2007-06-29: You're... Jaden's Mother


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Summary: Jane meets Jaden's mother, but not at all in the circumstances she'd prefer.

Date It Happened: June 29th, 2007

You're… Jaden's Mother

Stately Cain Manor Kitchen, Hyde Park, Manhattan, NYC

Ah, sleepovers. She'd arrived the night before and shared Jaden's bed, a thing she's done several times now. On this particular occasion, a dream enters her head. She finds herself the star of a video for an old Bangles tune, Manic Monday in particular, and is thus strumming her guitar by some Italian stream with the tune playing in the background. It's at the spot where the lyrics indicate kissing Valentino by that crystal blue waterway. But instead of Valentino being himself, he looks like one Jaden Cain. The same one now sleeping in bed next to her. It plays out, and a short time later the song ends with her becoming awake. Thirst is noticed soon afterward, and maybe a bit of hunger too, so she carefully slides out of bed without waking her partner, pulls on an oversized shirt with Yankee pinstripes and the name Cain over the number 5, and pads out into the hallway. Down the stairs she goes, being quiet, and as she reaches the kitchen doorway the five foot eight inch brunette yawns and stretches, rubbing her eyes.

Someone else has been indulging in a sleepover. Just. Not in the Cain manor. Candy has been up for a while, however, and is currently occupying the kitchen. And making pancakes. She's a girl who likes cooked breakfasts, and she's not half bad at it. Maybe she'll even call Jaden down to partake! But this is no woman in an apron with big boofy hair and sunday shoes. Candy is still dressed very much like she'd just come crawling out of (someone else's bed) and done the walk of shame. She's abandoned her stilleto heels, but she's still sporting a lovely little black dress. A fur coat of some kind has been tossed onto an empty patch of counter. On her face, are huge Jackie O style glasses, possibly for shielding purposes due to her own hangover.

Humming, Candy prods at the strawberry flavoured pancakes with a spatula, and perks up at the sound of someone approaching. Either hired help that can help her set up breakfast, or a Jaden she can feed. Turning, she puts on a bright smile - which quickly vanishes, eyes widening beneath the semi-opaque shades. "Ee!" she squeals, gaze sweeping over the stranger's appearance. Definitely not hired help. Well. Actually. Candy peers at the younger woman over her glasses. "You're not Betty's girl, are you?" Whatever this means.

The younger woman stops in the doorway when the voice is heard, hands that were rubbing eyes dropping to her sides, and seems confused. "Betty?" Jane asks, the name's unfamiliarity apparent in her own voice. Apparent also is her not yet recognizing just who it is she's speaking with. "I wasn't here with anyone named Betty," she replies. A few steps are taken, toward the fridge, as if perhaps to get orange juice, then a cabinet for a glass to drink it from. Evidence of familiarity with the place, and a measure of comfort in it.

"Oh." Slight pout goes here, and Candy brings up a hand to tap her chin contemplatively, watching the stranger go about getting herself a glass of juice. Finally, the sunglasses come off, with only a slight wince at the brightness of the kitchen. Her makeup is somehow still impeccable, but right now, her pancakes are sizzling for attention, so Candy quickly goes to flip them. Nothing fancy, she's no chef. "Well?" she prompts, with a glance over her shoulder.

She pours the glass, and sets the container back in the fridge, then takes a long drink from the glass with her eyes closing a bit. When Jane sets it down, she rubs them a time or two more. "Not quite awake yet," she replies, with a touch of red entering her features. Once her hands lower again, the eyes rest on and take in the woman more fully. This brings out a good deal more red. "Oh, crap," she murmurs. "You're… Jaden's mother. This… this is so not the way I wanted to meet you. At all." Her eyes close and she turns away, to hide the red-facedness and work at holding composure. "Jane Forrest."

/Oh/! Candy smiles brightly. This is substantially less awkward! …well actually it's a different /kind/ of awkward, but one Candy can handle better. "That would be me!" she trills. "Just call me Candy. Hold on just a— oh, here we go." She shuts off the stove so that her breakfast won't burn, and turns back to Jane, still holding the spatula, and her bright-as-daisies smile softens a little in sympathy as Jane turns away to compose herself, and her free hand places on her own cocked hip. "Now if I had a penny for every time I've been in your /exact/ situation, I'd— well I wouldn't be as rich as I am /now/, obviously. Pancake?"

"Thanks… Candy," she replies, turning back to face the woman and accept the offered pancake. Jane's head is still a bit lowered, and the face still red. A touch of her humor comes through. "My exact situation? Wearing a sleeping shirt, stumbling into the kitchen, and meeting a guy's mother for the first time ever?" She's partly hoping the floor could swallow her right now, it's close to the embarrassment level of realizing what she'd been doing once set free from the influence of Lyndsay's suggestive/commanding power. And she doesn't have her guitar at hand, meaning she feels naked already, adding to things.

Plate passed over, and Candy puts the remaining pancake onto one for herself. They are admirably round, and rather pink, thanks to the flavouring. A stool is pulled up to the free-standing breakfast bar, and she gestures for Jane to do the same. A mug of hot chocolate, previously prepared, is waiting for Candy, and she sips from it. "Well, sometimes it varies," she says, after thinking for a moment. "And of course, that all happened way before your time." A wink.

