2010-02-17: You Owe Me That



Date: February 17, 2010


The sisters meet again. It doesn't go well.

"You Owe Me That"

Erin's Apartment — NYC

Child Care for Dummies.

There seems to be a book for everything, which works for Erin, since she's pretty much a dummy when it comes to child care. It's not that she's nervous, it's just that she's pretty certain you're not allowed to give your kid SARS when they piss you off, so she's just checking to see what a more favorable reaction would be. Poor Beth.

Stretched out on the couch after a day of filming, her hair's still damp from her post-set shower. It's been newly dyed, so the black streaks are, at the moment, fairly more prominent than normal. They'll become slightly less so within the next couple days.

Eventually, Morgan Starr is gonna have to figure out that she can dye her damned hair, so Erin can stop worrying about looking like a freak zebra.
The blinds are open, though it's already getting dark, so the only light coming in is from headlights and streetlamps. It's a nice view from up here, though. With the TV on low volume, an episode of One Life to Live plays in the background as Erin reads. Sometimes she misses acting with those people, but she still sees them now and then. Same sets, after all.

Unlike her sister, Janet only just got off work and took a boat to the city. And as she just got off work she's dressed in a pair of salmon coloured scrubs that are paired with a leather bomber jacket. No, it's not high fashion, but it's comfortable and medical to boot. She trudges up the stairs and finally reaches Erin's apartment. Lifting her hand to knock on the door, the doctor hesitates, but raps gently anyways. She waits all of three seconds before she backs up and turns to head back down the hall. "This was a bad idea…" she whispers.

"Hnh," Erin mutters as there's a knock at the door. What she meant to say was 'just a minute!' but she was far too tired to manage more than one syllable.

Not too tired to get off the couch and answer the knock, though. Dropping the book face-down on the coffee table, she stretches, before heading over the door to look out the peep hole.

Seeing no one there, she automatically assumes that someone else is coming after her. Paranoid. Yeah, there's a reason for it, though.
Pressing her lips together, she quashes the thought, and unbolts the door. Opening it and looking one way, then the other, she spots her sister.

"Oh, hey, Jan!" she says pleasantly. Then, more dryly and sarcastically, "How's the plant?"

OH NO! She's been spotted. I knew this was a bad idea. She turns on her heel and offers Erin the most pleasant smile she can muster, "Don't be a b-word, Erin. You wanted to kill my plant, but I don't know how or why. Mom wouldn't be happy to know her precious Erin has resorted to witchcraft and wizardry." She continues to smile and then adds, "You must give Harry my regards. I'm sure you've heard of him in your land, he's supposed to be famous…"

She rolls her eyes. "Look, I'm just here to…" To what exactly? "So you don't send more of your terrorist friends after me. I don't appreciate it. She broke my door." Blink. It's gutsy considering Erin sent her a terrorist yesterday, but what's a doctor to do?

Leaning against the door and crossing her arms over her chest, Erin arches her eyebrows and asks, "Bitch?" C'mon, Janny-Banana. You're over 18. You can make a swear once in awhile - I promise I won't tell mom."

Actually, Erin loves the Harry Potter books. She's read them all, and she's been to all the movies. "What the hell are you talking about? You read kids books now?"

Erin doesn't have to be nice. She's the one who extended the olive branch, and Janet threw it back in her face. Of course, it's much, MUCH more efficient to be an ass about it rather than say, 'hey, Janet. You hurt me, and that made me sad.'

Erin's smug demeanor drops immediately when Janet starts throwing around the word terrorist. In fact, the actress even goes a little pale. Heading down the hall and grabbing sis by the back of her shirt, she hauls Janet into her apartment, slams the door, and looks at the other girl as if she's broken some cardinal unwritten rule. "Look, seriously. That's not funny."

"AHHHHH!" Janet shrieks as Erin hauls her into the apartment, but simmers down once she's inside for several moments. "What's not funny?! That you sent some freaky assassin to my door and she broke it?! OR that you ignored me for YEARS and are suddenly soooo interested in me because of some dream?! OR is it that you killed my plant when you tried to reach out at FREAKIN' three o'clock in the morning when NORMAL people are sleeping?! OR is it not funny that I work my a-double-s off working for the man to pay for my school and I FINALLY find a piece of happiness and you have to dump on it!!!?!" She purses her lips together. "TELL ME ERIN! TELL ME. WHAT'S NOT FUNNY?!"

