a long moment as she speaks by the twenty-something brunette of five feet eight inches with her hair in a ponytail, backpack over one shoulder and guitar case over the other. It's then the hair on Kory's head is attached to the phone conversation she just had.

This is sensitive information, also; one must be careful who's around to possibly hear such things, so Jane scans the store slowly as Cam approaches. When she looks back to the woman there's the unspoken question of whether or not she intends to speak in front of the young one.

Kory raises a brow first at the fact that Jane seems to have taken this explanation without any extreme reaction. The relief on her face is obvious. But it takes another second for her to realize that Jane's asking, without words, if Cam's safe to have the conversation in front of. "This is Cam," she explains, by way of answering the question, and beckoning the kid over. "He's also involved with this mess." She moves over toward the comfy chairs reading area. "Let's have a seat. The acoustics here are good enough our conversation won't carry, and I can explain in greater detail."

Cam, as he's introduced, gives a small wave with a smile, "Hi." He then nods quickly and moves to follow after Kory, still holding the comic he was looking at in one hand.

"Cam," the woman repeats in a quiet voice, and her head shakes. Taking along the two Black Canary comics and her debit card, Jane makes her way to the seating area. She sets down the backpack and guitar case before settling into a chair of some description. Her jeaned legs cross at the ankles, the cuffs displaying a bit more of the two-inch heeled brown boots, and she waits to be joined. Her demeanor shifts, also; it's as if she switched gears, put on a mask, or adopted a stage persona. She now has the bearing of an attorney or other educated professional.

Kory gives the other woman a long, measured look as she seems to have visibly shifted to a different persona. This seems to cause the shopkeeper to change her own mien just a little. The nervousness gets pushed back, as she picks a seat across from Jane, leaving room for Cam to sit beside her on either side of her. "I don't know why she chose you. Or any of the victims. There never did seem to be any rhyme or reason. And the Magma thing hasn't made it any clearer," she confesses to the musican-with-professional-bearing.

Cam does sit beside Kory, and then says, "Yeah, when she attacked the park don't think she was aiming at anybody, just whoever got in front of her. She burnt up my shoulder and don't think she even looked at me… but I don't remember very good," he adds.

"You had a dream," Jane states quietly, "in which I had a cameo role. This dream was also perceived by other people present. I hope you'll understand if I seem different now. Some topics have a way of making me focus and call on skills I don't normally use. I'm an Yale educated lawyer," she explains, "who abhors and avoids the corporate life. Music is much more enjoyable." A quietly rueful smile appears as she glances over at Cam, remarking "Unfortunate you have to know or see any of this, that you couldn't just enjoy being the age you are in safety." It troubles her, visibly, that he's been pulled into such happenings. His comment about not remembering well causes a scowl to form. She, one might guess, is no stranger to absence of memory. But the question of whether or not his memories were edited remains unasked. "Can you tell me about your dream, as much as you can remember?"

"It wasn't my dream," Kory explains. "It was a …well, a multiple person shared dream experience. I'd never been able to enter multiple sleepers' dreamstates before." Though there's something in her tone and face that indicates she hasn't successfully duplicated the experience again either. "The fact that one of the dreamers is precognitive is a significant factor. I can give you more details, but not now. I'd need some time to hit my journal, reacquaint with the details." Understandably, perhaps, she might have blocked out the more horrific details.

Cam, at the scowl, says a little defensively, "My arm was bein' burnt, people were screaming, I kinda was freaking out." He bites his lip again as Kory goes into the explanation, quieting quickly to let her talk.

"That's understandable," Jane answers. Her rigidity is easing off a bit now, she's more like she was when arriving now, but still focused and businesslike in listening to what's said. "And you are at work, the store has to be your priority now, I wouldn't ask you to risk being fired to share such stories." Not to mention telling much of them in front of Cam. Her eyes drift over to him, and she softens further. "I'm told the people involved have been captured and locked away. You don't have to worry about them anymore." Her expression is one she hopes will ease Cam's mind. Her eyes are on him for a few seconds longer, then they turn back to Kory. "I'm Jane Forrest," she shares, "I live in Greenwich Village, at the High Rise apartment building. Number 108. You can call me at 283-2260 when you're free. Please do."

"Thank you," Kory says, pulling out her own cellphone and comitting Jane's number to the phone's memory. "Not so much I care about getting fired, but the owner's brother is really sensitive to matters like this. And his peace of mind is important to me." She does look up at Jane. "That they've been captured doesn't necessarily mean that we've averted the events I saw in the shared dream." She rises and offers the woman a handshake. "But let's try to look at this optimistically. If they could be captured, they could be contained."

She stands then and, after shaking Kory's hand once, shoulders her gear. "I look forward to meeting with you and talking about this further. Thank you for opening up. I can't say how much it's appreciated." A slight smile is flashed toward Kory, and she turns toward Cam. "When you discover girls, Cam, if you haven't already, remember this: we don't like having our bra straps pulled and let go. Flowers work much better." Because to her such things should be the height of his worries.

Jane takes care of paying for the two Black Canary editions and departs.

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