2007-03-07: You're Free To Go


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Date It Happened: March 07, 2007

Summary: Claudine's wish is granted!

Log Title You're Free to Go

A Small Private Hospital

Perhaps a little overdue or right on time, Mohinder knocks once on Claudine's door before poking his head into the room. "Good morning Miss Salonga, how are you feeling this morning?" He waits a moment before fully entering the room. Claudine's file is tucked under his arm and in his hand, he has a prepaid cellphone and a few cards to go with it.

Claudine's currently in her room just going over a few notes when she's surprised at the little visit. Usually, they dont come in till later, but she's okay with that. "Morning, Dr. Suresh..just relaxing and taking it easy. What about yourself?" she says with a warm smile while looking rather curiously at the cellphone. "Um..what's that for?" she asks while canting her head to the side.

"Quite fine actually, thank you for asking." Mohinder approaches Claudine's bed, smiling at her. "This is for you to use.. should you need help, or want to help us in any way." There's a pause, then, "I'm releasing you, in just a little bit. You don't have absolute control or manipulation of your abilities, but that comes with time and practice. I feel quite comfortable with letting you go home. We can also practice further out of my Brooklyn lab if you like."

Claudine blinks blankly for a few moments just staring at him for a few moments, still in disbelief. "I..I can go! Back to school!" Woah, those words just came out of her mouth, yes she is a dork. "I..well..thank you so much!" she says as she jumps off her bed and gives him a hug, squeezing him hard.

Mohinder laughs then is surprised by the hug, which he awkwardly returns. "Yes, yes, you can go back to school and you're very welcome. Just remember what you've learned here and do what you've been doing to avoid accidents.. If you get into a spot of trouble, or think you might, don't hesitate to call." Claudine's joy is infectious of course, he's genuinely pleased that she's happy.

"Thank you, thank you, tahnk you!" Claudine beams brightly, justhappy that she gets to go back to try to live a normal life, or as best as she can with her powers that is. "I..I want to help. I know that I was reticent at first, and that it seemed like you were Big brother trying to keep me down, or something like that, but I owe you all a lot.." she says rather sincerely.

Mohinder continues laughing at, no, not at, with Claudine. It's definitely with her. "I'm glad to hear that, just be careful, alright?" His words are cautious as inside, he's not too sure he wants this girl getting more involved. "We've done what we can to help you." He presses the phone and cards into Claudine's hands. "There are numbers programmed into the phone that you can reach us at. Should you find yourself in a tight spot with your abilities, or should something arise that we should know about.. say you come across someone who has no control, or is abusing his or her powers. It's not.. what's the word.. yes.. ratting out a fellow person. Think of it as no different than calling the police, only they aren't fully equipped to stop someone with powers."

Claudine chews on her bottom lip for a few moments while she wrinkles her nose a little as she takes his words to heart. "I..I promise I'll be careful. Hopefully I wont have to ever stay here again, even as nice as you guys were for the most part.." she admits ruefully while running her fingers through her hair. "And if I see some megalomaniac or something really crazy, you guys will definitely get a call..promise.."

"I hope that you don't have to as well," and Mohinder couldn't be any more honest about that statement. "Remember.. you can make an appointment with me at the lab, here's my card, to have a safe environment to practice in." A business card is handed over, it's got the Brooklyn address on it. "Someone will be around very shortly to return your clothes and drive you home." He, however, is unaware that this someone will be a team of two. Ready to tag the girl, if she hasn't been already, and to 'adjust' her memories.

"It's about an hour or so from campus, so I can make it every now and then if that's all right.." Claudine says matter of factly as she runs her fingers through her hair. "And well..um..I'm a biochem major and I've taken a bunch of classes..I..well..would it be too much to ask if ya know..I help you on some stuff?" she asks curiously.

"That's quite alright, about the timeframe. Just let me know what days will work best for you and we'll work it out." At the request, Mohinder hesitates. "We'll talk about that later, alright? Right now, go home, resume your classes, catch up on any time that's been lost." He's not sure how much he wants the girl involved with.

"Okay..that works out. Um..just give me a week to catch up with my classes and then I'll stop on by and see if we can work something out.." Claudine says matter of factly with an excited little giggle. Huzzah, she finally gets to go back to school and live a 'normal' life.

Mohinder can't help it, he's laughing again with the girl. "Go on, start gathering your things. I expect someone will be along very shortly to take you home." He gives her a very pleased smile before leaving.

It's not long after Suresh is gone, that two people enter. One is bringing Claudine's clothes, the other, a tall, silent black man. They're here to clean up some loose ends and take the girl home.

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