Dear god. Janet really doesn't get it, does she? Erin feels so helpless at the moment that she's just speechless. It doesn't last long, though. "Do you literally just believe the first thing you hear?!" she asks incredulously. "Tracy is not a terrorist." She won't say anything about an assassin, because… Well. She kind of is. So is Erin. But she's trying to reach out to Janet because she really does love her sister, and seeing her hurt would just kill Erin.

"Are you saying I'm not normal?" Even if it's true, it stings just a little. "Look, just— I'm not trying to 'dump on your happiness.' Janet, this is serious shit here. You have no idea what's going on, and you need to get out. Now."

Thankfully, Erin can control her temper to the point where she doesn't end up giving Janet SARS, but it's impossible to keep that unnatural shimmer out of her eyes. It's an opalescent blue, so much brighter than eyes ought to be. "Your 'man' is using innocent people as weapons. That's what's going on. And you're keeping those innocent people alive so they can be used."

"No. I'm keeping people alive so they don't DIE. The girl I helped the other day had skin growing over a bullet and no one had bothered to treat it! Who is going to help people like her if I go?! Honestly, you don't know anything about what I do. You have no idea. So stop trying to get me to quit. I'm not some kid anymore and unlike you I have a responsibility to my profession to help those people. TO help ALL people. No matter what their circumstance. Would you rather I have let her and others bleed out? Honestly, Erin, I don't know what you want from me." Janet throws her hands up in exasperation.

Looking at Erin's eyes however, is enough to make the younger McCarty head for the door. "I don't know what you want from me. But I don't think I'm the person you want me to be."

"No, I don't expect you to let anyone die. But…" But what. Janet has a damn good point there. "I just want you to realise what's going on there. What the people you're working for are doing." Granted, Erin didn't really get much from Baker on the subject, but the thing that stands out most is that someone wants to use Evolved - like herself - to do a lot of damage.

She reaches for Janet's shoulder, grabbing it roughly, trying to spin her sister around. "I know a hell of a lot more than you do on the subject, you jackass. I'm living it. What're you gonna do if you find me in a cell one day, huh? Treat me, give me a lollypop, and be on your merry way?"

Unlike Erin, Janet has a responsibility. Wonderful. Way to throw that back in Erin's face. "I am trying to help you!" she growls. "Stop being a self-righteous jerk and listen to me! Just because you're a god-damned doctor doesn't make you qualified to issue your opinion on everything ever! You're WRONG."

"Is… is that what you think I do?" Janet asks as she's spun around. "Treat patients and leave? You think I'm that kind of a doctor? Awesome. Good to know my sister really understands me." The doctor literally twitches. "Clearly you know exactly the kind of person I am, the kind I've always been. Or did you never see my nurturant side?" She presses her lips together and backs up.

"If I'm not there my colleagues don't treat everyone. This woman laid in her bed for weeks before I stumbled upon her. Don't begin to tell me that you think you know. You don't know. You don't know what I do. But then you never cared to find out." She turns around again and reaches for the door knob, turning it, but she doesn't walk out yet. "Just… stay out of my life. You owe me at least that."

Erin knows Janet helps people. That's fine. It's noble. But she has to also know that the people she's treating are not terrorists, and they need far more help than medical treatment. They need to get out. They need someone to help them. "Are you just refusing to see past the part where I'm telling you that this is bad stuff goin' on? I mean, come on! I— " Care about you right now, Janet. But that goes unsaid, because the last thing she says kind of hits her like a rock, right in the stomach.

The anger burns out, but only for a moment, and only because Erin is so surprised. "Fine. Fine. You just go right on living in my shadow, Janet. That's a perfect place for you to be. And you know what? I hope you never get out of it. And I hope that 'job' of yours that pays the bills eats you alive."

Janet shakes her head and stifles and mirthless chuckle. "I don't live in your shadow anymore, Erin. I never liked it there. Haven't you ever wondered why I never go home for Christmas? Why I don't return Caleb or Mika's calls? Why mom and dad don't even know where I am at any given time? I refused to stay there, and I'm certainly not going back. I'm not a scared little child anymore. And I don't want attention. Not from you. Not from our family. Not from anyone." She opens the door further.

"Good luck with your life." And then as an afterthought she adds, "I hope you stay a porcupine forever." That said, she steps out of the apartment.

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