Think fast, Jane, on how to reply here. Could go for humor and say it can't be that long ago, claim Candy can't be older than thirty-five, but that's saying she was twelve when Jaden was born. Thus pregnant at eleven. And that would probably go over like the lead balloon James Page turned into a joke when naming the band. Saying it was before her time, that could sound like saying she looks old. Also not good. So… "You don't look like it was that much before my time." She settles onto a seat and picks up a fork.

Not bad! Candy looks somewhat satisfied, flicking hair behind her shoulder in a (slightly tangled but still) shimmery brunette wave. "Well, I try," she says, rather primly popping a small slice of pancake into her mouth. She swallows, thoughtfully, then hops off the stool only to come back with a squeezy bottle of chocolate sauce, which she proceeds to zigzag over her breakfast. "Now, if you intend to keep stumbling into my kitchen in a sleeping shirt, you should tell me a little about yourself!"

"I'm from Hartford," she begins, nodding in agreement. "Dad's in insurance, Mother's in the DAR. So some would say I'm a blueblood type." Her fork cuts off a segment of pancake and rests on the plate with it while she's speaking. "Grew up a society girl, attended a posh private high school, went to Yale, earned degrees in music and political science, then I stayed on and got my doctorate in law. But…" Jane pauses, her eyes starting to show a passion, the features becoming animated and redness leaving, "what I really wanted to do was play guitar and sing. So here I am, a New York rocker chick with a law degree, a studio session player contract, and a band putting together material."

It's around the word 'Yale' that Candy looks up from her breakfast to study the girl opposite, and the word 'doctorate' makes her eyes widen. Candy doesn't quite know what this word means, but it sounds pretty impressive. Once Jane finishes up her summary, Candy picks up her fork again to nibble on her breakfast once more. "Jaden picked himself up a smart one!" she comments, with an apparently warm smile. "And talented. Do you play in his band too?"

"I put together my own band," Jane replies with a quiet smile. "Found two girls and a guy drummer at NYU, near my apartment, and things have been working out well. That's kinda where I ran into your son, actually. I was heading to the studio to try out for session work, and he nearly ran into me while skateboarding. I wound up inviting him inside, and he worked charm on the staff." Her expression is mixed here, there's an amused remembrance of the encounter and gratitude, but also a trace of discomfort. She doesn't want to either seem not thankful for the assistance or too eager to ride someone's coattails. It's a pride in making things happen on her own she has. Her eyes regard a wall, a bit of dreamy remembrance in them while sharing that story. "He's got this infectious enthusiasm."

"Mm," Candy agrees, and she does agree. She's just distracted by watching Jane's reactions and expressions, taking note of them filing them away. "Well Jaden has a generous soul." A pause, as she considers this statement. "Well he has a lot of money and time," she amends. "And he's always had an eye for pretty women." Her fork scrapes on the plate as she gathers up chocolate syrup. "Although, this is the first time he's mentioned a name that's come up again and again," she adds, before licking the fork clean.

"We fit, somehow," she replies solemnly. "I can't always put a finger on it, we just do. I've had some rough experiences since coming to New York, things that would test most people's sanity, and survived them. There's something in his playful, fun loving nature that clicks. It helps me through dark times. Helps me stay sane. To remember life's too short for too much wallowing in it." Jane takes that bite of pancake and chews slowly, her manner in eating evidence of that society upbringing spoken of earlier. A quiet laugh escapes when her mouth is empty again. "I just can't stay angry with him, even after he's had orphans staff a party, or skydived into a zoo and gotten stuck in a tree."

That gets a chuckle out of Candy, and she shovels the last of her pancake into her mouth. Once it's swallowed, she nods with much understanding. "He has that affect," she says. "It's impossible to say no to him, too. Have fun being his girlfriend - it was hard work being his mom!" This is said with plenty of affection. Everything is changed now, and she has no regrets. Suddenly a tone rings out - a typical cellphone tune, although it's apparently a text rather than a call. "Oop, one sec." A small, compact phone is extracted from her cleavage - really the only place for it, as she lost her handbag the other night - and winces when she reads the message. "Well honey, I gotta run," she says, hopping off the stool. "Got a brunch date with someone very important." A smudge of chocolate sauce is dabbed away from the corner of her own mouth, other hand pushing at her hair. "How do I look?"

"You look tremendous, Candy," she replies, after taking a moment to see her face and be able to say so truthfully. "It was good to meet you," Jane adds, "although hopefully next time we talk, I'll… be dressed." Some of the red in her face is still present, despite Candy Cain's skill at easing the awkward. It's not in any way the first impression she'd have chosen to make, and hopes it doesn't forever color her as just the latest bed partner in her eyes. And the timing of her departure, well, that brings up an inward relief of sorts. Now she won't have to worry about explaining what those rough things were while so scantily clad, and face the inner debate on what to tell or not tell about her vocal prowess. But, she realizes, these are things that must soon be discussed with Jaden. "Knock him dead!" she encourages.

Ting! Bright smile. Candy grabs her coat and flings it over her shoulders, fussing with the fur a little as she did her hair. "And maybe with a few martinis between us instead of pink pancakes," she adds. And with that, she leaves the scantily clad bedfellow-of-Jaden's to her own devices, bouncing out the kitchen.

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