2007-10-06: You Were Killed By A Bad Man


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Summary: The events seen in a disturbing mass dream are shared with someone appearing in that dream.

Date It Happened: October 6th, 2007

Log Title You Were Killed By A Bad Man

Jane and Elle's Apartment, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC

She'd been in the act of checking messages on the iPhone as she emerged from Common Grounds after talking with the man calling himself Stan Gifford. She saw the name one of them had come from and raised an eyebrow at it, even, with curiosity. But circumstances conspired against her from that point. A Wall Street banking executive paying no attention to where he was going crashed into her from behind. The device went flying out into the street and was run over. Promptly. By a crazy New York City cab driver, and a police car after that. Time was in short supply; she had to be at the studio soon to meet with her band and do some studio session work.

The studio time segued into being invited out to LA by another artist, which she accepted. It turned into a weekend of fun on west coast beaches.

Monday morning, finally, she returns to New York and on the way home buys a new phone from an AT&T store. An iPhone, just like the run over one. Once inside her apartment she activates the thing and finally hears the message again.

She returns the call.

To say that Kitty has been worried is a definite understatement. Kitty has been freaking out because she hasn't been talking to Jane. But when she receives the call from her friend, Kitty hurriedly answers the phone, "Jane? Are you alright?" Aww someone is playing the Mama Bear role.

Not having the first clue what this is about, Jane answers with a confused tone to her voice. "I'm all good. What's going on, Cat?" She's got the earbuds in and is reloading numbers into her contacts from a written paper copy while she speaks. Ringtones to be added and linked to names later, maybe even remade in some cases. "You sound worried."

Kitty sighs in relief and nods her head, "I am worried. I went to this restaurant and then all kind of freaky things started to happen and I even lost control of my ability and it was just crazy! And then everyone fell asleep and we woke up but we weren't awake, we were in a dream. Peter thought that maybe our abilities somehow collided and so we were all witnessing a prophetic dream and well…" Kitty doesn't continue, she doesn't know how to say it.

"Wow," Jane replies quietly into the phone after listening to the information. "I'm at the apartment now, did you want to come here and have coffee while we talk this over?" She's sounding concerned herself now. There are sounds near the phone of a pot being filled with water and placed on something.

"I think that would be better." Kitty takes a deep breath. "I'll be right over!" she says and quickly clicks the phone off. Sounds of Kitty rushing to the door can be heard before she hangs up.

She ends the call, sets her phone down, and finishes unpacking. The coffeepot fills up and she pours two mugs, then goes back to setting up the new device. That's what she'll be in the act of when Cat arrives to find her apartment door open and Jane standing just inside still wearing the rock band t-shirt and jeans worn during her flight from the left coast.

Kitty smiles in relief as she sees Jane alive and ok. "Janie!" she says and runs to the woman to give her a hug. "I'm so glad to see that you are ok," she says and then her expression grows serious, "I have bad news and I can't bullshit with you." the young mechanic says.

The hug is returned, Jane somewhat confused at talk of being glad she's okay and bad news to be shared. Her arms close around the slightly younger woman's back for a moment, then she releases and closes the door. "I've got coffee waiting in the main room," she states softly. "You did say there was a story on the phone. Out in public, losing control of your ability, and a shared dream?" Her features have taken on evidence of concern mixed with curiosity.

"Yeah like I said it was madness. And the only people who were in the dream thing were people with abilities and boy was that interesting to learn who has abilities." Kitty enters the main room and grabs the coffee and begins to drink it. She licks her lips and then regards Jane with a confused look, "Jane, in the dream," Kitty balls her fist up tight, "You were killed by a bad man." She then goes into describing the dream and the events that followed. Ending with "And then my friend Sharon pulled me by the arm and we escaped, just barely I might add." she says quietly and she looks to Jane. She knows this must be a lot to take in.

She takes up her own cup, sits, and starts to listen as Cat begins. She sips carefully and quietly of the hot liquid, not expecting what's coming her way.

There are so many thoughts going through her head as the story is told. Jane pales on hearing it features her death, sparking questions she holds to herself while the guest is still speaking, although her face pales somewhat and her hands grip a chair with white knuckles.

When she does speak, her words are quiet. Jane looks to be in shock. "I… I need to be alone for a while and think. Play music, let some things out, Cat." She leaves the visitor, the messenger of this dire data, to let herself out.

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