2009-12-13: You Old Cow



Guest Starring Mary Harding (Sydney's grandmother)

Date: December 13, 2009


It's what Hallis would have called her if she wasn't so polite.

"You Old Cow"

Hallis' Apartment

Hallis has recently arrived home after spending the night at the hospital worrying over Sydney. The medical staff strongly suggested to the young woman that she go home and get some rest. They would call her if there was any change to her condition. Reluctantly, Hallis went back to her apartment and promptly took a much needed shower. Andra and Zorro were out again, probably taking a walk somewhere and getting food that hadn't been prepared by the hand of the little blonde. They'd been the unfortunate victims of too many experiments lately and needed the break. Before setting her head to the pillow, Hallis towel dried her hair and scrolled through the contacts in Sydney's phone once again. Even if Sydney had an argument with them just a little while ago, her grandparents were her family, and in Hallis' mind, they needed to feel a little bit guilty about what they did to her. So with the noblest of intentions the furthest thing from her mind, Hallis pressed the call button and let the phone ring.

Over in California the Harding's phone rings loudly. "Dwight dear, can you get that?" Mary's voice calls from the kitchen as she pads around in search of the phone. With a frown she sighs after she turns off the stove — she's making hot cocoa for her husband. Finally she enters the living room and glances at the phone to see who's calling. With a wide smirk like a cat that caught the canary, Mary clicks on, "Hello Sydney dear? Calling to apologize?"

"No, this is Sydney's friend Hallis." Comes the voice on the other end of the line. It's strained and Hallis is trying to control every urge she has to spit obscenities at the old woman, the only thing that stops it is that the young woman is staring at a picture of her own very beloved grandmother. Grandmother Lizette would expect Hallis to be polite and courteous. "I was calling to tell you that Bryce tried to murder her yesterday. She's in critical condition in the hospital."

There are a few beats as Mary frowns. "Bryce is such a good boy…" Her tone is concerned. "Is Sydney going to be alright, then? She's so prone to accident… always getting bumps and bruises…" With a sigh she shakes her head. "Goodness she always takes risks."

"Bryce is not a good boy. He tried to murder your granddaughter." Hallis pauses, looking hard at the picture of her grandmother and trying to reign in her temper. Lizette's polite smiling face is looking back at her, urging her to be kind to the old woman on the other end of the phone. "We don't know if she's going to be alright. The doctors managed to save her, but whether she wakes up or not…" Her voice drifts off. She doesn't need to explain too much to the woman. Just enough to try to make her see the light.

"Bryce wouldn't do that," Mary objects blandly as she shakes her head. "Sydney Elizabeth Falkland has always been a drama queen. Have you seen her closet? She has so many costumes… I'm sure she's just exaggerating the situation…"

"Well if you want to make the trip to his trial, I'm sure you'll be a wonderful character witness." Hallis remarks quite sarcastically. The gloves are off now and Hallis is certain Lizette would have verbally slapped the daft woman on the other end of the phone. It's one thing Hallis could always count on, Lizette knew exactly what to do, all the time. She was a wonderful role model. "The contents of Sydney's closet or the costumes are more testament to what sort of role models her family provided. If you were worth looking up to, maybe she wouldn't need to dress up like a super hero to feel validated."

"Sydney has always wanted to do her own thing and never could accept reality for what it is. I'm sure that Bryce was a perfect gentleman; he always has been," Mary impatiently drums her fingers on the table. "Sydney has always had a flair for the dramatic regardless of us. We live in reality…" Pause. "What hospital is she staying at? We'll send flowers and maybe Dwight will consider paying a visit…"

"Sydney can't have flowers, she's in the ICU ward. Obviously you haven't been listening to a thing I've been saying. Bryce is staying in the New York city's finest jail, but you'll likely be hearing from him if he ever makes bail." Hallis takes a deep breath at this point, needing all the courage she can muster for her next spit of venom. "I will have a card sent from you, I would appreciate it if you kept out of her life from now on. Should you decide to give your granddaughter the support she needs and deserves from you, you can contact me and I will tell you how to contact her. Until I'm sure you're not going to send Bryce to kill her again, I'll be her keeper."

"We didn't send Bryce to kill her… Bryce has been holding out a flame for my granddaughter for a long time. When she fell down those stairs five years ago and decided Bryce was responsible -" Mary defends the abuser further " -we knew she was just confused. She falls down the stairs all of the time, and concussions are so common…"

"Now I know where she gets it from. Before she collapsed she didn't think he was responsible either." Hallis murmurs, feeling quite tired of the old woman's excuses… Sydney's too. While it's true that Hallis has spent her whole life being a victim, at least she was blaming other people for her faults instead of claiming all of their faults as her own. "As I said before. If you decide to support your granddaughter instead of sending killers after her, I will be prepared to discuss her with you. Until then, you will remain in blissful ignorance of her condition. Goodbye."

"We'll contact the hospital ourselves for information as we see fit…" Mary quips quickly. "Thank you for the call regardless, even if you don't have the facts right." She then says in her most grandmotherly voice (which granted lacks warmth and luster), "Goodbye, dear." That said, the older woman hangs up.

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